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Need Help Paying Water Bills – Full Guide and Tips

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Access to clean water is a global human right. You can think of dozens of essential things we need aqua for. Sadly, water doesn’t come cheap these days. So, many Americans have ended up needing help paying water bill in 2020.

In just five consecutive years, those rates have gone mad. If only 12% of households in the US couldn’t afford to pay their aqua bill, that percentage plummeted to as much as 36% last year.

Yet, you shouldn’t feel discouraged. Nor should you think twice before taking a shower today. That’s why we provide you with solid and helpful tips on how to pay a lower water bill.

Low Income Payment Program (LIPP)

Are you among the low-income families that need help paying water bill?

American Water consumers have several assistance options for keeping pace with their bills. Among others, American Water is in charge of many companies across the country. Just to name few, California, Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Their most popular programs are the Low Income Payment Program and H2O Help to Others.

These programs target people who lag on their aqua bills. By calling an operator, each troubled customer will learn about the available options. Some states offer fast cash grants as part of this program. The eligibility for the assistance scheme depends on total monthly earnings per household. Some states impose other criteria on who gets assistance with water bill payment, too.

Direct financial help is not always possible. But, the program helps by offering an installment plan. It can also come in the form of a credit of as much as 20% of the total monthly bill. With the program, the main emphasis is put on smart and sustainable planning.

Local Assistance Programs for Single Moms

Being a single mom is a daunting task, especially if you continuously wonder: “where can I get help with my water bill near me?” When bills arrive, it’s getting even worse.

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Local sources of assistance can be of great help. But, not every single mom has them within reach. By dialing 2-1-1 hotline, operators and agencies will offer you the specific support you need. This service provides help not only for bills. It gives valuable assistance on other domestic matters, too.

If governments assess that you have a low income, they provide subsidized housing. Meaning, they pay part of your rent to landlords instead of troubled tenants. So, if you get help with rent, you will have money for aqua bills.

H2O Help to Others Program

This program offers water bill help to households that run the risk of being shut-off. It also provides aid in emergency cases. Disabled people and senior citizens can benefit from this program, as well. Apart from other benefits, the objective of H2O Help to Others is long-term stability.

In Pennsylvania, for example, free cash grants of up to $500 per year are used to settle multiple or a one-time bill. The program also offers a discount on the monthly service fee and other charges. It’s great that the program takes care to educate clients on reasonable H2O spending.

Bear in mind that the H2O Help to Others doesn’t cover the entire debt. Users have to contribute to the amount, as well. This depends on how much they owe, family size, and current income. US-wide, water bills can be subsidized to as much as 20% or even more. Still, H2O Help to Others remains among the best places that help with water bills.

Water Bill Assistance Programs

Customer Assistance Programs or CAPs aim to strengthen the local community. They are custom-made and strive to improve financial health as well as improve public relations. Some programs take care of old piping systems and infrastructure. Others focus on drought conditions and water quantity issues.

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How to get help paying water bill from assistance programs? Well, the most common criterion for assigning funds is the income threshold. People with hardships can also be taken into account. Seniors and disabled people often take advantage of this type of funding to settle their debts.

  • Bill Discount – reduces bills on an ongoing basis. It targets people with below-the-average income. People understand it as a write-off or reduced fixed fee. Anyways, it might trigger irrationality on the side of consumers.
  • Flexible Terms – helps users keep up with their bills. By waiving penalties, fees, and interest, this scheme is becoming ever popular. The measure also reduces administrative costs. Also, utilities often divide the anticipated amount of H2O by 12 or rearrange billing cycles. This enables households to manage their utility bills better.
  • Temporary Assistance Paying Water Bill – decreases bills on a short-term basis. It applies to customers dealing with urgent and unpredicted hardships. Users argue that sometimes administrative costs can be high. Funds might not suffice to prevent service disconnection.

Charities That Help You Pay Water Bills

Don’t think twice about turning to a charity organization if falling behind with your monthly bills. They give utility help as part of emergency assistance programs. Yet, be aware of specific eligibility criteria that vary depending on location and organization.

Most charities and churches that help with water bills will require unpaid bills. Also, they may ask for income proof and some kind of identification to allow the money transfer. If approved, grants go directly to the aquatic company to cover the debt on your behalf.

  • Catholic Charities – a national charity organization that provides help with due water bills. If you wish to be taken into account, you’ll need to provide some evidence, too. These include unsettled bills, personal income, and personal documents.
  • Salvation Army – offices give direct financial assistance to needy individuals. The charity cooperates with utility providers. Together, they offer financial relief programs to hit households severely.
  • Lutheran Services – a non-profit organization with many offices across the country. It provides emergency help with water bill for low income families. Funding must meet essential needs.

Water Conservation And Audits

An awareness-raising method for conserving clean water. It will develop more in the future as water consumption increases, and water sources are becoming scarce. With the program, prospective aquatic auditors will gain enough H2O management knowledge. They will further use the experience to apply and recommend water preservation measures.

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This is not the answer to “who can help me pay my water bill” but to “how can I lower my water bill.”

  • Fix any leaks – If possible, turn faucets tightly to stop drips. If the leak persists, fix it as soon as possible. Also, check toilet bowls for leaks. One leak will waste up to 7,000 liters of water per year.
  • Take shorter showers – Make smart choices when bathing. Always go for a shower and avoid taking baths to be water efficient. Even longer 10-minute showers will save you more money than filling up a bathtub. The less you are under the shower, the more money you’ll set aside.
  • Switch to water-saving showerheads – Though they might cost a lot upfront, they will save you money in the long run. Water-saving showerheads use twice less aqua, on average. You can also install a flow regulator to reduce waterflow per minute. Use these, and you won’t even need assistance with water bill payment next month.
  • Turn off the water when possible – Remember to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving. This water-saving trick will reflect on your monthly bill. Also, turn off the shower when applying soap.
  • Run dishwashers and washing machines only when full – If you have a few dirty plates, do the washing up manually. Try to run the dishwasher at the end of the day when it is usually loaded. Run the washing machine every third day, for instance.

Other Ideas To Get Water Bill Help

If nothing of the above helps and you don’t qualify for a low-income water bill assistance program, don’t despair. You still have plenty of options to survive on a budget. Though some tips might be a temporary solution, you’ll get ahead and cover your losses. Forget about worrying, how late can I pay my water bill, and get money beforehand.

  • Get emergency loans – Help yourself with quick cash. The emergency loan approval takes a day, and the lender will deposit the money on your bank accounts.
  • Find a side gig – Having a side job will help you make ends meet. If you have extra time, dedicate 2 or 3 more hours on doing something that pays off. You can turn your hobbies into ways of earning money to settle debts.
  • Cut down your other expenses – Learn ways to save on utilities in general. Skip that perfect cappuccino on your way to work. Try our expert gas saving tips. Avoid fancy restaurants.
  • Sell old stuff online – You might have items at home that you no longer use. Toys, strollers, or feeding chairs can be a valuable source of hundreds of dollars.
  • Crowdfunding – Explain honestly, saying, “I need help paying my water bill because of this and that.” Lots of people out there will help you out! We recommend using GoFundMe.
  • Use other available assistance programs – Though not to water bills, some programs are valid for energy, medical, or phone bills. The Lifeline Program assists low-income families for landline or cellphone services. LIHEAP grants benefits to poor households to cover energy bills.

Final Advice On How To Get Help Paying Water Bill

Following our tips will relieve your financial headaches. You can find a program who helps with water bills or creative ways to lower your bill. Some charities and churches may help you out too.

Just remember, once you realize you won’t be able to settle your bills, start looking for immediate help. The sooner you seek advice, the faster you’ll find a solution for this serious issue.

For additional money-saving tips and assistance, sign up for your ProMoneySavings newsletter. Don’t miss out on our latest advice that’ll guide you through hardship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get help paying your water bill?

Definitely, yes. Various options are at your disposal. If your household has low earnings, any of the programs given above can be beneficial. Address the organization of your choice that matches your demands. It will serve you with detailed and specific guidelines.

Who will help with water bills?

The state and the government come at the front line. With their tailored programs, any affected citizen can create personal payment plans. Plus, they offer a partial settlement of debts. Charity organizations provide financial help and advice, too. Further on, local agencies and associations will come at hand, if you’re in need.

Is the landlord responsible for the water bill?

This depends on your rental contract. If landlords wish to avoid surprise charges, they include the water bill in the monthly rent. Other owners leave this obligation to the tenants. If they fail to pay, landlords use deposits to cover any unpaid bills. So, it comes down to mutual understanding and agreement.

Does the Salvation Army help pay bills?

They do help. The Salvation Army is related to the Water Fund. If they decide that you qualify for financial aid, the largest granted amount will be up to $500 per annum. Senior citizens and children at risk and the disabled receive the most attention. The assistance is usually short-term to relieve the outcome of emergency crises.


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