How To Save Money On Online Courses – Tips And Tricks

How To Save Money On Online Courses – Tips And Tricks

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Are you often appalled at the sight of zillion online courses and end up confused about what to choose? With the digitalization era, online courses have reached their zenith and are rapidly developing. More and more people opt to upgrade their knowledge online, as restrictions on time and space are non-existent.

When it comes to self-education, you’ll need perseverance and commitment to achieve your goals. So, if you intend to increase your income and boost your skills with little financial input, you’re at the right spot. Consider our 12 tips on how to maximize your savings on online learning platforms.

Do Online Courses Help You Save?

On average, tuition fees for an online course tend to be lower than those for in-person lectures. This is the strongest argument why somebody would choose to follow an educational program online rather than in the classroom. Yet, before you reach the final verdict, we urge you to investigate the applicable fees for both options.

Second, consider the ancillary expenses incurred when you’re attending courses in person. In a word, additional costs are challenging to predict. Meaning, you’ll probably spend money on transport and even parking if you travel by car. Then, consider the extra money for printing out assignments, stationery, and notebooks. These expenses vary, but can generally get avoided if you study from home.

Whatever you choose in the end, think twice about what type of learning environment suits you best. Would you better thrive in a classroom with fellow students, or you’re the individual learner type? The answer to this question is the key to your success!

The Benefits Of Learning Online

Moving to digital learning forms isn’t acceptable for everyone, particularly when on a short note. If you still doubt whether online classes or their traditional counterparts are more effective, keep reading. Below, we’ve summarized the most significant benefits of online learning.

  • Better time management. The fact that you can enjoy a flexible schedule is invaluable. You can access learning materials whenever you feel most comfortable.
  • Flexibility. With digital learning, there is no need to worry about peer pressure within the classroom. You study at your own pace and focus on what seems most relevant and appealing to you.
  • No hidden costs. The good news is that no money gets wasted on daily commuting. Also, you don’t pay for accommodation on campuses. The fact that you’re having meals at home further decreases the overall cost.
  • Affordable prices. With e-courses, you avoid traditional costs for using classroom equipment and space. You also have the materials in a digital form, so there is no need to purchase hard copy books. All in all, savings with online learning are significant.
  • Enhanced communication. With online education, learners can communicate with instructors and professors via multiple channels. Consider contacting your instructor via e-mail, telephone, or through the Q&A section.
  • Extended range of options. Have you always wanted to attend a course at a foreign institution? With e-courses, you’re no longer constrained in terms of course range and location. Plus, you can select various unrelated classes to attend and take exams for.
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Step-By-Step Guide

We know that knowledge doesn’t come for free and that some learning materials are too expensive to bear. Therefore, we arm you with the best advice that helps keen learners foot the bill without much effort. Keep on reading and be persistent in your learning endeavors.

Start With Free Material

Rule number one, don’t let fancy and signature courses overwhelm you. Regardless of your field of interest, there is tons of information for free. So, why spend $300 on a well-known course when you can gain the same skill by exploring some free materials?

Even famous educators and leaders offer free packages to gather more followers and help them learn the relevant topic’s basics. They hope you’ll get stimulated to invest more money in the premium version once the course attracts your attention. Yet, not buying the premium package doesn’t mean you won’t grasp the skills you always wanted.

Find some of the most popular free resources on writing and blogging at Copybloggers. offers free material on SEO, while Summer Tanhauser will advance your Pinterest skills. Try out Coursera and Alison courses, too, for a variety of highly-sought subjects.

Decide On A Plan And Abide By It

Wasting money on hefty courses that you don’t even end up following can happen to anyone. Everyone has thrown money down the drain at some point in their life. Whether it was for a language school or gym membership, you may have overestimated your abilities and free time. Of course, you thought an expensive online course would be beneficial for your business, but you never found time to use it.

Therefore, determine what you need to learn and then pay the fee. Don’t just buy online programs because they’re on sale, or you received a unique promotion code. Prepare a plan on how much you’re ready to spend on advancing your knowledge in a particular field and stick to it.

Most programs will offer you additional features and plugins in the process of learning, so it’s up to you to resist them. It helps if you have a learning plan about your business priorities. Knowing what skills you need to enhance is essential to avoid losing yourself in the vast ocean of novelties. Also, make sure you’re not overcrowding your schedule with several simultaneous learning paths.

Buy Learning Bundles

The Internet is full of e-learning discounted bundles, and all this is available at your fingertips. Online education has never been so accessible, practically only a few clicks away. Hence, select the right bundle and start learning the skills you’ve been craving for a long time.

If you have time and energy to acquire a more-complex skill, savings with e-learning packages can be significant. Such packages usually include related topics, but you can also select other topics you’re interested in. The price for the entire bunch of courses is always way cheaper than if you buy them separately.

You can even interchange some topics with your friends if the software allows that. We have come across sites that offer interchanging the topics included in your package with others beyond its limits. Last, if you’re a group and want to follow the same or a similar course, contact the provider and ask for discounted bundles.

You can try our tips for those who need money now and make some quick cash. Then, invest it in yourself.

Subscribe To Email Lists For Discounts

The good old email can open a lot of doors when it comes to online education. Sign up for the newsletters of all courses you have in mind and wait for an offer. Subscribers undoubtedly get the best deals when compared to random followers and non-subscribers.

Also, follow instructors and influencers on social media to get information about upcoming or current sales. You can even join their extensive email lists to acquire a VIP status. When famous bloggers or coaches offer extra freebies or big sales, their email list is the first to know.

The only downside is that flash sales don’t happen often and aren’t open for long. In case you’re offered an exceptional deal, be ready to grasp it immediately. An insider’s tip is to be patient as massive discounts get offered two or three times a year. If you can wait, savings can be substantial in comparison with the regular full price.

Join A Subscription Site

To boost your flexibility and control over what you’re learning, join a subscription site. These sites are available at a fixed monthly or annual cost and offer you unlimited access to learning materials. The most crucial aspect is that you can follow several courses simultaneously and combine learning methods that suit your personality.

Course subscription sites are useful when you intend to learn new tech or web design skills. You might cancel your membership at any time, which gives you the freedom to unsubscribe once you gain enough knowledge. We suggest you try sites like Lynda, Team Treehouse, and Creative Live. They all provide free trial periods, so this is your chance to start learning right away!

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Get Someone Else To Pay For It

Easier said than done, and hence, we are here to assist you in the process. Before anything, you need to have a willingness to learn and negotiation skills to get someone to pay for your courses. There are a few strategies and financial aid schemes you can use to get a new skill for free.

  • Your company. If you have time off work and believe a new skill can benefit your employer, go for it. Bring it up before your boss and explain how this new knowledge can help the business and make you a better employee. You might be surprised that some managers are ready to foot the bill.
  • Birthday gift. Instead of receiving sweaters and perfumes for your birthday, you might ask for a specific gift upfront. Ask for a membership fee or a valuable course to appease both sides.
  • Scholarship. Most education providers offer scholarships for exceptional applicants. These memberships are limited, so you’ll have to show that your intentions are serious and your abilities are above average.
  • Financial Aid. Whether you belong to the group of minorities, veterans, vocational students, people with disabilities, or women, you can be eligible.  Also, explore all available grants offered by governmental and non-governmental bodies.
  • Student loans. If everything else fails, consider taking out a student loan that you must repay eventually. Such loans come from federal or state governments, are intended for tuition and books, and involve interest.

Become An Affiliate

One of the most useful tips on saving money on e-courses is to become an affiliate for it. In short, the more people you recommend the course to and they subscribe to it, the higher the offset of the cost. To turn this idea into reality, you should have loyal clients or followers. Even if this is not the case, you can recommend the classes to your closest collaborators and friends.

Anyways, pay utmost attention to what you’re suggesting to others. You don’t want to achieve the adverse effect. Recommend only courses you found helpful and beneficial. Avoid pushing others to subscribe just because you’ll receive a discount with their click. Also, be upfront about your affiliation to gain trust in your followers and build a robust relationship.

Visit Coupon Sites

Getting lost in the vast ocean of online classes and learning materials is a common sight. Once you decide to look for a specific topic, you’ll come across hundreds of relevant results. What to choose and whether it would be worth your time and money is another issue to resolve.

Start searching by checking popular coupon sites that offer discounted prices on many courses. Deals change frequently, so it’s best to check them every week. For instance, RetailMeNot is a unique website that sells course coupons and promo codes for almost anything you can think of.

Moreover, Groupon has an entire section dedicated to e-courses that vary from Digital Marketing and Programming to Finances and Accounting. You can also find excellent kids’ courses and language classes for almost 90% off the initial price. Appsumo is another platform that boasts incredible deals on topics that involve education, design, law, sales, etc.

We have some tips on how to make the most out of coupons! Make sure to check them out.

Check Your Library

Your local library may be offering a lot more than just books and magazines. Nowadays, libraries organize e-courses for their members for a nominal fee or even free of charge. Alternatively, they offer subscriptions to popular e-course sites like Lynda, Khan Academy, etc.

Therefore, never skip your nearest library when seeking opportunities to widen your knowledge. Make sure you ask what courses are available and fill out your library card number to access classes. Some of the most appreciated courses include project management, accounting, business writing, and photography.

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Search For Books Similar To The Course – But Are Cheaper

As the online community develops, e-courses are taking precedence over training with physical attendance and books. Add to that the current pandemic crises, and you’ll realize why online courses have become so highly appreciated and popular. Plus, creators of e-courses need a lot of time, energy, and financial resources to create up-to-date and relevant learning materials.

Luckily, you can find most of the principles taught in e-courses in books. Though some ideas vary, the basics of any given topic are the same. Meaning, instructors that give e-lectures usually have books that contain the same material. When this is not the case or such books are considerably expensive, look for written material by other niche experts.

One approach is to start browsing the Amazon database for books in the field of your interest. Read the relevant reviews and check the prices of individual and bundled editions. Often, you’ll have the chance to buy a treasure of information for a fraction of the e-course cost.

Find An Alternative Course

You may have set your aims high and wish to purchase a pricey e-course. Such premium learning packages are genuinely worth it, but are they the right for you? Can you invest enough time and money, and will the course eventually pay off?

Even if you own a business, premium courses can be out of your budget reach. Yet, to grow your business, you must invest in thorough and highly-professional training. To make both ends meet, start looking for less expensive courses or even free packages. At the onset, it’s best to build a solid base of knowledge to generate income.

Invest in premium e-courses only when you can afford them, and there is no substitute course. Otherwise, why spend a fortune when there’s an alternative one that teaches nearly the same skills for half price?

Wait For Sales

Are you willing to learn a new essential skill, but it’s not an urgent matter? Hence, always leave room both in your tight schedule and your budget for when the right opportunity springs up. Flexibility is crucial if you want to come across a real bargain.

Remember that after registering for free courses from educators or bloggers, other perks might follow. Tripwires are one way, and expect to receive some good deals and eBooks. When your targeted learning material doesn’t come for free, consider it an exceptional deal if you buy it between 25% and 50% off.

In case you have bought a package of courses, consider swapping some topics that you aren’t so keen on studying. Instead, acquire knowledge that you need and make the most out of the money invested.

In fact, waiting for sales is one of the best ways to save money these days. You just need to be patient, observant, and fast.

Bottom Line

We learn new things every day, deliberately and in an organized way. Both theoretical and practical knowledge is our key to success, so we continue looking for ways to acquire new beneficial skills. Paying over the moon doesn’t always mean you’re getting value for your money.

That’s why we are sharing some smart tips on how to learn more for less money. Don’t forget to register for our ProMoneySavings Newsletter as we continually add new content that saves you cash. Also, feel free to share your hints on getting cheaper education online with our readers. Happy e-learning!


Does it cost more to take online classes?

When it comes to college or university courses, the online variants are way cheaper than attending the institution in person. Also, you avoid the costs for commuting or staying within the campus. However, some expert e-courses dedicated to a specific topic tend to be more expensive when followed via the Internet. The rationale behind the idea is that often, there is no such course in person. Plus, professional online educators need a lot of knowledge, time, and resources to organize an efficient and productive online system.

How can I make my online classes more effective?

Have a clear plan and targets about what you expect to learn and when. Eliminate any possible distractions when you’re learning online and participate actively. Hold yourself accountable for the gained knowledge and have a proper study space. Be aware of online education’s downsides, such as limited feedback, social isolation, poor time management, and self-motivation.

What is the average cost of online classes?

To start with cheaper online classes, we can name Udemy, where you can follow valuable courses for as little as $9.99. Though average packages cost up to $300, you can often bump into 90% sales. Coursera’s prices range from $29 to $99 for individual packages and up to $15,000 for online degrees. Other highly-appreciated and not so expensive courses include Treehouse ($25 monthly), Skillshare ($12 monthly), and LinkedIn Learning ($19.99 per month). College classes cost $282 per credit hour on average or $3,400 for a full course.

Are paid online courses worth it?

It largely depends on the time and attention you dedicate to any online learning program. Any $10 course will be worth it if you acquire a new skill you can put into practice. Even a $2000 e-course will pay off if you manage to switch to a high paying job or change your career path. Moreover, accredited degrees boost your CV and credentials. However, to get in-depth and cash-oriented knowledge, take online classes seriously.


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      Some of the courses offered online are really expensive. Without a discount there is no chance that you can afford them

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      I always say if you are willing to learn new skills you will find a way how to achieve it. Unfortunately I do not have time to learn everything that I want.

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      There are also a lot of free webinars that are offered online and it is a good idea to attend them, so this way you will know if you want to go deeply into the matter and to pay or not for the actual course

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      Online courses took over the traditional learning because you save on more things. Expensive books, commuting and of course you can learn from your home at whatever time is suitable for you

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      It is impossible to go and attend some courses in person because of the social distancing and wearing masks. So online learning is the best solution

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      For the remote workers, most of the companies offer free training or they are willing to pay for courses that will train you how to do your job better. So think about using this options and you will find that the manager and the company are willing to pay if they think that it will boost your skills and that you will do your work in more efficient manner.

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      Even the kids now with the pandemic are going to online school in some countries. All you need is a good computer and internet connection and sky is the limit.

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      I always attend some free courses online and definitely is the most efficient way for learning some new stuff. You just have to put some time and effort.

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      As I got laid off work during the pandemic I tried to boost my skills and find some online courses. There are lot of them so I didn’t know where to start and it made me more confused. So I gave up.

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      If you don’t know what courses to enroll in you can always read the reviews and comments. They are always sincere. Or you can discuss with your friends to tell you which one are good from their experience. I always discuss with my colleagues so they recommend the best ones. Of course try to discuss with the people that have similar jobs and similar interests as you. Otherwise they can recommend something that not interests you.

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      I am a person with different interests and I always want to learn new things. So I find online courses very helpful. Even life hacks videos can teach you something new.

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      The one online course that I’ve attended is how to use Wondershare and what you can do with it. It was a couple of years ago, it was cheap and plus a tone of useful videos you can find over the internet. So I can make and edit my own videos and then upload them

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      Communication between teacher or trainer and the student is very important when learning online. You have to participate in all the activities and doing your homework on regular basis to achieve some results

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      You have to be determined in the whole process. From deciding on what your interests are to finishing the course successfully. Only this way one will succeed.

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      I can not motivate myself in learning when learning online. I am always distracted with something else. I do not know, but probably this kind of learning is not for me.

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