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Best Places to Sell Your Stuff Online for Cash

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Do you need to make cash fast? Do you have lots of stuff you no longer use in your home? In that case, you can solve two problems with a single solution.

Yes, we refer to selling items on the Internet and making money effortlessly. With people always on the lookout for great second-hand articles, you can find buyers within several hours.

Is this the first time for you to try your luck at online selling? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our ProMoneySavings expert team has handpicked the best Internet selling websites.

Find the best place to sell stuff online by merely scrolling down.

Online Sales And Auctions

It’s important to note that there are general marketplaces as well as specialized websites. Some sites offer both sales and auctions. These make people compete for the items you sell and hence maximize your possible returns.

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So, do you want to find the best places to sell things online in terms of earning potential? If yes, just pick an option from below.


This is a global online marketplace where people come to sell and buy both new and second-hand goods. To become a trusted seller here, you need to get positive reviews from buyers. Sellers can post anything on eBay. Plus, they can run promos and auctions too. Posting an ad here is free of charge. Still, expect eBay to keep a 10% commission on sold items. Adding some additional descriptions outside the basic ones may come with extra costs.


Do you want cheap places to get rid of your things? Then, eBid is among the best websites to sell stuff. This platform imposes a transaction fee no higher than 3% of the final selling price. eBid offers both fixed price selling and online auctions for users based in the US. The platform supports over 28,000 categories. Meaning, you can upload almost everything there. Besides a web platform, eBid offers native iOS and Android mobile apps too.


Join over 25,000 sellers on Bonanza and get cash for your home décor, collectibles, electronics, and more. Unlike eBay, this platform is famous for focusing on unique articles. Bonanza wants to be your online thrift store where you find mind-blowing items at great prices. Selling fees on this site are 3.5% for items sold at $500 or less. Items over $500 have an additional fee of 1.5% on the amount above that limit.

Among the best websites to sell items online for free, we have The brand imposes no listing fees, no commissions, and no final value fees. Sellers get to keep 100% of their final price. gives you the chance to sell both locally and nationally as well as to run auctions. This is a versatile marketplace. Meaning, you can sell used DVDs, clothes, kitchenware, and many other things.


It makes perfect sense that Amazon, being the largest marketplace worldwide, is an excellent spot for sellers. Stats show that over 2.5 million people use this platform to sell all kinds of items. Individuals who sell here pay a small fee of $0.99 on every sold item. The charge for professional sellers and businesses is a bit higher.

Local Sales

best places to sell stuff online local

Did you know that you can sell stuff online for cash to local buyers? That’s right, there are specialized marketplaces that empower you to target locals. So, instead of wasting money on shipping, you can simply meet with your clients in your neighborhood.

Facebook Marketplace

Visit Facebook and then go to the Marketplace tab found on the left menu. Just pick the Sell Something option, and you’re good to go. Selling on Facebook Marketplace is free, efficient, and straightforward. It’s a place that doesn’t restrict either. For instance, if you can’t think of cool things to do with a pumpkin after Halloween, you can sell it here.


Select where you live on Craigslist, and the platform targets eligible buyers near your location. Besides ads in a few specific categories (jobs, commercial real estate, etc.), everything else is free to post. Still, as an individual seller, you shouldn’t expect to pay any charges when selling used items like clothes, electronics, and home décor. Since anyone can use this site, it’s crucial to take safety precautions when meeting with buyers. For instance, avoid dark and deserted places and don’t go alone.


This is another popular and free marketplace for selling locally. Registering an account with Carousell takes a few minutes only. Posting an ad is equally fast. Just add a title and description of your item alongside up to four photos. You can do all of this using a smartphone. The system will target nearby buyers only and notify you when someone texts you. Use their integrated chat to agree on a meeting spot and make a person-to-person sale.


Just like its name suggests, NextDoor is created for local selling. Avoid the hassles related to packing and shipping items. Instead, use this website to find local buyers entirely for free. Use either their website or mobile apps to reach tons of potential clients within seconds. Just post an ad, select the appropriate category, and set price. That’s it.


best places to sell stuff online electronics

If you are a tech person, you probably have tons of electronics and gadgets you need to sell. Below, we present to you the best way to sell stuff online for people with used phones, DVDs, and headphones. So, instead of taking Christmas loans to survive the holidays, you can just sell useless items instead.


Simple, safe, and 100% free. That’s selling on Swappa for you! This platform offers featured ads for extra charges for those who want to sell extra asap. Some of the things you can get rid of via Swappa include phones, laptops, VR sets, and video games. Make sure to follow their guidelines and provide an accurate description of your item. Swappa verifies and approves all uploaded listings.


Those of you who want to sell smartphones, tablets, iPods, and computers for cash should consider Gazelle. This platform won’t connect you to a potential buyer. Instead, they act as a buyer and give you money for your used electronics. Here, you can get rid of damaged and broken goods too. Just fill out their form honestly, and they will send you an offer. Then, send the item to Gazelle (they cover shipping fees) and wait for your payment to arrive.


Forget about paying commission to sell your items. Letgo has got you covered for free! If you want to use extra features provided by the platform, these cost between $0.99 and $4.99. Posting ad on Letgo is simple and takes several standards steps. Create a listing, add a description, upload photos. Voila!


Stop wondering, “where can I sell my stuff online for free” and head to Declutter right away! Just like the name suggests, this platform wants you to declutter your space from everything you don’t use. This includes electronics but also books, games, and even LEGO toys. Similar to Gazelle, Decluttr takes over your items and pays you directly. Then, they resell your items on their Decluttr Store.


In terms of fees, OfferUp comes between eBay and Bonanza. Namely, the service charges sellers 7.9% on sold items, and this includes payment fees too. OfferUp is a mobile marketplace that empowers you to sell on the move. The platform supports selling anywhere within the USA and covers any shipping fees.

Clothes, Vintage, And Crafts

best places to sell stuff online clothes

Giving tips on how to sell stuff online is drastically different when addressing those with vintage items, crafts, and clothes. These three are unique as they demand specialized platforms and considerable marketing skills. So, we handpicked websites that let you create personalized stores and woo buyers with your creativity.


This platform doesn’t really need an introduction. A fantastic 39.5 million people made purchases through the Etsy platform in 2018. This number only seems to grow over the years. This marketplace lets you get rid of stuff but also build your brand. It’s perfect for vintage items and crafts. Getting started with Etsy is free. Still, there is a $0.20 listing fee alongside payment processing and transaction fees. Using Etsy isn’t your cheapest option, but the platform does give you access to millions of potential clients.


Vinted is one of the places that favor sellers over buyers. Meaning, sellers won’t have to pay anything to list products for sale. Buyers, however, cover a service fee between 3% and 8% of the final price. Accepted products on Vinted include clothing, accessories, and footwear. Users can also list children’s items like clothes, furniture, toys, and equipment.


Empty your closet and make space for new clothes with Tradesy. There’s no need to learn how to sell things online safely as this platform is reliable and trusted. It lets users upload all types of clothing and footwear, both branded and not. Selling items up to $50 comes with a fee of $7.50. Otherwise, the commission is set at 19.8% of the final price.


If you want to sell old wedding gown, makeup, or even home goods, then Poshmark is the place to be. Aside from being in good condition and clean, there are no special requirements to list your stuff on Poshmark. This marketplace takes a flat $2.95 commission on items under $15. Sellers keep 80% on sales of $15 or more. Using Poshmark is simple and doesn’t require any special skills. Ensure your photos are top-class, and your descriptions are honest.


If you’re always on the move, then Depop is the right fit for you. Download the platform’s mobile app and upload items within seconds. Users on this marketplace mostly sell clothes, and they invest serious effort too. So, you must make sure your photos are good, and your articles aren’t overpriced. As for selling fees, Depop keeps a 10% commission on your transaction. This includes both item payment and shipping costs. This place is known for a strong community spirit too. So, you can make tons of friends here as well.

How To Sell Stuff Online For Cash – Final Thoughts

As you can see, selling items you no longer use doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead, just pick one of the options listed above and make some fast cash.

Decide what type of articles you plan to sell. Then, create an ad at the best place to sell stuff online for that specific category. Interested buyers will get in touch in no time!

If you found this web selling guide useful, know that there are many more to come. So, make sure to get our latest tips for making money fast by subscribing to our ProMoneySavings Newsletter!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best site to sell stuff?

There is no single website to highlight here. Instead, you can choose among numerous reliable options such as eBay, Letgo, Craigslist, and Decluttr. Plus, it depends on what you want to sell. For example, Poshmark is an excellent option for selling your wedding dress. Swappa is a top choice for selling electronics.

Where can I sell my stuff online for free?

Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Letgo are some reliable Internet selling websites that won’t charge you any fees. Etsy, Amazon, and Bonanza aren’t free, but they impose insignificant charges only. So, these are our top picks for selling items for free or cheaply.

What is the best platform to sell online?

eBay is an online selling platform with millions of potential buyers all around the world. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are also popular options, which you can use for free. Any other site listed above is a smart choice too.


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    1. Cyntia Jefferson says:

      I love selling old stuff. I always go around collecting anything I don’t use. Sometimes I even do this at my parents place or when I visit close friends. I love the reselling game, the cash is welcomed too.

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        You’re cool! Thank you, Cyntia!

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      Facebook marketplace, Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist – top places to sell your second-hand stuff. Believe me. I’m 10 years in that “game”

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      I’ve sold tons of stuff over the years. I use Amazon whenever possible because it has millions of users and things sell quickly.

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      I buy and sell stuff as a side gig so I regularly use some platforms listed here like eBay and Gazelle. They’re all legit and finding buyers is very easy there.

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      This is a well researched and very useful article. I’ll move to another state and have many things to sell. I’ll use the platforms you recommend to make money and get rid of useless items. Thanks!

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    6. Latoya Santos says:

      For me, the best place to sell stuff online is Craigslist. I love the platform because it’s free. Swappa is cool too, but for electronics only. If you use Craigslist beware of the creeps. I always take my man along.

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