M31 20 Best Ways To Keep A House Cool Without AC

20+ Best Ways To Keep A House Cool Without AC

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Do you want to learn how to keep the house cool without AC? The vast majority of people opt for an AC to keep themselves cool during the summer heatwaves. However, maintaining one can be a hassle. First, a space bigger than 50 square feet would require more than one AC, which is expensive.

It is also very unhygienic to let your AC run uncleaned for more than six months. The air will become polluted, causing the filters to release carbon dioxide paired with airborne dust and fungi. Also, spending hours in an AC-controlled room can make you heat intolerant once you go outside.

And let us not forget about the electricity bill! So, as effective as ACs can be at cooling down your house, they can be a real nuisance. If you do not want to take on the burden, below are more than 20 different ways on how to cool down a house without one.

Close All Windows And Doors And Keep The Room Dark

This one is very self-explanatory. The cheapest and easiest way on how to cool your house down is by closing all the windows and doors. If you have drapes or blinds, draw them as well. You will not believe how much heat is accumulated by the constant opening and closing of doors.

Remember to close the door every time you leave or enter a room. Close the windows to prevent the sun rays from entering your home. Especially do this if your apartment is on the southwest side. This way, you will avoid the greenhouse effect, where the heat comes in through the glass.

Invest In Light And Bright-Colored Curtains

Dark and light curtains serve a different purpose. In general, we use black curtains to block light. For example, they are primarily used in bedrooms to keep the space completely dark at night. Meanwhile, light curtains are commonly used to keep heat out of rooms exposed to the sun. Why not just use dark curtains, you might think?

As proven by science, a dark object will absorb more photons than a light one. Dark curtains absorb a lot more heat as a result. Instead, opt for white or any other light-colored linen fabric when curtain-shopping. Keep reading if you want to learn more ways on how to cool a house without AC.

Avoid Carpets, Blankets, And Throw Pillows

You might love the way your wool carpets and cute throw pillows tie the room together. But, getting rid of them in the summer should be your priority. Set them aside for a couple of months. You will be surprised at how much dust they collect. The air becomes less breathable and heavier on the lungs as a result.

Use Light Fabrics To Sleep In

We would recommend sleeping uncovered, but many individuals, including us, prefer to sleep with the covers. For this reason, choosing a nice and light material is essential. Cotton and silk work best when trying to get rid of those pesky night sweats. It is one of the easier ways of how to cool your house down.

Keep Yourself Cool At All Times

Showering frequently, drinking cool and refreshing beverages, and applying a cold bottle or ice to your body can do wonders. After a long warm day spent outside, nothing matches the sensation of a cooling object on your skin. Still, it is a more short-term solution compared to the others.

Get A Fan

Fans, no matter the type, use only a fraction of the electricity an AC does. Running a fan uses far less energy than running an air conditioner; ceiling fans average 15-90 watts, and tower fans use about 100 watts. They also come in a variety of styles and sizes. This is how to cool a room without AC most efficiently.

When you are overheated, grab a table fan and let it blow in your direction. Alternatively, use a ceiling fan to amp up the effect. It needs to be at least 7 feet off the ground and 18 inches away from the walls. Place the fan 8-9 feet above the floor if the ceiling height permits it for best circulation.

In case you were not familiar, ceiling fans have two settings: clockwise and counterclockwise. In the summer, always set it to spin counterclockwise at high speed. That will provide a cool breeze. For winter, put it to rotate clockwise at a lower speed.


Even better, utilize your table fan. Place 2-3 frozen water bottles in front of it and let them cool the air. Switch the bottles with new ones every couple of hours. You can also use a metal bucket of ice for the same cooling effect.

Chill In The Basement

You are in luck if you have a basement! No matter what season it is, the basement is an excellent place to be. Because of the lack of windows and the dampness, temperatures are unable to rise.

Grab some munchies and head down to the basement if your house becomes too hot. You can even temporarily relocate your bed to the basement. After all, there is nothing worse than sleeping in the oppressive heat.

Turn On Aspirators

Almost every home has at least two aspirators: one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. Keep them both on for as long as possible during the summer, especially when preparing something hot. They will get rid of the moist and the hot air, making it easier to breathe. This is how to cool down a house easily and fast.

Turn Off Any Unnecessary Lights

Turn off lights that you do not need to get rid of this extra heat source in your home. Even better, replace incandescent light bulbs with contemporary energy-saving ones that produce less heat. Not only will you cool down your house this way, but you will be saving money on your utility bills.

Plant Trees and Install Awnings

If you have a front yard or a backyard, planting trees can make a big difference. Of course, growing a tree takes time, but you will be glad you did it in the long run. Also, you can install awnings on any windows that face the sun. It is even better if they are retractable.

use cooling fan to cool down your room instead of ac
Photo by Huỳnh Đạt

A cooling fan is a great way to keep your room cold without using the AC. Turn it on as needed and boost it with a bucket of ice in front of it.

Turn Off Electronics

Want to learn another simple way on how to cool a house without AC? Turn off all electronic devices. That includes irons, vacuum cleaners, computers, printers, and more. Have you ever tried vacuuming in the heat? It is exhausting.

The temperature rises substantially because the engine is constantly accumulating and releasing heat. Therefore, any gadgets that are not essential should be turned off. The same thing goes for your TV. Are you not using it? Then switch it off.

Watch Your Diet

We all love a good hamburger or pizza on occasion. Still, eating heavy foods, especially fast food during the summer, will make you hot and bloated. Instead, opt for a nice, refreshing salad and a glass of juice. Your body will thank you for it.

Get A Screen Door

Do you long to open the terrace door at night but cannot do so due to the annoying, blood-sucking mosquitoes? Add a screen door. You can freely open it whenever you want to let the heat out without having to worry about getting those itchy bites.

Get A Whirlybird

Another way on how to cool your house down is by installing a roof ventilator. The roof is the heat trap of the house. Air can escape and flow through windows and doors in the heat, but not through the roof. That is why many individuals purchase roof ventilators.

The whirlybird is the most frequent. It uses convection currents to remove heat that has accumulated in the roof space. Heat is drawn upwards and into the whirlybird, which then expels hot air through its vents. That means that they are reliant on wind speed to rotate the vent and create wind circulation.

The only disadvantage is that if the wind is too quiet, circulation will be slow, and the roof will retain the heat. So, keep that in mind before making a purchase. Still, it is an excellent way on how to cool a room without ac.

Purchase A Window Fan

This type of fan works slightly better than an indoor fan. While a table or ceiling fan causes the indoor air to circulate, a window fan pushes the stale, hot air outside.

For a house with multiple floors, place one fan on the ground floor pointed inward to take in the cool air. The other one should be placed outwards on the upper floor to blow out the hot air. That will improve airflow.

These fans are so great that they operate on high-performance motors, rendering them almost silent. They also cleanse the air and usually come with a remote to control the fan speed. Some even come with a timer feature that allows you to set a time for them to turn off!

Wear Light Fabrics

Cotton, linen, jersey, or silk are all excellent choices. Avoid leaving your work clothes on once you get home. Take them off as soon as possible. Especially avoid wearing denim, as it will cause you to sweat like crazy. Relaxing in sleeping shorts or a nightgown is an even better option.

Strategically Open Windows And Doors

Observe how the temperature changes during the day. Start opening all doors and windows to let fresh air in whenever you notice it going down. This is how to keep the house cool without AC for free.

Depending on where you live and when the sun sets, this begins typically at 8 or 9 p.m. To prevent heat from entering the house, get up early in the morning and close all windows and doors.

Paint Your Roof

Remember how we previously talked about the roof being the heat trap of the house? Well, you can do one other thing about that. You can paint your roof with heat reflective paint. It prevents heat from entering your home and cools it down. It works as a solar radiation reflector.

Once you paint your roof, you will realize that you will not use your AC as often. That can save you up to 40% on your electricity bill. It can also lower carbon dioxide emissions. And if you practice eco-friendly activities, this type of paint will make your building last longer.

Switch To Chill Pillows

Are you having a hard time falling asleep in the heat? Then it would be best if you considered buying a chill pillow, a.k.a. chillow. These pillows are not like regular ones; in fact, they are designed to bounce off heat. It will keep your head and shoulders cool for the ultimate rest session.

These pillows react to your body temperature and absorb the excess sweat and heat. The cooling effect can last up to 3-4 hours, and you can even put your pillow in the fridge first for a longer-lasting result. Add a silk pillowcase as a bonus, and you will feel no discomfort during your sleep.

You can find really cheap chillows that cost about several bucks or some high-end ones that cost more. Make sure to explore your options and get the product that matches your needs the best.

Get Cooling Curtains

Are you running out of ways on how to cool a room without ac? Aside from regular curtains, you can also invest in thermal curtains. They can reduce up to 90% of light. However, deciding which ones to buy is not an easy task. They all come in different varieties. A safe bet would be ones that have no less than two layers and are made of triple-woven fabric.

These curtains have blackout technology which acts as an eliminator of light and sometimes noise. They can be pretty pricey, but cheap ones can also do the job just fine. Just make sure that you get the dimensions right, and you are good to go.

Install Window Films

Window films can be a great way to spice up the hall or the kitchen. Did you know that they can also reduce heat? These beautiful pieces of art can act as decoration and heat eliminators. Just install some where you feel you need them the most.

This way, instead of darkening the room with thick, black curtains, you let in natural light and block the sun rays simultaneously. They can reduce up to 78% of heat through your windows. Window films also block out more than 90% of light at night, providing you with more comfort and a night of sound sleep. Seriously, these things are a lifesaver!

Consider A Dehumidifier

Have you ever wondered how to cool your house down and make it smell nice simultaneously? Dehumidifiers are great for cleansing the air and airing out the room. Just place a couple around your home, and you will quickly realize their power.

People use them to combat the gross and toxic cigarette smell or the smell of something burning in the kitchen. Dehumidifiers can also work as heat eliminators because they first cool and then heat the sucked in air.

That way, moisture is removed, and the room temperature is immediately affected. Even better, you can buy a scented one and enjoy the smell of vanilla or lavender around the house.

woman cooling down next to open refrigirator
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Using your refrigerator to cool down yourself and your house isn’t the most profitable option if you want to ditch the AC. Yet, we have lots of legit ideas on how to keep the heat down.

Switch To Line Dry Clothing

It is time to turn off your dryer and switch to simple line drying. Tie some to the terrace or buy a metal line drying display. Your clothes will air out and dry on their own in a matter of hours due to the summer heat. Plus, the dryer is powered on electricity and only releases excess heat.

Cook Outside

When the temperatures are too high, no one wants to cook inside. Not only is it too hot to turn on the oven or stove, but heat and smell accumulate. It can be a hassle to air the space out, especially if we are talking about a smaller house or apartment.

Instead, try cooking outside. Bonus if you have a backyard with a grill. Just slice your ingredients up inside and bring everything out when you are done. That way, you do not have to slow cook or fry any meat inside. That can do wonders for keeping your space smelling clean and fresh but also cool.

Make A Cross-Breeze At Night

Before going to bed, open two windows in your house. Keep in mind that the windows should be positioned on two opposite sides of the house. One window will release the excess heat, while the other one will let in the cool breeze. It is how to cool a room without AC for free quickly.

Use Fans To Make A Cross-Breeze

For this, you will need at least one fan; two would be optimal. It may surprise you, but take the fan and position it to blow outside the window instead of inside. That will pull the stale, warm air out and suck in the clean, fresh air.

If you happen to have two fans, do this instead. Go to the room you want to cool off and open two windows opposite each other. Place one fan in front of one of the windows and let it blow into the room.

The other fan should be put in front of the opposing window and face toward the outside. Now both of your fans are working. The wind will blow into one fan and leave the house through the other one. You will have created a continuous cooling effect, something similar to an AC. Cool, right?

Bottom line

Instead of splurging on an AC and taking on the responsibility, start taking measures. The suggestions mentioned above are a surefire way of how to keep house cool without AC. Make sure to give them a shot and let us know what you think.

If you have any ideas of your own, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below. Finally, do not forget to sign up for our ProMoneySavings Newsletter for even more budget-saving hacks!


Should you purchase an AC?

It depends on your needs and budget. Are you looking for a quick fix or a long-term solution? ACs can keep you cold during the summer and warm you up on winter nights. Suppose this is what you need, sure. But think hard before getting one as they are not low maintenance.

What is the most effective way to cool down your house without AC?

Keep windows, and doors shut, and buy drapes. Wear minimal clothing, eat light, and turn on the fan. Utilize the fan by placing something cold in front of it. Keep lights and electronics off. Hang out in the basement if possible. Finally, invest in a roof ventilator as a long-term solution.

Are fans cheaper than ACs?

Yes. Not only are fans cheaper, but they also use a lot less electricity. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. As a result, your electricity bill will remain low. Plus, not having to clean the AC filters every six months is a huge relief.

How do electronics affect indoor temperatures?

Electronics can significantly raise indoor temperatures simply by being left on. That is why you should try to keep them off whenever possible. Another tip is to try not to cook or clean with a vacuum during the summer. Try to avoid leaving lights on as well.

How do roof ventilators work?

They work under wind pressure. The stronger the wind, the faster the vents move. Hot and stale air escapes and is replaced by a cool breeze. The whirlybird is the cheapest and most popular type of roof ventilation. It is one of the best ways on how to cool a house without AC.



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    1. Miroljub says:

      Cooling during summer is impossible without AC. I like when I get home and I turn on my AC.

    2. Filipos says:

      Wearing light clothes in summer is essential. Everything heavy on you will just heat you more.

    3. Larissa says:

      Roof ventilators are good. They will decrease the heat in few minutes.

    4. Soraya says:

      Having AC at home is expensive. The price of the AC, the maintenance and the electricity bill. However it is the best way to keep your house cool.

    5. Tijana says:

      Fans are good way to reduce the heat. Especially with frozen bottles in front of them.

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      I am trying to keep everything that is wool out of reach in the summer. Carpets, pillows and bed covers.

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      Opening windows at night when the temperature is lower is best way to cool the rooms. And close them during the day.

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      You are right about eating light food. Meat and fast food will just make you more heated.

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      Light curtains and light materials around the house are good for summer days

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      Dark rooms and closed windows are best for summer and those higher temperatures.

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      Electronics are heaters. I try to turn off everything that I don’t need.

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      Chill pillows are really great. I am not changing mine in summer and in winter.

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      Dehumidifiers are good for nice smelling. But I don’t think that they can help in cooling.

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      During summer I always use dry line clothing in the backyard. There is no need to use electricity when the sun is enough.

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      I have a small kitchen for summer. It is really nonsense to cook inside if you have other option.

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      I hate summers. It’s too hot. I consider moving to another state where summers are not that hot

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      I installed screen doors a couple of month ago. Right on time to avoid mosquitos

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      If you have a budget for buying an AC I recommend to get one. It is the best way to keep your house cool.

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      It depends where do you live. In some states you do not need AC because the climate is cold even in summers. But otherwise AC is not a luxury but necessity

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      I like summer temperatures and I enjoy the warm weather. I do not like winters and I need an AC to heat the house.

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      My neighbors have AC-s in every room. Their electricity bill is enormous during the summer and they keep complaining all the time

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      I would like to buy an AC. But as they said they are on sale after summer.

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      If you are used to high temperatures it is not a problem. Just stay away from direct sunlight.

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      Taking showers, drinking beverages and staying in closed places can keep you cool and refreshed.

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