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Halloween Freebies To Scoop In 2019

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Both kids and adults recognize the October 31st as the spookiest day of the year. Everyone loves the trick and treating, putting on costumes and getting free goodies. That’s right, this season is perfect for grabbing some fantastic Halloween freebies including food, drinks, and experiences.

Getting free stuff is basically making and quickly saving money at the same time. So, now is the right time to create your October 31st itinerary with the help of our definitive guide on sweet All Hallows’ Eve deals.

Halloween Deals At Restaurants

The spooky season is perfect for grabbing amazing restaurant deals. Popular food chains, as well as local restaurants, often launch exciting promotions, contests, and Halloween food deals. From spooky menus to affordable offers and juicy prizes, there are tons of promos up for grabs if you have your costume on.

Baskin’ Robbins

It makes sense to visit Baskin’ Robbins if you want delicious and incredibly spooky ice cream. The chain has already announced its “Celebrate 31” promotion for Halloween, during which customers can get scoops for $1.50. Throughout October, visitors can also purchase lots of other great seasonal deals, such as a $2.99 Small Cappuccino Blast.

halloween freebies baskin robbins
Baskin’ Robbins

It’s essential to mention all the Halloween-themed desserts. Here, you can choose from the Candy Mashup, Fright Night Scoop, Ghost Cake, Spider Web Cookie Cake, and more.


This October, you can get the Vampire cocktail at Applebee’s for a single dollar. This rum cocktail has an unusual purple color and comes with a free set of fangs. So, you’ll look amazingly scary while sipping your potion-like drink.

Burger King

Looking for excellent and unique Halloween deals at restaurants? Burger King is the place to be! Burger King still hasn’t announced its 2019 promotion, but the fast-food chain always has terrific items on the menu.

halloween freebies burger king
Burger King

Last year, they rocked the season with their famous green bun Nightmare Burger. They started selling it on October 22nd for $6.39, so we expect the same conditions for 2019 too. Don’t forget to grab a Frozen Fanta Scare Black Cherry alongside your burger as well!

Papa John’s

Papa John’s is the place to be if you want some delicious and spooky pizza. During the pizza chain’s Spooky Not Scary Halloween Pizza Celebrations, visitors can get the fantastic Jack-O-Lantern pizza. Shaped to resemble a carved pumpkin, this pepperoni, and olive pizza is perfect for your All Hallows’ Eve dinner party. Use the code JACKOLANTERN and get it for $11.

Joe’s Crab Shack

Costumes are welcome but not mandatory for claiming the amazing kids eat free Halloween deal at Joe’s Crab Shak. Just purchase an adult entrée on October 31st, and your kiddo will get a free meal from the kid’s menu.

Dunkin’ Donuts

halloween freebies dunkin donuts 1
Dunkin’ Donuts

Spider Donut and OREO Hot Chocolate are part of Halloween’s food specials at Dunkin’ Donuts. All month long, visitors can also grab 10 MUNCHKINS donut hole treats for $2. Plus, the donut chain has announced its first-ever Halloween Costume, the Dunkin’ Runner. He will run into various restaurants and serve 200 guests with free spooky donuts.

Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese always launches generous Halloween food deals. This October, however, kids wearing a costume will get 50 free tickets for All You Can Play. Their motto for this year’s celebration is “No Tricks, Just Treats”!


Denny’s always launches delicious Halloween season specialties. Don’t forget to try their Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Spice Pancake Puppies. Of course, another must-try item from their seasonal menu is the Pumpkin Pie Milkshake.


Each Halloween season, Chipotle brings back its annual celebration and contest creatively named Boorito. Anyone who will visit any Chipotle restaurant in costume from 3 PM to closing can grab a $4 order of salad, bowl, burrito, or tacos. Use the code “BOORITO” and the same deal is yours online or through the Chipotle app as well. Remember, only one person will be voted the “Boorito Champion” and score free burritos throughout the year!


halloween freebies starbucks

Starbucks is another place to visit for amazing Halloween-themed deals and items. You can drink your favorite coffee on the go in a spooky tumbler, released just in time for the holiday. The cups feature creepy pumpkins, moths, black cats, skulls, spider webs, and many other exciting designs. Their price moves around $15, depending on the cup size and design.

Halloween Food Freebies

Grabbing awesome deals is great, but getting free food on Halloween is divine! Here are eight restaurants where you and your kiddos can eat for free.

Krispy Kreme

halloween freebies krispy kreme
Krispy Kreme

If you like donuts, then head to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts this holiday. Make sure to wear your costume in the store, and you can get a free doughnut. What should you choose? Well, they do have the fantastic and themed Monster Batter Doughnut, which is dipped in green-slime icing. They didn’t forget neither the monster eyes nor the confetti. Alternatively, you can go for the Trick-or-Treat Doughnut with salted caramel and topped with candies.


7-Eleven dares customers to come and spook them. Anyone wearing their costume at 7-Eleven on October 31st will score a small hot chocolate or a small Slurpee.


halloween freebies ihop

Among the best places to eat on Halloween, IHOP has announced its unique “The Adams Family” menu. Wednesday’s Web-Cakes, Gomeze’s Green Chile Omelette, Kooky Kids Kombo, Morticia’s Haunted Hot Chocolate, and Uncle Fester’s Chocolate Ice Cream Shake are all on the IHOP menu this October. Plus, kids eat free every day from 4 PM to 10 PM.

Cici’s Pizza

If you have children, then Cici’s Pizza should be on your Halloween bucket list for sure. Every year, kiddos in costumes get free food from the kids’ buffet. To qualify for this, however, you must buy an adult buffet and a drink.

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory never misses the opportunity to treat customers on All Hallows’ Eve. Last year, they offered free slices of cheesecake on DoorDash orders. To grab the deal, customers had to enter the code TREATORTREAT at checkout on orders of at least $30. This year, we expect a similar promo as well.


halloween freebies burgerfi

Fast-food fans in a costume should pay BurgerFi a visit on All Hallows’ Eve. The popular restaurant chain will give you free small fries or small custard.


Do you love Wendy’s specialty Jr. Frosty? Well, if you purchase their $1 Boo! Coupon Book, you will get five FREE coupons for Jr. Frosty. By buying the $1 Halloween book, you donate 85¢ to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. It’s really a win-win combination for everyone involved.

99 restaurants

On October 31st, all kids aged 10 and under get a free kids’ meal with the purchase of an adult entrée. The offer is straightforward – one adult entrée earns you one kids’ meal. So, a family of four pays for two adult cheap meals and gets two children menus free of charge.

Free Things On Halloween

Many people make a mistake to relate Halloween to food deals and free meals only. While this is smart, you shouldn’t overlook all the other offers, such as free stuff on Halloween, either. Scroll down and find the best freebies up for grabs this year.

halloween freebies 2

Local Haunted House

Local haunted houses often offer freebies on All Hallows’ Eve. Visitors in costumes can claim free tours, screenings, or candies. For example, the Haunted Halloween Haven gives outdoor projection shows, neither entry fee nor donations needed. So, make sure to find a haunted house nearby your home and ask if they offer some freebies.

Hayrides and Corn Mazes

Both hayrides and corn mazes are huge during the fall season. They are quite popular as Halloween freebies 2019 promotions as well. Depending on the offer, you may get either or both of them entirely for free. Alternatively, adults may have to pay, while kids under a certain age pay no admission.

halloween freebies corn mazes
Corn Mazes

Sometimes, the entry ticket may earn you cool gifts too. For example, Tractor’s Corn Maze in Wake Forest gives a free pumpkin for each purchased ticket.

Halloween-Themed Printables

Not all Halloween free stuff are experiences or items. Did you know that printables are becoming extremely popular freebies throughout the world? The trend is present during the spooky season too. So, designers worldwide release Halloween-themed printables you can use in various ways.

Here are some ideas about what to do with them:

  • Masks – specific designs make the perfect face masks;
  • Coffee cup – print them on a coffee cup and get a personalized as well as scary mug;
  • T-shirt – create a unique t-shirt with a fresh Halloween design;
  • Decorations – just print and cut some of the designs and use them as decorations for your home or garden;
  • Games or coloring books – certain printables are creative kids’ games, while others may be used as coloring books for your children.


Trick or treating is the ultimate way of getting free candy on All Hallows’ Eve, after all. So, if there are no cool offers in your area, you can always put on your costume and visit your neighbors.

Visit Your Local Country Fair

Local country fairs are the absolute best places for scooping free things on Halloween 2019. These events are family-friendly and incredibly fun. More importantly, they often include all kinds of surprises for visitors, especially those with awesome costumes. From candies and pumpkins to toys and memorabilia, you can grab anything at a country fair.

Some of the best Halloween festivals in the US are the Rise of the Jack-O-Lanterns in Long Island, Boo at the Zoo in Washington D.C., and Hersheypark in the Dark in Pennsylvania.

Pumpkin Carving

All Hallows’ Eve is incomplete without a good old carved pumpkin. Lots of local businesses will offer this activity for free to kids and/or adults. Don’t know what to do with pumpkins after Halloween party? You can do the same.

halloween freebies pumpkin carving

For instance, Cary’s Great Pumpkin Carve takes place on October 26th. Visitors can carve a pumpkin between 2 PM and 5:30 PM and then display it. Plus, the event features family-friendly outdoor screenings of Halloween TV specials free of charge too.

Halloween Themed Movie Night

Going on a free movie screening is among the best freebies on Halloween you can get. Often offered on October 31st but also on the days before and after All Hallows’ Eve, movie nights are perfect for free entertainment outside your home.

For example, McChord Library in Washington holds an annual Teen Halloween Horror Movie Night on October 25th. They even provide refreshments for the event. In LA, the Norton Simon Museum offers free screenings of Alfred Hitchcock films for those with museum tickets.
So, with a little bit of research, you will surely find local places that offer complimentary movie nights, outdoor screenings, or similar shows.

Halloween Themed Contests

Remember when we said that Chipotle has a Halloween contest whose winner gets free burritos throughout the year? Well, that’s one of the many awesome prizes you can scoop during the spooky season.

halloween freebies contests

Many businesses offer prizes and freebies close to their industry. As a result, your goodie bag can end up having all kinds of stuff, including food, cups, t-shirts, and keychains. Just do quick research on local stores with Halloween contests and make sure to be there on time!

Best Freebies on Halloween – Bottom Line

Halloween is both the most entertaining and the spookiest celebration of the year. While enjoying the fun of putting on costumes and trick or treating, many people forget the high potential of the holiday. You can avoid making this mistake by planning your October 31st adventure beforehand.

Check our definitive list of Halloween freebies, food deals, tax day specials, and free meals. Create your All Hallows’ Eve itinerary and make sure you get all the best treats for as little money as possible.

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