Cheap Christmas Decorations Ideas

Cheap Christmas Decorations Ideas

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Most of us are appalled at the sight of price tags on eye-catching Xmas ornaments. As stunning as they can be, brand new decorations are far from budget-friendly. Yet, we firmly believe that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to decorate your place to your taste. All you need is dedication, creativity, and some free time.

Our ultimate list abounds with embellishing hacks that will cater to traditional, bold, and unique style lovers. Here are some of the cheapest, if not free, and most impressive Christmas decorations you can try this festive season.

Outdoor Decorations

If you have multiple outdoor designs in mind to try out this Christmas, create a detailed to-do-list first. Then, follow our purse-friendly tips for updates that are easy and quick to perform. Decorating your yard and porch has never been so much fun as with these super cool ideas.

Window Paintings

The most impressive outdoor Christmas decorations by far are the ones that involve colorful drawings. Who doesn’t want windows that tell winter wonderland tales? What you need are powdered tempera or acrylic paints and brushes. 

Even if you’re not a skillful painter, there are zillion templates and ideas on Pinterest. Use a paper design to recreate your work of art for a perfect glass display.

Go Wreath Crazy

You can never get bored of wreaths for Christmas. Create them in different styles and sizes and attach one to each window. Most wreaths are easy to make and require a bit of creativity on your behalf. Collect some greenery, holly, red berries, bows, and pinecones and start experimenting.

Make your front door wreath resemble a gift by adding ribbons and bows in red, gold, and green colors. Attaching lights to the floral design will further boost the adornment.

Light Displays

No Christmas décor that involves a display of lights will ever go unnoticed. In short, your options are limitless and range from lighted trees to networks of lights. Plastic clips, nails, and staples make it ideal tools to hang Christmas lights any place you want.

We suggest you go with solar-powered lights to avoid detangling lights for hours. Solar lights are a much cheaper variant and would look adorable on a giant star made with twigs.

Fruit Mixtures

Has it ever occurred to you that winter fruit might serve as an ultimate touch to bring your outdoor Christmas decorations to perfection? One ingenious idea is to use green apples on top of greenery displays. The cheerful green hue will undoubtedly refresh the exterior of your house.

Alternatively, hang a fruit fan over your doorway composed of red apples, pineapple, and foliage. The truth is, fruit combinations are endless and always leave a welcoming impression.

Spruce Up The Exterior

If your house features collars and railings, you have the perfect foundation for ornaments. For a gorgeous outcome, wrap greenery and ribbons around the fences and finish the adornment with lights. If scarlet red is not to your liking, go with chestnut-brown stripes.

Moreover, dress up a bench on the porch by adding blankets and a throw. Bring the porch to perfection by placing mini evergreens in a galvanized tub.

Multiple Lanterns

When it comes to outdoor Christmas decorations, the more lanterns you display, the merrier. It’s best to arrange them in various styles and sizes and add candles inside. Whether you go with real or flameless candles, which are safer, you can’t go wrong.

Prop Presents

If you want to add festive abundance to your exterior, wrap up some prop gifts in various sizes. Find boxes you don’t need and wrap them with Christmas-motives paper. Add ribbon and feel the excitement of the hour when presents start to arrive. Such cheery illusions will work perfectly both for your interior and exterior adornment.

Winter Equipment Display

When you want to give your porch a wintery feel, consider placing an old pair of skis next to the front door. You could go with faux skis or lean a vintage sled against the wall. Depending on the design you prefer, fill the sled with hand-made presents wrapped in various fabrics.

To finish the arrangement, add a bucket or basket of logs for extra charm. Galvanized planters with mini trees are also an adorable way to winterize your porch.

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Door Ornaments

Christmas door decorations are a must to celebrate the holidays with style. Take a quick look at our inexpensive ideas and start creating right away. Whatever display you select, your front door will look splendid and welcoming.

Add Captivating Ribbon

For a highly-effective impact, follow the latest trend and position a reel of ribbon across the door. You will need a shorter strip for the horizontal line and a longer reel for the vertical one. This Christmas hack is super easy to create and then remove and store for the next winter holidays. As a final touch, attach a floral wreath to the outside or arrange a tie with the ribbon.

Candy Cane Wreath

Candy cane wreaths are one of our favorite Christmas door decorations. These sticky goodies cost next to nothing and give you endless opportunities to experiment with Xmas décor.

Glue the canes next to each other in heart shapes and hang them with a ribbon. If you’re an artistic soul, try adding elements such as holly, nuts, and pine cones.

A Hanging Star

One of the most straightforward ways to decorate the front door is to make a DIY hanging star. What you need are some yardsticks, nails, and your wild imagination. Even better, make several wooden stars and add them to the façade beside the one on the front door.

Another great idea is to make a twine star, which looks impressive on a contrast color door. Then, attach matching hanging stars on the windows to complete the starry look of your house.

Spools Of Yarn

Can you imagine what a traditional piece of art you’ll be placing on your front door? Wooden spools are excellent props that give festive arrangements a vintage and stylish appearance. It’s best if you wrap them with a combination of thread, twine, and ribbons.

We suggest you go with a green and red yarn wreath, which symbolizes the spirit of Christmas. However, if the rest of the décor requires other color variations, go for it.

Berry Or Olive Wreaths

In case you want to break free from the traditional shapes and contents of the wreath, mind the following ideas. One unusual hack is to try an asymmetrical wreath and embellish it with real or artificial berries. Also, you might want to add some silver bells and icing to your Christmas door decorations.

The second suggestion is to create an olive wreath. Olive leaves arrangements dotted with little white flowers can be a heavenly sight. Another way to make the wreath look perfect is to add wheat stalks and finish off with a vast golden bow.

Door Banner Or Sign

Placing a unique Christmas banner on the front door is an ingenious way to save money and make your exterior look distinctive. Consider a banner with a mixture of festive thoughts, or go with something simpler like the word Noel or Merry Christmas.

A large sign with the word ‘joy’ on it would make a fabulous welcome décor for the front door, too. You might also create a giant rustic snowflake and hang it to serve as an adornment to your entrance.

Table Decorations

Staying within budget is essential, so even if cutting down on food is impossible, you can slash the cost of table décor. Consider our thoughtful ideas and make your dinner setting look both classy and chic.

Natural Candle Centerpiece

Greenery, candles, and glass candle holders are the only items you’ll need for this fabulous natural centerpiece. Combine the branches in the shape of a wreath or something you like, and add the candles in between. Using little red winter berries or flowers will give this piece of décor an exquisite look.

Holly Candle Holders

Have you ever had the idea of using upside-down wine glasses as candle holders? This authentic yet simple touch gives such a warm impression that you can die for. If you possess wine glasses, the idea won’t cost you a dime. If not, head to the nearest thrift shop and select unique glasses to hold your little candles on top.

Make sure you place bunches of holly leaves in the bowl of the glass for display. Arrange the glassware in groupings for an ultimately mesmerizing look.

Mini Trees Table Settings

What can make your dinner table more fashionable than mini trees set as decorations? Simply get some branch cuttings from a real fir and place them in little cups or tea light votives. You can even dress the small trees with tiny baubles.

Hand-made Crackers

Why not slash the cost in half and take some time to create homemade crackers? Ensure you have a cardboard roll to place the treats in and wrap crepe paper to cover the crackers. Tie the ends with a ribbon of your choice, and that’s that. Don’t forget to add cracker jokes inside to make the treats as personalized as possible. You can even use the occasion as a fun and cheap entertainment for your entire family. Your kids will love partaking in the decorating, plus the activity will keep them busy for hours.

Wood Box

Find an old wood box or make one by yourself to create a mesmerizing focal point in the dining room. Fill the container with foliage, red berries, pinecones, and a few candles. For an aromatic note of the décor, we advise you scatter oranges dotted with cloves around the wooden casket. What’s best about this craft is that you can use it throughout the year by only changing the contents.

Mason Jars Rows

Mason jars are such affordable items that can get combined in thousands of ways. For instance, try arranging a row across the center of the table. Fill every second jar with a layer of Epsom salt, and then add a candle on top. Fill the other pots with juniper and red berries.

Side Table Décor

Setting side table decorations will undoubtedly bring joy and magic to the entire family. We encourage you to pay extra attention to such arrangements as they usually catch the eye of whoever is visiting. Our ideas below will prove that side décor has to be neither time-consuming nor expensive.

Festive Candlesticks

Believe it or not, but the possibilities to create impressive personalized candlesticks is endless. Start by gathering greenery and pinecones and arranging them in or around a container and a candle. Use electronic candles when you opt for nature-inspired décor to prevent the risk of fire.

Moreover, try using cinnamon or peppermint sticks for an intimate festive look. Glue them around a candle or a jar, and then place the source of light inside.

Christmas Vase

Of the many ideas to get creative this Xmas, this is one of the most straightforward to carry out. Apart from being unusually simple to arrange, such Christmas decorations ideas are easy on the wallet, too.

What you need is some ornaments, natural branches, white spray paint, and a kind of a vase to anchor everything in. Even if you don’t happen to own spray paint, leave the branches as they are. Hang the ornaments on the twigs in any pattern you prefer and place them in the decorative jar or vase.

Mason Jar Candle Lights

Are you looking for some on-the-spot décor that’s both quick and simple to arrange? Well, look no more as these snowy candle jars are everything you need.

Get some Epsom salt and glitter to achieve the snowy look in the jar. Next, place a white or gold candle in the middle, and voila! Place your unique decoration on a side table and enjoy the glowing warmth in the dark winter nights.

Bowl Candle Holder

Yes, you’ve read that well. It would be best to use various-sized candles, preferably in the same color, garlands, and some Xmas ornaments. Then, mix the items in random order. Ensure the candles get well anchored down before tucking the pearl garlands and baubles around them.

Pay extra attention to keep the candles away from any flammable objects. What you get is a glamorous centerpiece for the side table in no time.

Pinecone Displays

A relaxed and charming style is not a difficult challenge at all. Moreover, you should aim for simplicity in your endeavors to achieve elegant décor. Go to the nearest park, collect some pine cones, and combine them with your favorite candles and ornaments. Place the entire mixture in a large bowl or basket.

Pinecones are also super-effective decorations for the Christmas tree. Instead of buying pre-made garlands that cost a fortune, string pinecones, greenery, and holy for a natural look of your evergreen.

Cute Snowman Craft

For a snowman craft on a budget, use white upcycled cardboard boxes and start painting right on them. Add a button on each layer and a DIY hat on top. Alternatively, make the snowman out of fishbowls and fill them with artificial snow and foliage to create different winter scenes.

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Wall Ornaments

Sprucing up the walls is essential if you want to embrace the holiday spirit. Also, it’s a great way to show off your design skills. We got you covered with the best holiday wall decorations that’ll transform your walls into a Christmas wonderland.

Advent Calendar

Why not create a cute advent calendar that you may use for many years to come? Think about what items you can hang and ensure you procure 24 of those. Brown envelopes, jewelry pouches, or galvanized pails will make exceptional props for your DIY creation.

Secure the props on twine or ribbon and add a number to each day of Advent. Last, fill the hanging items with treats for your beloved ones.

Alternative Garlands

Why not skip the standard garlands that everybody has and go a step further? Make your strings of happiness from recycled materials. These can include anything you can think of that matches your interior decorating style.

You can even go down the vintage path and make a unique garland of old vintage lace and crocheted doilies. An alternative option would be to use little socks and ribbon for an advent garland full of treats for every day of Advent.

Wrapped Picture Frames

Wrapping up picture frames like presents is a super cool idea if you’re up to cheap Christmas decorations. Plus, it requires almost no effort on your side, and the cost is negligible. Once you wrap the various-sized frames and add some fun bows, hang them on the walls as usual.

What you get is Christmas presents hanging around your house. We reckon this is one of the most original and boldest styles to embellish your home for the festive season.

Artistic Twig Display

The myth that baubles are just for the Christmas tree is long gone. This year, it’s time to break free from tradition and decorate an artistic twig. Choose a style that matches your Christmas tree and adds a festive spirit to an empty wall in the living room.

Consider placing the branch above a shelf and adorn it with foliage and baubles. It’s best to suspend the décor from an existing hook, using a clear thread or twine. Alternatively, the branch can be suspended from the ceiling above the dining table.

Wall Tree

Your options here are practically endless as you can make a wall tree out of almost anything. We suggest you create one out of lights because it’s easy to install and won’t cost you over the moon. Add branches or other ornaments in between the lines of the tree for a boosted impression. Such an illuminated tree would serve as a majestic décor for smaller-sized living rooms.

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Indoor Decorations

Did you think Christmas décor for your living room is something you can never afford? Well, we’ll prove the opposite and present you with numerous ideas to beautify your interior for the upcoming holidays. Whatever ideas you choose, we guarantee your home will leave some jaws on the floor.

Twig Trees

Who wouldn’t like a warm, woody touch to their living room? Enjoy the holidays by making personalized trees from scratch at almost no cost. Gather as many similar in size twigs, take a glue gun and wreath wire, and start building.

Decorate the twig Christmas tree with wreath wire or twine. Don’t forget to create a unique pot and fill it with moss and berries for an ultimate festive look.

Festive Christmas Mantle

No jolly mantle arrangement will go unnoticed if you strive for an impressive living room this Xmas. The most affordable option would be to adorn a massive mirror with snowflakes and then add icicles below the mantle. Glue some glitter to the icicles and the snowflakes for a fabulous display.

Don’t forget to place greenery and foam letters on the mantle, too. Such letters are super cheap in stores like Hobby Lobby and entirely do the trick.

Curtain Of Ornaments

First, decide whether you’ll go with a multi-colored curtain or with a monochromatic one. Families with kids tend to go with the colorful variant of these easy-to-make Christmas decorations ideas. To set the curtain in motion, hang different-length ribbons down the windows and then ornaments at the end.

A gold and silver combination of crafts will make your home seem high-end and fashionable. Also, use a single-colored organza ribbon for a more impressive look.

Sweeten Up Your Place

Christmas calls for baking as it is a holiday when we’re allowed to eat the decorations, too. Hence, why don’t you make the most out of it? If you’re apt with your hands, roll up your sleeves, and start creating. Consider making a gingerbread house for the side table, and put candy canes on the tree.

Festive Pillows

Do you want to add a homey element to the living room? It’s time to get the thread and needle and make cute pillow throws. Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, there are plenty of easy designs that you can do by hand.

For example, try stitching the seams of the fabric for the pillow manually. Then, depending on your preference, try gluing a massive snowflake or a snowman in the middle.

Upcycle Knits

The time to use all that knitwear that you never get to combine has come. Even if you don’t happen to own old scarlet stockings or blankets, there’s no need to worry. Head to the nearby flea market and start searching the shelves.

Anything from red and white jumpers to woolly blankets will do the job. Once the shopping is over, create festive cushions and stockings to give your home a seasonal look without breaking the bank.

DIY Icicles

The best thing about these festive icicles is that you can practically use any color, print, and material you want. There’s no need to spend a dollar on these cheap Christmas decorations as you probably have the items at home.

Get some wrapping paper, glue, cardstock paper, and fishing line. Next, cut circles and glue each cardstock circle to a wrapping paper circle. To join the pieces, use the fishing line and tape. We suggest you go with gold and silver circles for a striking and posh look of your windows.

Homemade Floating Stars

Adding floating stars to your Christmas interior is a bold way to accentuate your stylish stamp. The best combination is to mix white and red or white and silver decorations depending on the rest of the furniture.

Start by cutting white snowflakes out of cardboard. Then, find some super-useful templates online for the big red stars. To add a glow, string lights through the hanging ornaments and maybe glue a little glitter. Use a fishing string to achieve an illusion that the stars are floating.

Wreath Card Holder

Have you always wondered where to display your Xmas cards and dedicate a significant spot to them? Well, wonder no more. This Christmas card holder will do wonders for your interior and help you preserve the cards your beloved ones sent you.

You’ll need clothespins, wire, acrylic paint, wooden beads, glue, and ribbons to make the wreath. Choose red and green to match the festive mood. Alternatively, go with white crafts if you want to keep the ornament all year round.

Dried Fruit Ornaments

Christmas tree decorations can’t get any cheaper than oven-dried fruits. We suggest you go with tangerines, oranges, and lemons due to the seasonal scent. It’s essential to dry the fruit with multiple cuts around the outside or cut it into pieces.

You’d probably have to dry the pieces in an oven on a lower heat for about three hours. Once dried, hang them on the tree or along with the other décor. You’ll be fascinated by the sweet fragrance they emit.

Bottom Line

Spending wild cash on Christmas accessories may not be a smart idea this year. Still, being broke doesn’t have to imply that you’ll renounce the Christmas joy as a whole. Therefore, we made sure we equip you with the most suitable budget solutions. Our ideas are especially useful for those who failed to start an efficient Christmas savings plan this year.

What about you? Do you have unique Xmas ornament ideas to share with our readers? Also, we’ll be glad if you dedicate a minute to sign up for our newsletter. We bet our ingenious articles will save you tons of time and money.


How can I decorate for Christmas cheap?

First, make sure you put up a Christmas tree that you can buy cheap if you shop later in the season. Our favorite cheap Christmas decorations that are a total hit this season are DIY wreaths and garlands. Then, don’t forget to embellish your home with natural materials such as wood, twigs, greenery, and pinecones. These make the space look elegant and warm and cost you nothing to collect. Last, scatter several candles and lights displays for an ultimate Christmassy impression.

How can I make my house more Christmassy?

For a home to look cozy and feel extra Christmassy, ensure it smells nice by arranging scented candles. Use as many fairy lights as possible in combination with a lot of foliage and various-shaped wreaths. Adding artificial snow will further boost the festive fashion of your place. Last, keep your floors warm with some soft rugs. Pillows and throws with Christmas motives will also add a warm touch that no jovial soul can resist.

Does Dollar Tree have Christmas decorations?

Dollar Tree has plenty to offer for all of you who can’t resist Christmas decorations. The retailer sells its collections both online and in-store. They offer festive garlands, bright ornaments, bows, and much more. Depending on your interior design, there are elegant, rustic, and merry ornament collections available. Plus, there’s a mini tree catalog with accessories that’ll make the forthcoming season super cheerful.

What is the most popular Christmas ornament?

If you wonder what are the most popular outdoor Christmas decorations the answer would probably be wreaths. Hanging stars and snowflakes are also quite common and straightforward to create. The more fabrics and shapes you experiment with, the more unique your Christmas display will be. Last, don’t forget to add as many lights as possible, both inside and outside. Make sure you arrange various shapes and colors for a more impressive look.




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