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All You Need to Know About the Trump Stimulus Check

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The new Covid-19 is devastating the USA economy and its citizens with infected cases exceeding 45,000. Trump stimulus check of over $1,000 will be “a big infusion” for each American family, according to his words.

The Government underlined that the idea is to survive the coronavirus crisis. Meaning, to put reasonable cash in the hands of people during the lockdown.

The coronavirus bill will infuse about $301 billion into US households. The initial amount of Trump money was $1000 per taxpayer, but the amount is increasing. Details of the plan as to whom, how much, and the delivery means are still under consideration.

Are We Really Getting Stimulus Checks?

The checks are not official yet, though it’s everywhere in the news. We know that you need money right now, but the Trump $1000 bill is a proposal that the Congress is yet to approve. This step is mandatory before the Government starts giving coronavirus money to citizens.

Once the measure becomes law, qualifying individuals and families can receive this United States stimulus. The administration wants to start delivering checks two weeks after adopting the measure.

It is still unclear how we are going to get the package, too. Options vary from direct deposits into people’s bank accounts to traditional checks sent by mail. There are also discussions within the Senate to allow an additional assistance check. They will keep the public informed on other measures if the crisis continues.

Who Gets The Checks?

Congress is discussing the details of who will qualify for the check and its definite amount. If the government stimulus checks get approved, 93.6% of tax filers will receive the payment. The latest proposal is that every adult will receive a check of $1,000 or more. Qualifying kids will also get an extra $500 one-off payment. The total amount per family with two adults and two kids can be as much as $3,000.

coronavirus stimulus check who gets 1

The lowest threshold for receiving the total amount will start at $75,000. For married couples filing jointly, this amount will stand at $150,000. For those who earn more than $2,500, the 1000 dollar bill will become $600. There was also a suggestion that the benefit should decrease by $5 for every additional $100 in income.

Are Small Businesses Eligible For More Money?

This emergency measure doesn’t include small businesses and local stores. But, you can support them with the money you receive through the check or otherwise. This way, it will be easier for local businesses to outlive the crisis. Many of them do not hold enough cash reserves to overcome several weeks of a slowdown.

Though excluded from Trump $1000 for low income, the plan projects loan forgiveness for small businesses. This will be valid if they keep their employees. Small businesses with up to 500 employees will also receive federally backed loans. The idea behind this is to breathe some fresh life into them.

How To Get Trump’s $1,000?

The proposed donation will be based on the 2018 tax returns if you haven’t submitted the 2019 return yet. Plus, if you didn’t file a return for 2018, the one for 2019 will apply. This is gold for new college graduates or employees who began filing up tax returns in 2019. So, consider the coronavirus stimulus bill as some kind of emergency loans.

how to get help with paying rent federal rental assistance

There is a high probability that people will not have to fill out anything for the payment. How to write a check is a probably irrelevant question right now. Money transfers will be executed automatically to those who qualify.

Within the following nine weeks or earlier, citizens will get monetary aid. Previous projections anticipated that the check would reach households somewhere in late April. As discussions develop, this deadline is being extended.

Who Won’t Get a Check?

Rich people and millionaires will not receive the coronavirus stimulus package. Also, for incomes over $99,000, the stimulus will probably be waived. There is also no immediate response to whether people who don’t pay taxes will be eligible for the check. But it’s crucial to underline that a significant share of Americans doesn’t file taxes.

The Treasury Department proposed that payments should be administered to individual taxpayers. Meaning, you have to be a registered taxpayer to qualify.

The proposal disregards people on Social Security and the disabled. Hence, Congress may alter the requirements. It might include more vulnerable categories in the emergency aid it approves.

Have Stimulus Checks Been Sent Out Before?

Until now, nobody has received the announced funds, but the idea is not new. Previous practices can tell us a lot about how this Donald Trump stimulus check might work. Direct payments in the past were in the form of rebates or through tax cuts. In 2020, payment channels can change.

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American recent history has seen two major one-time checks paid to U.S. households. The first direct financial assistance took place in 2001 as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attack. Most Americans received a $300 check at the time. That amount of cash in 2001 equals to about $438.19 in 2020.

The other money boost was through the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008. Note that compared to this $1000 Trump measure, previous cash infusions have been less stimulating. Due to the Great Recession, Americans got between $300 and $600 before the financial crisis in 2009. This measure of the federal Government provided minors under 17 help of $300.

Trump $1,000 Bill Final Thoughts

State donations are not uncommon for American people. It’s a prudent measure to help loyal taxpayers survive in times of crisis. And the only good news in the coronavirus crisis is that we are getting a stimulus check this year.

Yet, there is still room left for further amendments to the proposal. And, today, we are eagerly waiting on any news on the subject. Since jobless people in curfew are particularly vulnerable, they must be part of the stimulus programs, experts agree. Though living on $1000 a month for some people is unimaginable, it can relieve significant shocks for low-income families.

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    1. Shontelle says:

      I really hope this 1000 dollar bill isn’t some lie. Many families expect our beautiful country to help us survive these hard times! We are here and we are waiting mister president!

      1. Emily says:

        Agree with you, thanks!

      2. Cyclingmasterseller says:

        Ah, it’s Nancy Pelosi you have to ask, she holds the pen that signs the check.

    2. Michael Abdul says:

      Everything right now is so scary. It’s really great that the US government wants to help its people with these government stimulus checks. it makes me worry a little bit less.

      1. Emily says:

        Agree with you. Keep calm and be healthy!

    3. P. Gonzales says:

      Finally someone explained the trump $1000 bill in normal words so we can understand it. Thank you! I’m afraid my boss will fire me, we almost have no business at all. 1000 bucks will help me a lot!

      1. Emily says:

        Thank you and good luck!

    4. Mustafa says:

      I like to get donlad trump stimulus check, we have three kids, surviging is impossible my boss says I can lose job

      1. Emily says:

        Stay safe!

    5. Patrick says:

      This is great news and it could save lots of families from starving. I’m happy that the government stepped up with the coronavirus stimulus package. Maybe it would’ve been better to do it quicker though.

      1. Emily says:

        Agree with you. Good luck!

    6. B. Y. Johansen says:

      I heard some news that the coronavirus stimulus bill may increase the help to $1,200 instead of $1,000. That’s awesome, but I wonder if the US really has the money to provide all this.

      1. Emily says:

        I hope so. Stay safe!

    7. flor floriana says:

      they call it trump $1000 for low income bill but somehow I think again only the rich people will get help and everyone will forget about us, I hope im wrong

      1. Emily says:

        Everything will be okay. Stay safe!

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