How Much Is a Root Canal and Crown Cost

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost

Going to the dentist is something everyone tries to avoid. Dentist visits are associated with pain, anxiety and huge bills.

Yet, ignoring that toothache can result in much more serious health complications and even higher expenses. The best way to ensure that your teeth and budget are healthy is by getting a root canal as soon as you can.

Do you need to have a dental procedure? Are you aware of how much does a root canal cost? Would you like to learn how to save money on teeth procedures and even get them for free?

Well, you are not alone! Millions of Americans struggle with finding money to pay for endodontic therapy and dental crowns. With or without insurance, these procedures are expensive and often do serious budget damage to anyone who needs them.

The first step towards making smart decisions regarding your teeth is educating yourself on the topic.

In this guide, our expert team at will help you learn all about root canals and crowns. We will reveal the typical cost of a root canal and teach you how to find affordable dental procedures near you.

Typical Cost Of A Root Canal

Root canals are treatments performed on infected teeth. By performing this procedure, the dentist cleans the infection of your tooth, enabling it to heal. The only reasonable alternative to getting a root canal is to have your infected tooth removed.

The average cost of a root canal and crown depends on many factors. Your state of residence alongside the seriousness of your infection and dental coverage affect the price you will have to pay. Also, keep in mind that different dentists may charge different rates for their services. Big names are always more expensive than those who have just finished dental school.

Generally speaking, you should be prepared to pay anything between $300 and $2,500 for the procedure. Simple filling, at most dentists, is around $500. Dental crowns are more expensive and cost around $1,300.

The cost of the dental procedure also depends on the teeth that need fixing. Mid-molars or bicuspids are the cheapest. For them, the average root canal price is around $950. Front teeth come next with an average price of $1,100. Finally, the molars are often the most expensive teeth to fix. The average price for a root canal on molars is around $1,200.

The abovementioned prices apply for those that don’t have insurance. If you have insurance, you can expect to pay considerably less.

Remember that these prices include the procedure and possibly an X-ray. There may be additional charges if you need dental crowns and/or follow-ups.

Affordable Root Canal Procedures

If you need a root canal procedure, you may be faced with a serious budget problem. Such procedures aren’t cheap and, depending on certain factors, can reach up to $2,500. While not everyone has an extra $2,500 to spend, teeth issues are serious and quickly progress. This means that they mustn’t be ignored.

Average Cost of Root Canal

So, Americans often need to find affordable endodontic therapy in order to treat their condition without generating debt. If a standard dental procedure performed by an established dentist costs up to $2,500, affordable procedures go up to $1,000.

One of the most popular ways of getting affordable dental care is participating in medical camps. Such camps exist to provide free or cheap medical procedures to those in need. Another way of finding affordable dental solutions is by participating in dental research studies.

Discovering these options takes a bit of effort and time because you will have to do research. Also, you will have to apply for them and wait to see if they will accept you. Still, if your budget can’t cover root canal and crown for a regular price, medical camps/research studies are excellent alternatives.

Will Insurance Cover Your Root Canal?

Not everyone has dental insurance or any insurance for that matter. This can be a serious issue, especially if you know how much does a root canal cost without insurance.

The respective average prices for getting a root canal with insurance for front teeth, mid-molars and molars range around $600, $300 and $700.

Whether your insurance covers your root canal procedure or not depends on the plan you have. Generally, you can hope for anything between 50% and 90% of the charges to be covered by your insurance.

Remember that most deductibles on dental insurance move under $200. The insurance company will cover the charges after this deductible is met.

The company may refuse to pay for complicated procedures like endodontic therapy and crowns if you have purchased the policy recently. This is how they protect themselves from scams. So, you may want to invest in dental insurance sooner than later.

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost Without Insurance?

It doesn’t matter how much does a root canal cost with insurance if you don’t have one. Even though approximately 64% of all US citizens do have this type of insurance, a large share still doesn’t. If you are one of those people, don’t worry.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost without Insurance

We will inform you of the root canal and crown costs here. Also, we will help you find affordable or even free ways to get dental treatment.

Typically, the average price for endodontic therapy moves from $950 to $1,200. This amount can only go up if you need additional treatments, a dental crown or multiple dentist visits. For example, the average price of a dental crown without insurance goes from $500 to $1,500 per tooth.

How To Save Money On A Root Canal?

Don’t get discouraged if the price of root canals seems too expensive for your budget. There are some ways to save money fast on this procedure, especially if you desperately need it.

Some of these tips may not be applicable to all Americans. Yet, most of you should be able to get access to at least one of the options. Here are our tested ways for getting a dental treatment for a discounted price in the USA.

  • Get a dental discount card – Did you know that you can get a dental discount card for a fixed annual fee? Then, you can show this card when you visit your dentist to get a discounted price for their services;
  • Ask DSOs for help – Dental Service/Support Organization or DSOs work as independent centers whose objective is providing affordable dental care to Americans. Patients without appropriate dental care may be eligible for their help;
  • Try your local college – Were you aware that dental schools and local dental colleges may be open to doing your root canal for free? These establishments need people for teaching purposes and so, if you’re eligible, you can become part of their programs;
  • Find Groupon deals – There are Groupon deals for everything, dental services too. With quick research, you can easily find discounted endodontic therapy offers near you. Just make sure to check the reviews before making a purchase;
  • Ask for discounts when paying in cash – Many businesses may be willing to give you a discounted price if you pay in cash. If nobody mentions this to you, don’t have second thoughts to ask for such a discount yourself;
  • Compare prices – This tip applies to everything really. You should always compare the price whenever you need a product or a service. That said, you can check the root canal and crown cost at multiple dental facilities either online or in person.

Why You Shouldn’t Put It Off

Regardless of the price of root canals, you should never put off getting them. If your dentist tells you that you need this procedure, you should get it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk having even more serious and expensive complications.

Price of Root Canals

A tooth that needs a root canal is an infected tooth. Usually, such an infection doesn’t heal by itself. Instead, it only progresses and can expand on your other teeth or lead to other serious health issues such as stroke or heart attack.

That’s why it’s always the best to deal with the infection and get a root canal as soon as you can.

Final Thoughts On Root Canal Cost

Having health issues with your teeth may not always seem serious. Yet, you should never ignore any toothaches and wait for them to escalate.

Sometimes, it doesn’t really matter how much is a root canal and crown cost. What’s important is that you take good care of your teeth in order to avoid any unwanted situations in the future. Plus, untreated teeth infections often require much more expensive procedures than getting endodontic therapy.

So, don’t ignore our advice and visit your dentist right away if you feel any discomfort or pain in your teeth.

Also, make sure to get all our latest money-saving tips by subscribing to our newsletter right now!

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