K15 How to Earn Extra Cash on Online Survey Sites

How to Earn Extra Cash on Online Survey Sites

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Are you willing to come up with a low-effort strategy to earn additional cash? Start taking surveys and other simple tasks online. This won’t earn you a fortune overnight or provide you with full-time revenue. Yet, it’s a superb way to generate money while killing time.

Take a look at the survey sites below, which are both legitimate and high-paying companies that value your opinion. The most significant benefit is that the number of polls you can take is limitless. Plus, most surveys take about 15 minutes to complete. Still, always read the specifics and fine print of each survey site before joining.

Opinion Outpost

We can freely claim that Opinion Outpost has ranged among the most professional web pages with high-paid surveys. Consider this online platform if you’re ready to fill in a different kind of survey. Meaning, their clients include public bodies, businesses, and government agencies.

A significant upside is that the payout threshold is relatively low, but you must earn points to redeem your money. More specifically, ten points equal $1. With each completed survey, users can earn up to 30 points, which means 100 gathered points allow you to withdraw $10.

The average time to take a survey with Opinion Outpost is ten minutes. In short, you can earn up to $20 for three hours of work a day. It doesn’t seem too bad at all, and it’s a smart way to kill time instead of mindlessly browsing the net.


Apart from being one of the oldest and most trusted survey sites, Swagbucks is also one of the industry’s highest-paying networks. Swagbucks can easily become one of your favorite side hustles for making extra cash. Occasionally, specific surveys can earn you up to $50 for completion, but generally, you’ll earn between $0.40 and $2 per survey. The company offers a nice boost of $5 for every new registration, too.

Even better, Swagbucks has lately enlarged their business and are now offering multiple side gigs. In addition to taking surveys, users can shop online, watch new videos, and browse sites. As for the payment, choose between PayPal (minimum threshold is $25) and a gift card with famous brands.

Survey Junkie

The majority of you have probably come across this popular site for paid online surveys. You’ve got every right to be aware of Survey Junkie as the platform facilitates payments for over ten million members. Moreover, anyone can join the network of Survey Junkie for free, but you have to earn at least $10 to cash out.

The average payout per survey ranges between $1 and $3 but translated in points. In a word, users earn points with each completed survey and then redeem the points for cash. One option is to withdraw cash via PayPal (minimum $10) or receive a mailed check, while the other is to accept e-gift cards. Such gift cards are from famous brands such as Target and Amazon.


Are you keen on doing other stuff online apart from just completing mundane surveys for money? Well, we have the ideal solution, and that’s KashKick. This website offers gigs such as watching videos for cash, browsing online, and multiple other small tasks.

Get ready to receive real money without collecting points. Before you accept a task, you’ll get informed of the earnings. One of the aspects we like about KashKick is that the bare payout minimum is super convenient (only $5 earned). It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll withdraw your money via PayPal or check.

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One common way of making money by answering online surveys is writing product reviews. Yes, manufacturers want to know whether consumers have praises or complaints.


Toluna is another survey platform that has proved to be relatively safe and versatile in 2020. To make the work more impressive when taking surveys for cash, members can pick topics ranging from electronics to travel.

Still, this versatility cannot make up for the low pay per hour spent on the site. Moreover, Toluna’s point system is complex, and it isn’t easy to calculate how much money a poll will bring you. The same goes for the minimum threshold amount to withdraw.

Overall, 95,000 points earn you $30, and you can make this money for about eight active hours on the site. There are plenty of ways to redeem points, including PayPal, Amazon, and other high-street vouchers.

Inbox Dollars

Get paid to take surveys with the help of Inbox Dollars for fast and easy money. This platform is the absolute pick of many since they always pay in cash and offer a sign-up bonus. In short, once you register with Inbox Dollar, your account loads with a $5 reward. Also, each survey will bring you up to $5, which you can redeem as long as you collect $30.

Even better, their assortment of tasks breaks up the monotony of only taking surveys. With them, members can also play games, watch new videos, and browse websites. Last, note that some top-notch brands like Netflix and Walmart work with them to gain better insight into the market.


Do you wish to become a member of a well-established network with multiple users? Of course, you do as this tells that your payment is guaranteed and regular. If you qualify, surveys arrive via e-mail and specify the exact time the survey takes to complete. Expect to earn up to $10 per survey taken, which is well above the average.

Moreover, there are ways to earn extra points by video and telephone polls and the refer-a-friend program. Shorter 5-minute surveys pay only $0.50, and then you may cash out after your earnings reach $8. The company takes particular pride in the fast processing of payments. Bear in mind that you can redeem cash via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or sweepstakes entries.


LifePoints abounds in paid online surveys and comprises an inevitable influencer community. Although their payment is not so attractive, it gets set off against the time needed to take a survey. For instance, for a 10-minute work, users usually get paid up to $1. Then, they need to collect $20 to cash out.

When compared to other platforms, LifePoints has milder requirements for users and allows most applicants to qualify. Still, LifePoints tends to profile users, monitor their habits and interests as consumers, and send them files accordingly.


Did a survey site reject you because you didn’t qualify? Well, even if you’re not eligible to take surveys, with MyPoints earning points is still possible. Even more, they offer a significant $10 sign up bonus. Plus, they give members nearly 40% back for every purchase at over 2,000 top retailers.

This website allows users to take polls, watch videos, and other online activities, including shopping. Note that the provider pays in gift cards only, so this may deter those of you who are in pursuit of some cash. An average survey will bring you about $2.50, and you’ll need to have at least $3 earned to cash out.


OnePoll cooperates with the press and some major brands and seeks opinions on various topics. However, if you’re looking for abundant and high-paying surveys for cash, this may not be an ideal option. Still, there are other ways to earn with OnePoll, including prize draws or their referral program.

Payments get executed via PayPal, but only after you reach the payment threshold of $40. This limit is relatively high, considering that an average poll is worth between $0.20 and $1. All in all, you need to be very patient and dedicated to the site to become eligible for a payout.

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Unlike in-person surveys, online surveys let you make cash right from your sofa. Plus, they are much safer now with the coronavirus pandemic all around us.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a renowned website for paid surveys that rewards its users with up to $50 per survey. Plus, their pool of surveys is extensive and on various topics. To get paid for your time and effort, you’ll have to open a PayPal account or receive a check via the mail.

The major downside of this website is that your e-mail can get flooded with frequent emails. Such messages inform you of available surveys so you can’t complain too much about it. Also, you’ll probably receive promotional mail that you get paid for opening and viewing. This type of mail goes under the name Reward Mail, so ensure you check this option in your preferences section.

I-Say Panel (IPSOS)

Get paid to take surveys carried out by I-Say by IPSOS, and you’ll see the difference. Once you earn enough points that later translate into money, feel free to redeem them for gift cards, merchandise, or cash (PayPal). To get an Amazon gift card, users must have at least $10 earned, whereas that figure must reach $15 for PayPal or Visa payout.

Although the site is one of the most popular survey spots online, the compensation rates are far from satisfactory. Expect to get paid between $0.10 and $1 per survey.

The benefit of signing up with ISPOS is that they organize regular prize draws. Plus, they grant loyalty points when members reach certain milestones. For instance, members receive 25 points after completing 25 surveys and 300 points bonus for every 100 surveys taken.

Pinecone Research

Do you aim to earn some decent cash with a long-trusted brand? Then, try out Pinecone Research that has been very selective and professional in its operations. With headquarters in New York, this company accepts applicants from various countries since they gather international data.

Once you fill in a survey, expect to get paid exactly $3. This amount is a threshold for any effort on your side. To join the platform, you must get invited by someone. The chances they choose you aren’t huge as the company usually looks for individuals with a specific demographic. However, if you get rejected, you’re welcome to try your luck after some time.


YouGov is a little different when compared to other survey websites as it cooperates with renowned organizations. As such, they’ll inquire about your opinion on amusing topics, including current affairs, products, politics, and brands. Most polls won’t take you longer than seven minutes to complete.

An average poll can earn you from 50 cents to $3, yet the lowest redemption threshold is $50. Also, surveys are not so frequent, so don’t expect to make a fortune overnight. Rewards come after you collect enough points translated into cash or gift cards from popular retailers.


Are you fed up with lengthy registration procedures but eager to take surveys for cash? Go ahead with the services of OneOpinion, whose sign-up process takes as little as a minute. Once in, you can take multiple surveys that are worth either 500 or 1,000 points.

What users find confusing and sometimes misleading is the points’ structure as 1000 points equal only $1. Overall, users must gather 25,000 points (or $25) to cash out via PayPal or Visa. There’s also a possibility to redeem your points for an Amazon gift card, but the threshold remains the same.

Valued Opinions

If you’re hunting down surveys for money, it’s high time to try out Valued Opinions. As one of the most significant market research companies, they give committed users the option to collect points. An average survey can earn you between $1 and $5, and the minimum threshold to withdraw the money stands at $20.

The only payment method the site offers is via gift cards. Plus, you may notice that not many surveys are available for taking. As such, most of the provided polls have higher qualification odds for any user. More specifically, the dashboard is optimized to show you only surveys you’re eligible for.



Survey time is a superb source for additional cash on the side for everyone who enjoys taking short surveys. Plus, the site instantly rewards participants with $1 after each task completion. Once you earn some cash, you can withdraw it right away without the need to reach a specific limit or get verified.

One of the best things about SurveyTime is that they notify users only of relevant surveys. Most tasks will take about 10 to 15 minutes of your time, which means you may earn up to $6 per hour. So, instead of messing around with your phone next time, make some decent money.

Survey Club

What makes Survey club different from other sites that offer paid online surveys are its middleman operations. Meaning, Survey Club does not host the polls, but those are hosted somewhere else on a different webpage.

On the minus side, you can earn less as the provider takes a percentage. On the plus side, this strategy can save you time browsing through primary pages. The minimum redemption threshold stands at $20, and each survey is worth between $0.50 and $5. When you’re ready to cash out, your options are gift cards, PayPal, or travel miles.

Branded Surveys

Formerly known as MintVine, Branded Surveys has been running online surveys as of 2012. Once you join, expect to receive a $1 bonus. The structure of the reward program is straightforward and involves points. When members achieve 1,000 points, these get transferred into $10 and are ready for withdrawal. Additional points can get collected via the refer-a-friend program.

The average survey length is about ten minutes, but you can also take short daily polls. As for payment, you’ll get spoilt for choices. Ranging from PayPal and bank transfer to various gift cards and vouchers, feel free to select anything you find most appropriate.

Harris Poll Online

Are you short of passive income ideas? Well, Harris Poll Online is yet another page where you can take numerous surveys for money. Their interface is clean and intuitive for both rookies and advanced users. The platform operates with points, and the same can later get exchanged for gift cards or e-vouchers.

A relatively unique feature of Harris Poll Online is the chance to donate your earnings for charity. Each completed poll will bring you $1, but you need to do at least ten to be able to cash out.


CashCrate is entirely free to join and looks for individuals with a specific demographic to send them surveys. Their paid surveys typically earn you between $0.15 and $2, but it may be challenging to qualify for the higher-paying ones. Besides polls, users can play games, download apps, watch videos, and try out free trials for additional income.

Once you have sufficient funds to withdraw or $20, you can request your check to get released. Note that CashCrate operates as an intermediary and lists various legitimate ways for earning money.

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Are you looking for some side hustles to get you through the coronavirus epidemic and beyond? Taking online surveys for money with ZoomBucks may be a plausible solution. This online platform is legit and gives participants a handful of options to earn fast money. Meaning, apart from online surveys, they may get asked to watch videos or read emails.

Surveys get matched to members based on the information they provide, so it’s essential to submit accurate data. If you’re the correct match, expect to make from $0.40 to $4 per task. The minimum payout of ZoomBucks is only $3, which equals 3,000 points. Besides PayPal, members can opt for gift cards that start at $10.


PrizeRebel is another quick way to get paid to take surveys this year. Signing up is free, and anyone can become their member in a couple of minutes. In addition to taking polls, you may opt for watching videos or completing offers. The payment amount per survey caps somewhere at $20 and the lowest amount is 50 cents.

After earning enough points, you can decide whether you’ll redeem those for cash, PayPal credit, or gift cards. Such gift cards come from renowned companies such as Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and PlayStation. Browsing through social media can get you promo codes for additional free points, too.

Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau displays various surveys for cash on its webpage and claims to pay $2 to $10 per completed task. Another way to earn money with them is to refer the program to a friend and boost your wallet for additional two bucks.

When you earn at least $10, you may cash out via PayPal, an Amazon gift card, or other plausible options. Still, if you’re looking for a more consistent site, Opinion Bureau may not be the ideal option. Users have complained that they receive only one survey per month and that payments tend to be late for months.


Marketagent performs market research for a vast database of clients, and that brings many opportunities for members. An average poll should take you approximately 15 minutes, and the compensation stretches from $0.50 to $2.

To get paid, opt for the PayPal cash variant or select point redemption via a gift card. The website also organizes short survey draws and awards participants with an Apple iPad. There is another hack to earn cash with Marketagent, and that is through their referral system.

Triaba Panel

Triaba Panel is an international survey site that pays you moderately to hear your opinion on various topics. After you exchange any earned points for cash, the payments get executed via PayPal. Gift cards are also available. Still, don’t expect to receive more than seven polls to complete per month.

Each recorded and verified response will get you between $0.50 and $5.50. The amount typically depends on the length of the poll and the company that’s requesting the information. The site takes pride in its OpinionApp, where members can take as many surveys as they want if these are available.

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Do you want to get paid to take surveys from the comfort of your home? Try out Hiving. Besides surveys, members can perform product testing for additional income. Each survey will take you up to 20 minutes to complete. The average number of polls you can expect to fill in a month ranges from one to four. The site doesn’t pay much, but members can earn $1 for each friend referred.

As for payments, participants can choose between cash via PayPal or gift cards. You should have a minimum of $4 or 4,000 points to withdraw your funds or rewards. What is unique about Hiving is that they offer the opportunity to donate your earnings to charity.

Panel Opinion

Panel Opinion is a superb option to earn additional cash by taking short online surveys. The length of time needed to complete one varies from ten to 20 minutes. Shorter polls earn you $0.50, while longer ones can cap at $4.

Thanks to the low cash out limit, which stands at $10, the website has over 100,000 active subscribers. They have several options to withdraw money, including PayPal, direct bank transfers, or a check via the mail. With Panel Opinion, members have the chance to do mystery shopping, product testing, and phone interviews, too.

Prolific Academic

As the name itself suggests, this survey site targets researchers and academics at top universities and companies. You get paid to complete fun surveys and scientific studies, but you may also get requested to test apps and games. Note that projects’ availability is not always versatile, and often there can be no work for weeks.

The payment system includes no points, so you earn dollars right away. Once you reach the $5 limit, you can request a PayPal payment. Another withdrawal option is to donate the cash you’ve stacked to a charity.


iPoll may not offer the best paid online surveys, but the site is certainly worth checking. Filling out online surveys is one alternative to earn money with them. Conversely, members can test products, do mystery shopping, and take pictures. Get $5 by joining solely and then from $0.50 to $3 for each completed survey.

Overall, you have three options to redeem your rewards, and these include PayPal, Amazon, or Apple free gift cards. What we don’t like about the payout is that the minimum for gift cards is $25. Even worse, to withdraw money via PayPal, users must have $50 on their iPoll account.

New Vista Live

If you need money now to overcome a temporary financial hardship, it’s time to sign up with New Vista Live. With over 15 years’ experience in the field, this site makes it straightforward for users to start earning. After you sign up and fill in the profiler, you can start taking surveys. A typical poll will earn you about 100 points or $1.

One of the drawbacks is that any check redemption gets processed after you make at least $50. Monthly draws are also available on the website. Last, participants can take part in multiple projects on various topics.


Apart from its versatility in topics, MySurvey is a fun and legitimate way to boost your side earnings. The site offers plenty of surveys to take, but those get matched to your profile and preferences. An average survey will take you 15 minutes to fill out.

The reward program consists of points, with every ten points equivalent to a dollar. Depending on the size of the poll, users can earn between ten and 500 points. The most popular payout choices are PayPal and Amazon gift cards, but participants may opt for other sweepstakes or donate to charities. The withdrawal limit stands at $10.


We hope this exhaustive list of paid online surveys helps you select what best suits your preferences. When choosing, the essential thing is to consider the ratio between the time needed to complete surveys and the payout. This way, you’ll need less time and effort to earn a significant amount. So, once you find a perfect match, stick with that site as most companies reward loyal users.

What survey sites do you use, and what’s the compensation for an average poll? Share your experiences in the comment box below. Bonus tip, sign up for our newsletter for ingenious money-making recommendations.


How can I make money with online surveys?

First, make sure you’re on the right survey sites to maximize your earning potential. Once you register on their platforms, start browsing for various surveys, including ones specialized in product appeals, services, or brand recognition. Of course, you won’t qualify for every survey, so you must keep trying. Other sites will offer you surveys you’re eligible to take and may even bombard you with emails.

What are the best paid online survey sites?

Today, the online market abounds in sites that claim to be legit and safe for users to take surveys. We suggest you trust only the websites we approve and test for payout. To start with, try your luck with MyPoints, Survey Junkie, Vindale Research, and Swagbucks. These are some of the best rated and highest paying survey sites for 2020. On second thought, you could also reach for Toluna, Inbox Dollars, and Pinecone Research.

Can I get paid for Surveys Online?

The short answer to this is yes. A vast amount of people earn a decent amount of money for completing online polls at various sites. The benefit of using such websites is that you can make money on the go with your smartphone alone. Overall, taking surveys is a great side hustle during downtimes when you need a financial boost.

Where to take paid surveys online?

Since everyone tries to think of ways to earn money online, it can get hard to find the right path. The initial step you should be taking is to stick with legit sites. Some of the best platforms include Inbox Dollars, Survey Junkie, and KickKash. Each site is different, and depending on your preferences, you might want to go with another suggestion. For instance, if you’re interested in cash, skip sites that execute payments via gift cards.




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