M36 20 Cheap Drinks To Make At Home And Save Cash

20+ Cheap Drinks To Make At Home And Save Cash

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Are you in the mood for a refreshing mojito but don’t want to spend too much on drinks? You can now make one at home! You may not think of yourself as much of a bartender, but we dare you to try these easy drinks to make at home. Nothing’s better than a chilly drink on a scorching summer day!

The following recipes are cheap, simple, and require no special knowledge of mixology. We guarantee you that whatever liquor you have at home can be mixed with just about any fresh juice to create the perfect summer cocktail!


The mojito is a staple beach cocktail. The mint and lime juice combine to form a very refreshing drink. You’ll need rum, mint, sugar syrup, and lime to make this classic. The original mojito is made with white rum, but you may also use spiced or even dark rum to add depth. In any case, go for any cheap rum to avoid spending tons of cash on this refreshing drink.

To begin, pour rum of your choice into a highball glass. Then place a handful of fresh mint leaves in the glass. Add about 60ml of white rum and 25ml of sugar syrup. Then pour 30ml of fresh lime juice, add a lot of ice, and top with 60ml of soda.

We recommend giving it a good stir. Finally, add two straws and mint leaves for decoration. After that, you’re done! Enjoy one of the easiest cocktails to make at home.

Strawberry Mojito

Are you more into sweet juicy cocktails? Then whip up a classic mojito and add some strawberries for a fun twist! First, mix the simple syrup with mint leaves. Layer a highball glass with mint leaves and pieces of strawberry and lime. Mix until the sweet juices are released.

To finish off, add the simple mint syrup, some rum and top with ice. Fill the glass with club soda to the rim. And finally, no cocktail is complete without garnish. Stick some fresh mint leaves in there, along with a strawberry and lime. Cheers! If you want more mojito recipes, check our Lemon-Basil mojito, which is the perfect cheap drink for party hosts.

Tom Collins

Jerry Thomas, whom many consider the founding father of American mixology, once wrote the recipe for this famous cocktail. Its main ingredient is gin, followed by lemon juice, sugar syrup, and club soda. In terms of sourness, it’s akin to a mojito, but without the mint.

The preparation of this drink could not be easier. Fill a tall glass halfway with some cheap gin, lemon juice, and syrup. Add ice and top with club soda. Decorate with a garnish of your choice. A classic Tom Collins is served on the rocks with a lemon circle and maraschino cherry on top.

John Collins

Are you looking for more easy drinks to make at home? Turn this classic drink around by serving it with bourbon whiskey instead of gin. That is called the John Collins and may be a tad more expensive than its original version. Add an orange wheel as a garnish to match the orange-gold color of the whiskey. Enjoy!

Aperol Spritz

For this classic drink, fill a chill wine glass with ice. And then remember it goes 3-2-1. Add three parts prosecco, two parts Aperol, and one part club soda. Cut up an orange wheel and then cut it in half. Put one half inside the glass, and you’re done. This is an easy-peasy drink to make but not necessarily the cheapest option.

White Russian

Did you know that the Russians go crazy for vodka? It is why this cocktail carries its name ‘White Russian’. You make this drink with vodka, coffee liqueur, and heavy cream. To serve it, pour it in an old-fashioned glass over ice. If you don’t have cream, you can always substitute it with milk.

People love to drink it as it is one of the easiest cocktails to make at home. To make this drink, pour the coffee liqueur and vodka into the glass and then add cream on top. The most common recipe is five parts vodka, two parts coffee liqueur, and three parts cream. Stir everything lightly.

The best thing is that all the flavors will cover the cheap vodka taste or the lack of it. So, you’ll have a fancy cocktail without breaking the bank.

Black Russian

The Black Russian is the less common variant but makes for a just as tasty drink. The recipe stays the same except you add two parts vodka to one part coffee liqueur. We do not put cream in a Black Russian. Again, serve it in an old-fashioned glass with ice and enjoy!


This tasty mocktail makes for the ideal fruity drink, especially to entertain the family on a hot summer day. It is non-alcoholic, which means you can have as much of it as you want. For this drink, the ingredients you will need are freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine, ginger ale/club soda, and garnishes.

Once you have gathered all the ingredients, pour everything into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well, and strain into a chilled Collins glass with ice. Add a splash of ginger ale or club soda to finish. For garnish, you can use orange and pineapple slices. Plus, no alcohol always means less money. Awesome, right?



This blackberry and gin combo might just become your new favorite way to drink gin! For this recipe, you will need gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, Crème de Mure, and garnishes of your choice. It is among the most popular easy drinks to make at home.

Add the gin, lemon juice, and syrup to an ice-filled shaker. We recommend giving it a good shake. Pour the mixed ingredients into an old-fashioned glass over ice. Then pour the blackberry liqueur over the drink. Bartenders generally use a half-wheel of lemon or fresh blackberries as a garnish. To keep it budget-friendly, you can skip anything expensive and just stick to a cheap bottle of gin.

Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii is a funky tropical cocktail consisting of rum, pineapple juice, Blue Curaçao, sweet and sour mix, and occasionally vodka. It is one of the easiest cocktails to make, even if you’re not a bartender. Begin by combining all of your ingredients and pouring them over ice in a shaker.

Shake vigorously, and then serve in a hurricane glass with garnish. Now, this is when it gets fun! For this cocktail, any fruity garnish will work. Just cut up some fruits and attach them to the rim. There is no better summer drink than a sweet and simple Blue Hawaii!

Blue Hawaiian or Swimming Pool

Coconut lovers unite! Not to be confused with a Blue Hawaii, this cocktail can also be a delicious summer treat. It contains coconut cream as a bonus. This drink is all in all a Piña Colada with a splash of Blue Curaçao, rum, pineapple juice, and lemon juice.

Once again, you shake up all the ingredients with ice. On a sweltering day, you can put ice in a blender and blend everything for the ultimate frozen cocktail. For a fancy touch, decorate with some pineapple and a cocktail umbrella. It is one of the most refreshing cocktails to make at home.

easy and fancy drinks to make at home

Hosting a party with fancy drinks doesn’t mean that you need to go bankrupt. There are many cheap drinks to make at home and surprise your guests.


The Martini is one of the finest inventions of American mixology. The famous drink calls for vodka or gin combined with dry vermouth and is served with an olive or lemon slice. The lemon peel ought to be rubbed all over the rim for maximum flavor.

Begin by pouring your preferred amount of vodka or gin and dry vermouth into a shaker full of ice. Shake for about 10-20 seconds to dilute it. After that, pour the mixture into a martini glass and squeeze a lemon peel into it. Add olives on a cocktail stick or a slice of lemon peel. Making this simple drink creates a great date night at home.

Vesper Martini

Have you ever heard of the Vesper Martini? It is one of the most recognizable Martini variations in the world. The recipe comes straight from Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale. Check out the famous quote taken directly from the book:

“Just a moment. Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?”

Pretty straightforward, right? The one rule when making a martini is always choosing between vodka or gin, but never both. Still, lots of James Bond’s fans prefer their martinis made this way. As for the Kina Lillet, you can substitute it best with Cocchi Americano. Enjoy!

Old Fashioned

Are you searching for other easy drinks to make at home? The Old Fashioned is a combo of bitter and sweet. Make it with whiskey or sometimes brandy, and garnish it with an orange slice or zest with a cocktail cherry. The bitters are up to you. It is served in an old-fashioned glass.

The preparation is as follows. Take a sugar cube and put it in an elegant glass. Add bitters of your choice and slightly dilute them with a drop of water. Mix until even. Fill the rest of the glass with ice cubes and whiskey or brandy. Garnish, and you’re done.


The Negroni is a pretty strong drink. It is traditionally made with part gin, part vermouth Rosso, and part Campari. You stir it, not shake it. It is served in an old fashioned or rocks glass. You can garnish it with an orange peel. Most enjoy it as an apéritif.

You can remember the preparation as 1-1-1 – one part gin, one part red vermouth, and one part Campari. That’s it! After that, fancy up your drink by garnishing it with orange. Do not forget to stir it instead of shaking it, per the traditional recipe.

Please note that this is an easy drink to make. But all the liquor needed may not be that cheap to get. So, either stick to cheap brands or choose another option from our list.

Long Island

Any iced tea fans will love one of the easiest cocktails to make at home! Of course, the actual recipe does not call for iced tea but carefully mixed liquors that give off such a flavor. In this cocktail, you mix vodka, rum, gin, tequila, and triple sec. We only recommend this drink if you can hold your liquor well!

Fill up a shaker with ice, and then pour all of your liquors along with a sour mix over ice. Shake well. You can then run the cocktail into a Collins or hurricane glass and top it with coke for color. Garnish with a slice of lemon.


“I’d like a cheeseburger, large fries, and a cosmopolitan.” – Carrie Bradshaw. The Cosmopolitan started taking the world by storm way before the legendary Carrie Bradshaw announced it as her favorite cocktail. Still, many started drinking it after seeing it on screen. So, how does one make this famous drink?

The beautiful pink color is reached when you mix vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and fresh or sweetened lime juice. To slightly dilute the strong liquors, put the mixture in an iced shaker and strain it into a martini glass. Garnish with a lime wheel. It’s genuinely one of the best easy drinks to make at home.


The iconic Margarita is not for the sweet-toothed. This party in a glass calls for tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. It is originally served with salt on the rim, as one would do so with tequila shots. You can either shake it with ice or blend it with ice. Some like it without ice, too.

Grab yourself a classic margarita glass and rub it all around the rim with lime. That way, the salt will stick. Shake or blend the rest, and then pour everything in the glass. You can serve it with or without ice. Finally, garnish with a slice of lime. Cheers!

Mai Tai

We have arrived at the ultimate party cocktail! A classic Mai Tai is rum and Curaçao-based, with a hint of orgeat syrup and lime juice. For the garnish, have fun with it and use any tropical fruits. It is a quintessential cocktail in Tiki culture, and as such, looks beautiful in a glass.

Grab a highball glass in which you will later pour the cocktail. But first, shake everything (except the rum!) in an iced mixer. Then strain your cocktail into the glass and pour the rum on top. You can then garnish your drink with pineapple, lime, or any other tropical fruit. Do not forget the straw.

Gin and Tonic

This staple drink is a party girl’s favorite. And how wouldn’t it be? It is so simple and easy to make. You combine gin and tonic water with lots of ice in a highball or rocks glass. The gin-tonic ratio depends on the kind of gin you’re using, and your personal preference, of course.

Pack a highball or rocks glass with a handful of ice. Pour your gin and tonic. A recommended ratio is 1:1 or 1:3 if you want your drink weaker. You can then garnish with lime. That’s it! Who says there are no super fun cocktails to make at home?

Pink Gin and Tonic

This one is our personal favorite. Beefeater and Gordon’s have the best pink gin. Grab yourself a bottle next time you’re at the grocery store and get down to business! Make a gin tonic and garnish it with red frozen fruits. The garnish is essential as it boosts the sweet flavor of the gin. Enjoy!

easy and cheap drinks to make for your friends
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You and your friends can enjoy all the popular drinks and their budget-friendly versions. You don’t have to waste a fortune on expensive liquor or brands.


A Daiquiri is a sweet and fruity drink. The main ingredients consist of rum, citrus juice, and sweetener. The mix of sweet and sour is what makes this cocktail pop. Be careful not to over-sweeten or over-sour it, as it will not taste as it should.

We recommend using demerara simple syrup for this drink, as it adds flavor and depth. Gather the rest of the ingredients and put them in a shaker with ice. Take your margarita glass and pour the mixture into it. Finally, garnish with a lime twist. Keep reading for more easy drinks to make at home.

Strawberry Daiquiri

If you are not into the strong rum aftertaste, this variation is perfect for you. The blend of strawberry and lemon and lime juice makes for a sweet and delightful summer drink. To prepare, blend everything. You’re now ready to enjoy this pink delicacy!


The Manhattan is a bitter cocktail and not made for the weak. The combination of whiskey and sweet vermouth, along with bitters, makes this beverage the ideal aperitif. As this cocktail consists of three simple ingredients, their quality is essential.

A fine bottle of whiskey and a bottle of delicious sweet vermouth will make this drink a hundred times better than using crappy alternatives. The preparation is easy-peasy: shake everything up in an iced shaker and pour it into a cocktail glass. You serve it straight up with a cherry on top, literally.

Cuba Libre

Are you enjoying a sunny day by the pool? Then nothing is more refreshing than a Cuba Libre! This chilly rum and coke combo makes for the perfect summer cocktail, and it’s also the simplest one to make! The Cuba Libre drink remains one of the most popular cocktails to make at home.

Grab yourself a highball glass and assemble your ingredients. Mix everything and fill the glass halfway. Pack the rest of it with ice. You can also add some lemon or lime slices in there to counter the strong taste of rum. Once you’re done, garnish with a lime.

Sex on the Beach

Have you ever wondered how the name of this cocktail came to be? Many attribute the recipe to Ted Pizio, a Florida bartender. He had to sell as many peach schnapps as he could, so he created this fruity beverage. The name was the main reason people would visit the area he worked at.

This party in a glass is deemed a favorite by plenty. The strong vodka taste is sweetened by peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice. To create it, follow the recipe of a Cuba Libre but use an orange slice and a cocktail umbrella as garnish.

Bottom Line

Who says one needs to splurge on drinks on a night out? You can now start using whatever liquor you have left at home to create fabulous sweet and sour fusions. Just announce your home as the official party zone and get cracking with these easy cocktail recipes to make at home.

If you have any further suggestions, please share them in the comments section below. Finally, sign up for our ProMoneySavings Newsletter to receive even more money-saving tips!


What is the simplest cocktail to make at home?

Any cocktail that consists of two main ingredients. We suggest trying a Martini, Black Russian, Gin Tonic, or vodka with almost any other type of non-alcoholic beverage. Remember, there isn’t only one way of making a cocktail. Have fun with the ingredients and mix things up once in a while.

What is a mocktail?

A mocktail is just a fancy name for a non-alcoholic cocktail. You can make a mocktail out of any cocktail there is. Just substitute the alcohol for other ingredients, and you’re good to go.

What are some strong drinks I can make at home?

Try some of the classics: Negroni, Old Fashioned, Vodka Martini, and Margarita. We recommend garnishing them well and maybe even serving a platter of food along with them, as they are pretty bitter.



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