25 Tips To Restyle You Place On A Budget

25 Tips To Restyle Your Place On A Budget

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Is it so hard for you to make ends meet that redecorating your place is the last thing that comes to mind? Luckily, even straightforward solutions can leave the strongest impression if you invest time and energy to transform your home to your liking. We suggest 25 interior improvement projects that’ll give your place a fresh look and inspire elegant living.

It’s up to you to use our smart and budget-friendly home-arranging ideas to update underestimated spaces into exceptional focal points. Whatever reviving style and technique you pursue, your home must feel welcoming, comfortable, and functional.

Switch It Up

Before trying new styles, colors, and items, rethink what you already have. Contemplate a fresh approach by removing weary pieces and making rooms feel more spacious. If you refocus the layout of the living room, for example, on a piece of art, you’ll escape the traditional TV-focal arrangement.

Even in small places, don’t push the furniture against the walls and give them some breathing room. Moreover, find balance when arranging furniture and make sure you implement various colors and shapes. Above all, keeping your home well-lighted, clean and neat is a perfect and free hack to ensure your place feels high-end.

Also, don’t forget to sell online for cash everything you won’t be using anymore. This way, you can boost your restyling budget instantly.

Refurbish Kitchen Chairs

Are your kitchen chairs functional but need a unique look? For a decent amount of money, spray-paint your old chairs to make them seem like recently bought. A new trend nowadays is to have different-colored or paired by color seating items in the dining room. Consider this tip when refurbishing your seating area to give it an energetic mood.

You can also give used wooden chairs a new life as a charming chair bench. The perfect ratio is three chairs to fit one new bench. If everything else fails, even new seat cushions for tired seating can work wonders and won’t cost you the earth.

Repainted Coffee Table

New and fashionable coffee tables can cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, you don’t have to worry if you’re ready to roll your sleeves and give the current one a new appearance. Apply a fresh coat of paint, either white, brown, or black, to match the rest of the home décor. Of course, you’ll be glad about the result considering the money spent on just a can of paint.

Bistro kitchen tables are another aspect of contemporary homes with retro elements. Why splash out on large dining tables if you can opt for a small bistro one that’s enough for a family of four. Adorn it with a beautiful tablecloth and a bunch of fresh flowers.

Update Light Fixtures

No doubt, the right lighting fixtures can make any home feel cozy and bright. An unusual pendant, chandelier, or sconce will give the space a feeling of sophistication. Scavenge flea markets and second-hand stores for unique light fixtures at affordable prices. Consider repainting or altering some of the pieces that you might find.

Focusing on smart and energy-efficient designs will not only save you money, but it’ll also ease any eye-intensive and computer tasks. Make sure you install different light sources to boost the energizing and soothing impression of your home. If you have a yard, invest in setting a solar unit system that will add safety and beauty to your patio and pathways.

Shelves Instead Of Cabinetry

Dedicate time on making the most of your corners by fitting shelves in any style you can imagine. When it comes to the kitchen, use cabinetry only for the lower part, and leave the upper part open-space by adding shelves. Hanging rails are also an original idea that can give your kitchen a rustic look.

Modular shelving units are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you choose simple shelf displays or cubbies that fit baskets, bins, and boxes, you’ll get fashionable and yet accessible storage spots. Create a super-efficient library system arranged by color or size. Think about placing tiny hanging planters on shelves to make the room look fresh and lavish.

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Update Your Cushions And Throws

Does your home décor seem a bit tired and outdated? Then, why don’t you spruce it up with various-sized cushions and throws? When chosen carefully, they can add personality to the room or make harmony with other contrasting elements around. Don’t refrain from mixing textures and fabrics, but don’t exaggerate with the color palette.

While buying a new sofa or armchairs is a significant investment, prudent people achieve the same impression with cushions. Even cheaper, you can only purchase cushion covers and replace the old ones or change them frequently, depending on the season. When the weather gets chilly, add a lush throw to create an eye-catching and warm feature for your space. Throws look best if folded over the arm or back of your armchair.

Usually, you can use coupons to save money on decorations like these.

Replace The Lampshades

Do you have an old or ancient functional lamp that you have been fond of for ages? In reality, there’s no need to replace it entirely. What you should do is change the old lampshade to give your space a more modern look. Select a design or pattern that matches the rest of the furniture or choose a lively hue. Any garden theme will keep away all winter blues, for sure.

Another idea is to embellish used lamps by applying personally-made artwork. If you’re not a crafty type, look for appliques at local craft stores and glue them to the shade in a whimsical pattern. Small details can give life and elegance to your dwelling place.

Recycle Barn Wood

Barn wood can become your best pal in restyling your habitat and adding an extra rustic touch to it. Use several slats of wood that don’t even have to be the same color to create a stunning coffee table. Moreover, why don’t you use those old barn wood pieces to make a frame for a full-length mirror? Or different-shaped photo frames and wood wall art to adorn the hallway?

Old pallets are undoubtedly easy to find and put into use. Above all, they can serve a multitude of purposes, such as for constructing shelves, a hallway bench, or wine racks. We even built a lovely coffee table by stacking equal-sized birch logs together. Lastly, consider creating a tree branch chandelier with Christmas hanging lights to give your dining room a sense of warmth and elegance.

Hand-Painted Wall Designs

Do you have the soul and hands of an artist? If you feel creative and want something out of the ordinary, it’s time to make an individual wall creation. Choose any pattern you like and start hand-crafting if you already have the items at home. Try out techniques like sandy beaches, textured bubbles, or crushed stamping.

Alternatively, arrange with a close friend who is good at drawing or even a mural artist to do something special with an accented wall. The mural can be a piece of writing or a real work of art that gives the room personality and warmth.

Add New Vinyl Flooring

To make the bathroom or the kitchen more lively and coherent with the other furniture, apply a coat of vinyl flooring. Consider sticking vinyl tiles over the existing ones for a budget-friendly makeover of the outdated floor. By doing so, you’ll spare yourself the cost of removing the current tiles. Plus, you leave yourself the option to pile them away anytime you get another flooring idea. Remember to add some vinyl stickers for a more realistic and vigorous impression.

Monochromatic designs are particularly trendy right now and more neutral to match color schemes. Of course, this rule must never limit your playfulness, and choosing various patterns for the floor will revive the room. Finally, if vinyl or linoleum floors are too much for your pocket, apply a regular color layer for only a fraction of the cost.

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Convert A Window

Apart from an immense source of natural light and sunshine, windows can be a focal point of lavishness and charm. Make a centralized casement a reading nook by creating a window seat beside it and stuff it with a blanket and pillows. Make it blend in by adding shelves or storage beneath. Also, consider separating it by curtains.

Windowpane treatments are another essential aspect of a well-maintained and pleasant living spot. If you prefer draperies, choose silk, cotton, or linen-made fabrics. Otherwise, try woven bamboo shades or blinds to ensure your interior looks well-designed. However, make sure you keep any decorative elements stylish and straightforward.

Furniture Makeover

In reality, there’s no need to break the bank by investing in a new sofa or armchair every time it gets scratched or massively stained. Visit an upholstery expert for a facelift and a fraction of the money you’d spend on a new one. Above all, you can select the color and even arrange for a few accessories that fit your interior style.

Moreover, even kitchen cabinets can undergo an instant makeover if you apply new paint. For an extra authentic atmosphere, find an abandoned bar cabinet and refurbish it with decorative paint. Arrange colorful glasses, vintage seltzer bottles, and silver accessories in it for a distinctive character.

Brighten Rooms With Mirrors

Mirrors are omnipotent yet low-cost items for every house and preference. Not only do they give space and light to your rooms, but they can also serve as works of art. Select mirrors in various shapes and styles to bring intimacy and elegance to your living or bathing area. In reality, an ornately carved mirror can replace a painting when positioned to be the focal point.

If vintage is your style of arranging, construct a wooden frame for the mirrors. In case you want to achieve a more elegant and modern look, opt for golden star or sun-shaped mirrors. An insider’s hack is to use any old mirror fragments that you might have to repurpose them as trays. Also, it’s super stylish to fit gold-legged coffee tables with a mirror surface above to widen the room even further.

Add Color To Your Walls

The most cost-effective option to refresh your walls is to apply a lick of paint. Accentuate a single wall with a darker color in the room for an instant lift. If you want something more powerful, decorate the entire room in an intense shade. A two-tone scheme that matches your sofa or armchair is also acceptable for a dash of glamor.

For a luxurious impression, choose either bold and dramatic or soft hues. Before you decide, make sure colors correspond with the surroundings and don’t darken the room unnecessarily. Don’t neglect the ceiling either! Though most people would go with the default white paint, it’s best to apply a coat of lavender or gray-blue shade.

Clothes Rack

If you need a practical and atypical solution to arrange your shirts or dresses, clothes racks are a real hit as of late. Even better, why don’t you use a garment rack as a bedroom décor? Most ordinary detached wardrobe racks sell for as little as $9.99 at IKEA, and then you have thousands of options to adjust it to the rest of the interior.

Whether you need extra space to hang apparel or you’re out of storage, give this inexpensive idea a substantial thought. We suggest you use wooden hangers to fit your rolling or swinging clothes holder. The space above the rack can serve as a spot for shelves that contain accessories, scarves, and belts. Below it, leave some room for bags and hats to give the interior a chic look.

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Add Affordable Decorations

Natural materials that match fabrics such as cotton and linen are a perfect decoration for any home setting. Consider collecting or buying shells or driftwood. They look fabulous if embedded in a coastal or organic-style dwelling place.

Palm fronds and other tree branches are an extremely cost-effective ornamental solution for your home, too. Before arranging, leave them in the sun to dry out and then insert them in transparent vases or white-painted pots. Leaves and flowers are unmatched items that enrich any poorly equipped room.

Hanging plates or hats in various sizes and patterns is a creative idea that will give your walls a unique appearance, too. Old or vintage jars filled with locally-picked wildflowers look extremely beautiful when hanging on wall hooks. Also, try arranging a bunch of ripe wheat in a vase to serve your place as an ever-lasting embellishment.

Decorate With Succulents

Having an empty wallet and no green fingers is the worst possible combination for nature-lovers. But, not when it comes to succulents as they would survive for months without water. To make these plants more authentic, make your personally-signed hanging planters.

Another idea is to buy several plants in a variety of colors and arrange them on the kitchen table. Adding potted succulents to bookshelves to serve as bookends will accentuate the liveliness of your place. Adorning window sills or your working desk with uniquely designed planters is also an excellent strategy to fit some greenery in the interior. Finally, why don’t you build a cool geometric terrarium and fill it with soil and small, long-lasting plants?

Transform A Closet

Clutter is your worst enemy in organizing a neat and spacious closet. Before rushing out to seek new clothes organizers, make a list of everything you need and wear and start decluttering. Once this stage is over, focus on ways to maximize the storing potential of the existing storage units.

To make things playful, turn a closet into a tiny craft room. For a highlighted finish, cover the doors with pegboard. Consider using tension rods to store your shoes since they add space, and use repurpose boxes and baskets to stow smaller items.

Get A New Shower Curtain

Indeed, a cheap yet essential item to revive your bathroom. Though mostly underrated, shower curtains can become the most embellishing piece that’ll transform your bath into an enjoyable experience. Embrace a bold nautical or floral design to give the place a more vibrant style. Depending on what you want, use colors to give your bathroom a romantic, natural, or beachy character.

Above all, this is the easiest way to redo a weary bathing spot. Ensure you change shower curtains as frequently as possible for hygienic as well as for decorative purposes. What you buy must be of waterproof material to prevent mold and mildew. Finally, consider installing a ceiling track for the curtain as rods might not always provide the look you were expecting to achieve.

Repaint The Fireplace

Is your fireplace boring and brick-made to the extent that even eliminating it as a whole comes to mind? Dare not to remove it as a fresh coat of paint will give any fireplace an instant facelift. In case you’re prepared to spend a bit more, consider turning the bricks into a stone masterpiece.

Before the makeover, clean it thoroughly to loosen the grime and then apply a stain-blocking primer. This way, you’ll prevent and cover any soot stains in the future. Gloss paint is highly recommendable if you are after a stunning, contemporary look. In the end, add a giant mirror over the mantle or place wildflowers to enhance the overall ambiance. Switch the décor with the changing seasons and holidays for an added personal value.

Replace Old Faucets

When bathroom fittings have had their share and are in bad condition, it’s high time to replace them. Faucets are not something that you would realize that need changing at first. Yet, once you remove the old taps, you’ll notice that you have been putting up with them for too long.

Change the shower heads as well, if you decide to invest in sanitary fittings. Go with a multi-functional shower head that is both water-efficient and matches your current plumbing.

Right now, black fixtures are trendy, and the market is full of affordable options. Add a black kitchen faucet to make a real statement. Moreover, bronze or copper faucets are equally on the trend but give a slightly warmer impression. Finally, opt for stainless steel design when you’re after a contemporary feel.

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Paint Your Door

First and foremost, start by painting interior doors with a milder shade.  You can even get creative with embossed or textured wallpaper for individual sections of plain doors. Add door knobs that fit the overall character of the place for a cost-effective modernization.

Altering the interior summons some work on the exterior, as well. More precisely, add indoor style elements to the outdoor design for a sophisticated look.

An excellent idea for any exterior upgrade is a new layer of paint to the front door. Select a stunning shade such as a chartreuse-green of light yellow to make it a happy punctuation point. This way, you’ll modernize your house without compromising its historic character. Furthermore, add accessories such as house numbers or lighting to give the front door a distinctive personality.

DIY Art Work

A gallery wall in the hallway is an affordable decorating idea for any taste and setting. Choose the right wall to position your artwork, depending on the photo frames you plan to hang. Not all pictures have to be the same size and in identical frames or canvasses. Think of a layout to pursue, such as placing a big photo in the middle and then arranging the others outwards.

Alternatively, select some unusual and pretty magazines, newspapers, or calendar pages and hang them in frames. Make a grid or circle formation to give an empty wall a retro look. We also advise on pinning metallic clipboards with your favorite sayings and quotes.

Moreover, why not use some jute rope and glue to turn vases and trays into a rustic creation? It will fit any coastal beach house or mountain cabin. Add fabric and feather items for a textured art piece that will be a real conversation starter.

Plus, DIY projects also serve as one of the best and cheapest entertainment options for your family. So, you’ll be saving double in a way.

Decorate With Repurposed Ladder

Most contemporary interior design solutions include a ladder that serves an entirely different purpose than climbing. Find an old climbing set of steps and give it a new life as a décor piece. If it’s too rough or dirty, clean it with sandpaper and apply a lick of paint to preserve it longer.

These unused wooden gems give a rustic appeal to your home when used as shelving units. Ladder shelves can display books, plants, shoes, or even towels and blankets. One exceptional idea is to use ladders to construct an open-concept closet or industrial lighting that hangs from a vintage ladder. Whatever you choose to do with that old orchard pal, we guarantee you’ll transform your home into a charming and aesthetic living spot.

Add Glassware To Your Home

Do you have several sets of old glassware in various shapes that you rarely put into use? Why don’t you display them on white shelves, including green or blue wine glasses, to add some color to the open shelving? It won’t cost you a dollar, and it will give your home another dimension.

Invest some time in finding multiple-colored bottles and vases. Make a bottle display with flowers and place them on bookshelves or windowsills. In a few seconds, expect to attain both a natural and warm semblance that’ll greet any guest.

Empty jars filled with Christmas lights are a trendy illumination trick for Scandinavian style lovers. Apart from serving as unconventional lamps, stuffed jars are a stunning decoration, too.


Low in cost can mean big on style, indeed. Even small makeovers can tell tales and convert your home into a warm and efficient living spot. Consider our tips on redecorating on a budget for an instant fresh look. Most ideas are easy to implement and kind to your wallet.

We bet you liked our 25 home restyling hacks and that you’re certainly going to give most of them a try. If you’re into more ingenious saving tips and ideas, sign up for our ProMoneySavings Newsletter. Also, don’t forget to share your home-restyling ideas in the comment box below.


How do I restyle my home on a budget?

To be honest, your options are practically limitless. You only need some creativity and our insider hacks to transform the place that bores you to death into something modern and exquisite. Start by redecorating the obvious such as walls, rugs, curtains, and cushions. Continue by adding new bookshelves and greenery around the house to stimulate a relaxing atmosphere. Last, don’t forget the importance of layered lighting and mirrors to make your home look spacious and posh.

How can I decorate my living room on a low budget?

Ideas on how to redecorate for less are abundant; you only need a strong will and imagination. First, start by rearranging the existing furniture and adding some artwork or unusual wallpaper on the walls. Succulents and houseplants are a must if you want your living room to look more luxurious. Finally, update your cushions and throws, and layer up your living room with rugs in different textures and colors.

How can I make my living room look expensive on a budget?

The good news is that you don’t have to cross the red budget line to make the living room look impressive and affluent. Enrich your place with large-scale art that has personal significance for you. Mixing up various textures such as wood, metal, and woven materials will give your living room a luxe feel. Plus, any layered lighting and candles make the room feel expensive and cozy.

How do you decorate a wall on a budget?

Walls are the easiest to decorate frequently and in many inexpensive ways. Use a piece of wallpaper to make an exceptional wall décor by inserting it in a frame. Cover one section of a wall with tiles that match the interior. Make a photo tree or another shape that presents the most meaningful moments of your life. Lastly, if you have kids, display their creations, and you have something authentic for a bargain price.


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