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Adorable Yet Cheap Easter Basket Ideas for Saving Money in 2020

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Every year, the average American spends around $150 on Easter baskets. Adding candies, toys, and various other gifts don’t come cheaply.

While the fun of preparing these gifts and the happiness on the person getting them is priceless, $150 isn’t. In fact, this amount of cash is too high to spend on a one-time basket, especially for families struggling to make ends meet.

Rather than giving up on having an unforgettable holiday season, you can make smart choices instead. This includes a proven strategy of creating cheap Easter basket ideas. No ideas? No problem! Just scroll down to find 30 budget-friendly alternatives for teens, kids, adults, and grandparents.

Candy-Filled Basket

Who doesn’t want candies? An Eastertime basket full of chocolate, candy cotton, and different types of sweets is a perfect way to surprise someone. Moreover, this idea is pretty cheap. Depending on the size, it can go as little as several dollars. You can include cute bunny-shaped chocolate, or you can go with the standard candies. The choice is up to you.

DIY Rae Dunn Inspired Basket

If you’re looking for cute cheap Easter basket ideas, go with the Rae Dunn Inspired basket, which you can do yourself at home. Just enrich the basket with things such as white Easter eggs, a bowl, mugs, etc. and get a sharpie marker. It’s recommended to practice writing a bit before you write Easter-related words and favorite phrases on the gift.

Candy Treat Jars

A jar full of chocolate and candies is always a great idea. Actually, you can do this at home. Just get a clean jar and buy sweets of your choice. You can choose hard candies, bunny-shaped sweets, or even cookies. After you decorate it, bring the holiday spirit to it and add a bunny on the lid. You can also include Easter-inspired messages in it for a special personal touch.

Fabric Covered Basket

A fabric-covered basket is another excellent DIY. If you’re researching how to make cheap Easter baskets, this is by far the easiest and simplest to make. Fabric can be found in many stories. At Walmart, for instance, you can find a suitable material for as little as $1. Simply wrap the basket in fabric and fill it in with chocolate eggs.

Mini Fringe Easter Basket

This idea is great for the kids when they go egg hunting. You can turn fringe garland and small cups into cute mini fringe baskets for the young egg hunters. To bring some brightness to them, use different colored fringe. We all have plastic cups lying around the house. This way, you can put them to use. The kids will surely like them.

Carrot Treat Boxes

To make an Easter carrot treat box, you need to print it out on orange paper and use some decorations. If you don’t know how this looks like, search the web, or check YouTube – you’ll find plenty of tutorials. Once you print and glue the carrot-shaped treat box, fill it with candies and tie it up. Lastly, add a green bow on the top.

cheap easter basket ideas carrot treat boxes
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Crocheted Easter Basket

Another cheap idea is the crocheted Eastertime basket. It’s never too late to start crocheting. With Easter around the corner, perhaps now it’s a great time to try your hand in it. These baskets are perfect for egg hunting or as a holiday gift. If you feel that crocheting isn’t for you, check online shops for unique hand-made basket designs.

DIY Adult Easter Basket

Celebration baskets aren’t just for kids. Grownups can also have fun, and one way to achieve this is with an adult Eastertime basket. Among the many homemade Easter basket ideas for adults, you can go with a custom made one. It can include various products such as makeup and body lotions, or you can add the wine and bunny-shaped sweets.

EOS Lip Balm Bunny Cards

EOS lip balm can be combined with Easter-themed cards to create cute and sweet gift ideas. You can print a bunny card, and use the lip balm as a bunny tail or a nose. It looks so cute that both kids and adults will go crazy for it. Make sure you add a funny quote. Your egg-stra special friends will love it.

Bunny Cookie Treat Bags

These are so easy to make and barely cost a dime. Bunny-shaped cookie treat bags are another creative Easter basket ideas for teenager regardless of the gender. After all, we all like bunnies and sweets! To make the bag, you need a colored paper, bunny stencil, treats such as M&M’s, and a ribbon. They are lovely quick gifts and perfect for everyone.

Personalized Gift Tagged Basket

Personalized gifts are always the best ones! So, rather than browsing the best places to buy Easter baskets, you can create your own. What should you include in a personalized gift tagged box? Whatever the person wants, really. For example, if you’re preparing something for your boyfriend or husband, add the stuff he loves. It can feature his favorite drinks and snacks alongside a video game he wishes to have. Don’t forget a photograph featuring you both!

Flower Pot Easter Basket

Do you have lots of flowerpots just lying around your garage? Well, this holiday is the perfect season to get rid of them in a non-wasteful way. Just use the pot instead of a basket and save cash right there. Top it up with cool stuff like actual flowers, beauty products, or any cool gifts under $10.

Painted Bunny Treat Mason Jars

Looking for good ideas for Easter baskets for kids? In that case, get your dusty mason jars out! Give the jar an Easter-themed design. Depending on your talent, you can go wild here by creating impressive scenery or just add eyes and whiskers. Don’t forget to fill up the mason jar with delicious treats. Trust us, both girls and boys will love this idea!

Hostess Gift Easter Basket

This one’s perfect for your mom, wife, or girlfriend. Make them feel special by treating them with a DIY gift, including amazing treats. Appropriate gifts for party hostesses include flowers, boxed candies, decorator candles, and bottles of wine. So, any of these will be a perfect match for your Easter basket, as well.

cheap easter basket ideas painted

DIY Wooden Eastertime Basket

If you want a unique but also cheap and fun box, go for a DIY wooden one. For this basket, you need any wooden box you can find, may that be a flower bed or a jewelry container. Make sure to paint it nicely, so it suits the occasion. Finally, add various treats like chocolate eggs and/or bunnies.

DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Do you want some cute Easter gift ideas for parents that are practically free? Well, you can always make your own Easter-themed egg bath bombs! To make these, you need baking soda, Epsom salt, cornstarch, water, citric acid, and essential oil. If you want to make them colorful, you’ll need some party food coloring too. Use an egg-shaped plastic container to get the shape you want, and voila!

Fry Box Treat Container

If you prefer going with small and adorable baskets, you can try using fry box containers. These are perfect if you must treat many people, as they don’t cost a fortune. Plus, everyone will feel appreciated. Candy bars and free gift cards go perfectly with these containers.

Easter Gift Bags

Who said you had to give a basket or a box? Get creative and gift a bag instead! Go for decorative bags, cotton bags, paper bags, or any bag you have at home. This is an excellent solution if you get invited to a holiday party last minute, and you don’t have a basket lying around.

Educative Baskets

The holidays are all about having a blast. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t help the children learn useful facts. So, consider making cute Easter baskets for kids with educative cards and fun details inside. For instance, teach them the difference between fast food vs home cooked meals or the importance of brushing teeth.

A Treats-Filled Vase

This is another excellent idea for people who want to give baskets to adults. The vase doesn’t need to be giant or expensive. It can be any vase that catches dust in your home. Just get some candies you can buy in bulk, affordable beauty products, or homemade bath bombs. This holiday basket is a no-brainer, really.

Rain Boot Holiday Basket

Do you want to be unique? Do you want to surprise everyone? Well, it’s time to get some raining boots and fill them up with treats! Selling clothes is among the best passive income ideas. Hence, many people do it. Meaning, you can easily find cheap rain boots for your mesmerizing Easter baskets.

Mini Easter Bunny Tote Bags

Do you know what the best thing about these surprises is? You don’t even have to make them. Most online marketplaces sell them, and for a low price too. They usually cost about $10 and include egg-shaped chocolates.

cheap easter basket ideas candy box

Candy Box DIY Easter Baskets

If you prefer unleashing your imagination, this is among the most creative things to make for Easter. For about $13, you can buy a huge pack of 240 pieces Snickers, Twix, and Milky Way minibars. These are more than enough to fill up several DIY baskets. Add some cheap plush toys of around $5, and you won’t spend over $10 per gift. That’s quite reasonable, all the money experts agree.

Printable Bunny Baskets

If you’re not a creative person, there’s no reason to despair either. Helpful people have shared tons of printable bunny baskets you can use for free. Just print the design, use the instructions to assemble the basket, and color it. Go for budget-friendly candies or home-baked cookies, and your bank account will be thankful.

Hershey Kisses Carrots

Easter is closely associated with bunnies, carrots, and eggs. So, those who want to make Easter baskets on a budget can always go for Hershey Kisses Carrots. Just fill a jar or a bag with these perfectly themed candies, and the job is done.

Make Wool Felt Baskets

Do you want something that looks luxurious and elegant? Then, go for wool felt boxes. These can be large, small, square, oval. Just let your imagination go wild and make beautiful creations. Wool felt baskets are perfect for adults like your partner, friends, or parents.

Themed String Easter Baskets

All you need to make string Eastertime baskets in 2020 is yarn, glue, and paint. Oh, and a balloon! Yes, you heard that right. Put the yarn all over a fully inflated balloon and then go over it with glue. Once it dries, just blow up the balloon, and your string basket is ready! Decorate it with wool, flowers, and chocolate rabbits.

Plastic Buckets

Do your kiddos have old plastic buckets they no longer use? If they do, you’re in luck! Easter treats stuffed inside plastic buckets are among the best inexpensive Easter basket ideas for grandparents. Your children can draw some Easter-themed drawings as a personal touch. Nobody can remain indifferent to this wonderful surprise, plus your wallet remains full.

DIY Bunny Basket From Milk Carton

Make cute basket treats from a used milk carton. Instead of wasting cash buying actual baskets, you can put it towards your vacation saving plan. Make sure to first thoroughly clean and then decorate the carton. You can glue some cute pictures to personalize the gift and then add some tasty treats like candies and chocolate bars.

Construction Paper Made Easter Baskets

If you, after all, prefer baskets you can always make a paper one. Nobody said you have to use expensive, store-bought ones. Find tons of ideas on Pinterest for inspiration or come up with your own design. This can be a fun project, and your kiddos can participate too.

cheap easter basket ideas summary

Easter Baskets On A Budget – Summary

The holidays are for enjoying a great time with friends and family. Even if you’re struggling with money with now, there’s no reason to give up on the traditions you love.

Hence, with our cheap Easter basket ideas, we help our readers celebrate the day without draining their budget. If nothing else works, you can always get a short-term loan and have a blast!

After Easter, we have tons of other holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day. Would you like to receive our expert tips on enjoying such celebrations without breaking the bank? If so, don’t miss out on the opportunity to subscribe to our ProMoneySavings Newsletter!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put in an Easter basket?

This depends on who you are making the basket for. Candies, plush toys, building blocks, and books are the best choice for kids’ baskets. Eastertime baskets for adults can also include chocolate and sweets, but also wine or beer. You can always add beauty products, sleep masks, candles, and anything else your loved ones enjoy.

What can I use instead of an Easter basket?

There are many attractive alternatives to Easter baskets, for both children and adults. One idea is to use takeout boxes with fortune cookies, packing boxes, or rain boots. Umbrella baskets are adorable, and terracotta pots can do the trick as well. You can always think outside the “basket” by using travel bags, bonnets, and tote bags.

What do you put in the boys Easter basket?

You can create a beautiful Easter basket for boys by including candies, gummy bears, and beverages. Spice it up with plush toys, playdough, LEGO packages, and building blocks. Creative sets for drawing and books are welcome too. There’s no need to limit yourself and just add anything a boy would like.

How much do people spend on Easter baskets?

On average, Americans spend about $150 on holiday baskets every year. The exact amount depends on how many baskets they prepare and what products they use. With smart planning, however, people can spend as little as $20 or even $10 per basket. This includes creating homemade packages with budget-friendly items like cheap plush toys and candies bought in bulk.


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