20 Saving Tips For Lazy People

20 Saving Tips For Lazy People

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Saving is a balancing act, and not everyone understands what saving cash for lazy people means. Economizing takes a lot of hard work and time, and this deters most people from sticking to their financial plan. Remember that, above all, you must have saving goals and be determined to succeed in your intentions.

We believe anyone can save money, even the laziest ones. Below, you’ll find 20 smart tips on how to set off on a lazy saving journey and put money aside without even noticing. After all, everyone needs a financial safety cushion. Regardless if they’re willing to put in the effort for it.

Cut Down On Your Clutter

Do you often feel lost in your own home and need hours to find that new book that you bought last week? If this is the case, the time has come to declutter your home and save both time and space. Limiting the items you possess can also earn you money as minimalistic styles require little or no maintenance at all. Of course, the fewer kitchen appliances you have, the fewer repairs they’ll need.

Downsizing on the possessions around the house means less electricity and water to operate and run, too. In the decluttering process, it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll sell the stuff or you’ll give it away. Also, get rid of extra storage places that only tempt you to buy new things. The physiology behind minimalist styles makes your home feel cozy, so you’ll be indulged to stay indoors and be frugal.

Not sure where to start with this? Well, you can sell online everything you haven’t used lately. Immediately put the cash into your savings account!

Do Free Activities

Why don’t you save a decent amount of money by changing your usual ways and turning to free or cheap entertainment? Why waste hundreds of dollars on pricey gym memberships and cinema tickets when you can enjoy the same activities at home? The upside of free activities for lazy people is that they don’t restrain you in time and place.

Organize a family or friends game night once a week, and we guarantee you’ll have a whale of a time. Play a YouTube workout video and exercise in front of the TV for the same effect. Read more to yourself and your kids instead of going out every evening and splashing out on diners and theme parks.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to cancel all outdoor activities, focus on the most productive ones. Avoid going to the cinema as you can have a movie night at home, and go to the theatre instead. Cancel magazine subscriptions and repurpose the money for a library fee.

Turn Down Your Heat Thermostat

Colder periods usually get associated with higher electricity bills. In a word, it’s time to make use of some efficient tips for saving for lazy people. Start lowering your energy bill just by turning the heat thermostat by a degree or two. Think about reducing the pre-set temperature even lower when you’re not home or during the night.

Evidence shows that for every degree you set back the thermostat, you can save up to three percent on each bill. Even better, if you decrease the temperature by ten degrees, in some instances, you can expect a 15% lower electricity bill. So, why don’t you consider altering the parameters of your thermostat if you have an eight-hour job?

Turn Up Your AC

Leaving the air conditioner off during hot days when you’re at work is a wrong idea. Let’s explain the logic behind this claim. If you’ve been away for five hours and switched the AC off, the temperature will rise immensely. As a result, your AC will consume far more energy to cool down the room than if you leave it on the entire time.

The US Department of Energy recommends households to set thermostats at 78°F when at home. When away, it’s best to set the system at 88°F to save both money and energy. For more extended periods, AC systems operate most efficiently when at full speed.

Last, using a ceiling fan is a far better idea. This way, the room will feel ten degrees cooler for just a fraction of the AC cost for the same job. Plus, fan cooling is more eco-friendly and beneficial for humans’ health.

Handling your AC smartly is one of the essential tips for lowering your utility bills.

Use Discount Or Coupon Codes

Coupons are a great way to save money if you know how to use them efficiently. Whenever you can, use all the privileges you’ve acquired across various stores, hotels, and clubs. Meaning, if you possess an AAA membership, make sure you always carry it on you. With it, you’ll pay less for hotels, car rentals, oil changes, etc. To secure the lowest price possible, keep all discount and privilege cards in your wallet.

One of the most useful lazy person saving tips is to look for coupons and deals online. Scavenge websites dedicated to discounts and vouchers before you hit the stores. You might even want to check the Sunday paper. Gather coupons in the stores you visit regularly and consider coupon stacking.

If you’re former military, a senior citizen, or have a disability, you can get many random discounts, too. Besides, it never hurts to ask for a deal or negotiate it. You never know what kind of promotions and sales are currently ongoing in the stores, so it’s worth asking.

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You don’t have to put in real effort to start saving money. Sometimes, you just need to know how to avoid spending, and the savings will come.

Buy Items On Sale

Unless it’s an urgency or regular grocery shopping, time your purchases when you know sales hit the stores. Meaning, buy clothes and toys when on discount and stock on Christmas presents long before the Christmas season. Then, look for winter gear once the ski season is over and plan your friends’ birthdays beforehand.

Don’t underestimate the power of yard and garage sales, too. You can find some good-quality second-hand items and enjoy your lazy shopping there. Finally, buy beauty products like shampoo, shower gels, and cleaning products only on sale. You know when you’re running out of supplies, so why don’t you stock up in due time?

Carry Cash

Saving cash for lazy people will become even more effortless and convenient if you opt to carry banknotes with you. The rationale behind this is simple. Have you noticed how much hard-earned cash you’re wasting when you use your credit cards? You don’t see the money you’re spending, so you don’t feel guilty and go on frittering away until infinity.

All in all, swiping a credit card is a less painful process than paying with real cash. Therefore, we suggest using a credit card for bills, rent, investments, and savings. For anything else, switch to cash payments. Above all, if you couple this habit with the envelope method, you might be surprised at how much you can set aside.

Get Rid Of Your Credit Cards

Unlike credit cards that give you the impression of unlimited purchasing power, with cash, you spend what you have. Hard-earned money hurts more when you see them going down the drain than an ordinary plastic item. Plus, most salespeople can offer you better bargains when they see your pocket full of cash.

If you don’t want to eliminate all cards, we urge you to use a debit card instead. This way, you won’t spend more than you can afford, and you’ll be able to reserve hotel rooms and book flights. Finally, the benefit of avoiding debt will stimulate you to use cash even more frequently.

Pay Off Your Debt

One of the best tips for saving for lazy people is to pay off any outstanding debt you have. Debt is reason number one why people can’t save and lead a lavish life. Start by settling high-interest debts, such as personal loans and credit cards. Draw up a repayment plan and a spending scheme and stick to them.

To prevent yourself from incurring new debt, freeze your credit cards. At the onset, it might be better to start a side gig to pay off debts faster. Also, don’t forget to examine your spending habits to establish the reasons for your debt. Maybe it’s time to make some significant changes and stop being an overspender.

Use The Library

Apart from the immense pool of books that you have available for a nominal fee, there are other hidden perks of libraries. You can access eBooks, audiobooks, and digital archives of local records, and also use library printers and scanners. Some people go a step further and rent conference rooms for their organizational meetings. Just make sure you have a library card.

Guess what? You can use the library space to work for free. The library working environment is incredibly convenient for remote workers, freelancers, and students. Besides this, libraries are central gathering places in any community, and you can attend lectures, classes, and activities for free. Magazines, newspapers, music, and movies are an additional perk.

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Getting rid of your credit cards and paying with cash is a great way to spend less and save more. People tend to make lower purchases when they have the money in their hands.

Get Better Deals On Your Bills

We suggest you use sites mainly designed to look after your bills. Such platforms are an exceptional service that shows registered members all available deals and helps you switch to them. All this gets coordinated with the costs you’re currently having and is free of charge. At any given point, you’ll know which operator offers the lowest rates on the market.

Saving cash for lazy people is something more than a straightforward plan. You will also have to consider bundle services to reduce the overall cost of the internet, cable TV, and cellphone packages. If all this fails, go to your provider and negotiate deals in person. No company would like to lose a loyal client, so expect to receive a 5% lower bill next month.

Bring Lunch And Coffee From Home

Why forking out on a $5 Starbucks coffee every morning when you can take freshly brewed coffee from home? If you can’t give up your latte, a much better idea is to purchase a good coffee maker. You’ll soon realize that you’re saving a lot in the long run.

Imagine the amount you’ll set aside if you continuously bring food from home. OK, it might be time-consuming, especially for a lazy person, but it’s money-rewarding. An even better hint is to pre-pack a week’s worth of meals on Sunday, and you’re ready for the upcoming working days. What is healthier and fresher than a low-calorie salad or veggie sandwich prepared at home? Plus, we have over 50 cheap meal ideas for you to try out!

Buy What You Eat

Do you feel sorry when you’re throwing spoilt or rotten food away? Avoid wasting money on products you don’t consume by revising your shopping list and habits. In short, buy only items that you regularly eat and refrain from impulse buying.

In case you have perishable food in the fridge, it’s time to brainstorm some meals that you can prepare with these goods. You’d be amazed at how creative you can get in the kitchen by including just a few ingredients. Also, cooking is a real money-saver and healthy for the family. Making use of the purchased products will not only save the planet, but it will save you money as well.

Stick To Your Shopping List

Do you buy things on impulse and then regret it once you get home? Overspending happens when you don’t use lazy person saving tips and neglect the power of detailed grocery lists. Honestly, this approach is disastrous and is very similar to taking an exam without studying for it. Therefore, your best shot is to prepare a tested grocery shopping strategy and stick to it every month.

One smart tip is to note the shopping list in your cell phone and keep it for further reference. By adding and deleting necessary items, the list will be available to you at any time. Also, having a shopping plan will help you purchase what you need and save you time and money at the store. Forget about going back to the supermarket just because you forgot to buy sugar!

Create An Automatic Saving Plan

Have you tried saving, but you always give up the second month as the entire saving pyramid seems too complicated for you? We all know that the sooner we set money aside after receiving the paystub, the better. Therefore, we encourage lazy people and those who tend to be more proactive in automating their savings.

This way, you’ll spare yourself from going to the bank and doing calculations on your own. Automating savings means that a specified amount of money will get withdrawn from your salary and saved for the future. At the onset, automize smaller amounts as you must make sure you have enough money to survive the month. Without even knowing, you’ll be amazed at how much you’re able to set aside.

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Use A Budgeting App

As for almost everything today, you can find tons of useful budgeting apps for free. Just download the software and start using the budget planning sheets right away. Such apps allow connection with online banking accounts and keep track of your spending habits and amounts. Undoubtedly, a smart budgeting app will help you both save time and hassle in the long run.

After understanding your spending patterns that usually get presented in charts, you can adjust your monthly purchases. One of the most useful apps is Spending Tracker that breaks down transactions by category and preferred period. Another popular app is Goodbudget, which allows cloud-based synching for families that want to keep an eye on spending together.

Automate Payments

Scheduling automatic payments is one of the most popular tips for saving for lazy people. Finance automatization is an innovative way to build wealth gradually without doing anything. If you set your financial targets right, putting your money on autopilot will reach those objectives on short notice.

Start by automating monthly savings, debt installments, rents, and investments. It’s also essential to automate your recurring bills to avoid late payment fees. This way, you ensure long-term financial stability and foster prosperity. Plus, you won’t have to worry and re-check whether you paid the bills last month or not.

Carry A Water Bottle With You

The time has come to cut the habit of buying bottled water. Not only will you spare yourself from going to the supermarket daily, but you’ll also save money and the planet. We encourage you to carry a water bottle with you and fill it up from the company’s water cooler. Experts claim that copper and stainless steel bottles are the most beneficial for our health.

At home, buy a filter pitcher if you wish to avoid drinking tap water. Water filters may be the most efficient solution for lazy people that sets money aside in the long term. Remember that apart from harming your organism, plastic bottles immensely harm the environment, too.

Avoid Shopping Malls

Do you agree that the mere entering a store opens the door to lousy impulse shopping?  If yes, it’s understandable why avoiding shopping malls is the right strategy for saving cash for lazy people. In short, the less often you visit stores, the fewer unnecessary items you’ll purchase. Online stores are another horrible money-spending catch. Skip the habit of browsing online shops because the chances that you’ll find something you like and buy it are large!

A great tip that smart shoppers put into practice when going into shopping centers is restricting the money they carry. Thus, they only buy what’s essential and refrain from wasting money on unnecessary items. Finally, stop going to the stores right after you receive your salary. This way, you have a false impression that you have a bunch of money to spend.

Take Shorter Showers

You must have heard that by avoiding long baths and focusing on shorter showers, you reduce the amount of water you spend. Figures show that if you shorten your showering time by one minute only, you save 2 gallons of water. So, why prolong the time under the shower if you’re clean?

Also, turn down the tap when you’re applying soap or brushing your teeth. Every liter saved will additionally reduce your electricity bill as less energy gets used for heating. An insider tip is to pay ultimate attention to your dishwasher and washing machine. Lazy people will particularly like this advice as we suggest you only run machines when full and at less frequent intervals.

Final Words

If you reached this section, then you are more than ready to start economizing. Luckily, some tips are so simple. Basically, all you need to do is stay at home, cook your own meals, and enjoy cheap entertainment. In a way, being financially lazy can eventually fatten your wallet.

We don’t say you have to put into practice all lazy person saving tips at once. Implementing only one at a time will have beneficial effects on your finances in the long run, anyway. For more useful advice on saving money, sign up for our ProMoneySavings newsletter. Also, we’ll be super excited if you share your saving habits with us in the comment area below.


What are some tips for accumulating savings?

There are endless ways to save money, but this mostly depends on your determination and endurance. Start by automating your savings and bill payments. Save on electricity by installing LED lights, turning down your heating thermostat, and using energy-saving appliances. When it comes to water saving, take shorter showers, and fix dripping taps. Last, cancel any hefty subscriptions and memberships you have and switch to free activities.

How can I save money when I don’t make a lot?

Start by paying off any outstanding high-interest debts that come from credit cards or personal loans. Further on, practice a non-spending day every week to cut down on expenses. Prepare your food and drinks when you go out and cook more often to tighten your belt even more. Last, consider diversifying your monthly income by starting a side gig. Many side hustles operate online, so if you’re looking for lazy person saving tips, this is your chance to shine.

What is lazy money?

Lazy money is a common phrase used to describe the available equity in your household. The most popular way of keeping lazy cash is a savings account. People usually keep such money for a rainy day or as an emergency fund. If you want to put lazy money to work, it’s best to invest them in real estate, stocks, mutual funds, or bonds.

What is the 30-day rule?

The 30-day rule is a method that teaches impulsive shoppers to focus on necessities only. The catch lies in the postponed decision to buy items you crave for. In essence, when you see something on sale, you often buy it instantly just because it’s cheaper. With the 30-day strategy, you’ll have to wait a month. If you still need the item, then go for it. As time goes by, you’ll learn how to quickly decide whether you need an item or it’s just a temporary whim.


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    1. Slavica says:

      I leave my AC turned on the whole summer. This way it is cold enough when I get home. I didn’t know that it saves on electricity bill

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      I noticed that when I am paying with cash. I tend to spend less money. So for the time being I have some cash with me and paying that way. It saved me decent amount of money, plus it restrained me for purchasing something I don’t need.

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      I have to declutter my home definitely. I think of making a garage sale. Maybe this way I will earn some money and at the same time get rid of the stuff I don’t need.

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      For a couple of months I am trying to save but I didn’t manage to save anything. Maybe I have to make some plan. Probably it will work that way.

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      I have to avoid shopping malls and stores especially when there is sale going on. It really makes me spend a large sum of money for the things I don’t need.

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      I will check the apps for budgeting. I didn’t know that there are some that can help you plan. Thank you for the tips.

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      In this crisis it is very difficult to put up with all the expenses. Apart from saving we are struggling to pay the bills on time every month

    8. Gabriela says:

      The internet can offer a cheap entertainment if you know how to use it. Plus it can help you educate. Instead of loosing time browsing the online shops, some free educational videos can help you learn new skills.

    9. Marta says:

      Bringing your coffee from home and your meals can work for some time. Maybe instead of bringing it all the time, you can plan ahead for the month. One week buying, one week bringing from home. This way you will not get bored with it and eating same food every day.

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      Enjoyed the article. Nice tips. We all have to think of the way of saving money.

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      I follow all the articles on your site. Somehow I skipped the one about the cheap meals. Very nice recipes, thank you.

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      I always buy groceries that I don’t need. Even when I go with a list for shopping. Very bad habit I admit. I do not use them and when they expire I just throw them.

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      I am too lazy to look for the coupons and special offers. My opinion is that this way you spend more on the things that you do not nee just because you have coupons or they are on sale.

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      I always buy on sales. This way I save a decent amount on money. I have a list of things that I need and I try to buy the things that are on the list. Even if they are for the next season.

    15. Bright Star says:

      In this crisis with the pandemic every saved buck is a bonus. It is very difficult to pay all the bills and cover all the home expenses and at the end of the month to be on the positive side.

    16. Angela says:

      Loosing my job recently it made me think how to save on everything that can be saved. It turns out that is not that difficult. I never thought of it previously because I had a good monthly salary that I felt comfortable with spending. Now I have a new job which is paid less than the previous one but however I am used to saving now and I am ok with it

    17. Aspasia says:

      As the person who works from home on different projects I am used to have different income every month. So when the income is bigger I use to save some money for the months that are difficult. For someone with a steady income, I think that it is possible to make some plan and save at least a 100 dollars every month, which is not much but annually it make 1200.

    18. Grace says:

      We want to save some money but in this situation it is very difficult to do it.

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      I can skip all the coffees and fancy restaurants, going to cinema and stuff like that. But when it comes to clothes, shoes and bags I know that I spend to much money on stuff like that.

    20. Shanta says:

      My house is full with stuff that I don’t need or I use them very rarely. Sometimes I even buy the same thing twice because I don’t know that I have it. I have to think of the way to declutter the house and get rid of the things that I don’t need.

    21. Tom Len says:

      Being on the verge of getting laid, I had to learn very fast how to save money just in case to have some amount if I stay out off work. Luckily I still have the job but now I am saving.

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      I don’t think that there is an efficient way to save on the bills and on home expenses. Maybe on some subscriptions and stuff like that.

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