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Best Places to Buy Used Cell Phones (Gazelle, Swappa, eBay, Amazon & More)

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Need to change your old cell phone but you are on a tight budget? Want to save some money? No worries! There are lots of places where you can get a cheap, refurbished phone!

We’ve collected the best places to buy used cell phones at a great price. If you want to upgrade your gadget but your budget is pretty tight you need to think about getting a pre-owned device on sale at leading online retailers.

Just keep reading and find out the top destinations for getting second-hand mobile devices. Plus, discover the benefits of buying used phones and learn how to make smart purchases.

Benefits Of Buying A Used Cell Phone

Buying a new cell phone comes with lots of obligations and stress. Sure, the feeling of unpacking your brand-new product is amazing. Yet, from that moment on, you start worrying about damaging it or losing it. Plus, new cell phones often come with two-year contracts and usage restrictions.

These drawbacks are the main reason why so many Americans decide to look for the best place to buy used phones locally. Getting smartphones second-hand comes with a long list of benefits for consumers. Here are the most significant ones.

  • It’s saving you cash – Buying a refurbished phone often costs at least 30% cheaper than the product’s original price. In some cases, you can save 50% or even more when purchasing used mobile devices;
  • You often get more storage – Getting a brand-new smartphone with extra storage always costs more. This isn’t the case when purchasing a phone with already upgraded storage space;
  • It’s good for the environment – Reusing is one of the cornerstones of protecting the environment. Instead of buying new products, you can use the ones that other people want to sell;
  • You can change the phone more frequently – When you pay less for a phone, you will feel much more open to changing it more frequently;
  • Less likely to get stolen – Nobody wants to steal an old model that doesn’t cost tons of money. So, by purchasing second-hand phones you protect yourself in a way;
  • You won’t be so anxious about future damages – You won’t freak out if your phone falls or your display cracks because you didn’t pay a fortune for the device.

How To Find Used Cell Phone Stores Near Me?

Finding the best place to buy used cell phones is easy. You can simply check out our list of trusted retailers and pick the option that works the best for you.

Another way is to simply make a Google search and the service will instantly show your most suitable options. Google goes a step further by immediately marking any land-based stores nearby on their Google Maps service.

Regardless of how you find a refurbished mobile device dealer, make sure to read at least one review of the place. Not all such stores are trustworthy, and you can easily become a victim of a scam.


Swappa is possibly the best place to buy used iPhone devices, tablets, video games, tech and much more.

best place to buy used cell phones swappa

This online service is a friendly marketplace where users can buy and sell the tech and electronics they no longer need. A simple search reveals that their trending items are iPhone X and Google Pixel 2. Plus, you can easily find unlocked devices by using the appropriate filter.

Users of Swappa buy directly from other users. Because no middleman is involved, the prices here are among the best on the market. Swappa doesn’t allow any broken or damaged articles. The service supports only PayPal payments and provides extensive protection for both buyers and sellers.

You will have to cover a small fee for buying via Swappa. The exact amount of the charges depends on the item price and ranges from $0 to $250.


Gazelle is a service similar to Swappa. Americans can both sell second-hand cell phones and buy them via the Gazelle marketplace. Gazelle features a rich selection of certified used devices for a great price. Their listed phones often sell for up to 40% less than purchasing them brand-new.

best place to buy used cell phones gazelle

Any device sold on Gazelle must go through 30-point quality inspection before it can receive the Gazelle Certified seal. In result, all used phones purchased from Gazelle are functional and in a spotless condition.

Gazelle offers both unlocked and locked phones. The service even accepts returns within 30 days from the delivery date. Returns come with a $15 restocking fee deducted from the original payment.


Overstock is an online marketplace where you can find pretty much everything. From rugs and furniture to cell phones and electronics, Overstock has it all.

best place to buy used cell phones overstock

With a single click on the “Refurbished” filter, you can browse through all the pre-owned phones featured there. Their offer includes top-selling items such as unlocked iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models. Overstock often has sales, where you can save extra cash on selected articles.

If you are lucky enough, you may get a chance to spin the Overstock Wheel of Fortune. The prizes featured on it include free shipping and juicy discounts.


eBay is a number one online marketplace where people worldwide can buy and sell all kinds of products (old DVDs and CDs, used wedding dress, old shoes, etc.). Among the many other things you can find there, eBay also has a great selection of pre-owned mobile devices.

best place to buy used cell phones ebay

Those who sell on eBay get to select their final price and shipping costs. Sometimes, you may have to try and get an article by taking part in an auction. In this case, you will have to place the highest bid in order to purchase the offered item.

eBay charges selling fees only. This means that buyers won’t have to pay anything above the listed item price.


Amazon is the go-to shopping place for millions of Americans. The company has an easy-to-navigate website and possibly the richest offer of products. The item variety is great, plus there are often sales and discounts up for grabs too.

best place to buy used cell phones amazon

Pre-owned cell phones at Amazon are marked as “renewed”. You can easily use their smart search bar to find exactly what you need. Alternatively, by selecting the appropriate filters you can find the products of the desired color, manufacturer or price range.

Buyers can also stick to Certified Refurbished Amazon Devices. This program includes only tested and internally approved articles. These items often look and work like they’re brand-new. If they have any damages, this will be visibly noted on the description page.


We must mention Craigslist here because the marketplace has a great offer of used cell phones. You can simply select your general area and find people who sell pre-owned mobile devices at a reasonable price.

best place to buy used cell phones craigslist

Since Craigslist is open to anyone who wants to use it, you must be very careful when choosing your product. Make sure to meet in a safe, public location with the seller and to thoroughly inspect the phone before paying for it.

Buyers don’t pay any fees to the services. They only pay the listing price to the seller.


Glyde promises its consumers to upgrade their way of buying and selling mobile devices. Right on their homepage, you can find the two most popular categories – Apple phones and Samsung phones. Just use the search bar or browse various categories to find exactly what you’re looking for.

best place to buy used cell phones glyde

One of the best features of Glyde is the Glyde Buyback Guarantee. The service offers to buy back any devices you have bought via their platform in one year. This feature lets you change your cell phones frequently and for a great price too.

There are no additional buyer fees for those who use Glyde.

Manufacturers (Samsung, Apple)

Do you feel most comfortable buying products directly from their manufacturer? We have a solution for you too!

Cell phone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple have their own guaranteed refurbished phone programs. Unlike other retailers, these companies are often willing to include an extra warranty on the pre-owned devices they sell.

Apple, for example, will give a one-year warranty alongside the Apple Certified Refurbished promise. Directly from their online store, you can purchase refurbished iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs and watches. Needless to say, the prices are quite attractive.

Samsung has a similar program. They cover all refurbished products with a 12-month manufacturer warranty. All devices listed there are thoroughly inspected and in an excellent condition.

Retail Stores (Best Buy, Walmart, Target)

People often believe that retail stores sell new items only. That’s not the case with top-class brands such as Best Buy, Walmart and Target. All these US retail stores offer refurbished items, selling used DVDs and pre-owned cell phones included.

best place to buy used cell phones walmart

Each of these brands has a thorough process of testing and accepting mobile devices. So, buying second-hand electronics there is perfectly safe. You won’t have a limited choice of devices either because all these market chains have a great selection of options.

Local carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint)

Did you know that local carriers also sell refurbished mobile devices? That’s right, you can buy your next used cell phone from your carrier. For example, cheapest mobile phone plans – Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T are some of the carriers with a nice selection of such deals.

At this very moment, T-Mobile’s Certified Pre-Owned phones section includes lots of excellent devices. Plus, the carrier has an 80-point inspection process and offers a 90-day limited warranty. The only cons here may be the fact that these aren’t unlocked phones. So, you will have to use them with a T-Mobile SIM card.

The same applies to the refurbished products offered by all other carriers. They will limit you to using their network.

What To Ask Before Buying A Used Cell Phone?

More and more Americans wonder where to buy used cell phones near me. They do the research and find online or land-based stores that sell refurbished mobile devices. Next thing they know, they have a product that doesn’t work or satisfy their needs.

best place to buy used cell phones 2

The best way to avoid such disappointment when purchasing a used mobile phone is to ask all the right questions. Here are the things you must ask phone dealers before giving them your hard-earned cash.

  • Serial number – Each phone comes with a serial number (IMEI code). By looking up this code you can find out whether the device was reported lost or stolen;
  • Warranty – Used mobile devices usually won’t come with any warranty. Yet, it doesn’t hurt to ask if the retail store is willing to include at least a 6-month warranty on the product;
  • Is there any water damage – Water damage may be the most serious issue a phone can have. It’s not always easily spotted. So, you should both ask and try to see for yourself whether the device has any water damage or not;
  • Inspect it in person – It’s not recommended to buy a refurbished device without inspecting it in person. Everything looks good on photographs these days;
  • Test if all ports work – Always test all the ports and see if they work properly. Go a step further by checking if the phone charges properly and insert your SIM too.

Buying Used Cell Phones – Bottom Line

Getting a second-hand cell phone is much more than discovering where to buy used iPhone or Android devices. Purchasing refurbished mobile items is an art that requires knowledge, a sharp eye and dedication. Otherwise, you can easily waste your money on something that’s simply not worth it.

When you buy a used phone, always make sure to ask all the right questions and inspect the product in person. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for extra warranty and to check multiple places before making your purchase.

Once you master your process of recognizing great used phones, you will start reaping all the benefits coming with it. You will be much more relaxed and with extra cash in your wallet.

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        Thank you, Timmi! With us, you can save even more 🙂

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