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2020’s Best Cheap Valentines Day Ideas

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Did you know that Americans spend more than $20 billion every Valentine’s Day? Each year, around 145 million cards and 224 million roses are sent across the US to celebrate the date. While you shouldn’t miss having fun with your loved one, overspending on presents is a huge no.

This is when the ProMoneySavings expert team enters the picture. Our financial professionals have put together a list of 40+ cheap Valentines Day ideas for you to choose from. Find budget-friendly gifts for women and men. Plus, we included some awesome Vday activities for kids too.

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Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him

cheap valentines day ideas him

Google Home Base

Ideal for tech-savvy people, a base for Google Home is an excellent gift if your guy uses Google products. The prices start at $20, which is pretty decent. The base can be either metal or fabric. It lets you customize your Google Home, thus perfectly fitting it into your space.

Tile Pro

Another excellent idea is Tile Pro – a Bluetooth tracker great for people who can’t find their things. If your significant other is forgetful, this gadget can help him find items such as keys. It has a broad range and a pretty loud alarm. Pricewise it’s cheap, starting at $35.

Beard Grooming And Trimming Kit For Men

Are you looking for useful and inexpensive Valentines Day ideas for him? Well, what about a beard grooming and trimming kit? Having a nicely styled beard requires time and energy. If your man pays attention to his looks, especially his beard, then a grooming and trimming kit would be a great gift for him. It would always come in handy, and his beard would always look neat.

Philips Oneblade Trimmer

Another great idea is a trimmer by Philips. Best pick here is the Philips Oneblade, a combined hair trimmer, and shaver. The product helps any man style his beard to perfection. Your man can create fine lines and edges. Plus, it can be used anywhere – even in the shower.

Star Wars Light Clapper

The force is strong with his one. Nothing makes a perfect gift for a sci-fi geek like a Star Wars-themed light clapper. With a simple clap, you activate the lamp and even hear Darth Vader speak. Just plug a lamp into the device and control it with a clap.

BBQ Grill Utensil Tools Set

Grilling isn’t an easy job. To get the perfect burgers, you need to have the proper equipment. If your guy likes to barbeque, you should get him a BBQ grill utensil tools set. The set includes grill gloves, spatula, grilling planks, a brush, and a cleaner. The starting price for such products is $35.

Yootech Wireless Charger

Easy charging, easy life. Yootech brings you their wireless charger, which can be a great Valentine’s idea for your loved one. The device is compatible with many iOS and Android devices. Plus, it’s safe and easy to use. It also has a user-friendly design and comes with a warranty in case something happens to it. This is the most popular and inexpensive Valentines idea for husband in 2020.

Airpods Case Cover

This gift is excellent for those owning airpods. In fact, you can get an airpods case cover at a pretty low price and customize it yourself. Just make sure the case that it’s Qi-supported and waterproof. These two are essential for a quality user experience.

Personalized Stainless-Steel Cigar Case

Now, this is the ultimate gentleman’s treat. If your guy is a smoker, we highly recommend getting him a custom stainless-steel cigar case. You can even find one that has both flask and cigar holders. Personalize the case by engraving his name onto it and get his favorite cigars.

Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife

This is a top choice for those who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget. The Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket knife is excellent for outdoor people who like to go hiking, fishing, and camping. It also has many uses at home. The set often comes with a dozen integrated stainless-steel tools and other parts with multiple purposes. You can buy it on Amazon for as little as $29.

Beard Grooming Oil

Beards also need care and nurture. And the essential oils are excellent for beard grooming. Not only they tame the beard, but they also moisturize the skin, doing double duty. Eucalyptus is one such type. It has many skin-caring qualities, and it makes the beard soft. Plus, it smells fantastic too. This is a budget-friendly present and you won’t have to get a personal loan or even a short-term loan to afford it.

Mr. Beer American Lager Craft Beer Making Kit

Beer lovers rejoice! If your Valentine enjoys this beverage, he can try his hand at making one himself. Mr. Beer American Lager Craft beer making kit is an affordable and quality choice. It comes with all the tools one needs to make beer and costs $39 on Amazon.

Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas For Her

cheap valentines day ideas her

“What I Love About You” Journal

In this journal for her, share how much you love your lady. This pre-filled book with your personal touch is a unique and meaningful gift for your loved one. Fill it with your “inside” jokes, sweet love, and future plans to melt her heart. No other cheap Valentines Day ideas for her are as romantic as this journal.

Amazon Echo Dot

Give her the gift to control her home with voice commands. This powerful smart speaker is paired with Alexa for complete smart home management. The Echo Dot allows easy access to favorite music playlists, reads the news, and shares information. It also supports hands-free mode through voice commands. So, your lady won’t even have to leave the sofa to complete various actions.

Tile Pro Tracker

Is your girl always misplacing her things like her wallet, keys, or phone? Be her hero and get her the Tile Pro tracker to find them immediately. Attach it to items she loses the most to stop her from wasting time searching for them. It syncs with Alexa and Google for voice control search.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Let her favorite aroma fill her home with an essential oil diffuser. It’s great for relaxing when meditating or doing yoga inspired by its pleasant aromatic scent. It even acts as a humidifier when in mist mode. You will be giving her two gifts in one.

“The Start Of Us” Map

Are you looking for unique and good Valentines Day gifts for girlfriend? Well, show your romantic side, and go back to the beginning. Relive that special day or moment with your loved one with this custom map print. Replicate the night sky when you first met, kissed, fell in love, proposed, or got married. Add your touch or choose from a standard print. Either way, you will give the shivers to your Valentine.

Glossier Lip Gloss

Want something useful rather than romantic? Then, a Glossier Lip Gloss is a great choice! Glossier strives for an “all-natural” look with its lip gloss products. It will keep her lips soft and moisturized while providing vitamin E and Jojoba oil for hydration. Lip gloss is among the ultimate Valentines gifts on a budget for wife.

Engravable Locket Pendant Necklace

Nothing beats tradition and jewelry as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. Engrave your initials, her name, or your anniversary date on a golden heart pendant for a lifetime of memories. Surprise her even more with her favorite picture of the two of you in the pendant locket.

Beauty And The Beast Rose In Glass Dome

Are you looking for a unique gift for her? Give your lady the gift of an eternal rose! Show her how much she means to you with this distinctive and creative Beauty And The Beast rose. With its glass dome and stylish design, this rose is a versatile decoration for any room in the home.

“Catch My Love” Matching Coffee Mugs For Her And Him

For the flirty and fun couples out there, these “Catch My Love” matching coffee mugs will make the perfect gift. The cups are simple yet stylish, making it a great romantic gift. Try to catch each other’s love and have a laugh while drinking your morning cup of coffee.

Minnetonka Moccasin Slippers

Stylish and cozy shoes or slippers make charming gifts. You don’t have to worry that they will end up in the re-gift pile. A pair of warm Minnetonka moccasins will be appreciated genuinely during the low winter temperatures. Thanks to Minnetonka’s sturdy soles, she can venture outside for errands or grab quick cup of tea.

100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster

Is she a movie buff? Spend some quality time and see the top 100 best movies in the world. Make Valentine’s day a rom-com movie night and gift her this awesome movie scratch-off poster. Start with her favorite film to show just how much you know her. She will appreciate this gesture more than you will know. This is also a top pick among the most creative Valentine ideas for coworkers too.

Spa Gift Basket for Women

This spa gift basket is designed as an essential cure for whatever troubles her body. It makes for a beautiful gift that will help nourish her body and leave her skin silky-smooth. The spa kit comes in many scents like vanilla and lavender at an affordable price of $15.99 on Amazon.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

cheap valentines day ideas date

Recreate Your First Date

There’s nothing more romantic than recreating a piece of memory. Especially if it’s a special event spent together, like your first date. It can bring back a lot of memories and feelings. Whether you met at a concert or at a burger’s place, it will be fun to recreate it. Besides being among the cheap Valentines date ideas, recreating your first date is also funny and unique too.

Plan A Romantic Getaway

How about a romantic getaway? It’s always exciting if you plan to go somewhere for Valentines. Choose a place in the mountains or go to an exotic location. It can be quite rejuvenating, both for the body and for the soul. At least check for nearby places where you can spend some quiet time together.

Organize A Romantic-Comedy Movie Marathon

If you enjoy staying indoors, how about a movie marathon? And because it’s Valentines after all, why not go for romantic-comedy ones? Not only you’ll have a fun time laughing together, but you’ll also snuggle under the bed, being all warm and cozy. Oh, and get a cup of hot chocolate while you’re at it.

Ice Skating

Going ice skating is also an excellent idea for Valentines. If you have a place where you can do this in your city, you should definitely consider it. You don’t have to be a pro to do ice skating. Who knows, maybe it will be fun teaching each other to skate and try falling less.

Attend A Painting Class

This idea is great for the artistic couples that want to express themselves through drawing and painting. Check if there are available paining classes in your area and book an appointment. You will be guided throughout the course. Still, you can always mess around with the colors too.

Cook For You Partner

The most efficient way to win someone’s heart is through their stomach. So why not cook for your partner? If you have a complicated meal in mind, perhaps it’s best to try it yourself first and see how it turns out. If not, go for pasta and wine – it always works. Cheap homemade meals are on every no money Valentines Day ideas list, and they never disappoint.

Spa Day

For a calm and relaxed day – go to the spa. Give your body the treatment it needs and detox yourself. Just make sure you pick a fully-equipped place that has a Finish sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, and even a warm indoor pool. While there, order some sparkling wine and enjoy life to the fullest.

Go To A Concert

There are usually many activities happening around Valentines. You might find an excellent concert you can go to and spend some quality time together. There are often plenty of things going around, so you will easily find something you like. Plus, music has the power to bring you closer together.

Hit The Clubs And Dance The Night Away

For the active couples that like to go clubbing and dancing all night long, go to your favorite clubs. If you don’t really like clubs, go to his or her favorite bar and have some drinks. Dancing brings people closer, and it can be quite an intimate moment for the two of you.

Spend A Night At The Museum

We don’t mean having a scary, existing, and adventurous time like in the movie. But who knows? Museums are great learning places and can be a pleasant visit for the two of you. We recommend you pick a museum your partner loves and surprise them with the tickets.

Poetry Reading

Are you looking for some free things to do on Valentine’s Day? For those that love books and reading, we highly recommend visiting a poetry reading event. It can be pretty romantic having someone reading great lines while you hold hands and drink wine. Alternatively, you can do the reading at home. Choose poetry he or she wants and set up a romantic atmosphere.

Take A Cooking Class

We mentioned cooking before. Yet, if you seek something more exciting, you can always take a cooking class instead. Who knows, it might be fun and cute seeing each other creating a mess. Plus, the fast-paced atmosphere at cooking classes will make your adrenaline levels soar.


Sing your heart out and express the love you feel for your loved one. Even if you’re not that good at singing, karaoke places are a fun and entertaining way to spend Valentine’s Day. Sing the songs he or her likes or pick a romantic one to melt their heart. Plus, this is a free Valentines idea for a date because most clubs don’t charge for karaoke. You just pay for your drinks and the entertainment comes charge-free.

Valentine’s Day Gifts And Activities For Kids

cheap valentines day ideas activities

LEGO Valentine Puppy

Just like there are Halloween deals on spooky gifts, there are often Valentine’s deals on cute toys. LEGO Valentine Puppy is a perfect surprise in this regard. It will keep your little one entertained and away from smartphones. Playing with LEGO and similar products develops motor skills and encourages creative thinking. So, it’s not only fun but useful too.

L.O.L. Surprise! Makeover Or #Hairgoals Series

If you’ve been living in a cave, you may have missed the hottest gift for girls this season. Obviously, that’s all the L.O.L. Surprise! toys. The Makeover or the #Hairgoal series contain several “surprises” in a can alongside a random doll.

Baby Shark Sound Book

Everyone with a little kid knows the catchy “Baby Shark” tune. Now, you can get an adorable sound book for less than $25 as well. While this won’t be a romantic date for you and your partner, your children will love the 100% experience.

Play-Doh Valentine’s Day Bag

If you want something that costs less than $15, then go with a Play-Doh Valentine’s Bag Dough. This product is made with quality materials, and it’s safe for kids of all ages. Just like LEGO, Play-Doh boosts creativity and develops motor skills. So, it’s both useful and fun.

Make a Yarn-Wrapped Heart

Would you like some cheap things to do for Valentines day with your kiddos? Well, what about making a yarn-wrapped heart? Let them express their creativity and keep them busy for most of the night. All you need for this project is yarn (in various colors), cardboard, tape, and scissors. Your boys and girls will be incredibly proud of their craft!

Pin the Heart on the Fox Party Game

Vday can be both entertaining and romantic. Get the unforgettable Pin the Heart on the Fox Party Game for less than $20. The box includes a huge fox whose necklace is missing a heart pendant. Players will have to try and put the pendant in its place while blindfolded. It’s hilarious and perfect for a family Valentine’s Day party.

Dinner Out

Date night often turns into a messy dinner thanks to your kiddos. That’s why it’s best to visit family-friendly places on Valentine’s. Check our list of 100+ restaurants where kids eat free and maintain a healthy budget too. This is among the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day on a budget but also enjoy your night.

Cupid’s Arrow Toss

For less than $5, you can make your own Cupid’s Arrow Toss Party Game. You just need paper plates, straws, numbers, cards, and hot glue. The point of the game is to create targets using the plates and numbers. Then, make arrows using the straws. Kids should say out loud the number they aim at and try to hit it. You can even invite a friend or two of your kids and throw a party they won’t forget.

Ultimate Slime Kit

The truth is – children don’t care about Valentine’s. They do, however, care about having fun and playing. So, if you want them to have a great time, get an Ultimate Slime Kit. This should cost you about $35, which isn’t the cheapest option. Still, you won’t have to leave your home and it will keep the little ones busy for a while.

Valentine’s Day Themed Scavenger Hunt

Invite the guys and the girls for an unforgettable Vday adventure. A scavenger hunt is a free Valentines idea because there are tons of freebies online you can use. Print them out and you’re basically done. Just hide the clues and give the little hunters the first clue. Believe us, they will have a blast! This may not be your standard Valentine’s but it will surely be a memorable one.

Mason Jar of Love Notes

Create a personal and touching gift with a mason jar filled with love and inspiration notes. Ask your kids to add their letters, too. Then, give them to your partner. Alternatively, you can create messages with your partner and gift them to your children. Create a note for each upcoming Monday of the year. Your kiddos can read one during breakfast and have a great start of the week every single time.

Teddy Night Light

Give your Valentine something to help tame his or her fear of the dark. This teddy night light is a cute nightstand light that brightens the room with a soft glow. It plugs into any outlet, and it’s small enough to bring to sleepovers for comfort.

Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas – Bottom Line

Any celebration, Vday included, can be cheap if you get creative.

cheap valentines day ideas final

Rather than wasting hours of coming up with fresh ideas, we did the hard part for you. So, simply pick something from our extensive list of cheap Valentines Day ideas for 2020 and enjoy your date night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do for Valentine’s Day 2020?

A romantic dinner remains a top choice among new couples. If you want to get creative, you can book a spa day or go to a concert. Other fun options would be to visit a painting or a cooking class together and share a unique experience. If you have kiddos, pick one of our valentine gifts for family gatherings.

What can I do for Valentine’s Day cheap?

The cheapest way to have fun for Vday is to stay at home or visit free events. A homemade romantic dinner won’t cost you much. Rent a movie or Netflix and Chill for a full experience. If the weather is beautiful, you can go on a picnic or a hike together. Alternatively, you can invite other couples you know and have an awesome board game date night.

What should I get my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day under $20?

We have a great list of cool $10 gifts you can choose from. Some cute cheap Valentine’s Day ideas for boyfriend are beer openers, books, candies, and socks. If your guy is a gamer, then a video game is always an easy pick. The latest gadgets like Bluetooth speakers and wireless charges should do the trick, as well.


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