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How to Save Money: 50 Great Tips to Get You Started

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A considerable number of Americans is struggling to cut living costs and save funds on a daily basis.

Do you consider yourself an American looking for tips about how to save money fast? has the right article for you! After thorough research, we created the ultimate list of 50 great hints for saving cash quickly. These ideas will teach you how to repair your bankroll and help you make your first steps.

Being smart in terms of spending and saving money is not easy. With our help and tips, this goal becomes easier. Maybe not every idea applies to or suits your lifestyle. Yet, even if you use about half of them, you will notice positive results almost instantly.

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Sell Stuff You’re Not Using Anymore

Hoarding and saving money don’t go together well. Once a year or even every six months you should clean your house and wardrobes. Try to stay objective and put aside everything you don’t use anymore.

You’ll probably end up with lots of clothes, broken appliances, jigsaw puzzles you’ve already completed and all kinds of other stuff. These items and products might be useless to you now, but probably there are people who need them. It’s logical to get rid of them and put the earnings in your savings account.

Calculate Prices In Working Hours

Changing your mindset is the first step towards boosting savings. We like to mention calculating prices in working hours among the best tips about how to start saving money. Let’s guess that you make $10 per hour and you’ve got your eye on a $200 backpack. Would you invest 20 long and tiring working hours in a single backpack? Probably not, right?

Best Way To Save Money Fast – Do Research And Compare Prices

Lowering the costs of living is possible only for those willing to do the work. You spend money on all kinds of things, from clothes to groceries. An instant trick to keep more cash in your wallet is to find cheaper products. You can discover those only by doing research and comparing prices.

how to save money 2

Check out several stores before deciding where to do your shopping in the future. Even if your standard bill turns out only $10 lower, after 10 visits you’ll save around $100.

Have A Grace Period Before Making Expensive Purchases

Having a grace period before making purchasing belongs among the creative ways to save money quickly. This concept recommends waiting for 24, 48 or as many hours as you find appropriate before buying something.

Of course, we refer to expensive investments such as furniture, cars or laptops. People tend to overspend on these products because they desire them so strongly. The grace period gives you time to actually contemplate the idea and decide if the product is really worth it.

Creative Ways To Save Money? Try Making Instead Of Buying Gifts

On certain occasions, you can make gifts instead of buying them. Bake a cake rather than buying a cake. If you’re artsy, you can draw a painting or make unique jewelry. Instead of printing a T-shirt or a cup, buy a generic one and design them yourself.

Other things you can make at home include candles, decorative clay bowls, decorative signs, and photo frames. If you like jigsaw puzzles, you can even put a completed one in a frame and gift it as a wall decoration.

No need to overdo it, but you can surely save cash on really cheap gifts now and then.

Plan And Cook Your Own Meals

Food is something we spend cash on a daily basis. Smart food management leads towards better monthly savings. Avoid buying breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. Instead, cook your own meals and prepare them in advance.

Make double the regular amount of a dish and pack it for several meals. Bring your own healthy snacks to work and make your own sandwiches. You can do the same thing with desserts too. Homecooked meals are both cheaper and healthier.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is definitely a habit that ruins your health and your budget too. Studies show that an average American that smokes spends 25% of their annual income on cigarettes. This money could be spent on traveling or investments instead.

how to save money 3

Smokers also tend to have more health issues than non-smokers. This leads towards higher medical bills and even worse life insurance conditions. If you can’t quit smoking completely, try smoking 1-5 cigarettes per day at least.

Avoid Leaving The Lights On

You left the bedroom but didn’t turn off the lights. You got a drink from the kitchen and left those lights on too. Both spend electricity and increase your monthly bills. There’s no need to sit in a completely dark room. Yet, it’s a must to turn off lights in empty rooms and when you leave the house.


Going LED is a quick way to save money. This modern technology is energy efficient and you’ll see your electricity bills falling right away. Switch any old-school lightbulb you have in your home with a LED one. Maybe the monthly savings won’t be drastic, but they’ll certainly add up in a year or two.

Tips To Save Money Faster – Always Make A Grocery List

There’s a golden rule saying you should never go shopping when hungry. We also say don’t go shopping without a grocery list. It’s incredibly easy to fill your shopping basket with stuff you don’t need. So, you must stay focused on purchasing only what you really need.

No matter how cool or tasty a product looks, if it’s not on your shopping list it won’t go into your shopping bag. You can even create a shopping budget so you won’t be able to overspend even if you wanted to.

Invest In A Control Thermostat

Control thermostats are a great investment for anyone. If you leave the heating/cooling on, it will shoot your electricity bill through the roof. If you turn it off completely, it will take too long to cool or heat the place.

Buying an adjustable thermostat will give you the freedom to set it just like you like it. This will surely lead to lower electricity bills and a better quality of life. This product is not only about easy ways to save money fast, but also about smart and comfortable living too.

Wait For Sales

Patience always pays off. If you want to make easy money, you should simply wait for sales. New collections are always at the highest prices those products will ever reach. Be patient for one or a couple of months and you’ll get great discounts. This doesn’t target buying clothes only. You can wait for car sales, appliances sales and so on. Save $5 on 10 separate items and that’s $50 extra right there.

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Subscribe For Free Rewards Programs

Many brands, stores and gas stations have their own rewards programs. Paying to join such a program is rarely recommended. Getting free memberships, however, is a great way to accumulate points. Depending on the program, you can later convert those points into cash or use them for getting stuff for free. Either way, you’ll end up cutting some of your future costs.

Improve Your Credit Score To Get Better Deals

Bad credit score results in higher interest rates and terrible loan deals. It restricts you in many ways and you must fix it. You can start repairing it by getting a credit card for poor credit. As your point count improves, you’ll be able to renegotiate your mortgage deal or get better interest rates. As both these things lead to lower monthly expenses, you can use the extra cash towards building your savings.

Pay Your Bills On Time

Always pay your bills on time! This is a crucial tip for maintaining a healthy credit score, avoiding extra expenses and staying out of debt. If you forget about the bills or tend to spend the cash beforehand – automate the process!

You can do this easily and then know that your bills are always paid on time. No fines, no interest rates, and no negative consequences.

Coupons Are Great

Find coupons, organize coupons, stack coupons, use coupons. These are all basic rules of a person that collects coupons. This seemingly old-fashioned activity is in the top 20 fastest ways to save money in the USA.

Most coupons aren’t that huge and worth around $1. If you use and combine them wisely, you can still end up with much lower expenses. Some coupons can even have an overage, meaning you can get something for free plus some cash back.

When you partner coupons with a great sale, the combo becomes unbeatable really.

Collect Your Change In A Jar

Rather than throwing change around your house or misplacing it, try collecting it in a jar. A mason jar full of pocket change should “earn” you around $40. You can always go big and collecting the change in something bigger, like a 1-gallon plastic bucket.

how to save money 5

You won’t even notice throwing the coins inside until one day there’s a nice amount of cash waiting for you. This trick is among the easiest ideas for saving money that really works.

Make Your Own Coffee

Various studies reveal that the average American employee spends about $3 per day and around $20 per week on coffee. In other words, you waste approximately $1,000 on buying coffee to go.

A nice coffee cup once in a while from your favorite spot is great. Constantly spending precious cash on it won’t do your budget any good. So, you should start making your own coffee at home or at work, if your office has the necessary supplies.

This is a much cheaper option and an eco-friendly one too.

Avoid Buying Stuff You Can Rent Instead

Needing something doesn’t mean that you need to buy that particular item. You can rent lots of different products these days. Instead of spending your entire savings on something you’ll use once, it’s always better to rent it for the occasion.

From entertainment to equipment, the market has got you covered. This demands quick research, but it is worthwhile in the end.

Find our several different ways you can save cash in the long run:

  • Books – If there’s a library near your home or office, make sure to make the most out of it. Buying books is exciting, yet very expensive. A yearly subscription at libraries doesn’t cost much and it’s a great investment for bookworms. Plus, renting books is eco-friendly too.
  • Home – Not everyone’s budget can afford to own a home. Owning a home comes with many other expenses including frequent repairing and maintenance fees. You can avoid this by simply renting a cheap place that meets your needs.
  • Clothes for special occasions – Think of expensive dresses and suits or even Halloween costumes instead. These can easily empty your bank account and you’ll probably wear them once or twice. Make instant cash by renting clothes for special occasions.
  • Tools – If you constantly use your tools and maybe need them to do your job, owning tools is great. Most of the Americans, though, don’t need a full set of expensive tools. Rent whatever you need when you need it and for a cheap price too.
  • Sports equipment – Kayaking, swimming, mountain biking, surfing… all these are thrilling activities we partake in once or twice a year. If you want to save cash faster, it’s smart to avoid purchasing sports equipment. Try renting it instead.

Set Short-Term Saving Goals

Setting realistic saving goals is crucial. If you wonder how to save money fast, you should start by deciding how much cash you want to accumulate. The idea of having $20,000 extra in 20 years is attractive. That plan is so far into the future that you can easily forget it though.

Try setting monthly and/or annual saving goals instead. Set a monthly saving goal of $100, if your budget allows it. Within a year you’ll have a nice extra fund of $1,200. In ten years, that amount will be $12,000. Short-term objectives lead you right to your long-term dreams

Stick To Paying In Cash

Paying with credit cards, prepaid debit cards, and e-wallets doesn’t feel real enough. Paying in cash, in contrasts, gives a clear view of the actual amount of money you’re spending. That’s why pro saving tips recommend using cash rather than credit cards. Carry you with a small amount of cash and use only those bills for making purchases.

how to save money 6

Set Weekly Or Monthly Spending Budget

Do you find it hard to stop spending? Do you even know how much funds you can spend until the end of the month? If not, you probably have a money management problem and need a weekly or monthly budget.

This isn’t anything scary or extremely restrictive. When you put your income versus your fixed expenses, you get the cash you can allow to spend. Your goal is to save cash easy, so deduct the amount you want to put towards building your savings.

That figure right there is what you can actually use pampering yourself while saving money at the same time. You mustn’t waste even a dollar over that limit. That’s when weekly and/or monthly budget enters the picture. Keep track of your expenses and plan them smartly so they last longer.

When the budget is gone, there are no more funds to spend until next week/month.

Have A “No Spending Day” Once A Week

Can you go a single day without spending anything? This is an easy way to limit your spending and learn how to live without wasting cash. Pick a day that makes the most sense to your lifestyle and then make it a “no spending day”. Throughout that day you’re not allowed to spend even a dollar. If you get used to this habit, you’ll cut spending on the rest of the days too.

Learn To Deal With Spending Triggers

One of the important ways to cope with overspending in so deal with spending triggers. Knowing how to save money fast won’t do you any good if you waste money faster. Anxiety, anger, hunger, stress… those are the main triggers that make people spend cash uncontrollably.

Next time you feel like going on a shopping spree to heal your wounds, try going for a walk instead. Other physical activities such as jogging or riding a bike should do the trick too.

Buy Used Stuff When It Makes Sense

Second-hand clothing, used cars, furniture, and electronics are some of the things you can make instant savings with. When it makes sense to you and when you find great deals, always go for used stuff. These are often in a great state and cost at least 50% less than buying them new.

Invest In Insurance

Nobody enjoys thinking about car accidents, health issues, and death. These things happen regardless, and you should be ready for them. Investing in life, home and/or car insurance may seem pointless at first. If you ever need it, however, you’ll understand the vast amount of money it covers for you. Choose your best life insurance company because it is a safety net that every person needs in their life.

best life insurance companies

Don’t Avoid Health Check-Ups

Health issues don’t have the tendency to go away. They progress instead and create worse issues. This is why going on regular check-ups is among the simple techniques of managing expenses. Discovering any issues early gives you a better chance to deal with the problem and for a lower price too.

Invest In Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators are appliances that spend the most electricity. You want these to be energy efficient in order to lower your bills as much as possible. Investing in these products will pay off in the long run and it’s an easy way of making extra cash.

Regular Home And Car Maintenance

All the best money-saving tips include regular home and car maintenance. Keeping everything in perfect order means you’ll avoid serious and expensive disasters in the future. That leaking pipe you’ve been ignoring will eventually flood your home. That issue with the car brakes can have many different and serious consequences. Avoid all of that by having a home and car maintenance at least once a per.

Don’t Overspend On Entertainment

Entertainment is an area that costs a lot and yet it’s not crucial. So, you should try and cut most of your expenses related to entertainment. You shouldn’t avoid everything fun forever. Just make smart and cheap decisions.

For example, you can drop all premium channels and cut your cable. Replace both with an affordable streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. Don’t spend cash on one-time stuff like books, video games you can play just once, board games you can play once, etc.

Going to the movies belongs here too. Rent the movie at home and enjoy it with much cheaper drinks and snacks. Go to free events or try to get discounted last-minute tickets for shows you really like.

Avoid Buying Expensive Toys And Clothes For Your Kids

Your kids don’t care about branded clothes and expensive toys. They want to have fun and enjoy life. So, don’t waste your entire budget on a branded jacket for your child. Especially not when you can buy a whole bunch of clothes for the same price.

how to save money 7

It can be hard making such decisions, but they are the smart ones. No need to purchase the latest gadget by a popular brand if you get the same product by a less-known company. Your kids will outgrow clothes and get bored with the toys anyway.

Rather than spending tons of money on a single item, go generic and prepare for more important moments in your kid’s life. For example, everything you save on clothes and toys can go in a college fund.

Say “No” To Club Memberships You Don’t Use

Of course, we’re going to mention that gym membership you never use. Wasting cash like that is a huge no. Any club membership you don’t use at least once a week must be canceled. This also goes for paid airline or shopping brands cards. The other tips to save money faster are pointless if you give your money away on various memberships.

Unsubscribe For Promotional Store Or Product E-Mails

There are millions of amazing products on the market right now. Some of them come at a “great” price and others are just irresistible. Once you spot something you like, you’ll probably think about it until you buy it.

This is exactly why you need to isolate yourself from any e-mails that product promotions or products. As long as shopping offers can find their way to your inbox, you’ll be either spending cash or feeling bad. The “Unsubscribe” button is the only solution here.

Avoid Scrolling Websites Of Online Stores

How many times have you sat in front of your computer scrolling websites of online stores? Then, you put something in your shopping cart, just in case you want to buy it in the future. The future comes incredibly fast and only a few seconds later you’ve made a purchase.

That’s how these online businesses make cash. They are accessible, convenient and attractive. They make you feel as if not buying something is unacceptable. Well, it’s time to fight back by avoiding such websites completely.

When you really need something and you’re looking for a particular product, that’s a different story. Research is recommended in that case. In any other scenario, staying away is your best way of keeping your cash in your bank account.

Prepare For Holiday Gifts Beforehand

Have you noticed how prices go up during the holidays? It doesn’t even matter what holiday it is; businesses just try to make the most out of the festive mood. That’s why you must be smarter than them and prepare beforehand.

cheap gifts under 10

Buy Christmas presents in October (according to your Christmas saving plan), who will know really? Buy birthday presents when you find great deals or find birthday freebies and avoid last-minute shopping. When you are under the pressure to find something, you can easily settle on a much higher price than initially planned.

Brand Names Cost More

Branded items always cost more than generic items. This applies to literally everything you can find on the market, from clothes to drugs. Brands invest in promoting themselves and often are considered a luxurious option.

You may expect them to have better quality, to use better materials or to come with a longer-lasting warranty. That’s rarely the case and mostly you pay extra just for their brand name being written over your shirt.

Pay attention to the ingredients in a drug or the materials used in a shirt. That way, you can get the exact thing cheaper. If two white shirts are 100% cotton and one of them costs $100, while the other is $40; we’d say the choice is clear.

Make Meals Out Of Leftovers

You should never waste food if you can use it. Making meals out of leftovers is great for not being wasteful and easting for “free”.

Use chicken leftovers to make quesadillas or a fresh Caesar Salad. Make rice balls out of leftover rice and turn leftover veggies into a smoothie or a dip. Take precautions, of course. Make sure the food is good for eating before using it in another cheap meal.

Move To An Area With Cheaper Rent Or Home Prices

Moving across the country or state to a cheaper living area is the best way to save money fast. Ditch that apartment where you pay double the rent in a less-popular area. If it’s possible, find a spot that’s near your office and you’ll save cash on transportation too.

If you plan to purchase a home, also consider neighborhoods where the prices are lower. The money you’ll save can go for furniture and appliances instead. Finding a cheaper place to live guarantees instant savings every single month.

Invest In An Annual Public Transportation Pass

As great as owning a car is, this is a serious and expensive investment. Purchasing a car is not a single-time expense as you also have to cover maintenance fees, gas cards, parking, etc. If your budget can’t afford a car, you should consider getting an annual public transportation pass.

This is an especially great short-term investment for people living in the city, where the connections are excellent. An annual pass usually includes an unlimited number of rides on all means of public transport. Meaning, you can get anywhere, anytime.

Do Your Own Makeup, Style Your Own Hair, Do Your Own Nails

Having an amazing haircut, top-notch makeup and uniquely done nails aren’t free. Try doing your own nails and makeup.

how to save money 8

Cutting your hair by yourself can be risky, so for this maybe find a partner. You can cut the hair of your best friend and she can cut yours. Avoid complicated hairstyles as these are best done by professionals. A simple straight hair cut is acceptable though.

Match The Spent Amount Of Cash In Savings When You Pamper Yourself

People get really creative and forgiving when they want to spend money on pampering themselves. That’s okay and understandable. That won’t help you save any funds though. So, every time you want to purchase something unnecessary, put the same amount of money into your savings accounts too. For example, if you get a $50 bag, put $50 on the side as well. If you can’t afford both, you don’t get either of them. It’s harsh, but it works.

Volunteering Can Be Fun

Did you know that many festivals and other events often look for volunteers to serve visitors, help cleaning, etc.? Volunteers provide free workforce and get free entrance in return. So, volunteering at such events is among the best techniques for saving cash and having fun at the same time.

Give Generic Drugs A Chance

Among the easiest ways to cut your living costs is to give generic drugs a chance. These products come with the exact same features and ingredients as brand names. They have the same effects too. There may be some small differences sometimes between generic and brand drugs. However, if you do your research and find a quality generic replacement, you’ll save lots of cash.

Use Less Detergent And Cleaning Products

You may not notice, but detergents and cleaning products can cost you a lot over a single year. These chemical cleaning products are pretty strong, and they usually need to be used in small amounts. Lots of Americans don’t know this fact, and they don’t even read the instructions.

You can actually start saving funds by using less of these products. Here are just a few examples where you can employ this strategy:

  • When you wash clothes – You can cut on the liquid or powder detergent and laundry softener next time you do laundry. Both softeners and detergents are enough in small amounts. With smart use, you can double the number of cycles for a single package of detergent;
  • When you do the dishes – There’s no need to use tons of liquid dish soap when you’re doing the dishes. Again, such chemicals are strong, and you can do lots of plates and glasses with several drops only;
  • When you clean the house – Avoid using lots of different and expensive home cleaning products too. Instead, you can try making your own natural options with baking soda and vinegar. Also, buy such products in bulk and don’t overuse them;
  • When you wash your car – There’s no need to use branded car washing products either. Generic car-wash products will do the trick just as good, plus they’ll save you cash.

Save When You Travel

Trying to save money quickly doesn’t need to exclude traveling from your life. Just make sure to employ some creative ideas to keep the costs lower than usual. Always compare prices to find the cheapest plane ticket and accommodation. When going on a road trip, pack your own food instead of eating at expensive restaurants. Same goes for drinks too. Consider staying in less popular spots rather than luxurious tourist destinations. Respect all local laws to avoid paying expensive fines.

Turn Off Appliances And Devices

Looking for ways to save money fast? Make sure to turn off appliances and devices in your home. No matter how small and insignificant these may seem, they definitely contribute towards your electricity bill.

If you don’t watch the TV, there’s no need for it to stay on. If you don’t play on the Xbox, turn it off as well. This applies to all electric devices and appliances you have in your home. It’s even a great idea to not leave them plugged in too. Experts say that plugged in products bleed power even when turned off.

Buy Hygiene Products In Bulk

Hygiene and personal care products seriously affect your budget. Popular brands make cash in a sneaky way by launching small packages. You spend such products way too fast and that eats the money you put aside.

how to save money 9

A simple way not to overspend on these products is to buy them in bulk. Hand liquid soap, shampoo, tampons, showering gel and shaving cream. All these are sold in bulk.

Socialize At Home Or In Nature

The entertainment industry has managed to persuade us that having fun is possible only if you spend tons of cash. Go to the movies, visit that new fancy restaurant or check out that hip cocktail bar. Try these activities once per month and your cash will literally disappear in no time.

That’s why as one of the fastest ways to boost your savings is to socialize at home or in nature. If you want to share a meal with your friends, invite them over to cook together. You can even watch a movie and the experience will be equally fun.

On a sunny day, you can go to the nearest park on a picknick or visit the beach together. Bring a ball and you’ll have a blast for a much lower price.

Share A Ride Whenever You Can

Sharing a ride is eco-friendly, responsible and cheap. Sharing a ride means sharing gas costs (it’s like one more gas-saving tip) and parking fees. Plus, you won’t put as many miles on your car if a different person drives each time. It’s really a group effort that results in a group victory. So, instead of driving alone each day to work, create your own ride-sharing group and make quick savings.

Forgive Yourself When You Make A Mistake And Keep Going

A huge mistake people make is not forgiving themselves after a slip in terms of saving cash. Overspending once mustn’t be used as an excuse to forget about your saving goals. Simply accept that you’re not perfect and keep going towards your goal. That’s the only way to see your bankroll grow.

Final Thoughts

It’s never too early to start saving cash. We gave you the best ways to save money fast and it’s on you to start employing them. Putting funds aside, even if you don’t have an idea what to spend them on, is the adult thing to do.

Life throws all kinds of surprises at us and you should be ready for the unpleasant ones. Have a traveling fund alongside an emergency fund. Collect your pocket change and cancel any memberships you don’t use.

Start small and witness your savings account grow by each passing month. Don’t forget to fix your credit score and cover your debt. Also, subscribe to cheap streaming services and cut cable alongside premium channels.

Most importantly, set realistic short-term goals and stick to them. Don’t let any mistakes discourage you and stay focused on your ultimate goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 30 day rule?

The 30-day rule is a simple trick that helps you avoid spending. It instructs people to wait 30 days before purchasing something they like. By doing this, they will have enough time to decide if they can afford the purchase. The 30-day rule also helps people avoid impulse spending.

How can I save $1000 fast?

Several strategies can help you save cash each month. Quit smoking, cook your own meals and go LED to see fast improvements. Avoid impulse purchases, sell stuff you’re not using, and use coupons for some extra savings.

What is the quickest way to save money?

The fastest way to save cash is not to spend money. Other smart strategies include buying in bulk, saving money on entertainment, sharing rides. Moving to a cheaper apartment, buying generic drugs, and avoiding branded clothes are also efficient ways to save cash.

How much money should you put in savings each month?

Money experts recommend that you should save at least 20% of your monthly income. This is based on the popular rule saying 50% goes on essentials, 30% is discretionary expenses, and 20% goes to savings. Of course, not everyone can afford to follow this rule. So, you should find something suitable for your lifestyle and income size.




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      Having three kids has really ruined my saving strategy. I really wish I could save money faster. Hopefully, your ideas will help me get started with this.

      1. Joseph says:

        Good luck!

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