K39 20 Expert Tips For Saving Money On Wedding Flowers

20 Expert Tips For Saving Money On Wedding Flowers

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Stunning florals can create a dream-like ambiance for your big day. Yet, lush arrangements will probably come with an equally impressive price tag. So, if you plan to save on wedding flowers without sacrificing your vision, you’ll need a sound strategy.

Getting wedding blooms on a budget is all about finding local flowers in season. Also, choosing your florals carefully will open creative ideas to economize on your wedding. Indeed, while lavish bouquets and arrangements are gorgeous, there are many intelligent ways to cut the costs of your floral budget. Discover 20 insider’s tips on how to save on bridal blooms!

Create A Budget For The Wedding Flowers

The first step to stay within the projected spending limits is to outline how much your budget can stretch. The wisest approach is to dedicate around 10 to 15% of your overall wedding budget to flowers and decorations. Depending on your priorities for the big day, you can adjust that amount up or down.

Your budget must be as realistic as possible. Also, always be upfront with your florist about the funds you intend to spend on blooms. Give as detailed guidelines as you feel necessary, but leave your florist to do some creative thinking, too. After all, nobody will take better care of your bridal arrangements than an expert.

It’s advisable to make suggestions based on the preferred style and palette. However, let the florist select the blooms that best fit the ambiance based on your financial capacity. Don’t make that crucial mistake of arranging all floral centerpieces on your own.

Save Big By Buying In Bulk

Anyone looking for wedding flowers on a budget should opt for bulk purchases. Buying directly from a wholesale flower company would significantly reduce the markup you’d pay in a flower shop. Once you do business with the wholesaler, you can have your wedding flowers arranged by a floral designer.

Another way to save while buying in bulk is when the florist sources only a few types of stems. This way, your floral designer can buy in bulk for lower prices. To further slash the cost, stick to flowers in a similar color scheme. Orchids, roses, tulips, calla lilies, and hydrangeas will all create a cohesive look. Plus, if there are fewer varieties of foliage and florals, the labor fees will probably get reduced, too.

Local And In-Season Flowers Are Cheaper

Not all flowers are available all year round. Even if this is not an issue, the prices of blooms vary across seasons. Meaning, most flowers are in season only at particular times of the year.

When it comes to year-round flowers, think about roses, carnations, hydrangeas, and orchids. Yet, if you want to keep expenses down, refrain from celebrating holidays like Valentine’s Day. These holidays are hectic times in the floral industry, so the chances you’ll pay double for your flowers are enormous.

Proven ways to save money on wedding flowers include elaborating on the topic with a floral expert. Also, try to learn what blooms grow locally and focus on arrangements that contain in-season stems. Once you’re there, check what local and seasonal flowers within your color palette are available. An added benefit is that you’d be supporting local farmers.

Add Green To Your Wedding Flowers

Your options to create a lush bouquet with inexpensive greenery will save you a lot of money. Leather leaf and silver dollar eucalyptus are just a few to consider. You’ll pay way less, and the leafage has a longer lifespan, too.

With a lot of greenery in your floral arrangements, you won’t have to worry about unfavorable weather. Conversely, petals are way less resilient to hot and windy weather. Yet, be cautious, as the price of certain greenery types can cost you as if you were buying flowers. Don’t expect that greenery is tenfold cheaper than blooms.

The upside of leafage in floral arrangements is the impact it creates. The greenery will create a vibrant atmosphere and give a breath of fresh air to guests. Last, if you intend to go with large arrangements, let your florist pick the proper ratio of greenery and blooms for the ultimate touch.

DIY Flower Arrangements

Not many newlyweds prefer this option, but it’s worth giving it a try. If you hope to try your hand at putting together floral arrangements, this is your chance to shine. However, ensure you can pull off whatever you are arranging before your wedding day.

If you wonder how to save on wedding flowers, a perfect idea would be to share duties with an expert. For instance, you can hire a florist for the more significant accent areas like ceremony backdrops and bouquets. For the rest of the arrangements, assign tasks to your bridesmaids. This way, you can spend some quality time together the night before the wedding.

Recruiting talented friends and family to perform arranging duties is another to-go option. Hence, if you can put together wedding flowers without any professional help, you’ll be saving a lot. Finally, we recommend arranging flowers the day before the big day to avoid last-minute panicking.

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Photo by Vinicius Pontes

One trick to save money on wedding flowers is to add more greens. The flowers will still look lavish, but they will cost much less.

Make Smaller Arrangements

It may sound like a cliché, but by definition, price is tightly related to size. Hence, downsizing the volume of your floral displays will decrease the costs, too. Ask your florist if cutting down on the size of bouquets and ceremony backdrop will help reduce the overall expense. Smaller displays like bud vases can still have a vast impact if appropriately arranged.

There’s no need to invest hundreds of dollars for a lavish centerpiece for each table. Go with tiny but elegant arrangements. Also, opt for simple bouquets for your bridesmaids instead of splashing out on hefty and rare blooms.

Talk To A Professional

The answer to the question ‘How to save money on wedding flowers’ may be more straightforward than you thought. Leave the job to the experts! Though it’s acceptable to show some extravagant floral ideas you found online, don’t exaggerate. Sharing photos of stunning bridal flowers are okay, provided you leave the final touches to the florist.

Hence, it’s essential to keep an open mind when asking for recreation. Check with the professional how realistic it is to get the exact look while staying within your budget. A floral designer will be able to suggest plausible alternatives to fit your wallet best!

Keep Your Floral Arrangements Simple

The array of gorgeous budget-friendly flowers available in different colors and shapes is limitless. Plus, numerous inexpensive filler blooms can add lavishness and volume to your arrangements. Flowers like spray roses instead of ranunculus are a great alternative that offers significant savings.

After all, you’re not only paying for the greenery and flower displays. The cost also includes your florist’s time, knowledge, and craftsmanship. Floral garlands, intricate centerpieces, and finely structured bouquets take time to arrange.

Prioritize Your Wedding Budget Accordingly

Carnations, baby’s breath, and mums are affordable filler flowers that can make lovely arrangements. Often, brides avoid these blooms and consider them tacky, but a good florist can arrange them as if from a fairytale. Elevate the look by using monochromatic hues and pack the stems tightly together.

Most importantly, determine what matters the most to you when it comes to florals and prioritizes your floral budget accordingly. For example, if you’ve set your eyes on a large bridal bouquet with peonies, offset that cost by going easy on the centerpieces.

The key lies in the balance you strike between all floral elements. Name three things you wouldn’t give up when it comes to wedding flowers, and don’t short yourself on them.

Reduce Focal Point Flowers

Statement blooms, including garden roses or hydrangeas, take up much space in arrangements. In a word, you won’t need that many to impress since these flowers can be pretty costly. Rely on the fact that such focal flowers automatically draw eyes and stick with a few.

Indeed, cymbidium orchids will cost you more than spray roses, but they’ll make a much grander statement in your centerpieces. Talk with your florist about incorporating several pricier stems, and let her figure out how to make the pricing work. In this case, you might succeed in having the preferred luxe blooms and stay within budget.

Switch To Flower Booms

Keep an open mind about floral varieties in your pursuit. Ruling out carnations, sunflowers, or daisies will make it more difficult for your florist to replace expensive blooms. Request to see examples and be open to adjustments. Trust goes a long way in ordering reasonably-priced wedding flowers, and the payoff is usually gorgeous.

Be flexible and ask your florist for ideas. Don’t write off cheap blooms right away. Many less expensive options can be great filler flowers. Use them to bulk up bouquets rather than focusing on popular, costly blooms. Using a couple of larger buds that take up more space is also a great way to cut back on the number of stems needed.

Use Bud Vases For Expensive Flowers

While lush arrangements are eye-catching, there’s something about the simplicity of bud vases with a couple of stems in each. If you target pricey focal flowers such as peonies or garden roses, place them in small vases. A peony is typically a few inches wide, so you’ll only need three or four for a significant effect.

Bud vases, where you place a few individual stems in tiny bottles, are an affordable way to make an impact. It’s best to use various heights in a small grouping or a couple of bottles if you’re working with a long table. Last, you could also use decor that may come with the venue, like lanterns or candles. Use every bit of those, and personalize them with floral pieces or greenery.

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Photo by Emma Bauso

Simple flower arrangements don’t cost as much as bouquets with expensive buds and dramatic ornaments.

Forgo Corsages and Boutonnieres

Another intelligent hack on how to save money on wedding flowers is by eliminating boutonnieres and corsages. These small detailed pieces can add up if you have a large family. For an average bridal party with one groom, six groomsmen, two dads, and two moms, mini floral pieces can exceed $200.

If you’re trying to economize, start with boutonnieres and corsages. In reality, these tiny floral decorations may end up all crushed and broken on the floor.

If you can’t give up the idea of boutonnieres and corsages, make them yourself using wholesale flowers. Moreover, think about skipping flowers for the chairs, archways, flower crowns, and other unnecessary décor areas. If you’re a budget bride, eliminating these extras may be a justified choice. All these blooms will probably wilt by the end of the day, so you’ll be throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain.

Think About Plant Rentals

Have you ever doubted whether some flowers were real or fake? So why pay the total price if you can save money on wedding flowers by renting artificial arrangements? Not only are silk flowers beautiful, but they last forever. Plus, you may arrange them exactly as you wish, weeks before the big day.

Hence, if you want a lush, luxurious look on the cheap, use artificial silk floral arrangements. Your best shot is with a rent-and-return silk floral boutique. There, you will probably find various floral collections to match any wedding style, theme, or season.

Opting for silk flowers means you can get large, luxurious blooms for half price of real ones. With fake flowers, you also needn’t worry about in-season floral styles, as these are omnipresent. For wedding venues with a lot of open space, think about renting trees or plants from local gardens. Usually, introducing big plants is a more cost-effective decorative method than large floral arrangements.

Reuse The Wedding Flowers

Make use of the three Rs on your big day and save on wedding flowers. In short, repurpose, reuse, and recycle. Reusing your florals in various ways is the smartest thing you can do to decorate for less. Your guests will most likely neglect to inspect in detail both the ceremony and reception setups.

Your florist can assist you in conceiving innovative ways to repurpose. Here are a couple of ideas:

·        Take florals and props used for your ceremony and reuse them for the reception area.

·        Repurpose your bridesmaids’ bouquets as centerpieces.

·        Reuse your bridal bouquet on the sweetheart table or somewhere else that needs an accent.

·        If you have a movable arbor or ceremony backdrop, move it later to accent your cake or dessert table.

The best part about ceremony flowers and bouquets is that they already got arranged and fit the overall color palette. Remember to assign the task of transporting the ceremony flowers to the reception location to a friend or two. Indeed, repurposing florals is a fabulous way to save money on extra décor without anyone noticing.

Stick To A One-Color Palette For Your Wedding

Some of the best wedding flowers on a budget tips are pretty easy to implement. The following idea may sound too good to be true, but it works in practice. We suggest you go with a monochromatic color palette. Deciding on a specific color palette can be challenging, but this step is an essential part of staying within budget.

Besides saving money with a monochromatic color palette, you’ll also simplify your choice. So, pick your favorite color and use it in all its light and dark hues. Florists today offer numerous monochromatic combo packs to choose from, accompanied by an assortment of flowers. The most popular wedding color trends for 2021 include nuances of terracotta, grey, rose, green, and burgundy.

Decorate What Will Get Photographed Most

Having an entire wedding overflowing with flowers is the ultimate dream of every bride. Indeed, Pinterest may be packed with gorgeous weddings, but these girls might have an unlimited flower budget. Regardless of how much you strive to recreate the same look, wedding flowers on a budget won’t suffice.

The sooner you realize you don’t need enormous and countless flower arrangements all over the place, the better. Focus your energy and money on areas that make the most significant impact. Conversely, go lighter on guest tables and areas that won’t get much photographing.

The most noticeable spots include your ceremony space and your sweetheart or cake table. Also, pay attention to big walls within the reception room and do something creative with them. You wouldn’t like empty walls to spoil the overall experience of guests. Also, ensure big centerpieces don’t block your guests’ way or view.

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Photo by Lina Kivaka

Decorating all tables with tons of flowers is expensive and wasteful. Consider decorating only the main table with flower arrangements instead.

Consider Non-Floral Alternatives

Among the best ways to save money on wedding flowers, we’ll single out inexpensive non-floral decor items. For example, you can use candles or other decorative pieces to fill the tables without using tons of floral elements. Plus, candles set the mood and character of the event.

You can even create entire centerpieces entirely out of candles, with some greenery or blooms around. Ask your florist to help you compare the cost of getting candles instead of other props. Even books can serve as wonderful non-floral centerpieces, with flower petals sprinkled around.

Furthermore, hunt down bargains for vases at the Dollar Store and thrift stores. Various-sized vases can save you a lot on your DIY centerpieces. Even better, combine them with lanterns that add warmth to the atmosphere. Depending on the season, consider using various twigs and pinecones for an impressive look.

We also suggest using seashells as a focal point for your centerpieces. Apart from scaling down the floral part of your arrangement, shells will leave an ultimate impression when arranged on tabletops.

Finally, why don’t you get fruity for your big day? Incorporating fruits and veggies into your arrangements is a plausible solution if you wonder how to save on wedding flowers. Go for citrus fruit, apples, pumpkins, artichokes, pineapples, and grapes. Using fruit is a clever way to fill out centerpieces on the cheap. Plus, berries can add color, depth, and dimension to the overall décor.

Avoid February For Flowers

February should be your least preferred month when it comes to weddings. If you want to save on wedding flowers, we recommend you skip the period around Valentine’s Day. Besides having fewer flowers in season to choose from, floral arrangement prices peak due to the increased demand.

In February, the flowers’ prices may be as much as 50% higher than in the summer months. Florists agree that this time of year is the heftiest since flowers are far costlier and limited. Last, note that you may also face increased rates of blooms around Mother’s Day.

Have Your Wedding During A Holiday Season

Organizing a wedding during the holidays, like Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter can save you money on flowers. Typically, churches have various floral decorations for major holidays, so this way, you can save money on wedding flowers. On top of that, you’ll avoid the florist’s costs altogether and may pocket the difference.

Final Words

No bride is ready to compromise when it comes to wedding flowers and décor. It is your big day, and you shouldn’t sacrifice what you want. Luckily, there’s no need to give up your dreams for the sake of your budget. With the above tips, you can save a fortune on floral arrangements.

What wedding flowers on a budget tips did you employ to curb bridal expenses? Did you have to sacrifice aesthetics, or you managed to replace the blooms with something else? Share your ideas in the comments below and register for our newsletter for more penny-pitching hacks.


What is the average amount spent on flowers for a wedding?

Depending on your preferred style and needs, the cost of floral wedding arrangements will vary. Yet, the average price of wedding flowers in the US stands at $1,500. Numbers tell that most couples spend between $700 and $2,500. Generally, you should set aside about 10-15% of the wedding budget for flowers and décor. Of course, if the need arises, you can adjust this figure to go along with your floral vision.

What are the least expensive flowers for a wedding?

To save on wedding party bouquets and decorations, pay attention to the season, scarcity, and the number of flowers you’d like to have. All these factors will set the final price of wedding blooms. However, your best shot is to go with inexpensive flowers mixed with more pricey varieties. The cheapest wedding blooms include alstroemeria, carnations, daisies, chrysanthemums, gladiolas, and sunflowers.

How do people afford wedding flowers?

There are several saving strategies you can make use of to economize on bridal flowers. First, create a realistic flower budget with your florist and stick to it. Then, buy wholesale blooms and try arranging wedding flowers on your own. It’s also essential to use local in-season flowers. Last, strike a balance with the wedding flowers and use statement blooms that fill space. Non-floral decorations should not get ruled out either.

How can I preserve my wedding flowers for cheap?

One way to preserve bridal flowers for good is to use a silica gel. Using porous sand will absorb water and dry the blooms within a week. This method will keep any floral arrangement looking the closest to how it did on the wedding day. Alternatively, brides can dip the bridal bouquet in wax and preserve it for up to six months. Last, you can dry and press flowers in a flat glass frame and hang it in your bedroom.




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