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Need Help With Paying Rent ASAP? Find 10 Ways How to Get It!

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The latest studies revealed that 43% of American households struggle with covering essential monthly costs like rent and food. This puts about 50.8 million US citizens with serious money issues every single month. In most cases, rent seems to be the most severe problem for them, as it represents the most significant expense.

If you are one of those Americans who struggle with paying their landlord, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll down and discover how to get help with rent right away. These 10 tested ways of obtaining rent money assistance will help you get by and solve at least one of your problems.

Contact Your Landlord

Your landlord is the first person you should contact when you struggle with the payment. Inform your landlord, regardless of whether you are having a temporary hardship or a severe financial issue that could last for months.

For example, if you signed a two-year lease at $1,200 per month, you can ask for a discount for the next three months. Sometimes, even a $100 or $200 discount is enough for you to get back on your feet, without missing any payments. In some scenarios, you may even ask them to skip a payment and pay them once your financial situation improves.

It should be crystal clear to you that your landlord doesn’t have to accept any of your suggestions. They entered the business to make cash, and they probably need the money too. Yet, sometimes, they may be sympathetic and work with you.

Finding good and reliable tenants isn’t always the most straightforward task. Plus, if they evict you, they risk their apartment staying empty for a month or longer. So, often, it’s smarter for them to give you a chance to recover financially and start paying full rent again.

Remember, being honest here is crucial. So, don’t approach your landlord with lies and unrealistic demands. Just state your actual situation and present them with the facts.

Short-Term Emergency Assistance

Many emergency rental assistance programs work as eviction prevention for low-income families. As a rule, each US state has its own resources and programs for its citizens. So, you should always first try calling the local 2-1-1 hotline and try to get relevant information there. Alternatively, you can try visiting the official website of the housing authority in your county.

Short-term emergency assistance may exist for different categories of people. For example, there are separate programs for disabled citizens, the elderly, veterans, etc. One agency will handle your rent bill for up to three consecutive months. Another agency will help with clothes and food, so you can save your money quickly for covering the residence costs.

This is the perfect solution for people who face a temporary financial emergency, regardless of the reason. Such short-term assistance programs help them survive the period and get back on their feet without generating debt.

Long-Term Federal Rental Assistance

Long-term rental assistance is another way the government fights homelessness in the country. This option is for those who regularly struggle with their rent and need a more permanent solution. To find assistance with rent near me, you should simply get in touch with your county authorities and request more details. They should be able to give you the contacts of the people who will guide you through the process.

how to get help with paying rent federal rental assistance
Federal Rental Assistance

There are two basic types of long-term assistance with housing. The first is public housing communities, which are basically huge buildings with single-family homes. The second is agencies that grant rent vouchers you can use to pay rent in privately-owned properties. These give you more freedom in choosing a home, location, etc.

For example, there’s the Housing Voucher Program (HVP) that gives out vouchers you can use to cover your rent entirely or partially. Before you qualify, you must meet the low-income requirements of the program. Also, you cannot stay at properties that aren’t approved by the HVP. Passing a background and credit rating checks are necessary too.

One con of this and other alike programs is their long waiting times. Individuals and families are often waitlisted for months before they start receiving their rent assistance. Plus, landlords have a legal right to reject tenants who use such programs.

Reach Out To Friends And Family

No need to wonder how to get help with rent if you are close with your friends and family. You can always reach out to them when you need assistance ASAP. Especially, if you have financially stable family members or close friends. You can request a short-term rental at your friend’s house or apartment. Just remember that money issues have permanently damaged the relationships of millions of people worldwide. So, you must have a serious and honest approach here.

The first thing is to decide precisely how much money you need to survive the financial turmoil you’re into. Don’t ask or accept anything more than that. The second step is to ask in a way that leaves them the opportunity to reject you. After all, the fact that someone seems financially sound doesn’t mean they don’t have struggles of their own. Be respectful to their decision, whatever it is.

In case the person agrees to help you out, make sure to set out clear repayment expectations for them. It’s always better to tell them the truth instead of making false promises and then fail to deliver. If you need a year to pay them back – just say so.

Finally, don’t forget to discuss how this obligation may affect the relationship you have with this person. You don’t want to be continuously reminded of it, but also you shouldn’t act as if it doesn’t exist at all.

Take Out A Short Term Loan

During short-term cash emergencies, you can always take out an emergency loan to cover the expenses. Let’s say you are in between jobs and you don’t have any savings. Maybe you had to visit the dentist with a root canal problem, and you didn’t have dental insurance, so you spent your rent money instead of getting dental loans. There are millions of ways you can end up needing cash for rent and personal loans can help you deal with the situation fast.

In this situation, you should consider two options. The first is to take a short-term loan, while the second is to apply for loans for rent payment. Both options come with different pros and cons. Also, both can help you cover your rent for one or more months.

Before applying for any kind of a loan, make sure to pay attention to the following:

  • Is the loan provider a trusted and reliable one?
  • Can you pay off the loan under the offered terms?
  • What happens if you miss payments?
  • Do you meet the qualification criteria for the loan?
  • Is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) reasonable?

Find A Roommate

If you find yourself thinking, “I need help paying my rent asap” every single month, you may want to consider finding a roommate.

There are both advantages and drawbacks to doing this. On the positive side, a roommate will pay for sharing the place with you and cover half the bills. So, in some cases, you can completely cut down any apartment-related costs. If you are a social person, you will enjoy having the company. Plus, a good roommate will help with the chores too.

how to get help with paying rent roommate

If living with a roommate was so perfect, though, everyone would’ve done it. A living partnership can quickly turn into hell if the roommate is not paying their share on time. This may actually end up creating additional expenses for you. Also, not all roommates have the same cleanliness standards as you do. Instead, some of them may make a mess in the apartment and refuse to clean it.

Another vital issue to keep in mind here is the fact that your lease agreement may not allow you to take a roommate. So, you must make sure that what you’re doing is legal and approved by your landlord.

Getting a written agreement of your roommate’s responsibilities is a great way to protect yourself from any unacceptable behavior.

Get A Cheaper Apartment

Sometimes the best thing you can do when you need money for rent regularly is to get a cheaper apartment.

Before doing this, you must consider certain aspects to make the smartest possible decision.

First, you should decide if moving out is an option at all. This often takes breaking your lease agreement, which may come with some penalties. If this is the case, maybe you should wait for your lease to expire and move out afterward.

Second, you should prepare beforehand, rather than simply move out without having found an appropriate alternative. Moving out takes planning so you can find a great deal. Start at least two months earlier if the notice period for breaking your lease is 30 days.

Third, create a budget, select acceptable locations, and put together a list of demands. Focus on such options only but try to keep an open mind as well. If your budget is too low, you may have to make compromises, and that’s okay.

Alternatively, you can consider privately-owned subsidized housing or moving in with family or friends. The first option offers apartments for reduced rent to low-income individuals and/or families. The latter may even provide free accommodation. Both can help you get back on your feet and save some money before finding a place of your own.

Consider Another Source Of Income

In case you need help paying rent now each month, you should try making extra cash by getting another source of income. Even though this may seem complicated and impossible, lots of Americans actually have a side gig.

There are lots of open positions for people who want to work from home jobs that don’t require special skills or previous experience. Many of them are online, so you won’t even have to leave your home to earn cash. All you need for these gigs is a reliable desktop/laptop and internet access.

Would you like to start generating higher income right away? Well, here are several ideas for you to consider:

  • Writer/Editor/Proofreader – If you are good with words and have a solid knowledge of the English language, you can make good cash by writing, editing, or proofreading content. Each of these is a separate step of the content creating process and have substantial rates per hour of $25-50;
  • Paid Survey Taker – Companies, researches, and marketing agencies are always looking for people to take their surveys. A paid online survey can take you anything from five minutes to several hours. The pay per survey widely varies too. Anyway, this job doesn’t require any special skills, and anyone can do it;
  • Call Center Agent – Anyone with basic communication skills can get a side gig as a call center agent. This position may turn you into a customer care representative or telemarketer. Either way, it pays reasonably and can be the perfect extra income generator;
  • Uber/Lyft/Postmates – These side hustles aren’t a home-based business or job. Uber and Lyft are companies that let you drive for them and get paid. You simply download their app and start accepting nearby customers. Postmates, in contrast, is a delivery service for food and goods. Either way, you will need a car for all of them.

Start A Fundraiser

Did you know that there are people in the world who love helping strangers in need? Were you aware that there are platforms that let you collect funds from donors worldwide? If not, you may want to look at fundraising and crowdfunding.

Both options exist to help individuals collect money for a cause. In your case, your purpose will be paying rent and keeping your home.

how to get help with paying rent fundraiser

GoFundMe, for example, is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms you can use for free. They let you upload photos, state your case, and keep all the money. GoFundMe doesn’t charge platform fee on money raised. The platform has tons of success stories and helped lots of people get the money they need for their rent. For example, Noey raised $2,290 out of $2,200 asked, while Rachel needed $1,300 and raised $1,302.

Other options for fundraising rent money include Fundly, Crowdfunder, and Indiegogo. Some people even open a dedicated Facebook page and raise money like that.

Remember, honesty and openness are the keys here. Don’t just say, “I need help paying my rent, asap.” Instead, share your story with potential donors. People will be sympathetic to your issue only if they believe you. Also, fundraising is an excellent way to share the cause with your family and friends without asking them for a large loan. This way, they can help out as much as they can, while you won’t have an obligation to pay them back.

Reduce Your Expenses

Saving money is as vital as earning money. So, you can always try to reduce your expenses to have enough cash for your rent. Get ready for your next payment today by trying our creative ways to save some money in a breeze.

Here are several ways to start saving for your rent deposits without feeling significant changes in your lifestyle:

  • Sell everything you don’t use – selling stuff you don’t use will bring you instant access to some cash you can use to pay your rent;
  • Use LED lights – going LED will significantly cut down your electricity costs, meaning you’ll have more money for other expenses;
  • Buy second-hand – whenever it makes sense, you should try to buy second-hand clothes, items, etc. These products always cost much less and hence help you maintain a healthy budget;
  • Avoid eating out – eating at restaurants is much more expensive than cooking your own food. So, make sure to avoid eating out and save cash for your next rent payment instead;
  • Use less cleaning products – people often overuse their cleaning products, detergents, and even shampoos. By spending less of these products, you can save a significant amount of funds in the long run;
  • Buy in bulk – another useful tip when it comes to saving cash is to start buying in bulk. This makes the most sense with hygiene products, cleaning products, and food that doesn’t expire.

Other Ideas to Get Help With Your Rent

Even if none of the above ideas work for you, don’t give up. There are plenty of different ways you can find assistance when you need money for rent. Here are several other places to try:

  • Charities – Red Cross, Salvation Army, Help Paying Bills, and United Way are some of the charities that help people with rent money;
  • Religious organizations –many religious organizations raise money to help community members in need. If you are part of a religious community, don’t be ashamed to ask them for help;
  • Emergency and crisis services – these agencies exist to support Americans in need, regardless of whether they struggle with rent, food, or utility bills. Get in touch, and they may be able to help you out;
  • Rural rental assistance – low-income families in Rural Rental Housing (RRH) and Farm Labor Housing (FLH) areas are eligible for rural rental aid by the government.

Urgently Need Money For Rent – Final Words

A considerable number of Americans always wonder where and how to get help with rent. There’s nothing wrong with that and if you’re one of them – you shouldn’t despair. On the contrary, by following our expert advice you can forget about this problem within a few months.

With our list of 10+ proven ways to get cash to pay rent, we help you deal with this stressful issue.

Plus, here at ProMoneySavings we have tons of other useful tips on making free cash right away. So, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and get all our tested ways of growing your bank account.


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      These ideas are going to go a long way towards my planning, and getting rent taken care of before it could possibly be an issue.

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      I’ve been there myself, and I know my mother certainly has. She lives on a fixed income, and I think those are the people most vulnerable to fall behind on rent. I love how this article provides plenty of ideas on how to take action ahead of time if you can. Looking for help with rent can be panic-inducing if you don’t know where to start!

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