how to find short term rentals

How to Find Short Term Rentals Anywhere

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Is your apartment still being fixed, and you can’t move in? You are traveling and need cheap accommodation? Do you have the cash to cover a short stay only? Short term rentals are the answer!

Lately, the number of temporary places to live has been on the rise. You no longer need to overthink where to go when you need an instant and cheap solution. Now, it’s easy to find a place to stay until you settle down.

Read further to find out how.

Best Way To Find Short Term Rental Step By Step Guide

By now, you have probably thought to yourself: how to find short term rentals near me? Well, the answer to that question is just around the corner. Our team has compiled a list of all the things you need to do.

Read our expert step-by-step guide on finding short term housing in the USA effortlessly. From defining a budget to useful tips, we cover all critical issues. Plus, you’ll find a list of top websites for you to start your search.

Step 1: Define Your Needs and Budget

In your search for cheap short term rentals, it’s essential not to downsize your needs. You also shouldn’t overspend as you may need help paying monthly rent later on.

That said, define both your needs and spending budget. Regarding needs, list everything that seems important to you. Under budget, enter the highest amount of cash you can put aside for the rental. Then, shortlist options that align with your needs and budget only.

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Still, the answer to how to find temporary housing suitable for you goes beyond price and needs. Several key points can make your stay a living hell. Below, find a list of things to ask before signing a contract.

Important Things Not To Overlook When Choosing Temporary Housing

  • Neighborhood – The neighborhood surrounding the apartment is vital. Inform yourself about the area by doing a quick online search.
  • Parking (if you own a car) – If you plan on leasing or buying a car, make sure there is parking available. Also, does parking cost extra? If so, how much?
  • Amenities – Look up the amenities the housing offers. You might find it useful to spare a few more dollars on something essential, such as a dishwasher.
  • Furniture – Finding furnished apartments for rent month to month might not be that easy. Furniture is a significant component of settling down even for a short time. So, make sure that the sofa is a cozy one.
  • Neighbors – The next-door people you share the building with can be a source of help or discomfort. It wouldn’t hurt to double-check that too before you sign a lease.
  • Public transport– Do you rely on public transportation? Then, it’s crucial to look up the connections from the flat to where you usually travel to.
  • Pet policy – Do you own a pet, or are you allergic to animals? Avoid a last-minute disappointment of having to give up the place just because you didn’t ask about the pet policy.
  • Additional or hidden costs – Are there any extra or hidden costs associated with the home? You don’t want to overspend on unplanned expenses.

Step 2: Check the Most Popular Short Term Rental Websites

So, you must be wondering what the best way to find short term rentals in 2020 is. Well, no matter how difficult this task seems, we have made a list of the most popular short term rental websites for you. Visit any of these to find plenty of options. It’s even better if you try them all and compare prices.

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Use location and price filters to find suitable listings. Then, read reviews to learn more about the place regarding cleanliness, equipment, and cons.


The world’s most popular website for short term rental apartments. Airbnb offers over 6 million listings in 190 countries worldwide. Once you click on a listing, you can see a range of information about that flat. This includes the number of rooms, amenities, description, house rules, and availability. Most hosts offer a minimum 2-night stay because of the cleaning fee. Once you select the dates, the final price including cleaning fee, taxes and the 6-12% Airbnb fee, will appear.


Vrbo offers a range of rental types, including houses, apartments, castles, treehouses, and more. There is a review section that allows you to check the quality of the place. The minimum length of stay depends on the property. Contact owners or property managers before booking by sending them a direct message via the platform.

If you wonder how to find short term housing near me, try visiting The platform is an instant finder of rentals all over the USA for stays of at least 30 days. All their apartments are fully furnished and in top condition. Using is the cheapest way to move across country and stay at excellent flats.


You can find anything on Craigslist, temporary housing included. The platform lets you browse local offers. Meet with the landlord to agree on the price and make sure you inspect the apartment. While this may not be the smartest and safest option, it sure is an efficient one.

Step 3: Try College Networks Or Ask Friends And Family

If you are a student, join college networks in your pursuit of short term apartments for rent. These have excellent offers and even insider tips on top flats.

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Also, don’t forget to ask friends and family if they know someone who rents. This is a great way to find rentals outside the websites listed above. Plus, it may earn you a discounted price if someone vouches for you.

Step 4: Negotiate A Better Price

Price plays a massive role in deciding where to stay. Sometimes, you may instantly fall in love with a place that’s outside your carefully prepared budget. Instead of giving up on it right away, try negotiating a better price. Especially if you want to stay for longer than one month.

Owners have less work when their short term lease rentals are occupied by the same person for months. So, they may be willing to lower the rent if your approach is honest and straightforward.

Don’t try to outsmart landlords. They’ve been in the business for years probably. Just tell them your budget range and ask if they can accept it. Say what makes you a great tenant and promise to take great care of their apartment.

Who knows, maybe you’ll score a fantastic flat for a reasonable price.

Step 5: Ask About Any Drawbacks Of The Place

It doesn’t matter whether you need a place to stay for a month or for a few nights. You should always ask about any possible issues with the site.

This can be anything really, from mold on the walls to noise from the neighbors at night. Let’s say smoking is allowed inside the home. Does it smell bad? Would you mind it? Maybe there isn’t hot water either. If you’re allergic to cats and the previous tenant had cats, you should ask whether the flat was thoroughly cleaned.

There can be a million things making temporary apartment rentals unsuitable for guests. The best way to protect yourself is to ask. Make sure not to forget something important by making a list beforehand. Add anything you can think of, however silly it seems.

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Bottom Line

Are you short on cash or unwilling to sign a rental agreement that binds you for years? If so, think of short term rentals.

Lasting no more than six months and giving you much-desired flexibility, this type of housing is a lifesaver in 2020. Just make sure to follow our ProMoneySavings expert guide and avoid making rookie mistakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a short term rental?

Furnished and ready-to-use apartments that people rent or sublet for a short duration. While standard rentals involve contracts that last for one or more years, temporary housing operates month to month. By definition, short term renting to a single tenant lasts for up to six months.

Is there month to month leases?

Yes. A month to month lease doesn’t include a 1-year or 2-year contract. Instead, tenants pay month after month. Both parties (landlord and tenants) can end the agreement with a 30-day notice.

How long is a short term lease?

Short term renting is a stay duration no longer than six months. Guests paying for temporary housing can stay a single night, several weeks, or a maximum of six months. This type of lease is flexible and, often, cheaper.


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