K40 20 Ways To Make 1000 A Month From Your Garden

20 Ways To Make $1000 A Month From Your Garden

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Has it ever crossed your mind that your beloved yard is a potential goldmine? Exactly! Gardening is more than just a hobby for many garden owners. As a gardener, you can engage with a local farmer’s market or school fairs eager to get homegrown produce. Alternatively, many sell products such as mushrooms, medical herbs, or berries.

So, regardless of whether you are an avid gardener or a garden party thrower, there are many ways to enjoy a significant income. Plus, this income source can stretch the whole year-round. Learn how to earn money gardening with our proven ideas.

Grow And Sell Nursery Products

Growing nursery products requires a lot of hard work. Yet, making money with plants is rewarding in multiple ways. Having a backyard nursery will eventually extend the income beyond the spring season. For instance, if you’re growing perennials, you can monetize your efforts in winter, too. Store the trees for the Christmas season and start selling early in November.

Propagating plants from cuttings requires no special skills, but ensure you give them enough time and patience. Nurseries take very little to set up and can yield significant earning. Typically, you can buy elderberry cuttings for about $4. A couple of years later, a full-sized potted bush will sell for up to $30. Primroses are also easy to multiple from a single leaf, and the new plants bloom fairly quickly.

Law-wise, people living in California who wish to sell nursery products must get a license first. Hence, it’s best to check the applicable laws in your state as they may vary across the US.

Rent To Companies

Your options to team up with various companies and rent your garden for cash are endless. First, consider companies that work with greens and garden products whose job is to shoot product images and videos. Get your garden and crops ready for shooting, and then find prospective clients.

If you work with professional photographers, you can earn up to $100 a day. The price may increase depending on the props available. The more flowers, plants, and decorations you have, the higher your chances of finding multiple studios to take photos.

Another tip on making money gardening is to rent it to companies who deal with party and event organization. The company will arrange all the catering, partying, and sitting areas, and you may pocket up to $500 for a full-day event. Also, ensure you got adequate insurance and liability cover. The only condition for such arrangements is a large-sized garden and owners who don’t mind the intrusion.

Make It An Artistic Retreat

Artists and writers always look for new stimulating spaces to create. If your estate is quiet and free of distractions, wait no more and offer it as a muse to both professional and prospective artists. Your venue should have enough space for sitting, great views, and fascinating plants to attract more guests.

Moreover, why don’t you rent your charming garden to local art schools or holiday painting groups? Even better, you can arrange drinks, lunch, and a cool place to relax in and then charge in the $100s.

If your place has many hidden gems and inspirational nooks and crannies, contact local colleges and schools. You may even inform the local tourist office of your intentions by sending out photos and a price list.

Last, those with entrepreneurial skills could set up classes themselves. Hire a writer or an art teacher and advertise various packages of lessons for locals and visitors.

Offer A Camping Site

Do you have a large garden and still wonder how to make money gardening? The answer is simple; adjust your picturesque homestead for campervans. Let campers enjoy your estate and earn extra cash besides that from the standard yield. Plus, guests might be coming in hoards if you live near tourist sites or areas of exceptional natural beauty.

By renting out your estate to campers, you can earn up to $20 per night. Note that you must provide essential conditions such as electricity and water supply. Start by taking on campers occasionally and with acquaintances.

Listing fields for tents is also a viable option. The demand for tent spots has particularly increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the domestication of tourism. Once you decide to develop your project, it’s advisable to get in touch with local authorities. You may need special permission to offer your garden as a camping spot.

Rent To Other Farmers And Gardeners

Even a little unused space can help you make money gardening overnight if you use it wisely. Many aspiring gardeners don’t have your blessing and are on the waiting lists for allotment plots. Think budget-wise and rent out that extra plot for an allotment. Such a move may fetch you around $1,000 per year, depending on the plot size and condition.

Besides dealing with eager gardeners, your shed can serve as a handy storage unit. There, interested tenants can store their gardening tools, bikes, or even cars. By doing so, your income may increase by $100 a month. What you must do is put an advert in the local paper, or listings site, and start raking in the rent.

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You can propagate plants and then sell them to local florists or directly to customers. Expect high demand during Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

Sell Homemade Seeds

You don’t have to be a renowned company to sell seeds. These days, customers seek sustainably grown seeds to nurture organic produce for their families. Well, it cannot get more sustainable than your carefully treated backyard garden.

Besides saving for next year, making money with plants and seeds grown at home is easy to carry out. Consider packing the seeds for sale in sets of ten or 20. Once you become more experienced in selling seeds, arrange a ‘garden starter’ pack. This way, you can sell a group of crops that grow together and give loyal buyers some extra gardening tips.

More specifically, choosing suitable crops is key to generating a decent income. For instance, tomato seed is excellent for storing in massive amounts. Most customers will pay $5 for a locally grown and high-quality packet of seeds. Other popular seeds at the market are those sown directly in the soil like dill, sorrel, carrots, parsley, peas, pumpkins, corn.

Remember that besides harvesting and cleaning the seed, you need to learn the basics of pollination and selection. There are also hacks you must know about the minimum population size before you get started. Above all, find your niche homegrown seeds and start earning as soon as next summer gardening.

Selling Cuttings

Often easier than storing seed, selling cuttings has proven to be an effective earning method in the winter months. All you need is plant stock, water, a rooting powder, and a growing medium. You don’t have to own a greenhouse for the process, just a little space, and patience.

To start, think of the varieties you can be selling. Elderberries, for example, are economical to procure and grow readily from cuttings. An elderberry plant will cost you about $30, and then you can make over $100 off a tiny box of trimmings.

Also, cuttings like grapes need cutting back or pruning during winter gardening. Also, hardwood cuttings are perfect for starting new plants at the beginner level. Still, learning a few things about plant propagation and cutting beds is essential. This way, you can teach buyers how easy it is to grow plants from cuttings. Conversely, seasoned gardeners willing to pay for your established crops will value your effort.

Last, don’t underestimate softwood cuttings of roses, rosemary, asters, butterfly bushes, and hydrangeas. Scion wood or cuttings from apple trees are similarly lucrative. Meaning, if you have an orchard of various apple trees, consider harvesting the cuttings for sale. The farmer’s market price of a scion wood cutting sells for about $4. For the best value, sell in bundles.

Grow Indoor Mushrooms

Growing mushrooms on your estate is pretty profitable even for rookies. Yet, dealing with mushrooms is different from the other garden crops. Hence, it’s essential to do some upfront research and learn the basics. Having green fingers isn’t necessary to run a small indoor space.

So, how to make money gardening? You will need some input in the onset, but overall, yields can be rewarding. Expect to earn no less than $100 a week from a small 4’x4′ field.  Once you learn the basics and your mushrooms start springing, scale the system up. With slightly more time and space, earnings can reach a grand per month.

Another upside of mushrooms is that they may grow in buckets or old barrels. Plus, you can use free waste products like spent coffee grounds to speed up the growing process. Sell mushrooms fresh, dried, frozen, or even pickled. However, check the local regulation for restrictions on selling processed food.

The most profitable mushrooms include oyster and paddy straw mushrooms. Also, access to outdoor space and hardwood logs will allow you to grow shiitake mushrooms, which are ideal for beginners. Outdoor gardening means your harvests will take place in the warmer months.

Plant Indoor Salad Vegetation

Procuring healthy veggies for salads in the cold months is quite challenging. Similarly, winter gardening is not an easy path to take. However, if you plan strategically and set up an indoor salad garden, income may be substantial.

Growing salads does take up some space, but nurturing is easy once you are up and running. Above all, ensure veggies have enough light, warmth, and water. Also, aim for unique and heritage varieties that are in high demand. Due to the zeal for local and seasonal produce, growers can earn good money. The trick lies in growing high-quality, specialty greens that people need when grocery store reserves are minimal.

On top of that, you can save a lot of money on your grocery shopping. Many of us spend over $10 every week on packaged salads. Yet, a pack of 100 lettuce seeds can cost only $1. If you have extra produce, barter it with your neighbors, or sell it at the farmer’s market.

Harvest Medical Herbs

Alternative remedies are at their peak, so why don’t you grow medicine in your backyard? Locally grown herbs are becoming scarce, and hence, the demand is ever-growing. Medicinal herbs can get sold in the form of tinctures, salves, or even bath salts. Tinctures sell for $8 to $10, depending on their purpose.

Generally, medicinal herbs are perennials. Meaning, you plant them once and then have guaranteed harvest for many years. Such herbs are pretty resistant to insects and animals, so maintenance on your part should be minimal.

Many edible plants can serve medicinal purposes, too. However, you should take an extra step and dry these to boost their shelf life. Overall, medicinal herbs are an intelligent gardening choice because they can flourish both in the shade and under the harsh sun. Plus, plants with healing powers require little water and attention.

For instance, plantain is a typical weed with plenty of healing properties. Another perennial, lemon balm, helps in the treatment of viral infections and cold sores. Last, knowing the properties of the herbs is as vital as your selling strategies. Do extensive research on the plants you’re interested in growing. Of course, people are more likely to buy from you if you’re confident in the information you provide.

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Photo by Lisa Fotios

Having a green thumb can turn into a revenue source if you try our tips on how to monetize your garden.

Make Your Preserves And Pickles

Selling homemade jam is an old but gold solution to the concern ‘how to make money with plants.’ The more you prepare and test the ingredients from your garden crops, the better off you’ll be. The yield from only a couple of cherry or apricot trees means you can preserve tens of jam jars. Remember to personalize your products with a ribbon and homemade packaging to attract more customers.

Making a single jar of jam can cost you as little as 50 cents for the shop-bought jar. Indeed, homegrown produce saves a lot of funds for the family. Even if you are not good at cooking, think about freezing fruit after cropping. Many would like to buy scarce products in the winter if they know yours is ecologically grown.

Do you have too many green tomatoes late in the season? Nothing to worry about! Preserve them into a homemade tomato salsa and sell it to friends and neighbors. Later, if the business goes well, rent a stand at the farmer’s market.

Note that some states have cottage laws that allow you to sell homemade goods. Ensure you’re aware of any restrictions related to selling jams without using a commercial kitchen.

Keep Chickens

The most significant benefit of keeping hens is the fresh eggs you get to collect daily. Not only are eggs and chicken soup very delicious, but they are also extremely healthy. Last, don’t underestimate the quality meat you can get from roosters and chickens.

If you keep five chickens, for instance, you can collect over 1,000 eggs a year. Most people would be super glad to pay for the quality of free-range hens kept at home. In short, happy chickens hatch delicious, golden-yolked eggs, which means many satisfied customers.

Another essential thing to remember is that chickens like being in a flock. Ensure you have at least three birds and focus on rescuing battery chickens. Apart from the rewarding feeling you’ll get, expect to earn at least $5 for each dozen organic eggs. The more birds you keep, the more money you’ll make out of selling to regular customers.

Pick Your Berry

Small fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries better grow when divided. Hence, it’s practical to focus your home-based business on producing just one kind of berries. As such, they often give an abundant yield when grown organically.

The upside of berries is that they can take care of themselves. Raspberries, for instance, are like perennials and survive for many years without much effort on your behalf. All you need are lots of pots and a medium-sized nursery area near a waterway.

Organically grown berries are scarce, and if you’re persistent, they can earn you a small fortune. Ideally, you’d sell berries in boxes of different sizes. If you sell cuttings, sell them by five as they fruit best when grown in patches.

As for numbers, the return rate of average raspberry bushes grown at about 250-row feet stands at approximately $1,000 a year.  Imagine the income if you plant them on 20 acres! Strawberries would earn you almost the same, but unlike raspberries, they grow closely spaced.

Raise Honeybees And Make Honey

Every garden needs bees, and bees need gardeners like you who wonder how to make money growing plants. In a good year, an average hive can give from 40lbs to 100lbs of honey. Another perk of keeping bees is that they are easy to manage and known as self-sufficient beings. Typically, you’ll need a couple of hours a week to attend to your small flying pets. Plus, you don’t need a lot of free space to keep several beehives.

Locally and sustainably raised honey is in high demand almost anywhere. The current bulk price of a one-pound container currently stands at $7.  If packaged in a mason jar, honey can sell for $10 per pound. When placed in specialty gift packaging, the prices of honey will rise proportionately. Overall, beekeeping guarantees significant profit from your garden.

Besides honey, you can develop other products as well. Things like bee pollen, comb honey, or propolis for medicinal use will bring you an even higher dollar. Last, ensure you educate customers on the benefits honey brings to their immune system.

Sell Fresh Cider And Signature Drinks

The cocktail trend for rosemary syrups, orange, and Cuban mint is constantly on the rise. But, were you aware that many of the ingredients in signature drinks can grow in your garden? Why splash out on herbs and ingredients when you can grow them for a fraction of the cost? Find the perfect recipe and the next thing you know in selling finished products at a market stall.

If you own a few apple trees, you have the added value of producing your cider. Once you collect the season’s apple glut, you can turn it into delicious homemade apple cider. Alternatively, you can transform a regular bottle of gin into a unique product by adding some foraged or purpose-grown plums.

By filling several bottles with your artisan beverage, you will make money gardening during the holidays. Also, use your signature drinks as gifts for your friends and family. Yet, if you want to earn extra cash out of cider and homemade drinks, get yourself a license. Consult the authorities and take your superb alcoholic products to the nearby market. Many cocktail lovers would be over the moon if they found out somebody makes local beverages.

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Photo by Lukas

Make Tea Blends

Herbal teas are exceptionally easy to make. All you need are dried herbs and fruit. To start blending, check a variety of healing recipes available on the Internet. Alternatively, come up with your personalized blend. To maximize the sales, pack your mix in kettle-size portions.

Herbal teas can serve many purposes, such as boosting energy or treating various conditions. Make your herbal teas popular in the neighborhood by pointing out how full of vitamins and antioxidants they are.

Then, educate your customers on how tea boosts the immune system during Covid-19. Knowing a thing or two about the herbal remedies you’re selling will increase your profit.

Our favorite herbal blend consists of nettle, raspberry stem, and plantain leaves. Of course, you can come up with your signature mixtures. If you want your bags to have anti-inflammatory properties, it’s best to add a small portion of ginger.

Host Garden Tours Or Classes

Having a gorgeous garden can pay itself off quickly. If you wonder how to make money with plants, the answer is pretty obvious. You’re probably guessing! Many people will be willing to see and enjoy your lovely patch of green. Serving coffee, tea, and muffins at the same time may bring you hordes of customers happy to pay for a peaceful afternoon.

Teas visits can go hand in hand with tours, classes, or workshops. Offering hands-on experience in making apple cider on top of relaxing tea time may give you another chance to sell your garden crop. Or, you can run tours of your plantings, along with specialty days for gardening classes in your fairy backyard.

Grow And Sell Lavender

How to make money growing plants shouldn’t be an issue any longer. Think lavender! Lavender has multiple commercial uses, including products like essential oil, soaps, and lotions. Yet, if you want to avoid complex processing, there’s a much simpler alternative. Dried flower bouquets require minimal investment in time and equipment and can turn into a very lucrative business.

Suppose you own a one-acre plot. In this case, you can produce up to 12,000 bouquets a year. Bearing in mind that one bunch sells for about $10 on the retail market, you can make as much as $120,000 in ideal conditions. The same calculation goes for both fresh and dried lavender.

Your earning possibilities don’t stop there. You can create value-added lavender products like soaps and body lotions. In the worst case, with only several dozen lavender plants, you should generate up to a thousand per season. To dry flower bunches, tie stems with twine and hang them in a well-ventilated room for at least a week.

As of growing conditions, lavender buds in various climates, making it one of the most disease-resistant plants. However, it requires well-drained soil to thrive better. Frequent watering and fertilizing are not essential, but seedlings or cuttings have better chances to give you the much-wanted yield. On top of that, lavender can flower up to 10 years after planting.

Garden Blogging

It may sound like a cliché, but garden blogging has proven to be a rewarding side gig. More specifically, garden bloggers focus on writing about gardening, eco-friendly produce, DIY, and self-sufficiency. If you’re good at what you’re doing and persistent in your intentions, you should be able to earn $1,000 a month within nine months.

Maybe the most valuable perk of making money gardening is that you earn for something you do anyway. You write about things you enjoy doing in your daily life and spend your days playing outdoors with your kids or pets.

You can check blogs from experienced gardeners or read a detailed blogging guide to get inspiration. If you intend to support yourself with blogging, you must master more than just blogging basics. Consider vlogging as well to earn a substantial income. If you don’t know where to start, check comprehensive blogging e-courses offered for free on sites like Udemy and Shaw Academy.

Garden Influencer

If a garden influencer sounds too pretentious to be true, think again. These days, successful influencers try to persuade their followers into buying almost anything. So, why don’t you take the same path? You will be surprised to learn how many companies are eager to send you free organic produce. All that to give honest feedback about their products in a green environment on Instagram. 

Of course, you’ll start small. If you’re patient enough and gather a more extensive following base, companies will pay to advertise them and review their assortment. Just set up your garden and start influencing!

Bottom Line

Now that you’re full of ideas on how to make money from your garden harvest, take the first step. Sift through the suggestions and choose your best gardening fit. It’s best to take on one idea first and then build on that income stream. Also, check the local laws and restrictions.

Do you happen to own a larger plot of land? Have you tried making money gardening already? Share your recent insight with our readers in the comments below and register for our newsletter for more budget-friendly tips.


What can I plant to make money?

Your planting options are limitless, but why not start with the most profitable plants like bamboo? Then, think about growing both edible and decorative flowers. Flowers are easy to maintain and can prove to be real money-makers. Last, learn more about growing ginseng. The plant goes under the name ‘green gold,’ and you should focus on selling its roots.

How can I make money from my garden?

If you have green fingers, start planting fruit and vegetables and selling them at the local market. Alternatively, you can rent your place to companies or other gardeners for a pre-set amount of money. Keeping chickens and other domestic birds and animals in your garden can also bring you decent earnings. Last, make cocktails from produce in your garden, or produce pickles and preserves.

Is it legal to sell plants from home?

Plants can be expensive to buy, so their propagating can help you have more of your favorites without spending a dime. Here comes the idea to sell the excess for extra cash, but such actions might be illegal. It’s advisable to seek permission first. In short, propagating plants for personal use is legal, but in certain states, selling is not. If you plan to sell plants and other produce, it’s best to check the local regulations to avoid prosecution.

What is the best cash crop for a small farm?

Bamboo is gaining popularity everywhere for its various uses.  While you may spend about $5,000 per acre for bamboo caretaking costs, you can later earn up to $25,000 in sales. Second, specialty mushrooms, such as oyster, can be pretty gainful. Plus, they are easy to grow and thrive both indoors and outdoors. Besides, you can always grow lavender since it sells in various forms. Finally, consider producing garlic as the demand has been gradually increasing.




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