K13 How to Win the Lottery 8 Tips that Really Work

How to Win the Lottery: 8 Tips that Really Work

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Do you believe in luck, or you’re the rational type of player who likes games of chance? Whatever your preference, there’s no way anyone can predict the numbers that come up in the lottery. Still, this doesn’t have to mean that you must always rely on randomness and neglect common sense.

The experience of keen lottery ticket buyers has proven that following specific patterns can be useful. Such tactics refer to improving the odds of winning but not hitting a win. Here are eight detailed tips based on facts that genuinely work and can make you the next lottery winner.

What Are The Odds Of Winning The Lottery?

Do you want real figures to show you how things stand? Well, your odds of hitting the jackpot in Powerball sit at 1 in about 292 million players. Your probability of picking the winning numbers for the second prize of $1 million stands at an unbelievable 1 in 11.7 million. Besides, your odds cap at 1 in 25 provided that you get satisfied with the minor prizes.

An ingenious way to analyze your jackpot chances is to compare them to your chances of dying in a car accident. Calculations demonstrate that there’s no point for frequent players to expect a jackpot during their lifetime unless they get incredibly fortunate. In fact, you have six times lower odds of dying in a car crash than winning the lottery.

Alternatively, the odds of playing scratch-off games are technically better. For example, to win a $100 prize, your chances are 1 in 4,000. Further on, for the $1,000 grand prize, the winning odds plummet to 1 in 600,000. Overall, those who enjoy the suspense of scratch-offs now and again may be more inclined to hit a win.

The Cost Of Playing The Lottery

How to win lottery is not the only question you should be posing if you’re frequently tempting your luck. In case unattainable odds cannot discourage you from playing, it’s high time you look at the cash that goes down the drain. Imagine you spend about $30 a month to soothe your modest lottery urge. In short, this translates into $360 a year, or $7,200 over 20 years.

Think about what will happen to that money if you save them in your retirement fund. Or maybe pay off your credit card debt or invest them in passive sources of income.  Even if you pocket small prizes over your playing career, the chances that you break even are very improbable.

People that face a sudden win often spend the money irrationally, so you’ll eventually lose in the short run. Your best shot with money spent on games of chance is to invest them wisely. Consult a saving expert, your bank advisor, or use saving apps to maximize the potential of cash set aside.

Play The Right Games

Though we refer to the lottery as a whole, there are various games eager players can try in reality. Plus, each game entails different chances of winning the lottery. Therefore, it’s essential to examine the odds before splashing out on tickets. Reading the terms of the game will enable you to maximize your potential of becoming a fortunate winner.

For instance, games like MegaMillions and Powerball are national raffles with fixed odds. This means that the more people enter the game, the higher the probability of splitting the jackpot. Additionally, scratch-offs are always a good idea, although they offer lower wins. They generally involve higher chances of hitting smaller cash rewards.

It may also be a sound idea to go for unpopular games played at odd times of the day. The fewer players are interested and enter the competition, the higher your odds of cashing out a prize. Also, local lotteries may require your physical presence during the draw. Still, compared to the nationwide games, you may have real chances of winning the state or local lottery.

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There’s no certain way to win the lottery. Yet, there are some things that can help you boost your winning chances.

Always Double-Check Your Lottery Tickets

The unfortunate case of one lottery winner tells the story of a ticket worth $300,000 in value that never got claimed. Of course, you wouldn’t like this to happen to you? Hence, it’s essential to double-check your numbers on each occasion.

Meaning, don’t forget to carefully inspect each ticket before tossing it away because you may miss out on a bunch of cash. Or even worse, you may forget where you’ve placed your winning draw. To prevent this from happening, always keep the tickets safe and at the same spot. Another great idea is to mark the drawing dates on your calendar for easier reference in case you forget the big day.

Moreover, ensure you’re verifying the numbers for the correct drawing date. For the sake of double-checking, some people ask convenience shop clerks to re-check their tickets in case they make a mistake. Our final piece of advice is to install a lottery app that’ll keep track of the drawings on your behalf.

Increase Entries By Joining A Lottery Pool

How to win the lottery is not a black and white issue we can resolve overnight. To become successful in games of chance requires significant luck, perseverance, and a bit of knowledge. When we say knowledge, we more or less refer to improving your odds of hitting a win.

In short, one way to enhance your winning probability is to buy more tickets at a fraction of the cost. The answer is lottery pools, which generally help you boost your chances without spending a treasure on tickets. Consider joining an existing lottery pool or the one that’s already established in your office. If such a thing doesn’t exist, start one of your own!

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of door prizes, think about joining a lottery syndicate. This way, you have increased chances of hitting the jackpot. The only downside is that you’ll have to share the eventual prize between the winners. Yet, such a con is negligent, considering that you’ll be spending less money while your odds are growing.

Don’t Miss Out On Second-Chance Games

In case the chosen numbers didn’t come up in the drawing, that doesn’t have to mean the game’s over. Don’t toss your ticket as you might be eligible for a second chance. Various lotteries offer a second drawing for non-winning tickets, and this may be your lucky strike.

What you need to do if you are wondering how to win the lottery is to fill out the form on the back. Then, make sure you send it in for a bonus chance to win. Most state lotteries believe that keen players deserve a second chance on games like lotto, scratchers, and raffles. Note that you need to insert the code on the non-winning ticket to enter the 2nd chance draws in some states.

Double Check Discarded Lottery Tickets

Someone else’s lack of focus might become your immeasurable gain. Hence, it’s always worth giving discarded tickets a second look. When in a rush, people throw their winning tickets without bothering to check the numbers, or they misread the winning figures.

So, why not use this carelessness to your benefit if you have been contemplating how to win the lottery? Above all, checking a discarded ticket won’t take you more than a minute, and it may change your life forever.

In case such tossed scratch-offs or lotto cards are non-winning, you can still go with the second-chance drawing. If you use the found tickets to enter the second-chance drawing associated with the game, you have more chances to win.

Pick Rarer Numbers

Boost your chances of keeping the pot for yourself when winning the lottery by picking less common numbers. Rarer numbers don’t necessarily mean that you improve your odds of winning as every number has an equal probability of being selected. The logic behind this hack is that you’ll avoid splitting the prize with other winners as some numbers are simply less popular.

Many eager players believe that choosing numbers that fall in the same number group is a wrong selection technique. Another bad decision would be to choose consecutive numbers as you doom your odds of winning. Though technically you still may win, the probability is relatively low.

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Knowing what games to play and avoiding lottery scams are two essential tips for winning the lotto jackpot.

Sign Your Winning Lottery Tickets

So, you finally got lucky and wouldn’t like the prize slipping through your fingers. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to sign your tickets even before you strike gold. Your signature at the back of the ticket will keep you on the safe side and prove you’re the legal holder. Believe it or not, many winning tickets have been lost or stolen, thus disabling the fortunate owner to claim the prize.

Moreover, protect yourself from an unscrupulous clerk that might pocket your win and tell you it was a loser. We suggest you use a terminal to confirm your prize and verify the numbers yourself. Our last piece of advice is to make copies of the winning ticket if you’re cashing it by mail. You don’t want to remain empty-handed just because that golden piece of paper got lost or stolen in transit.

Avoid Lottery Scams

We highly suggest you pay utmost attention to avoid scammers trying to root for your dream of a significant win. Have the following tips in mind when dealing with lottery tickets:

  • Purchase tickets only from authorized retailers and convenience stores with a license to sell lottery cards. In some states, players may even procure tickets online.
  • Be aware of sellers that do not disclose the terms and conditions and the rules of the game. Do not disclose your personal and banking data if you receive suspicious correspondence. A generalized email claiming that you’re the lottery winner might have reached millions of other people.
  • Keep away from foreign lotteries as, apart from the high scam probability, those are illegal under federal law. Playing foreign lotto via the mail or over the phone and selling tickets across national borders is forbidden.
  • Never trust people or messages that require you to pay money upfront. You won’t ever have to spend a dollar to receive a winning lottery prize.
  • Remember that the real lottery won’t notify you when you hit a win, so this is a useful tip to distinguish frauds. It’s your responsibility to check the tickets and contact the lottery organization for payout.


Although you shouldn’t base your financial plans on hitting a massive jackpot, lotteries can bring you fast riches. So, as long as you remove your expectations and buy tickets out of fun and thrill, we justify your ways. After all, you never know when Lady Luck is on your side.

The strategies outlined here may help you boost your winning chances though it’s irrational to believe that you can beat the odds. What about your tactics to hit the jackpot? If you’ve been quite lucky lately, share your winning experiences in the comments below. Also, we’ll appreciate it if you sign up for our latest money-making tips from the ProMoneySavings Newsletter.


Is there a trick to win the lottery?

Most of us wonder “How to win the lottery,” and it’s only fair to say that there’s not a single hack that works. Apart from having luck, you’ll have to play regularly and have some basic knowledge about how raffles function. You may not have much control over a random event, but you can improve the odds by using mathematical strategies. For the best result, play less popular games and pick your numbers carefully.

Which is the easiest lottery to win?

Powerball Lotto, which gets run in 44 states, might be one of the games of chance that are easier to win. Well, the odds of winning are 1 to 24.87. The second most widespread lottery in the US is the Mega Millions jackpot, with odds standing at 1 to 24. Both games take pride in the prize that reaches a fantastic $1,000,000. So, maybe instead of wondering how to pick lotto number, focus on what game to play.

How can I increase my chances of winning a scratch-off?

First, avoid the cheapest scratch cards as their prize pool is lower, and the chances are close to nothing. Most players go with the bulk tactic hoping that the odds of winning are more generous when you buy cards in a row. Another useful strategy is the slots one, which requires you to hang around and wait for a dry spell. Last, have your cards officially checked and try to stick with the same game for as long as possible.

Which lottery game has the best odds?

How to win the lottery and beat the odds is a challenging question. Anyways, knowing the exact odds of winning any prize is worthwhile to keep your expectations low. Some of the games with the most favorable odds are the PowerBall and MegaMillions. The odds of winning the first game’s jackpot stand at 1 to 292,201,338, while the latter at 1 to 302,575,350. Still, remember that the odds are against any lottery winner unless those are extremely lucky.




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    1. Milana says:

      I don’t think that I am that lucky to win the lottery. So I avoid buying it.

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      I played for almost 10 years every week. From time to time I won some small prizes. Nothing big. Now I play once or twice a year.

    3. Sarena says:

      My husband plays the lottery all the time. I don’t think he will win but he just loves to play.

    4. Milton says:

      Mathematics has to do when you choose the numbers. But mostly it is luck

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      Be aware of the scams with the lottery. Many people try to benefit with some scams

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      My opinion is if you play regularly you can win. Maybe not the grand prizes but some money to cover your expenses you can win.

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      I love to play the lottery and scratch cards. Sometimes I win, sometimes not. But still I am playing it all the time. Maybe luck will strike once.

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      I would like to win the lottery. I already know where to spend the money

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      The best odds to win the lottery? I don’t think you can do that with mathematics or whatever else. It is pure luck

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      I spend a lot of money on lottery tickets. And I hope it will all pay off one day

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      I always play the same numbers. And still no win

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      I don’t think that I can win the lottery although I am playing it for years. It is a habit I guess. A very bad one and spending a lot of money.

    13. Slobodan says:

      My friend won the lottery a couple of years ago. He became very rich. He is really lucky. But the money changed him. Anyway if you play you can win

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      I would like to find a solution to win a lottery. But as it seems it is only luck

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      I play only the scratch cards all the time. I won some prizes over the past years but they were not large.

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      I don’t play the lottery or gamble. I think it is a waste of money

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      I have a system of playing the some numbers for years. And combinations. And I hope I will win one day

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      You are right for buying lottery tickets at authorized dealers. We have to be very careful where we buy it because there are a lot of scams.

    19. Svetlana says:

      I always put some random numbers that comes to my mind. Maybe I have to work out some system of numbers. Maybe the chances of winning will be better

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      If it was that easy to work some system and guess the right numbers everyone will be a winner

    21. Simona says:

      I like all your articles. Thank you Promoney for the wonderful tips you provide.

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      I play with my friends. Couple of times we won some amount of money but not the grand prize. Hopefully one day we will

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      I like the article. But playing that kind of games is not my cup of cake.

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      My father is playing all that games. His whole life he is hoping that he will win

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      Lottery is only a game. If you put few bucks in it there is no harm. But if you spend a lot of money than you should think about it.

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      Winning a lottery is everybody’s dream

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      I don’t know if the system for winning the lottery exists. Neither the mathematics or the logic can help. However we all tend to play and hope that we will win

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      There some second chances for winning some prizes with not winning tickets. Almost in all the countries.

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      I work in a store that sells lottery tickets, scratch cards and all the pother things. It is amazing how much money people spend on it.

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      Living in hope that you will win the lottery and spend money playing it is not the best way to save money

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