Free And Cheap Courses To Keep Your Brain Active

Free And Cheap Courses To Keep Your Brain Active

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Are you a disciplined self-learner with a dynamic and productive lifestyle? Are you on the hunt for exemplary and trusted digital learning sites? Roaming through the vast pool of online websites that offer acquisition of various skills is not an option. Regardless of whether you prefer wellness, astronomy, or art and design, we have your back.

We gathered the most reliable cheap and free online courses across the web to keep you brain active. With minimum investment and effort, you get to learn a new skill. So, what are you waiting for? Mastering a new craft can be beneficial both for your brain and career path.

Free Online Courses To Try Today

Exploring distance learning platforms to benefit the fitness of your brain is the first step to take. We recommend taking the following free online courses to upgrade your skills.

1. Khan Academy

If you wish to train your brain with free online courses, you must turn to Khan Academy for support. Teachers and learners are offered an extensive library of math, science, languages, and much more. As a non-profit organization, Khan Academy is committed to bringing education closer to poor communities and undereducated individuals.

Learn computing, art history, or economics at your own pace to build your skills from scratch to hatch. The best thing about this learning platform is that materials are available in over 40 languages.


Academic learning has become way too accessible for every fanatic learner than ever before. With more than 20 million learners, EdX features university-level courses in an ever-growing range of disciplines. The underlying goal is to transform the hefty, time and location-bound education process into something completely opposite.

As a joint project of MIT and Harvard, the platform takes pride in nearly 3,000 courses. The most popular subjects include law, history, engineering, public health, computer science, and business. Highly valuable free resources are available for a certain period, but unlimited access will most likely entail a fee. You’ll be required to pay for gaining verified and instructor-signed course certificates, too.

3. Coursera

If you’ve been looking for online courses to train your brain, the name says it all. Spark your learning potential by accessing in-depth online courses dedicated to any topic you might think of. Choose any subject ranging from data science, engineering, and mathematics to medicine and social sciences. Hosted by eminent partner universities and companies such as Stanford, Google, and IBM, your efforts will be much appreciated.

Courses encompass exercises, quizzes, peer-graded assignments, and often, a final exam or project. Users are offered free access to audio lessons, but graded assignments, degrees, and certificates are only granted upon a certain fee.

4. Google Analytics Academy

Whether you just like to understand the concept of digital marketing or strive to get a job, Google Analytics offers several paths. The primary goal is to learn how to track analytics for websites. Options include courses for beginners and advanced learners.

Reviewers like Google Analytics for its flexibility and decent job preparation. Don’t get surprised if we tell you that you can find a range of free courses to choose from. Otherwise, the average cost of qualifications is $49 and the median time to complete a course is 15 hours.

5. Google Developers Training

Are you looking for free of charge resources to start creating exceptional and responsive mobile and web-based apps? Google has your back. With a vision to enable top-notch developer education available to students, Grow with Google is your ticket to tomorrow’s digital job market. The assortment of materials and tutorials for self-study are developed by professional Google teams.

Offering a wide choice of certified teaching resources, Google Developers Training is the ideal option for prospective app developers. Both beginners and advanced designers can learn to develop Android apps. The teaching process starts from simple basics to high-quality apps. The course also includes Google certification exams that prove your development skills.

6. Duolingo

If you wish to keep your brain active with foreign languages, Duolingo is the ultimate choice for any age. With design and visuals brought to perfection, you can choose from the catalog of over 50 languages. What is more, you can learn more languages simultaneously.

Focusing on aspects such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing, learning languages with Duolingo is an all-encompassing journey. This fun toolbox comprises lessons and quizzes organized into a tree that ends with a medal. The website features stories in the target languages, too. Offering translating services is one of the best home-based business ideas in 2020.

7. FreeCodeCamp

If you have set your eyes on coding, this is the path to take. If you are a self-disciplined learner and adore programming, this is a viable route for your future career. The abundant range of videos, lessons, articles, and study groups makes you feel as you’re following a college course. The name itself implies that the training is free and all this thanks to generous donors. Resources are divided into coding boot camps and self-learning materials.

Another great advantage of the courses is that you get actual hands-on experience. This is achieved by assigning five projects after every completed course. FreeCodeCamp offers six different certifications with as much as 1.800 hours of study in total. The courses include front end libraries, responsive web design, data visualization, etc.

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8. OpenLearn

Regardless of whether you’re interested in mastering a new topic or want to expand your knowledge in a particular field, OpenLearn has it all. Ranging from money and business to history and arts, you can find materials on practically every topic that comes to mind. A vast ocean of knowledge waiting to be discovered for free.

The Open University has been offering free articles, tutorials, and lessons for over 40 years and provides access to courses and certificates. Launched in 2006, the platform aims to strengthen the link between informal and formal learning. Choose between over 900 available courses while joining group debates and initiatives.

9. Vision2Learn

Find various awesome courses with excellent feedback accepted by many employers. Eligible learners can gain significant benefits from taking part in this UK government-funded learning platform. Some of the most popular courses include Nutrition and Health, Essential IT Skills, Customer Services, and Lean Organizational Management.

Studying with Vision2Learn is a flexible way to improve your skills and add new qualifications to your CV. The great thing about this platform is that you get assigned a one-to-one tutor who follows your progress. You can also get feedback from the friendly support team that offers immediate assistance. Courses are accredited by authorized institutions and are entirely free of charge.

10. MIT Open Courseware

MIT OCW is an online platform that quenches the thirst for knowledge of many keen learners. The idea behind the project is simple. All course materials active at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are published online and made accessible to anyone willing to learn. The intention is to enrich the lives of people and urge them to tackle the worst human challenges on a global level.

The only downside is that course attendants do not get any degrees or certificates. Sometimes, online resources do not reflect the entire content of the course. This is just an online branch of the university supporting a noble cause and can grant you access to MIT faculty.

11. Alison

You’ll soon realize that keeping your brain active has never been easier than learning with Alison. Browse through the massive base of free online courses powered by leading global experts. You can be one of the 15 million users that by completing Alison’s courses attempt to waive boundaries and transform the lives of many.

The paramount focus of Alison is to teach job-applicable skills. Categories that you can master include business, technology, languages, healthcare, marketing, lifestyle, science, math, and humanities. The interface of the platform is clear and easy to navigate with plenty of paths to niche markets. On top of that, the webpage offers certificate and diploma courses for a small charge.

12. Microsoft Learning

In the world heavily relying on IT skills, Microsoft can open multiple doors. If you have specific technical skills, consider upgrading them with the cloud services offered at the platform. Opt for any training related to server, desktop, applications, database, or development and get ready for the world of tomorrow.

Learners most like Microsoft Learning because of the hands-on training it provides. Plus, they receive excellent career preparation brought to them by high-end teachers. Microsoft certifications for specific job roles are widely accepted within the industry. As of the cost, taking fundamental level exams starts at $99 per exam.


ClassCentral is primarily a search engine that aggregates courses from high-class providers such as MIT, Yale, Stanford, and Harvard. If you want to keep your brain sharp, this is the right place to look for high-quality courses on almost any topic. Some of the most attractive courses are in the fields of humanities, business, science, and computer science.

The search base mainly focuses on free courses available through open course platforms. The vast team of professionals gives prospective learners personalized recommendations depending on their scope of interest. Learners get reminders, and their subjects are tracked, too.  Apart from free courses for beginners and adult education, you can find exceptional master’s degrees that can be earned online.

14. YouTube

Needless to say, YouTube is the digital universe of today’s humanity. Aside from music, there’s an entirely different side of this web giant. Educational YouTube channels are free of charge, and the right mix of them can teach you even more than college. From accounting basics to guitar lessons, you can find elementary and advanced teachings on any topic you can imagine.

Watch TED talks to get acquainted with great ideas presented by talented educators. Try out channels such as SmarterEveryDay to learn something new every day. If you’re keen on cooking or cocktail making, why don’t you check Pro Home Cooks and Cocktail Chemistry?

15. Lumosity Brain Training

Surely, you care for your brain and want to train it daily. With Lumosity, you will be given different sets of games to challenge your brain each day. Plus, progress tracking will encourage you to maintain your daily training habit. The idea lies in the way Lumosity takes scientific tasks and transforms them into demanding brain games and puzzles.

Problem solving, memory, attention, and processing speed are targeted the most. This simple online tool will keep your brain engaged by combining numerous disciplines from neuroscience to visual art. Above all, training programs are tailored to match the unique strengths and weaknesses of each learner. The platform works on mobile devices, too.

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Learning a new skill online will keep your brain active and improve your skills, which always leads to career progress.

Cheap Online Courses To Learn A New Skill

The truth is that at a certain point in life, you’ll have to invest a small amount of money to gain a lucrative skill. We have selected the best online sites that assist learners in obtaining new skills to diversify income sources.

1. Udemy

Offering an endless array of online courses for low prices makes Udemy a giant in the virtual learning community. Most courses are designed to help you develop or improve real-life skills that pay off when climbing the career ladder. Courses aimed for fun or hobbies such as gardening are not excluded either. Even employers access Udemy’s courses to enhance the skills of their workers. Learn anything from yoga and self-defense to photography, music, and design.

The thing that Udemy allows everyone to teach a course on its platform can be both positive and negative. You can find solid courses organized by professionals in the field that have high ratings. We suggest you avoid low-rated lessons. Though learning a particular skill can cost you between $25 and $100, you can often come across discount coupons or even free access.

2. Shaw Academy

Topics vary from digital marketing and graphic design to financial trading and investment. There are courses appropriate for hobby-seekers, professionals, and even entrepreneurs. After having attended the envisaged classes, learners are required to apply the acquired skills. Study programs with over a million graduates include digital marketing and leadership.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the free trial period to choose a suitable course and see whether teaching techniques suit you. The monthly fee after the trial costs €49.99. Shaw Academy offers internationally recognized certifications for each course, too.

3. Learning Tree International

For all those who want to invest some time and energy into polishing their IT and business skills, this is the bull’s eye. Huge organizations are particularly fond of the skill catalog that features over 350 specific topics.

The provider offers an online skills assessment tool customized for specific requirements. All learning services are accredited, and award-winning and therefore the average cost of a course is about $2,500. Most courses among which Agile Testing and Software Testing can be completed within 24 hours.

4. CreativeLive

This is a digital product that can help you master the skills required to achieve your full potential. You can also learn a craft or passion you’ve always been interested in. Follow unique classes transmitted by world-leading experts with the ultimate aim to tackle life challenges with creative tools.

CreativeLive streams high-quality classes 24/7 on their TV channel recently launched due to the latest Covid-19 outbreak. The best thing about this online learning engine is that tutorials can be followed for free during the trial period. Independent thinking and exploration are highly encouraged.

5. Edinburgh Whiskey Academy

If you’re wild about whiskey and think you could make a career with your passion, don’t give this opportunity a second thought. The Academy is a pioneer of certified whiskey education that unlocks the magic behind the process. The learning process involves the history, artistry, science, and business of whiskey production.

Whether you are an expert in the field of spirits or a rookie who likes to learn the skill of tasting whiskey, this is the right spot to get the proper education. Certified diplomas signed by industry experts can help you start a new career.

6. Skillshare

If you’re a creative soul, look no further than Skillshare. Keep your innovative and far-fetching brain active by courses designed to cater for your creativity and boost your business skills. Course categories include culinary arts, wellness, illustration, photography, and business. For example, learn how to make awesome photos and then sell your photographs online to make cash.

Though not academically accredited, the focus of Skillshare is on practical application with hands-on experience that involves valuable feedback. Note that apart from free classes, there are premium courses accessible only with a monthly or yearly subscription. If you start today, you’ll get two-month free premium access without any commitments.

7. LinkedIn Learning

Apart from brain training, with LinkedIn Learning, you can also attain professional growth.  Learning in-demand skills taught by real professionals is what takes LinkedIn Learning a step ahead. Choose between Software Development, Leadership and Management, Data Science, and Business Software and Tools and start learning today.

Courses consist of lessons, quizzes, exercise, and other supporting documents to turn your knowledge into practice. Plus, you can master the most popular tools such as Swift, Excel, and Photoshop. For learners with an active LinkedIn profile, resources are free of charge. After the trial period, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of $29.99 or an annual fee of $19.99 per month to continue learning.

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You don’t even have to leave your bed in order to learn a new skill using these cheap and free online courses.

Bottom Line – Keeping Your Brain Active

With so many options out there, starting a course couldn’t be any easier. The hard part is to push through to the end. We suggest you take a friend along your learning journey to keep you challenged and motivated.

The present situation seems ideal to wake your brain up with some free courses online. No more excuses and procrastinations. ProMoneySavings cares about your well-being, so it’s about time you start taking care of your brain, too.


How to keep your brain active?

To be honest, your options are limitless. You just have to possess the stamina and willingness to keep sharpening your brain. Any of the online platforms above will do the trick. Depending on your interests, you can start by doing puzzles, playing chess, or strategy games. For the academically-oriented, signing up for a new course and learning a new skill is ideal.

How can I improve my brain?

As your body requires daily physical exercise to stay in shape, your brain also needs a regular workout of at least 10 minutes per day. Try out brain training games such as Sudoku or crosswords to stimulate your mental fitness. Learning and taking up a new hobby online is another option to consider. Anyway, never underestimate the power of good sleep, physical exercise, balanced diet, and friends to keep your brain healthy.

Do brain games actually work?

Brain games can undoubtedly improve your working memory and processing speed. Seniors can benefit from preserving their cognitive health. Yet, refrain from websites that exaggerate the benefits of mental games and only waste your time and money.

Can training games improve our memory?

Research has confirmed that brain games improve our cognitive skills and reduce the risk of dementia. Even video games can play a crucial role in keeping your brain young and sharp. Training games also enhance judgment, understanding, and thinking speed. So, why not start practicing some challenging mental games right away?


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