Elegant But Not Extravagant Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Elegant But Not Extravagant: Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

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Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but the rest of 2020 honestly hasn’t been all that marvelous. We’re all in need of a little good cheer. Be that as it may, though, families should be careful not to overspend during the holidays or even go into debt in order to finance a lavish celebration.

It’s a good thing that there are plenty of ways to feed a crowd without breaking the bank and a number of inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for you to choose from. Some people did indeed get richer during the coronavirus pandemic, but most of us took a hammering. Businesses stumbled and floundered all over the place, especially small enterprises that account for about half of all non-government jobs. We’re all hoping for a recovery in the coming year, and one does seem likely, but nobody really knows what 2021 may hold for us.

It’s therefore wise to save money on Christmas this year. This is a time for togetherness rather than materialism, after all, and it’s certainly possible for you to enjoy yourselves on a budget. If things go well in the coming months, you can always invest your savings…and if things head south, you’ll be glad to have a little extra cash at your disposal.

Let’s take a look at some creative Christmas gift ideas that are easy on the wallet but will still bring a smile to the faces of those who receive them:

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Some of the best inexpensive Christmas gifts cost little more than some time and effort. The best part is that you can personalize many of them to your heart’s content – when you put a little love into something you created yourself, it really is the thought that counts.

Handcrafted Soap

Though it seems like it should be complicated, you really don’t need to be Walter White to make gentle, high-quality soap from scratch. The basic ingredients are just vegetable oil, lye, and essential oils to impart some fragrance. All the tools you need are probably already in your kitchen and, as long as you’re careful when handling the lye, very little can go wrong.

Detailed instructions are available here. Once you’re done, simply wrap each bar in your choice of paper and you have a gift that would cost $5 or more if you bought it at the store. Bonus points for spending a few bucks extra on soap molds for an extra special touch.

A Custom Deck of Cards

You probably have a ton of family photos saved on your phone or computer you barely even look at anymore. Don’t let these memories fade; instead, use them to create your own pack of playing cards!

custom playing cards gift ideas

Figuring out how to use graphic design software to get everything just the way you want it may take some time, but hey, learning is never wasted. After that, you have two options: either pay someone to do the actual printing, or buy some playing card stock and use your home printer. The former will give you better quality, while the latter is significantly cheaper. Since this is a Christmas gift, though, the idea is probably not so much to use them for everyday games, so you don’t need to spring for extra lamination or premium cardboard.

Homemade Hair Conditioner

Many people, concerned about what effects exotic chemicals may have on the human body, are now mixing their own detergents. By and large, these work just as well as those you can buy at the supermarket. What may still surprise you is that you can replace many of those fancy branded haircare products just as easily.

DIY hair conditioners are at least as effective as those with TV commercials, smell a lot better, and are often the cheaper option. Some, like those containing yogurt and eggs, need to be refrigerated, which is obviously less than ideal for a gift. Others, however, keep well for months and can be made from inexpensive ingredients. All you need to turn them into Christmas gifts are some fancy bottles and a few labels you can write out by hand.

Message Capsules

There are probably people in your life you only see for a few days a year, around Christmas. There may not be much you can do about this situation, but at least you can let them know you care about them year-round with a bottle of these message capsules.

Sometimes, a person who’s feeling down just needs to read a one-line note like “I ♥ U” or “You can do the thing!”. You can write about 20 of these on the included slips of paper, package them in the capsules (each of which has a little emoji face), and give the bottle containing them to a loved one to open as needed. If you’d prefer not to spend any money at all, you can still take advantage of this Christmas gift idea: simply use any spare container you happen to have lying around and seal each rolled-up message with a drop of wax instead.

A DIY Snowglobe

Snowglobes may seem magical, but they’re actually pretty easy to construct yourself. All you need to buy may be a figurine: perhaps a charming building, an animal, a racecar – just think about what the person you’re planning to give it to enjoys. Then, follow these instructions to create a fantastic personalized ornament in under half an hour (though it will look like you spent a whole lot more than that).

Christmas Gift Ideas for Under $25

People understand that money is tight right now; no-one is expecting a new car or package holiday as a Christmas gift. Still, you may want to show your appreciation for them with a small physical token – no gift is too modest as long as it shows that you know and love the recipient. If none of the options below appeal to you, also check out this page for more inexpensive Christmas gift ideas.

Treasures from Second Hand Bookstores

Reading remains one of the cheapest ways to entertain yourself and expands the mind besides. It’s really a shame that it’s not a more popular pastime – perhaps this is just because people don’t realize that books are some of the best Christmas gift ideas.

books for christmas

They don’t have to be expensive, either, as long as you look farther afield than this week’s bestsellers list. If you know someone well enough to want to buy a present for them, you’ll already have a pretty good idea of what interests them and what kind of fiction they’ll enjoy. Browsing through second-hand bookstores with a friend can make for a pretty fun afternoon, or you can search for underappreciated titles online if you don’t like the smell of old books.

A Censer and Incense

When a room smells nice, people feel nice. There are few more direct ways of making someone you care about happier than by giving them a selection of incense cones that emit soothing or energizing scents. This is one case in which it’s worth paying a little more for the organic option – the artificial fragrances used in some incense may give off harmful compounds when burned.

While you’re at it (and if your Christmas gift budget allows) you can also throw in an incense burner. Though inexpensive, some of these are amazingly pretty, creating a kind of ghostly waterfall effect with smoke.

A Milk Frother

If someone you know really deserves a cappuccino machine but you can’t afford one right now, take a look at this low-cost alternative. It doesn’t hold a candle to a real milk steamer, but you can still create some pretty tasty froth for lattes, hot chocolate, and other drinks.

An Air Purifier for Your Fridge

A good first step towards spending less on groceries is not to let your fruit and vegetables spoil. Buying less at a time, or resorting to canned or frozen produce, are both good ideas. Still, it seems like we’re really at the mercy of biology as far as wilting and rotting goes.

The thing is, though, that biology can be tricked. Many fruits and vegetables emit a gas called ethylene, which helps them ripen but also makes them rot more quickly. Simply placing one of these gadgets in your fridge halts this process, lowering your food bills and improving the quality of your nutrition. If you know anyone who’s trying to eat more healthily, this is the perfect low-cost Christmas gift for them.

A Personal Fan

We may be shivering right now, but sweltering summer is sure to come around in a couple of months. When this happens, don’t let your relatives get hot and bothered; give them one of these inexpensive fans instead.

Worn like a necklace, it blows cool air up against your face and neck. It runs for about 10 hours on one set of batteries and, though it won’t win any prizes for fashionability, it’s hard to beat in terms of the comfort it offers.

Finding a Christmas Gift for Less than $50

No matter how broke you are, there are certain people you really want to treat a little around Christmas time. You may think that spending only a few dollars extra doesn’t amount to much, but you’d be wrong: with a little careful shopping, you can score a delightful Christmas gift even if you’re short of cash.

Mini Waffle Maker

Perfect for a younger person who’s just about to move out on their own, this little kitchen gadget has only one purpose: making delicious breakfasts or desserts for one. It’s extremely compact, easy to clean, and can produce a waffle in only 5 minutes, making it perfect for the single person who’s always on the run – just keep a jar of batter in the fridge and use as needed.

Portable Waterproof Speaker

If you could listen to music or podcasts in the shower, would you? If this kind of multitasking appeals to you, then so will this watertight Bluetooth speaker, which can be used in the bathroom, near (though not in) the pool, while camping and so on.

It can connect to devices up to 33 feet away and, at about 4” by 4” by 2”, is as small as you could possibly want. The battery life of 10 hours is nothing to sneeze at, nor does the sound quality disappoint.

Thing Locator

No doubt, you know a couple of people who’re on the absent-minded side…and not all of them have gray hair. Anyone who’s constantly losing their stuff in the same room they’re in will appreciate the Tile – when you can’t find your car keys, simply use the app to make the keyring emit a sound. If you’ve managed to locate your keys but your phone is missing, just tap on the Tile to make it ring. It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Mushroom Growing Kit

Most people have no idea how mushrooms are grown – did you know that you can do it in your own kitchen? While not totally foolproof, this pint-sized mushroom farm offers a high chance of success, even for multiple harvests.

mushroom farm christmas gift 1
mushroom farm christmas gift 1

All you need is water and some patience. This is a great gift for families with children, as they’ll be able to monitor the mushrooms’ growth day by day.

Classic Arcade Cabinet for Your iPad

Younger people probably haven’t had this experience, but most Millennials and Gen Xers dropped a lot of quarters for the privilege of playing games like Donkey Kong, Pacman, and Space Invaders. The graphics may be poor and the sound effects no more than beeps and boops, but this is just as much fun than the latest Xbox release.

If you already own an iPad, all you need to do is download the appropriate app, slot your device into this cabinet and fire her up. Old-style joystick controls and sturdy construction make this Christmas gift worth the money.

Christmas Gift Baskets: Stocking Stuffers to Mix and Match

Of all the homemade Christmas gift ideas, Christmas gift baskets are one of the most economical and satisfying. The idea is simple: instead of one large and probably expensive gift for each person, you buy a selection of small items and distribute them according to each recipient’s taste.

christmas gift baskets 1
christmas gift baskets 1

Here are a couple of ideas for small Christmas gifts to get you started:

  • Food seasonings are often really cheap when you get them in bulk and can easily be re-packaged in small air-tight jars for an elegant foodie gift. Some items to keep in mind are spices, Himalayan pink salt, honey, and real vanilla pods.
  • Liqueur samples generally aren’t enough for a party, but do enable your friend or family member to experience flavors they’d never buy for themselves. The two-ounce bottles you’ll see on airplanes are way overpriced if you can even find them, but you can also buy empty containers and fill them from a bottle. If the latter costs $30 (which presumably means that it’s top-shelf booze), each sample works out to about $3.50 including the vial.
  • Nobody ever says no to candy.  Unless you’re making Christmas gift baskets for kids, the idea is to choose varieties that look elegant but don’t cost a bundle. Individually wrapped chocolates, dried fruit, and nuts are all going to be huge hits. For children, of course, quantity is far more important than quality.
  • Self-care items and cosmetics will make any woman smile. They don’t need to be from well-known brands, either. Look for quality products off the beaten track and round them out with items like manicure tools, scented candles, and washcloths made from premium fabrics.
  • Toys aren’t necessarily just for children. These splat balls, for instance, are a great stress reliever as long as they last. Numerous other toys are sold in large sets that can be broken up and given to multiple people.

Santa Will Come Around Next Year, Too

Everybody wants to give their family the best, especially around Christmas when it seems like the whole world is pulling out all the stops. Don’t be tempted to push your credit cards too far, though.

Your bills and mortgage will still be there once the dust settles. A week of pleasure really isn’t much if it means months of pinching pennies afterward. In other words, enjoy your Christmas but look for cheaper ways of doing so: go caroling instead of to the mall, watch out for free entertainment like nativity plays, and of course select thoughtful, inexpensive Christmas gifts instead of heavily advertised products. You can make up for any corners you cut next year, especially if you plan ahead and put away some money specifically for holiday celebrations.

There are thousands of great cheap and homemade Christmas gift ideas out there; this article can barely scratch the surface. If you have a personal favorite, please jot it down in the comments – somebody is sure to read and use it to make their own holidays a little more cheerful.




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