18 Smart Ways To Save On Childrens Toys

18 Smart Ways To Save On Children’s Toys

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Do we have to spend shocking amounts of hard-earned cash on kid’s toys that aren’t even valued? In practice, when it comes to kid’s toys, new isn’t always the best. Your primary concern is to procure toys that are both long-lasting and challenging. Kids will grow anyway, so invest maximum efforts to learn strategies to set aside while still buying. It seems surreal, right?

ProMoneySavings will arm you with the best places where you can shop inexpensive brand new and second-hand playthings. Read the ideas on how to keep your children engaged with various toys for less cash below.

Saving Money On Kids Toys

Kid’s wishes are endless, and the more you make their dreams come true, the less satisfied they are. What you must come up with is a shopping schedule and clear toy order at home. To do so, find out what’s their attention mostly focused on and what keeps them engaged for more extended periods. Our thoughtful hacks below will guide you in the process, for sure.

Use Coupons

Coupons are a smart way to save cash on pretty much anything.

The good old coupons are our golden rule to purchase toys below their selling price. Valuable printable coupons are abundant at target.com and coupon.com. Alternatively, sites like Money Saving Mom enlist all available vouchers at any given time.

Also, coupons are worth it if you attempt to buy reduced-price board and card games. Though you’ll spot most coupons during Easter and Christmas, expect to find them during other periods, as well. Don’t hesitate to ask your closest friends without children to collect discount cards for you. Plus, they can always bring you the desired toys in case they ask your kids what’s their birthday wish.

Apart from checking coupons online, you can also scavenge the Sunday papers for printable coupons. Lastly, with mobile coupons popping up all the time, make sure you nail the lowest price possible.

Visit Discounted Stores

Find exceptional offers in almost any discounted store during the festive seasons. Apart from Christmas, snitching excellent deals at discounted shops is not a rare sight either. Here, you can find slightly old-dated toys but at very reasonable prices. A good example is T. J. Maxx, where you can snitch high-quality play stuff that lasts. Their turnover is enormous, so grab any deals you may notice.

Stores that offer toys at cheaper rates also organize sales and clearances. Therefore, if you have such a shop in the vicinity, keep checking it regularly for any abrupt markdowns. Even better, consider buying extra toys as gifts for upcoming birthdays of close relatives and friends.

Use Cashback Rewards Or Points

Cashback platforms are your best pal in the hunt for inexpensive toys. Once you follow the link for the desired toy store on their website, you’ll get money for every item you buy there. We suggest subscribing to several such cashback sites to increase your chances of saving.

Point programs also offer cash backs but in the form of earned points. Later on, you can use these points like a physical gift card, which is a cash-out option for the collected points. Yet, you must be extremely careful not to purchase kid’s stuff just because you have points to use. Overbuying will cost you extra money when your little ones have already had their share.

Buy Refurbished Or Certified

You can go either way, but remember that refurbished goes for inspected and repaired items before placed for sale. Conversely, tested products to ensure that they’re in good working order go under the title certified. Either way, you can end up with some modern toys in excellent condition.

Refurbished products might have little scratches, but most will have a decent 6-month warranty. Generally, it’s prudent to buy tech items listed as refurbished or certified since brand new would undoubtedly cost you a fortune. For instance, you can find preowned video games and gadgets at Best Buy and GameStop.

Our final tip is always to bring batteries along to ensure any electronics you’re buying are functional. Also, make sure you keep the warranty somewhere safe.

Search On Ebay.com Or Other Online Stores

If you purchase slightly used playthings, that won’t be the end of the world. So, focus on second-hand toys that are long-lasting and high-quality. Before paying, always compare the displayed price with that of brand new items. Sometimes, the difference is negligible, so why not spend a couple of bucks more to be the first owner of the toy?

eBay may be the best pool for utilized gadgets online. Also, consider looking at thrift stores and social media networks created for selling used things. Before buying, read the descriptions carefully and inspect the photos in detail to confirm it’s worth your money.

Also, remember that you can sell your own stuff online for cash. Then, use the money to buy a reasonably priced toy for your kiddos.

Yard Or Garage Sales

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to attend local garage sales or organize one along with your neighbors. The rationale behind yard sales is that people want to have unused children’s items gone and earn money. As a result, you can find many toys and clothes at reasonable prices.

Check if there are any bins marked ‘free.’ Most people would be glad to give you a used building block set or Barbie doll if their kids are teenagers. Plus, if you try to haggle, some sellers might not be in the mood, so they’ll just give you the item as a sign of goodwill.

An insider’s hack is to hit the more affluent areas in town when looking for garage sales. Surely, there will be more freebies and higher quality toys to purchase. Visiting rich area yard sales is an excellent strategy for buying bikes or scooters in a pretty new condition for negligible money.

quality toys scaled
A proven way to save on anything, including toys, is to buy second-hand items for less than half the original price.

Visit Consignment Shops

Don’t avoid your local consignment shops as they can be a great source of well-preserved playthings. Consider renowned shops like Bellies $ Babies where you can spot branded children’s items. Also, pay a visit to The Growing Years and Kid to Kid for a fantastic thrift shop experience where everything is neat and clean.

Besides that, give online thrift shops a second thought. Toycycle is an excellent online store where parents from San Francisco can purchase second-hand toys. Another option is reCrib designed for buying used gear and playing gadgets from top-notch brands.

What is more, think about giving some of the unused baby gear and books to the consignment store. If they accept your items, you can choose wanted items for the money allowance or about 50% of the selling price.

Check Out Goodwill

Goodwill finds are your best shot to update your kids’ items. The catch behind this buying strategy is that you can procure the latest trend playthings without spending a fortune. The only downside is that those are second-hand goods. However, books are in particularly good condition and always arranged by reading level.

At Goodwill retail stores, parents can buy donated children’s books, clothing, and games at affordable prices. There are baby’s first items for little toddlers, and for teens, you can find a decent range of board games. We bet both your wallet and your kids will be ecstatic. Finally, let your beloved ones donate outgrown toys while you’re shopping.

Swap Toys Online

The truth is that kids outgrow toys so fast that you can’t keep with their need for new ones. In the infancy period, they both get bored from the playthings and don’t find them challenging in less than a month. You feel like they always need something more advanced.

The best and cheapest solution is to borrow toys from relatives, friends, or colleagues. If that fails, try swapping toys online. On the one hand, this will serve lenders as a storage space for things they don’t utilize any longer. On the other hand, you can also give them toys you don’t need if they have another little child. Swapping child equipment is an excellent way to achieve sizable savings in the long run.


Just because toys have a short shelf-life that doesn’t mean they should collect dust in the closet. Get them in a sellable condition and exchange them for credit, cash, or coupons. As an instance, try out local bike shops. Most of them will let you trade in used bikes for a credit on a new one. Moreover, Walmart allows trading in used PlayStation and Xbox.

Swap.com is the most developed online network for buying and selling clothes, playthings, and gear. Aside from selling, the site gives a unique opportunity to swap things with other sellers. Before you exchange products, the webpage inspects them and seeks photos and descriptions. They even offer a Kids’ Pricing Guide to help you set the prices online.

Check For Free Or Discounted Toys On Craigslist

Who said any play stuff you buy must be a novelty for your kid? In reality, many toys are durable and work perfectly fine, just as if they were brand new. Craigslist is an all-inclusive site when it comes to children’s products. It’s assortment ranges from educational toys to DIY sets and bikes. There is no doubt you’ll find even more things than your initial shopping intentions were.

To help yourself not overspend, focus your search on the free section. Here, you can find various free toys that people just donate to get rid of them. You might be surprised at the sight of free activity tables, high chairs, and kitchen playsets.

We also suggest you check out Facebook Marketplace for free kid’s stuff. Check your local Facebook site, and you will be puzzled at the number of items people give away just to declutter. It’s up to parents to take advantage and economize!

Rent Toys Rather Than Buying

Did you think only cars and flats can get rented? Well, you are entirely wrong to believe that you cannot rent play stuff. Go for gently used toys that are clean, sanitized, and repackaged. For instance, we suggest you try out ToysTrunk.com or Rent-That-Toy.com for renting out exceptional used toys.

Imagine the amount of money and space you’ll save each month by not buying new products. Above all, your kids will be super happy to find new items in their rooms frequently. The fact that they play with toys for only short periods is why you should give renting a substantial thought.

kids playing scaled
You don’t always have to break the bank to get new toys for your kids. Consider renting or sharing and save cash for more important things.

Search For Discount Gift Cards

Do you have some extra time to dedicate and plan the purchase of toys and presents upfront? If yes, learn how to save a couple of dollars each time you go shopping with free gift cards. It’s high time you start gathering popular stores’ loyalty cards and have them ready in your wallet.

One option is to buy a Cardpool gift card as they often give 7% off for Toys R Us. On other occasions, you can even land a 30% discount. Further on, Build A Bear offers cards for 21% off, Disney Stores for 8%, and American Girl Gift for up to 7% off. Imagine your savings once you stack gift cards with regular sales and coupons. No-brain instant savings, right?

Buy High-Quality Items

‘You get what you pay for’ is an all-time true proverb. If you don’t want to visit kid’s stores every week, stick to high-quality toys. Such toys are well-thought and created to boost your kid’s creativity and brain function. On top of that, most well-designed toys serve as multi-functional products.

Above all, expensive toys are regularly on discount, and there’s no guarantee you’ll pay more than their less-pricey counterparts. Cheap playthings are prone to breakage, and kids quickly lose interest in them. Conversely, high-quality products never do all the tasks for the children and require using their imagination, not batteries only.

Dive Into The Sales

Why splash out on the full price when you can pay 50% less when planning toys in due time? Most department stores and shopping malls organize huge sales at least twice a year. Online sites also throw big deals all the time, depending on the discounted brand.

If you know when the big sales start and are aware of what kind of toys you are up to, draft a shopping list. Hit the stores with the plan at hand and stick to it. An insider tip is not to give your children the newly bought toys all at once. Keep them somewhere secret and each time you notice they’re outgrowing the toys, give them a new and hide the old one. You have no idea how fast they forget old toys and then find them amusing again after a couple of weeks.

Visit The Dollar Stores

On some occasions, you may want to treat your children with something less expensive, and that’s ok. At Dollar stores, you can find many inexpensive summer toys, lovely dolls, and remote control cars. Even better, you can take your little ones and allow them to pick whatever they want. Here, you won’t have to break the bank in less than 10 minutes.

Anyway, if you’re overly worried about your kids’ safety, you might just circumvent Dollar stores. Several of their products got recalled in the past. Moreover, $1 items are of low quality and can get broken or dismantled in less than a day. We also suggest you forget about buying Dollar items as gifts.

Check The Clearance Section

It’s not a myth that most stores dedicate a vast space of their premises on the clearance section just after Christmas. So, make January toy shopping your routine as most items are selling at 50% lower prices. Sometime later, prices might even reach 70% off the initial selling price.

To begin with, head for the nearest Target place and look for the clearance sign. Discounted items are usually at the end of aisles, on the endcap. Just grab as many red-sticker labeled items as you need and surprise your kids. We strongly remind you to pay attention to the day you’re shopping as some items are on sale on certain weekdays only.

When choosing, always buy products that kids can play in more ways like building blocks and Playmobil. Toys should be interactive, too, as this increases your children’s creativity and gives them endless playing possibilities.

Recycled And DIY Toys

Save some cardboard and help your child be creative by building a train. Cardboard can also serve in making playhouses. Toilet paper rolls and plastic bottles are other special widely-available tools for crafting DIY toys. Some examples might include little animals and vehicles, but also holiday decorations.

Do you have extra coffee cans and just don’t know where to put them? Make drums for free if your kid loves to make music and wants to get noisy. Use any old fabric to make rag dolls, foam blocks, or glove monsters. Also, a DIY cloth book is a fascinating way to develop kids’ excellent motor skills. Sew animal shapes in it if you want to learn about animals or glue items that tell tales. For toddlers, consider constructing a discovery jug that’s fun and educational at the same time.

Bottom Line

We’ve rounded up multiple ways to help our readers save on children’s stuff. Any suggested approach you choose to pursue, you’re guaranteed to make maximum savings. Whether you go with trade-ins, clearances, coupons, second-hand, or a combination of all, learn how to be frugal with toys.

Were you flabbergasted at the available options you have to minimize the toy share of your budget? If you liked our extensive guide on saving cash, subscribe to our ProMoneySavings newsletter for other useful advice and money-saving tips.

Don’t forget to share your ways to spend less on play stuff in the comment area below.


What is the most popular toy?

Honestly speaking, this depends on the age of your kids, their gender, and their interests. When it comes to all-time-favorites, look for a Rubik’s cube, Barbie, and Play-Doh. Iconic brands like Lego and Playmobil are undisputedly one of the best gifts you can give to your beloved ones. If you have a girl, she’ll enjoy playing with little dolls, unicorns, and mini kitchens. For boys, consider buying superheroes, action figures, and small animals and vehicles.

What are the most popular toys in 2020?

Surprisingly, but this year the cute LOLs have been selling like wild. Paw Patrol figures are becoming increasingly popular for little kids this 2020, so consider buying a set of the mighty pups. Further on, you can never go wrong with Lego “Star Wars” or any Lego product in general. For gamers, check out the prices of Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

How many toys should a kid have?

There’s no doubt you’ve come across the 20-toy rule. Meaning, kids should have about 20 items to play with at any given time. After those are well-played and appreciated, change the bundle and go with the next 20ish. Remember that too many toys kill creativity, and what you get is a cluttered home. To sum up, no more than 100 playthings in the house per child will prevent them from becoming spoilt for choice.

How do you keep and organize kids’ toys?

It’s utterly possible to stay organized with play stuff even in a small flat. First, never buy too many of the same type and give away any toys your kids find unamusing. Second, construct a bookcase for storing toys and use the space above as a pillowed bench. Third, always keep kid’s items in tilted and lidless bins so that everything inside is visible. Finally, utilize the under-bed space and make sure kids clean up after each gameplay.


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