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Where to Get a Free Turkey for Thanksgiving 2019

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November is here, and it’s time to prepare for Thanksgiving.

Did you know that the average cost for a 10-people feast for this celebration is about $48.90? According to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s stats, the price has dropped by 22 cents in comparison to 2018. The largest share of this amount, unsurprisingly, goes on the turkey.

Families who struggle with saving up enough cash for a delicious Thanksgiving meal need not worry. There are lots of ways to grab a free turkey for Thanksgiving in 2019.

Scroll down and discover the places that support their customers and low-income families with fantastic Thanksgiving deals.

How To Get A Free Turkey For Thanksgiving This Year?

This holiday is all about being grateful for what you have and bringing friends and families together. Nobody should worry about being unable to provide a fresh meal on their table. Luckily, there are several proven ways to get help and enjoy the celebration worry-free.

Keep reading and learn how to get a free turkey for Thanksgiving this year.

  • Collect points at grocery stores – People who have put aside a Thanksgiving shopping budget plan can easily score a free turkey. Namely, lots of established grocery stores and food chains run specials for this holiday. So, by doing your shopping at the same grocery store, you can collect enough points and then exchange them for a gobbler;
  • Spent a specified amount – Similar to the previous point, grocery stores also give out complimentary turkeys to the customer who will spend a certain amount there. For example, making a purchase of at least $100 can win you a fresh or frozen turkey at many stores;
  • Try food banks – Food banks are here to provide help to those who need it the most. Forget about researching where to find a free turkey giveaway near me. Instead, just visit Feeding America’s website and use your postal code to discover your nearest food bank instantly;
  • Visit senior centers – Senior centers always have specials during the holidays, Thanksgiving included. Senior citizens can visit them and ask whether they offer gobblers or even entire meal baskets;
  • Charities and Religious Organizations – United Way and Meals on Wheels are some of the charities that provide free food to all Americans in need. Plus, Meals on Wheels is the best option for people who aren’t able to leave their homes. Churches also provide free food for Thanksgiving 2019, so don’t forget to ask your local church for help too;
  • Ask the guests to bring it – If you’re investing time to do the cooking, then you can ask your guests to bring the food. Tell everyone to bring something instead of paying for everything on your own. That way, you’ll save cash, while your guests won’t spend too much money either. Alternatively, you can ask your guests to bring the bird, while you prepare a cheap dinner for many people instead of the traditional side dishes;
  • Coupons – Local newspapers and magazines often feature turkey coupons you can use. Just cut out the coupon, or print it out if it’s online, and take it to the appropriate store with you. Right there, you can claim your complimentary gobbler in 2019.

Where To Find Free Turkey In The USA This Thanksgiving?

While we can help you with cheap gifts ideas and money-saving tips, the following grocery stores can help you with your Thanksgiving dinner. More precisely, by doing your shopping at the places listed below, you gain access to the best turkey deals for Thanksgiving.

  1. Weis – From 10th October through the 28th of November, you can earn Weis Rewards Points, which can be redeemed for several prizes. A free Weis Quality Frozen Turkey costs 400 points. Vegans can go for the complimentary Tofurky Roast and Gravy or the Tofurky Ham Roast & Marinade for the same amount of points. Alternatively, 100 Weis Rewards Points can provide valuable discounts on fresh and frozen gobbler as well;
  2. ShopRite – Shop at ShopRite and show your Price Plus® club card to record the amount spent. If your total spent amount reaches $300 through 28th November, you can grab a free turkey, turkey breast, ham, lasagna, kosher chicken, or tofurky. This promotion applies to home orders and deliveries too;
  3. Walmart – This store actually has Thanksgiving turkeys for sale rather than giving them for free. Walmart sells turkeys for 40 cents per pound, which is much lower than the average cost of $1.19 per pound;
  4. Giant Food Stores – Are you a regular customer at Giant Food Stores? Well, 2019 is yet another year when you can grab a free gobbler there. Do your shopping there, collect points, and as soon as you earn 400 points, you can claim a complimentary turkey certificate. The promotional period lasts from 15th to 28th November. Tofurkey and family-sized lasagna are the turkey alternatives this store offers to consumers;
  5. Acme – Those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on their Thanksgiving dinner should consider Acme’s. With the coupon featured in their weekly flyer and only $100 spent, you can claim a free Signature Farms turkey, Acme-brand frozen turkey breast, or Jennie-O turkey. This special lasts through 22nd November;
  6. Safeway – No need to wonder, where can I get a free turkey! Just spend $100 or more on groceries at Safeway, and you will get a complimentary Honeysuckle gobbler of up to 16 lbs. completely charge-free. Larger families may prefer a bigger turkey, for which they will have to spend at least $150 at the store. Remember, the amount must be paid at once, and you also need to download the promo to your own Safeway Club Card;
  7. WinCo – WinCo has an entire section of digital coupons and great deals all the time. Consumers can claim and use these coupons freely right before making a payment at the store. During Thanksgiving, those who make their grocery shopping there can grab a free turkey for every bill over $100. WinCo has, moreover, many other great promotions such as fully cooked dinners and gobblers for a discounted price;
  8. Albertsons – Do you have an Albertsons Regards club card? If you do, you can use it to score a free turkey for Thanksgiving this year. Do your shopping at Albertsons, spend at least $150 in a single transaction, and scoop a Signature Farms turkey. This holiday special lasts through 22nd November;
  9. Fareway – Individuals, couples, and small families will love the Fareway Thanksgiving special. Namely, spending at least $50 at the store’s Fresh Meat Counter will get them a decent Fareway Basted Young Turkey of 14 pounds. Those who need a bigger bird will get a special discount at check out too. This promo is on through 22nd of November;
  10. Hy-Vee – Last year, Hy-Vee gave a free Thanksgiving Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkey to everyone who bought a Hormel Cure 81 Whole Boneless Ham. The promotion lasted from 14th to 22nd of November, while the bird size ranged from 10 to 14 pounds. Therefore, we expect a similar special for this year’s holiday as well.
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Free Thanksgiving Turkey And Meals For Low-Income Families In 2019

Low-income families, seniors, and veterans have the hardest time buying all the things needed for a Thanksgiving dinner. Yet, they are not alone. No need to deal with the prices of groceries or coming up with alternative Thanksgiving dinner ideas. Here are several proven ways to get a free Thanksgiving dinner near me in 2019.

  • Churches and religious organizations – Religious organizations never forget to help people in need. So, any vulnerable categories of people can seek assistance in various forms. From free turkeys to entire meals, from free tea to free money, the options are plenty;
  • Food banks and free food pantries – Both provide free meals during Thanksgiving. One can easily find a food bank near them by using the simple Zip Code search tool provided on Alternatively, ask your community or county authorities for more information;
  • Local and international charities – Charity organizations are an excellent source for free Thanksgiving turkeys for low-income families. They often go the extra mile and give out baskets or provide fresh meals too. Meals on Wheels will deliver food to home-bound people, while The Salvation Army mostly provides support for veterans. United Way organizes annual turkey drives for Thanksgiving too.

Where To Grab Whole Turkey Coupons?

Turkey coupons are a great way to score free or cheap turkeys for Thanksgiving. These coupons can be either paper ones and featured in magazines or online. Paper coupons need to be cut out, while online coupons are either printed or simply stored on your phone.

Finding such a coupon takes research as stores rarely announce them. However, some businesses, such as Butterball, have a separate coupon section on their websites where you can instantly find all their offers. Alternatively, you can use a coupon aggregator like, The Krazy Coupon Lady, or RetailMeNot.

Final Thoughts

All in all, anyone can have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner even when they’re short on cash.

Charities and religious organizations help people who need it the most by providing entire meals. Those who did some saving beforehand, on the other hand, can grab a free turkey just for buying their groceries. Either way, Americans can expect an unforgettable holiday this year.

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        Did you check all of your local stores and churches? What about food banks?

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        Good luck!

    7. Larry Reynolds says:

      Thanksgiving has become a bit of a lost holiday nowadays, because I see Christmas lights and decorations up already. Still, this Thanksgiving turkey deals guide is really a big help because I have a big family and could use all the savings I can get to get through Christmas. Thanksgiving is a huge holiday for my family just because all my relatives love to drop in for fried turkey with all the dressings.

      No matter where we are or what we have going on, it’s always good to take some time and enjoy Thanksgiving to the fullest. Thanks a ton for these tips on Thanksgiving turkey deals, I’ll make sure to put them to use.

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    8. tiffany says:

      Turkey is one of my favorite meats, and I actually wish it was easier to find outside of the holiday season! When I lived in a big city, I loved seeing all the various charities partner with the grocery stores to put on huge feasts for the homeless and needy, to be sure they had a plentiful meal. Even you aren’t staying at a shelter in a big city, every family on a budget should know how to get a hold of a free Thanksgiving turkey if they are in need. This is great advice.

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