M14 Best and Legal Ways To Profit Off Your Body

Best and Legal Ways To Profit Off Your Body

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Do you regularly find yourself strapped for cash? Are you thinking about taking on a side gig to make ends meet? You could do that to pay the bills, but you’ll probably be cutting into your social life. Hence, it may prove a smart move to sell yourself for money.

We don’t refer to prostitution here. What we suggest is to bank off your blood, your sperm, and other precious byproducts of your body. Indeed, these legit procedures can prove to be a lucrative side hustle. Here are several ideas on how to earn some extra cash if you need it desperately.

Sell Your Hair

Potential earnings: from $100 up to $2,000 depending on length, color, and condition.

Don’t bother selling body parts for cash, just your hair. Today, the hair business has become quite a profitable one. Wig makers and stylists tend to pay generous money for healthy and thick hair. So, if you have long hair and can cut off over ten inches, think about selling it. Any length between 15 and 35 inches will be perfect for chopping off hair for extra cash.

As for the color and health of your mane, note that it can affect the value. Undamaged hair that has never got dyed, colored, bleached, or otherwise chemically treated bears the highest price. In short, “virgin hair” is the most popular on the wig market.

Natural blonde hair can net a decent profit, while red hair, which is the rarest, sells for the most. As for advertising, you can sell it online at Buyandsellhair.com or Hairsellon.com. Moreover, ad listings on Just Sell My Hair, an intermediary for buyers and sellers, run from $50 to $3,000.

All these sites come equipped with hair price calculators to work out the value of your luscious locks. For instance, this free online calculator will take less than two minutes to check the worth of your mane. Yet, the selling price is entirely up to you. Some sites such as HairSellon.com charge a fee for placing an ad of $14.50 for a three-month listing.

Potential earnings: anywhere between $5,000 and $14,000.

To sell yourself for money is not the way to go. Instead, you can give away your eggs to help couples with infertility issues. For most of you, this might seem like an excellent way to generate cash. However, the entire process is far from straightforward. It takes time and physical stress to prepare your body before donating eggs, and that’s why potential earnings can be rewarding.

Overall, the process of egg donation is way more challenging than sperm donation. The ideal donor should be between 18 and 30 years old. Before anything, donors must pass through medical screening and be eligible to donate. Checkups serve to limit the chances of eggs that bear genetic abnormalities and STIs.

Once you qualify under all criteria, you’ll get matched with a suitable couple. What is more, the donor must take fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries into producing eggs. You must also see a doctor regularly for checkups.

Finally, the eggs get collected via surgery. Since egg harvesting is a more invasive procedure, including hormone administration and egg retrieval under IV sedation, the ultimate price is high. Data from the Center for Human Reproduction show that the average egg donor receives $8,000 per successful egg retrieval. In exceptional cases, when women produce more eggs, payments can reach $14,000.

As for potential complications, interested candidates should always get familiar with the procedure before committing. Side effects include the inherent risks of surgery, increased ovulation, and ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome.

Become A Surrogate

Potential earnings: from $39,000 to $52,000.

If you wonder, Can I sell my body for money, the answer is negative, but you can rent it out. Think about becoming a gestational surrogate and carrying someone else’s baby. In short, you should take the combined sperm and egg from another couple and give birth to their baby. Usually, surrogating is an enriching experience but far from an easy one.

In surrogacy, women rent out the uterus for nine months to help a couple who cannot have their children. Yet, bear in mind that the surrogacy process can last longer, or from 15 to 18 months. This period covers the time from when you apply until the baby comes to this world.

Most clinics require gestational surrogates to be in their early 20s up to 40 years of age. Note that the process also includes lengthy physical and mental screenings. Your criminal and financial background also get factored in when applying.

Other medics require candidates to have already had at least one uncomplicated pregnancy. Then, the surrogate must adhere to strict medical recommendations while carrying the baby. Plus, you may need to alter your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Once everything gets settled, the surrogate should sign a contract with the intended parents to give up the baby after birth. The health risks are the inherent issues linked with any normal pregnancy and childbirth. Your monetary reward comes after giving birth and handing the baby over to its parents, unlike sperm donating money.

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One of the ways to make money through your body legally is to sell your hair. You may get up to $2,000 depending on quality, length, etc.

Sell Your Blood

Potential earnings: between $25 and $50 per donation, up to $300 per month.

Blood or plasma might generate a decent profit since potential donors can undergo the procedure twice a week. Blood or plasma donations go through no matter your blood type. As long as you are healthy and have no blood-borne diseases, there’s no risk to your health.

The upside of blood donations is that the criteria to meet are pretty lenient, unlike those who donate sperm paid. You must be over 18 and not older than 65 years of age and weigh at least 110 pounds. Those who donate for the first time should undergo a screening process that involves an initial blood test and physical exam.

Note that hospitals cannot use blood from paid donors. Hence, blood from paid donations usually serves drug companies for product development and testing. Moreover, the transparent liquid portion of your blood, the plasma, helps create products for treating blood clotting disorders and other diseases.

Though there are almost no side effects in selling your plasma, some donors may feel dizzy. Plasma contains mainly water and proteins, so it takes up to 48 hours to replenish. Hence, the US Food and Drug Administration allows people to donate only twice a week.

Last, you can make money from selling platelets, too. These tiny blood cells that form clots and stop bleeding can help millions of Americans survive and fight cancer and chronic diseases. Typically, platelets will earn you a similar amount as plasma. Find more information on where to donate and sell plasma for money near you.

Sell Your Sperm

Potential earnings: about $1,500 per month.

If you want to donate sperm paid, sperm banks pay generously for donations from healthy men who meet the criteria. Physical requirements include being between 18 and 39 years old, drug-free, non-smoking, and at least 5 feet 10 inches tall. Prospective donors should also have a low risk of genetic disease. Yet, most sperm banks tend to be picky, and not every candidate gets selected.

Conversely, those who measure up will have to sign a contract and agree to give three deposits every week. Most agreements require men to cooperate between six months and a year. Compensation will depend on which sperm bank you go to and the quality of your little swimmers.

Some places compensate for each sample, such as Seattle Sperm Bank, which pays donors $70 for each approved donation. Others, like Manhattan Cryobank, claim that selling sperm prices go up to $1,500 per month. If you break it down, that equals three donations per week at a rate of $125 each. Whether it seems a lot or not enough, it’s extra cash for something you do anyway.

So, what should donors do to earn from their reproductive material? First, they need to refrain from ejaculating for at least two days before donating. Then, donors should be aware that fathering children is a sensitive topic. Hence, find out if the bank you intend to work with keeps donors anonymous if that’s your preference. Sperm Bank Directory is an excellent place to sell your sperm by finding the right sperm bank.

Enter Clinical Trials

Potential earnings: from $50 to $300 per day/visit.

If you don’t bother to be a human guinea pig, avoid asking, ‘Can I sell my body for money’. Join clinical research projects, which may become a lucrative side hustle. If you’re interested, there are two types of research: clinical trials and observational studies.

Many hospitals and drug companies run frequent clinical trials to test new medicines and treatments. Such drugs can cure a wide range of diseases. Requirements to enter clinical research can vary depending on the study type. Though most trials accept healthy participants, others seek people with specific medical conditions needing treatment.

Remember that clinical trials don’t bring easy money. The entire procedure can be hard to handle if it involves a lot of poking and prodding. Conversely, other studies allow subjects to earn a couple of thousand dollars for allowing researchers to observe their sleep. These usually include psychological, diet, and sleep studies.

Typically, the less information available for the drug’s or treatment risks, the more money you’ll get paid. But since all trials carry risks, learn as much as possible about the side effects before signing up. The compensation depends on what trial you are taking part in, its length and how invasive the testing will be.

Also, it might be a good idea first to seek advice from your regular doctor before deciding to become a test subject. This way, you’ll make sure you’re not putting your health at risk. You can find further details about paid clinical trials on the services’ websites.     

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If you don’t feel comfortable with selling your blood or hair, you can make cash by becoming a body model for art class. You can make up to $18 an hour with this side gig.

Art Class Model

Potential earnings: On average, $18 per hour.

If you wonder how to sell yourself for money, then ‘figure modeling’ might be the answer. Posing has been a classic money-maker for centuries. All you need to do is undress, take the suggested position, and sit still for an hour or two. In the meantime, aspiring artists will sketch your glorious figure.

You’ll need to wear specific clothes in some instances, while in others, you’ll get asked to pose nude. Models often get to pose in different settings, too. Most art class models are independent in their work and can choose which projects to accept.

If this sounds like your thing, contact your local colleges and art schools and see if they’re looking for models. You can also post a classified ad, but that might bring some odd clients who believe you sell yourself for money.

Lay In Bed For 70 Days

Potential earnings: about $18,000.

This project comes thanks to NASA scientists. It includes lying in bed around the clock for exactly 70 days. The experiment aims to observe the changes that astronauts would experience in zero gravity for prolonged periods.

Remember that interested candidates should have the physical and mental attributes of a real astronaut. In short, they should be able to put up with physical discomfort and extreme mental endurance. Plus, their blood pressure should be within the normal range. Once hooked up to the bed, participants will undergo tests while connected to strange scientific equipment.

Indeed, the NASA sleep study can ruin your body if you agree to remain vertical for months for the tempting sum of $18,000. Besides this extreme method to rack up cash in your sleep, you can join clinical sleep trials. Alternatively, some companies offer money to qualified bed testers for mattresses and duvets.

Pay varies, but on average, mattress testers earn about $3,000 a month. Sleep Junkie even offers Sleeping Beauty jobs for those interested in testing out new mattresses. You will find more details and how to blog about the experience if you visit their webpage.

Sell Your Poop

Potential earnings: up to $1,500 a month.

Selling body parts for cash is off-limits since you can earn decent money by selling your feces. Yes, you’ve read correctly! Poop With Purpose is a nonprofit company that will pay for your poop. This stool bank collects feces for developing various drugs and research.

More specifically, the intestinal bacteria from healthy individuals can help sick people who suffer from a lack of healthy gut bacteria. Fecal transplants may prove a promising solution to deadly antibiotic-resistant gut infections, such as Clostridium difficile.

Also, stool banks use your poop to develop cures for chronic hepatitis B. Another benefit from your feces is that it can offer relief for children with autism who suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms. In short, your poop can make a difference in the lives of millions.

To become a donor, you’ll need to apply online and undergo a clinical interview. Then, candidates should complete blood and stool screening. Plus, anyone interested must be between 18 and 49 years old and donate three times per week. This program is currently open to Boston residents only, but there are other similar projects US-wide.

Once donors pass the screening process, they can donate in as little as 15 minutes. Their testing center is open seven days a week with early morning and evening hours.

Sell Your Spit

Potential earnings: $50 per single donation.

DNAsimple offers matching services between research studies and individuals who wish to donate saliva. Each time you qualify for a study, you’ll receive $50 for every sample of your DNA-containing spit. To get considered, sign up on their website and enter your medical details. If you match a study looking for participants of your profile, the company will ship you a saliva donation kit. You get paid after returning the spit kit.

The upside of the process is that if you fail to sell your sperm because of illness, there are no such limitations here. Both healthy and ill individuals with various ethnic and cultural backgrounds can apply. All research includes a treatment and control group to compare the results of the study.

Yet, if you wonder why someone would need your saliva, we have the answer. Your donation can help to improve genetic research, thus saving millions of lives. The program currently operates in the US and Canada only.

Last, donors should be aware of the side effects of donating their DNA and not knowing where it’s going. Though DNA Simple claims that your saliva is 100% private, you can never know. If hackers get hold of your spit, they can use it for malicious purposes. Some possibilities include cloning, developing bioweapons, and planting DNA at crime scenes.

Become A Hands Or Feet Model

Potential earnings: from $50 to $1,000 (premiere models) per day, or up to $75,000 a year (top models).

Body part models may not be famous but are in high demand for print ads and TV commercials. The most sought parts for modeling are hands, feet and legs. Also, agencies look for women and men with attractive eyes, teeth and lips, hair, backs, and stomachs.

Those with excellent body parts will get evaluated by a professional. Alternatively, sign up for modelscouts.com, an affordable model management company. Being a body parts model may seem a bit bizarre, but modelling parts with a unique quality is a lucrative profession to have.

For example, hand models earn from advertising rings and bracelets, nail polish and extensions, and hand creams.

Requirements for hand models include:

  • Smooth skin,
  • No blemishes or uneven skin tone,
  • Neat and even nails,
  • Long slender, graceful looking hands and fingers,
  • Men’s hands shouldn’t be too hairy.

Requirements for foot models include smooth skin, evenly shaped toes, neat and even nails, and attractive ankles. Having no corns, hangnails, blemishes, or uneven skin tone is also essential to get selected. Foot models typically advertise shoes, ankle bracelets, toe rings, creams, sprays, polishes, and socks.

Finally, leg models are typically tall and skinny. Their legs should look long, shapely, smooth, be well moisturized, waxed and free of blemishes and varicose veins. Leg models sell products such as stockings, razors, bath products, and lotions.

Give Your Placenta Away

Potential earnings: unclear, unregulated.

Selling your placenta for money is a gray area in legal terms. Giving organs away for cash is illegal in the United States, but placenta-based products such as pill capsules are available on the market. Even more, some believe this human organ has health benefits for new mothers when consumed.

Though the law forbids compensating organ donors, it doesn’t prevent payment for blood, sperm, and eggs donations. As both the placenta and the umbilical cord are organs, any monetary reward might carry penalties. Hence, some have suggested that donors should receive a gift or service.

For instance, hospitals can give the donating mother something of substantial future value. Alternative rewarding systems may include the storage of the child’s stem cells. This way, besides product development, the placenta and the umbilical cord can get used for personal family storage.

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Sell Your Breastmilk

Potential earnings: $1 to $3 per ounce.

Selling breast milk is an ever-growing option to earn some cash for new moms. Breastfeeding mothers who produce more milk than their babies need can post ads online and start donating. Potential buyers include moms who don’t have enough milk to feed their babies and bodybuilders who drink it for building muscle mass.

When selling breast milk, hygiene can be a significant safety concern. Research done on milk samples from a web-based seller discovered that many of the samples contained a high level of bacteria. Even worse, bacteria connected to illnesses were present.

If you don’t want to risk getting babies sick, think about donating to a nonprofit milk bank. Here, all donors get screened, and the milk gets processed before being allowed for baby consumption.

Place Ads On Your Skin

Potential earnings: unclear.

If you love body art, then you’ll probably like this idea. You can get a tattoo for free and earn some money in the process. Of course, placing ads on your body is an extreme way of making money, but people do it.

Andrew Fischer went on eBay in 2005 and offered his forehead space for advertising. The best offer was $37,000, and Fischer had to wear a temporary one-month tattoo of the company logo on his forehead.

Other people have gone further and got permanent tattoos of company symbols. Joe Tamargo claims to have received over $200,000 for tattooing 15 company logos onto his body. Indeed, this figure is quite substantial, unlike selling sperm prices.

Those who are fond of tattoos all over the body can certainly make money by using their figure as a billboard. Candidates usually tattoo the skin in a prominent spot like the forehead with the text or image of a product or enterprise.

Such tattoos can be temporary or permanent, and you get paid depending on how long you leave the tattoo. This type of ad posting is unique but pays handsomely. LeaseYourBody.com is a 100% legit website where you can get paid to place a tattoo for money.

Get Paid To Donate Bone Marrow

Potential earnings: $250 per bone marrow donation.

Donating bone marrow may seem a bit scary, but it may be the answer to those wondering how to sell yourself for money. The procedure is relatively quick, and the body tolerates it well. Remember that bone marrow extraction can only get performed at licensed healthcare providers.

The appointment will usually last about half an hour. The bone marrow gets extracted from the hips on either side. Once the draw is complete, donors don’t experience any discomfort and can go home right away.

This precious body component can help treat leukemia and lymphoma. Unfortunately, there are not enough donors due to misinformation and fear. As a result, there have been efforts to combat the lack of donor enthusiasm. Healthcare providers have introduced a generous compensation system for donating to a marrow transplant.

As for requirements, the donor must be over 18 and healthy. The register you’ll sign up with will usually have a list of medical conditions that might rule people out as donors. Also, matching patients and donors is complex.

Bottom Line

We’re not talking about selling your entire body in illegal ways. We have listed several body substances and parts you could either sell or rent to earn extra money. Let’s be honest here. Blood and sperm donating money are a lot easier than getting a second, 20-hour a week job.

Selling any of the things above is safe, plus you have the satisfaction of knowing you saved someone’s life. Some procedures are pretty quick, while others require a considerable time commitment.

What about you? Have you ever donated anything for compensation? Share your thoughts with us and sign up for our newsletter.


How to make money with your body as a woman?

There are several ways you can profit off your female body without crossing moral boundaries. First, you can become a body part model and advertise hand, leg, or hair products. Then, you can donate your eggs or blood for compensation. Last, you have the option of becoming a surrogate mother.

What things can you donate from your body?

Things you can donate include your blood, plasma, and bone marrow. Next, you can sell your hair, sperm, and eggs. Also, your saliva and feces get used for various scientific research. Finally, breastmilk and placenta are pretty valuable when it comes to helping other people.

Can I sell a body organ?

No, you can’t legally buy nor sell body organs in the US. Yet, you have other options to earn money from the byproducts of your body. These include blood, sperm, eggs, hair, poop, and spit. If you have legal concerns about donating an organ, consult an experienced health care attorney.




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