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35 Holiday Gifts Under $10 for Your Coworkers, Friends, Secret Santa, Family

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday, a birthday, an anniversary or a regular day. We should make our loved ones happy every single day. It can be just a smile, a few nice words or… a small inexpensive gift. If you’re looking for cheap gifts under 10 dollars, keep reading this article to find out the best cheap present ideas for everyone.

It is believed that giving is better than receiving. Gifting can uplift our mood and it makes the world a better place. Unfortunately, there’s a small catch. Sometimes buying a gift for people can be a pretty difficult thing to do. No matter if you want to buy a present for family, friends, employees or just small gifts for coworkers under $10 for Secret Santa party – the problem is the same. What to buy?

So, here is the list of the best $10 gift ideas for everyone.

Waterproof Notepad

Water is relaxing, isn’t it? When taking a shower or bath we have lots of time to ourselves which we usually spend thinking. But what if some of those brilliant ideas will get forgotten just because you simply didn’t write them down? Or if something important you’ve got to do pops into your head. Now you can capture tons of great ideas with this handy waterproof notepad. Each set includes a pad with forty waterproof blank pages and a waterproof pencil. It easily sticks to any type of surface, including tile and glass. This would make a perfect inexpensive gift for everyone!

Head Massager

Maybe you can’t afford to give as a present for someone a full spa day, but this head massager will be just as appreciated. And it costs much more less than $10 but the emotions it gives worth more than $1000. There’re lots of different types in the market but the best one we’ve tried is the Spider massager (also known as scalp massager). Shaped like a spider (hence its name), with long and dangling legs, it’s quite simple to use. Its flexible legs give a nice head massage to the scalp. And those feelings you get can’t be described! You just have to try it!

Squishy Anti-stress Toy

Everyone has a stressful day once in a while. Having a nice antistress toy around can give some quick relief. The most popular ones are stress balls but you can choose whatever you like the most. Usually, these anti-stress toys represent malleable objects which take some quirky shapes. When it’s squeezed it can ease muscle tension and help you relax. That’s why this weird and funny anti-stress toy would make an amazing present for Secret Santa gifts under 10 dollars. Besides delivering stress-beating effect, most of these anti-stress toys also give strength-building benefits. 2-in-1 effect for less than 10 dollars!

Monogram Mug

Creative mugs are always the best idea for any occasion. But what if it is a personalized monogrammed mug? You can never have too many mugs, right? Such a personal gift is a nice way to show someone you care about them. This present isn’t just cheap and personal, it also suits any celebration, holiday or person. No matter if it is for someone who drinks a few cups of tea a day or for a true coffee expert, it is still a nice way to remind them of your days sipping a hot beverage together in a cozy cafe.

Cool Socks

Looking for cheap unisex Christmas gifts under $10? Check out some cool socks which will make a nice and unforgettable present. If you think that a pair of socks isn’t enough, then you can always buy a unique gift box with a few pairs of socks. This way you will definitely get the best pair for any occasion or outfit. If buying a full box seems a little bit pricey, then follow one of the main rules of any $10 gift ideas – make it yourself. Choose a few pairs of socks which you like the most, find a nice gift box (you can use any carton box you have at home and decorate it on your own) and put them in there. Voila! You are ready for a Secret Santa present exchange.

cheap gifts under 10 cool socks

Wine Aerator

If you have never heard about wine aerators, trust us, you should give them a go. Lots of people like drinking wine on special occasions but only a few of them know about this useful tool. Wine aerator goes directly into the bottle and it helps to pour wine smoothly. This tool enhances wine’s flavor and scent, allowing to experience a true taste of wine. Exposing wine to air (no matter how fancy or cheap the wine is) triggers oxidation and evaporation. Even though usually wine aerators are used for red wines, they can be beneficial to white wines as well.

Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

We all want to look stunning on pictures to have a great memory of the event. But what if you decided to take a group selfie and there’s no natural light (or even not enough artificial light)? It would be quite hard to get a satisfying selfie. Don’t you worry, someone has already come up with the solution for this problem – a clip-on selfie ring light. It will make all your selfies look lit. Just clip it to your smartphone, press the button and take the most gorgeous selfies ever! Even if you are not sure about the model of the smartphone your friend has (or any other person you are buying it for), there won’t be any problem with that. This gadget will suit any modern smartphone. In addition, it can also be used as an additional source of portable lighting.

Table Game

Everyone loves playing games. Now there are so many different ones in the market that worth trying. Starting from a regular deck of cards and ending with board games with mind-shattering plot twists. We at would like to recommend you a pretty simple but surprisingly interesting game which costs a little bit less than than 10 dollars – Loaded Questions On the Go. It is perfect for a cozy evening with family or a fun home party with friends. 200 hilarious questions will guarantee that there aren’t any shortage of laughs and interaction. Get to know your friends better asking them questions which you probably would never ask. Table game is a perfect option if you’re seeking cool cheap gifts for friends to buy.

Tangle-Free Earbuds

Nowadays life without earphones would be much more difficult, it’s almost a necessity. They are really light, compact and easy to use but not as easy to store. Shoving your earbuds in a bag or backpack is a way to end up with a tangled mess. There is nothing worse than having the wires accidentally bent and having to spend money on a new pair of earbuds. But there is a solution to this problem as well. It’s an earphone organizer which will not only keep your earphones well organized but will also prevent them from getting damaged. It is that thing that everyone needs but only a few people have it. That’s why it could be a perfect way to please your coworkers or employees without having to spend lots of money.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Everybody knows about the benefits of drinking water on a daily basis. As stated by WebMD, drinking eight glasses of water a day helps burning fat faster and increases the rate of metabolism. Even though we all know about all the benefits, it seems impossible to drink that many tasteless glasses of water every day? But what if it’s not plain and boring water you are used to drinking? What if it’s a delicious flavored healthy water drink which encourages you to drink more? Sounds much better, right? Also, it’s very easy to carry around with you wherever you go! And it takes only a few minutes to make a drink because all you have to do is chop up the fruit (or vegetable) you like the most, toss them inside the bottle and enjoy your healthy and naturally sweetened drink. Do your friends or family a favor and buy this magic water bottle for them as a present. Trust us, it will be the most thoughtful gift under $10.


When it comes to present giving some people think the candle is a cliché and it may seem like an unthoughtful present just because it’s “too easy”. But even the Forbes states that “candles make the ultimate gift, no matter the time of year” – and we couldn’t agree more. Just because if you pick out a candle with love and thinking about the person’s taste it will definitely be a well-thought-out present which will speak to their sensibilities. There are so many different sizes, designs, and scents that you can find in the market. That’s why it is very easy to choose the perfect candle as a present, even if your budget allows you to spend less than 10 bucks on a Valentines day gift.

cheap gifts under 10 candles

Succulent Plant Display

Whether you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift, something special for someone’s birthday or anniversary, lasting beauty for your grandparents, or just a startling piece of home decoration for yourself, you can never go wrong with a succulent display! There is a reason they are the most popular garden trend right now. These plants are long-lasting, very pretty and easy to care for. Most of the girls would love to spruce up their bedside or coffee table with a cute succulent plant display. Use our advice and buy a small succulent in a nice pot or terrarium for your loved ones and they will definitely be thinking about you every time they see it.

Waterproof Speaker

Can you imagine your life without music? Neither can we. The earphones are good to use on the go but when it comes to listening to your favorite tunes out loud there is nothing better than a Bluetooth speaker. And for all those shower singers someone has already come up with a great idea – a waterproof Bluetooth speaker! With a water-resistant speaker, you can sing along your favorite songs even while having a shower. You don’t know what you’re missing out until you try it. It’s also a cool inexpensive gift under 10 dollars (yes, there are cheap waterproof speakers in the market that are surprisingly good for their price) which you can buy as a present for everyone because who doesn’t like music?

Avocado Huggers

Avocado is probably one of the most popular fruits of these days. It is possible that the person you are buying the present for is such an avocado lover. That’s why you should be considering buying something which will be really useful. Think about a cute set of silicone avocado savers. These avocado huggers create a tight seal by fitting over a half avocado and keeping it fresh longer. No more brown avocados! It also comes with a pit pocket that can be pushed in or out depending if the half you are saving has a pit. Avocado hugger is the perfect gift for any avocado fanatic. Considering it costs less than 10 dollars, it’s just below your budget.

Sleep Mask

Is there anyone in your closest surrounding that could use a little more sleep? If so, give them the greatest present you could possibly think of – nice and deep sleep. Let their dreams come to life by buying them a soft and lightweight sleep mask. It can be used everywhere – in the comfort of home or during traveling. There is nothing more important than our emotional state of mind and overall well being, that’s why it’s so important to take care of our sleep hygiene. That’s definitely one of the best 10 dollar gift ideas you could ever give to someone you love and care about to make sure they have the most adorable dreams ever.

Personal Keychain

Even though a keychain seems to be a small gift for Birthday, it can also be a very well-thought present. Think about engraving something important and personal on it. It won’t cost you a lot of money. Even if your budget only allows you to buy an inexpensive gift under $10, don’t you worry. Gifts don’t have to be grand gestures. Sometimes it’s small reminders of care and kindness that mean the most to us! Even a regular keychain from your vacation would mean something for someone who really cares about you. It’s not the price that matters, it’s the attention.

cheap gifts under 10 cool personal keychain

Bath Bombs

Something handmade is always better and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Everyone needs to have a nice pamper day relaxing in a foamy and colorful bath. Just drop a bath ball into the water, forget about all the stress you’ve had and enjoy a soothing experience. Lots of bath bombs are used for skin care and aromatherapy as well. Pick up the coolest explosively fizzy and skin moisturizing bath bomb for less than 10 bucks and give it as a birthday or Christmas present for someone who would really like to have a nice pamper day. And in case one bomb is not enough, buy a pack of bath bombs that will fizz away everything bad, and will add some pops of color to your life.

Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Every girl needs a cute place to store her makeup stuff. These acrylic bathrooms or makeup organizers can help to put in order numerous makeup essentials she may have. Save your girlfriend some time and let her forget about constantly disappearing accessories when she needs to leave the house. Make her life easier and more convenient – get her an acrylic makeup organizer to keep her jewelry and makeup in order. It is not just a regular box to store some beauty belongings but it is also a stylish accessory for the room.

Tea Infusers

Tea is considered to be the most popular drink in the world. No matter if you are looking for a cheap present for a tea lover or just a regular person who likes to have a cuppa tea once in a while, you’d definitely like to make their experience much more pleasurable. A cup of tea with tea leaves is much better than with a tea bag, but if you don’t have a proper tea infuser, you should be ready to much on the loose tea leaves while enjoying the drink. Things get really messy without a proper tea infuser. So this can be another idea for really cheap gifts under 10 dollars which you can buy for friends or family.

Aim High Notepad

50 sheets for productivity lovers for much more less than $10. You can never have enough notepads. This notepad will help you to keep up-to-date with daily tasks easily. Three sections will help you prioritize your tasks under a motivational “Make It Happen” banner across the top. With a variety of colors, themes, shapes, and designs, these notepads provide a fun and unusual way to write notes and create to-do lists. It will be a perfect gift for those ones who like to note plan and tasks down by hand and to check each item off after it’s done.

Face Masks

In case you’re seeking a useful and affordable gift for someone special, look no further than a face mask. It seems that women and men alike have become obsessed with face masks recently. Whether you’re looking for nice stocking stuffers or inexpensive Secret Santa gifts under 10$ to bring to a Christmas party, a sheet mask is a great option. Not only do you give them a gift of soft and glowing skin, but you might also have some money left over for one more present because there are plenty of options that will set you back less than 10 dollars. Get those brightening, hydrating and nourishing sheet masks and put a smile on someone’s face.

Travel Kit Organizer

Save your friends and family from suffering through the next long flight, consider giving them something that can help to organize all their stuff making their travel experience better – a useful travel kit organizer. There are lots of different ones that just under your budget. Make sure it’s not too big so that it doesn’t take up too much space of their bag or suitcase but will still hold all of the essentials. Also, it’s good to buy a water-resistant one not only to keep all the essentials organized but also to protect the rest of your luggage from any unexpected leakage.

Reusable Coffee Cup

A reusable travel mug is a perfect gift that can help keep the environment cleaner and save someone’s money in the long term. There is nothing better than having a warm drink in transit to work or while sitting at your desk. Keep your favorite people warm and buy them an inexpensive reusable coffee cup which will not only prevent any leaks on the go but also will be a nice option to take with you while traveling. Besides, we really need to start taking control of our planet. That’s why buying these types of cool cheap gifts for friends is a good way to start reducing the use of non-recyclable materials. Let’s make our planet greener!

cheap gifts under 10 reusable coffee cup

Candy Gift Box

Who wouldn’t want to receive a gift box full of guilt-free sweets? Almost everyone. For those ones who are seeking the best $10 gift ideas, take into account this win-win idea we’ve come up with for you – make a box or Easter basket full of sweets. Find out the names of his or her favorite chewy and gooey gummies which you could put into the box, wrap it up nicely and write a lovely message.

Lemon Saver

It’s very important to protect your lemons from drying out. Zesty lemon can be a great addition to a lot of tasty dishes. Unfortunately, sometimes we have a cut portion of this piquant fruit left over. That’s why we’ve added a very useful tool to our gift list. It’s a thing that every citrus lover needs – a durable container which can help to keep cut lemons and limes fresh and juicy much longer. Just put it inside and the container will keep air and condensation away from the citrus to prolong its flavor and freshness. Wrap it up in a nice wrapping paper and give it to someone who likes to have something sour and yellow.

Pet Odor Exterminator Candle

Looking for a useful and affordable present for a pet owner? You can order pet insurance for your friends but have you ever heard about pet odor exterminator candles? They not only smell and look as fantastic as a regular candle but also they are the best solution to pet odor concerns. They eliminate unwanted pet odor when burning. Some of the brands even offer seasonal fragrances to choose from. So you can be as much creative as you can and buy the perfect candle for almost any holiday. We are sure that any pet lover would dream to have this thing, so take our advice and buy it for someone who has a dog or a cat. They will definitely be happy to receive such a nice and unique gift.

Wine Stopper

Just because wine glasses are so big, it doesn’t mean you have to finish an entire bottle of wine in one sitting. Sometimes it’s better to savor a few glasses and save some for later, especially if it’s a nice-tasting mature wine. There is a solution to this problem as well. Buy a pretty wine stopper that can help you preserve all the flavors of unfinished wine. It can be a unique gift for coworkers under $10 if you try to find the wine stopper which is designed just for the person you’re gifting it to. And is pretty cheap as well! So if your budget allows you, you can always buy a nice bottle of wine to go with a wine stopper.

Multi-Tool Hair Clip

What is the first thing you think when you hear about a hair clip? Hair accessory. But what if we tell you it can actually be a super sneaky multitool? It’s true. Even though it’s the same size as a regular tiny hair clip, it combines a bottle opener, ruler, scraper, nail file, small screwdriver, serrated knife, and box opener! At least once in life, everyone has thought about being a secret agent. So here is your chance to become one! Give this wearable survival tool to your girlfriend so that in case of emergency she could take it out and get to survive. Besides, it’s not just great for survival situations, but also can help you with regular everyday tasks like opening a bottle, tighten screws, measure something or a bunch of other everyday tasks.

Power Bank

These days there is nothing worse than having your smartphone battery go flat. With the increasing demand for power banks (a portable battery that is charged via a USB cable), we couldn’t have to leave unmentioned this gadget in our list of 35 best 10 dollar gift ideas. If the person you’re seeking a gift for doesn’t have a power bank yet than that’s the top gift you should be considering to buy. Of course, most of them cost way more than 10 bucks, but there are some offers under 10 dollars, as well. So start looking and buy it for someone who suffers from unexpectedly dying battery.

cheap gifts under 10 power bank

Self-Cleaning Travel Towels

Here is another useful thing on our list of cheap presents – an odor-resistant self-cleaning travel towel. It is the ultimate item every traveler should have. Firstly, because they stay clean unlike other regular towels, it even cleans away sunblock, sweat, and grime. Secondly, it stays odor-free. And last but not least – it dries in 10-15 minutes which is much more faster than a cotton or microfiber towel. Because of all the qualities mentioned above, they are ideal to use in any type of travel.

Tote Bag

Every girl could use an extra bag. Especially if it’s a big tote bag good for going on a shopping spree or carrying things like lunches, gym gear or something else in our everyday lives. It’s a nice idea to use eco-conscious canvas tote bags in order to cut down on waste. Plus, they are very cheap! You can also add a motivational message or a cute picture to such a functional gift like this. Stop hauling your belongings around in a boring tote bag. Carry them in a stylish and affordable tote bag which can be gifted for almost any holiday.

French Fry Dipping Cone

This french fry dipping cone makes eating finger food more fun! This handy product lets you store ketchup and fries in one container holder making it much easier for you to dip the fries. It comes with two slots, one for ketchup or a dip of choice, the other is for the fries. This cone is also a convenient and attractive way to serve dip and finger foods. Dip and dine on french fries, carrot sticks or finger foods of all kinds. And the removable dipping tray will make cleaning much easier. Less mess on the cheap! One of the best inexpensive and original presents.

Fill-in-the-Blank Book

These tiny books (a little bit bigger than an iPhone) come with 50 fill-in-the-blank lines for you to fill out, to personalize it by writing something nice about the person you are giving it to. You just have to complete each line and voila – you have a unique and very personal gift. You can make it as sweet, heartfelt or hilarious as you choose! It’s all up to you. That’s why it’s such a cool gift – only you know what to write to make your recipient happy and emotional. Plus, they usually come in a variety of different themes: for moms, dads, someone having a birthday, teachers, grandmas, grandpas or any number of other occasions and people!

Lotus-Shaped Cotton Bud Holder

The Lotus cotton bud holder is hygienic as well as being chic. This cute and inexpensive gift would be a cute addition to someone’s dressing table or bathroom counters. It’s a unique piece of home decor designed to reckon the form of a lotus flower leisurely rest on the rock. It can be decoratively placed almost anywhere! Plus, the transparent domed lid keeps dust away and all the buds under cover. Are you still thinking if it’s a good idea for a present? It’s cute, useful and… It costs less than $10! Surprise someone with such an unusual and beautiful home decor, they gonna love it!

Body Scrub

A yummy smelling scrub is like heaven to parched skin. All you have to do is hop in the shower and scrub off all the dead skin. Voila! Your skin is as soft and smooth as baby skin. But the dreamy skin isn’t even the best part. Sugar scrubs are the easiest beauty products to make, and with 2 or 3 ingredients you can put together a big jar of scrub in no time. That’s why it also makes them perfect for gift giving. You will definitely spend less than 10 dollars to make a nice smelling big jar of body scrub. Cheap and natural – that’s exactly what you are looking for. There is an endless list of scent combinations, and with the right combination of oils, you can create a bunch of yummy holiday scrubs. Just grab some cute jars, sugar, and oils, mix it up, put it into a nice box, and your cheap gift is ready.

So this is our list of best $10 gift ideas for friends, family, and coworkers. Subscribe for more updates on the latest saving money tips as well as easy ways to get free gift cards and the best ideas for making extra money.


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