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100+ Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free Today

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Are you one of the millions of Americans who try to save some cash and cut down on their spending? Well, for most people, food is the highest living expense. Luckily for you, there is a foolproof way to save money fast and, at the same time, eat at restaurants.

Did you know that you can get free meals for your children at over 100 restaurants across the United States? Just type in “where do kids eat free today” and you’ll get lots of options.

Alternatively, you can keep reading this definitive guide of over 100 restaurants with free meals for kids. Some of these dining places offer complimentary dishes every day, while others have a specific day for it.

So, with good planning, you can grab no-charge food for your kid every single day.

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free Every Day

There’s no need to wonder, where can kids eat free near me, with the restaurants listed in this paragraph.

Here, we will list over 15 places where children can grab a free meal every day of the week. From Monday to Sunday, these US restaurants and cafés will treat your kiddo with a delicious surprise.

  1. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream – Your kids can get complimentary ice cream cones at Bruster’s as long as they’re under 40 inches tall.
  2. Carrows – Children 10 and under get free kid’s meal for each regular adult entrée. You can claim up to two such menus per visit.
  3. Cafe Rio – Utah loves Café Rio and its delicious Mexican cuisine. If you purchase an adult entrée, your kiddo (6 and under) will get a complimentary Nino Quesadilla.
  4. CiCi’s Pizza – Those with a thing for pizza, pasta, and tasty salads can head to CiCi’s Pizza. Buying the adults’ buffet results in free children buffet for you youngster.
  5. Culver’s – This isn’t the best option as kids 12 and under get only a complimentary custard if they buy a meal.
  6. Double Dave’s Pizza – If you buy an adult buffet, your kid gets the complimentary kids buffet. Different locations have different age requirements, so make sure to ask your local place for more details.
  7. Godfather’s Pizza – This restaurant has occasional kids eat free pizza nights. So, you should call them regularly to find out when the next promotion is scheduled for. Anyway, kids here get complimentary children buffet per purchased adult buffet.
  8. Golden Corral – Every night is Kids’ Night at Golden Corral. Depending on their age, your children can eat completely for free or enjoy a buffet and a drink for only 99¢.
  9. Holiday Inn – Holiday Inn prides itself with its no-charge kids’ meals program. Children of 12 and under can eat free any day and any time when visiting with an ordering adult. Their menu for kiddos has popular options and healthy choices too.
  10. Macaroni Grill – Currently, visitors of Macaroni Grill can ask for a complimentary meal for their children of 12 and under on Mondays and Tuesdays. The offer includes one complimentary dish per adult entrée (counter express or 3-course lunch don’t qualify).
  11. Maple Tavern – Every day, your children can eat without paying at the Maple Tavern. One meal per one adult entrée is included. Maple Tavern changes their promotional offers, so make sure to ask for their latest terms before visiting.
  12. Moe’s Original BBQ – If delicious barbeque and meat specialties are the first choices of your family, go to Moe’s Original BBQ. Your kids can eat for free – 1 youngster meal per 1 adult meal. The exact offer and qualifying day often change, so remember to call them first.
  13. O’Charley’s – All day, every day your children of 10 and under can receive complimentary meals at O’Charley’s. You must purchase one adult entrée to qualify for this amazing offer.
  14. On the Border – If your kiddos can’t resist having a dessert with their meal, then On the Border is your stop. Every child gets a complimentary sundae, so their sweet tooth is satisfied.
  15. Quiznos – Quiznos often launches coupons that grant children no-charge meals for every adult entrée. You can find out their latest promotions on their website.

Restaurants Where Do Kids Eat Free On Mondays

Some restaurants prefer targeting a single weekday for their free meal promotions. Below, we have handpicked 10 brands where kids are treated with complimentary food on Mondays.

kids eat free restaurants 3

These kids eat free Monday promotions are perfect for a great start of the week. You won’t have to waste time and electricity on cooking, while your children will get a fresh and delicious meal.

  1. Alicia’s Mexican Grille – Mondays are great for dining in at Alicia’s Mexican Grille. Throughout the day, children get complimentary dishes for each adult meal and beverage combination purchased.
  2. Applebee’s – Cheesy pizzas, corndogs, and chicken tenders are what makes Applebee’s a top choice among Americans. The chain’s restaurants often launch kids eat free promotions for children of 12 and under.
  3. Camellia Café – The menu at Camellia Café changes daily and always has excellent dishes to choose from. Plus, every Monday and Wednesday evening your kiddos get to eat for free there.
  4. Chili’s – Members of the My Chili’s Rewards program can claim Free Kids Meal offers. These can be claimed both in-person and online. The restaurant has awesome dishes for children including grilled cheese, burgers and pizza.
  5. Cody’s Original Roadhouse – Make sure to be at Cody’s Original Roadhouse every Monday and Tuesday. This spot is perfect for families with two kids because the restaurant offers up to two complimentary meals per adult entrée.
  6. Epic Food Co. – Every Monday and every Friday youngsters can claim a complimentary meal from 5 pm to 8 pm. The options include bowls, salads, sandwiches, and wraps alongside healthy gluten-free and dairy-free dishes.
  7. JC’s Burger House – With every adult burger purchased from JC’s Burger House, kids get complimentary meals. The qualifying age for this offer is 12 or under.
  8. IHOP – Mondays, and every other weekday, IHOP offers a single complimentary meal for kiddos of 12 or under. You can claim this promotion from 4 pm to 10 pm.
  9. Planet Sub – Every Monday, children eat for free at participating Planet Sub locations per a paid adult course.
  10. TGIFridays – Monday through Thursday, children aged 10 and under get a complimentary dish for every adult meal of at least $25 their parents purchase.

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free On Tuesdays

You may be surprised to discover that kids eat free Tuesday promotions are the most common ones. In this category, we have over 25 popular US restaurants for you to choose from. From local names to famous food chains, your options are plenty.

You can always have a great Tuesday at the following restaurants.

  1. Acapulco – All day and all night, your children can eat free food at Acapulco restaurants. This offer cannot be combined with other offers and you can claim it only with a purchased adult course.
  2. Backyard Burgers – For each adult meal purchased at Backyard Burgers, kids of 12 and under get to eat for free. This offer stands only after 4 pm.
  3. Beef O’Brady’s – Every Tuesday night, from 4 pm to 8 pm, your kiddos can enjoy a no-charge meal at Beef O’Brady’s. The kids’ options include grilled cheese, cheese quesadilla, chicken nuggets, and several other tasty dishes.
  4. Bob Evans – Bob Evans celebrates Tuesdays as Family Nights. This means that besides entertaining family activities, the restaurant also gives a single no-charge kid menu for each adult menu you buy.
  5. Cadillac Ranch – From 4 pm until the restaurant closes, youngsters get complimentary food at Cadillac Ranch. In order to be eligible for this promotion, you must buy one adult entrée per free meal.
  6. Carolina Ale House – Carolina Ale House is a popular spot for those who want fun, good food, and creative drinks. Its 27 locations have a Kid’s Night every Tuesday where kiddos eat for 99¢. They used to have a free meal promotion as well, so maybe they’ll add it again soon.
  7. Chevy’s Fresh Mex – Chevy’s Fresh Mex often changes and shifts its promotions. So, you really need to be updated for the latest offers before visiting. They had free food for kids on Tuesdays and then changed this into $1 for kids’ food on Wednesdays.
  8. Chick-fil-A – Every Tuesday you can get a free meal for your children at Chick-fil-A if you buy the adult combo menu. This offer is valid from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm and certain locations may charge 99¢ for it.
  9. Denny’s – Denny’s prides itself with its Kids Eat Free promotion every Tuesday. Just buy an adult entrée and you can claim up to two complimentary dishes. Restaurant participation may vary by location.
  10. Famous Dave’s – At participating Famous Dave’s locations, your children can eat for free. Each adult entrée earns you one complimentary Lil’ Wilbur Meal if your folks aged 8 and under. If your name is Wilbur, you get free food too.
  11. Fuddruckers – Kids under 12 can eat for free every Tuesday at Fuddruckers. Sometimes, the restaurant shifts the days and dates for this promotion, so call first to check the situation always.
  12. Gella’s Diner & Lb. Brewing Co. – Tuesday is a great day to visit Gella’s Diner, especially if you have children of 12 and under. When accompanied by a paying adult, they qualify for the half-pint menu.
  13. IKEA Food Court – Available only at North Lakes and Logan, you can get 1 complimentary meal from the Ikea kids’ menu for each main meal you buy. The offer stands for children under 12 only.
  14. Lone Star Steakhouse – Lone Star Steakhouse gives up to two free meals for kids per one adult course, which is amazing. Your kiddos must be 12 or younger to qualify for this promotion.
  15. Marie Callender’s – Marie Callender’s has many different promotions, from kids eat free Tuesdays and Saturdays to happy hours. Children can claim complimentary food throughout the day if they’re 12 or under and accompanied by a paying adult.
  16. Mark’s Feed Store – Mondays are reserved for free desserts, while Tuesdays are for complimentary kids’ food at Mark’s Feed Store. The treats are given alongside a purchased adult entrée only.
  17. Max & Erma’s – Buy one adult entrée at Max & Erma’s and your kiddos can eat for free if they’re 12 and under.
  18. Moe’s Southwest Grill – Buy any entrée of at least $5 and your kids will get a no-charge meal at Moe’s Southwest Grill.
  19. Pizza Hut – Every Tuesday your kids can get complimentary food at all Pizza Hut Outlets from 5 pm to 7:30 pm.
  20. Plucker’s Wing Bar – One adult entrée at Plucker’s Wing Bar covers up to two complimentary meals for kids aged 10 and under.
  21. Ponderosa Steakhouse – Every Tuesday, starting from 4 pm, every adult course gets you two additional meals for children.
  22. Texas Roadhouse – Any kiddos aged 12 and under can eat for free every Tuesday from 4 pm until closing.
  23. The Black Eyed Pea – Purchase an adult course to get a free meal from the kids’ menu for youngsters of 12 and under.
  24. Tobacco Road Sports Café – All Tobacco Road Sports Café locations will give complimentary meals to children aged 12 and younger every Tuesday.
  25. UNO Pizzeria & Grill – Have a pleasant family night with complimentary kids’ meals every Tuesday at UNO Pizzeria & Grill.

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free On Wednesdays

We managed to find a total of 10 places that have kids eat free Wednesday deals.

kids eat free restaurants 5

The good news here is that the variety of dishes is great and includes both grilled specialties and pizza. So, even if your children are picky eaters, you can find an appropriate free dish for them.

  1. Colter’s BBQ – Every Wednesday, you can purchase an adult meal for yourself and get a free dish for your kid. Their food is amazing, so you will surely enjoy your time spent dining there.
  2. Duffy’s Sports Grill – You can get one complimentary meal for your kid for each adult entrée from Duffy’s Sports Grill. This promotion is valid all day. Yet, Duffy’s often updates their offers, so either call or check the latest ones on their website.
  3. El Torito – Every Wednesday, paying adults with kids at El Torito get a free children menu. There were some updates to their policy recently and now it seems that kids eat for $1 instead.
  4. Le Peep – Le Peep is amazing because it offers up to TWO complimentary menus for kids per ONE adult entrée. So, it lets you save big if you have two children.
  5. Little Bitty Burger Barn – If your kiddos are 10 or under, you can have a blast every Wednesday at Little Bitty Burger Barn. This is another place where you can actually get TWO meals for kids per ONE adult meal.
  6. New York Pizza Dept. – New York Pizza Department takes its role as pizza authority very seriously. The restaurant gives free Yutes meals for every pizza of 14 inches to children of 10 and under.
  7. Penne Pomodoro – Wednesday nights are reserved for the youngest Penne Pomodoro customers. Families with two kids, even single parents, can get up to two no-charge meals for a single main course.
  8. Rainforest Café – Rainforest Café often changes its policy on kids’ meals. They used to give free meals every Wednesday and now you must pay $2.99 instead. Plus, the offers also depend on the exact restaurant location.
  9. Red Robin – Red Robin used to have kids eat free promotion from 5 pm to 8 pm. Very recently, the restaurant chain changed their policy and now every Wednesday kids eat for $1.99 with every adult meal.
  10. Zarda – If you dine in at Zarda BBQ and buy one adult course, your kid can get free food. Qualifying age is 12 and under, while the adult dish must be at least $11.5.

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free On Thursdays

The slower days in terms of free food start with Thursday. As you can see, the selection of restaurants here is quite modest, with only four locations.

If these don’t do the trick for you, you can always pick a place that offers free meals to kiddos every weekday.

In any case, here are the best places with kids eat free Thursday deals to consider visiting.

  1. Beto’s – If you want to enjoy tasty Mexican food on a Thursday, then you should take your kids to Beto’s. Every Thursday after 5 pm, kiddos get complimentary food alongside your purchased adult entrees.
  2. Old Country Buffet – Old Country Buffet is a bit in a grey zone because it does include free treats every Thursday to children. Yet, you need to pay a small fee for them to get access to the delicious buffet.
  3. Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina – Young persons of 4 and under are treated with a complimentary dish for each paying adult. Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina Thursday promotion is valid throughout the entire day.
  4. Ryan’s – Ryan’s Buffet considers Thursdays to be Family Nights. So, they always have excellent promotions in stock for families visiting on Thursdays. Often, kids 4-11 get to eat for free or for a small fee if they’re accompanied by a paying adult.

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free On Fridays

Our shortest listing for this article is the one featuring restaurants where kids eat free on a Friday.

kids eat free restaurants 2

Friday is a popular day for dining out and most places are crowded anyway. So, only the bravest locations decide to throw in extra benefits like free food to their visitors.

  1. Bennigan’s – Bennigan’s has been changing their free meal policies, so make sure to get the latest information straight from them. They did complimentary food for a kid for every adult entrée on Thursdays and then they switched to Fridays.
  2. Epic Food Co. – Every Friday AND Monday from 5 pm to 8 pm your kids get a complimentary meal for every adult purchase. The offer stands for dine-in only.
  3. Shoney’s – Monday through Friday, all day, kids under 10 eat free at Shoney’s. Just buy a regular adult entrée or buffet and your kiddo will get a complimentary meal and beverage.

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free On Saturdays

Saturdays are slightly better than Fridays when it comes to complimentary food for kiddos. We found five great restaurants where kids eat free on a Saturday.

Don’t forget that Saturdays are also extremely busy days. So, you may want to call and make a reservation rather than simply visiting the place.

  1. Maggiano’s Little Italy – Every Saturday, your kiddos under 5 can eat for free throughout the day at Maggiano’s Little Italy. Enjoy fresh pizza and pasta specialties at this excellent restaurant.
  2. Piccadilly – Picadilly often changes its promotions, so always call before deciding to visit them if you plan to get a free mail. They updated their complimentary food policy recently. Now, kids can eat for $1.99 all day, every Thursday and Saturday.
  3. Solos Pizza Café – Every weekend rather than every Saturday, Solos Pizza Café in Plymouth and Maple Grove will treat youngsters for free. Get a complimentary children pizza for each full-price pizza.
  4. Steak ‘n Shake – Your kiddos can eat for free at over 400 Steak ‘n Shake restaurants throughout the country. Kids of 12 and under can choose a complimentary kid meal for each $9 spent there.
  5. Luby’s – Every Wednesday (4 pm and after) and every Saturday (throughout the day), Luby’s gives no-charge meals to children of 10 and under. You must buy an adult meal to qualify for a free kids’ dish.

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free On Sundays

Nobody wants to cook a meal on a Sunday. Sundays are associated with doing nothing and stressing out for the upcoming Monday.

You can try to find cheap dinner ideas but there is no better way to spend your Sunday than going out for a tasty meal with your family.

With almost 20 restaurants that have kids eat free Sunday promotions, your options have never been better. You can expect great service, fresh food for a party and a rich variety of dishes at any location listed here.

  1. Arriba Mexican Grill – With every adult entrée you order at Arriba Mexican Grill on Sundays, you get an extra selection from their children’ menu.
  2. Baja Fresh – Spend your Sundays at Baja Fresh, where your kiddos get a meal with your adult entrée and drink.
  3. Baja Sol Tortilla Grill – At most Baja Sol Tortilla Grill locations your youngsters of 10 and under can eat without paying if accompanied by a paying adult.
  4. Bastone Brewery – Children under the age of 12 get complimentary food every Sunday at Bastone Brewery.
  5. Blue Mesa Grill – Sundays from 9 am to 3 pm, those with young kiddos of 5 and under can get free food for them by buying the adult brunch.
  6. D’Amico & Sons – All day on Sundays, visitors who buy adult entrée get a free dish for their child.
  7. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit – This restaurant often launches limited-time kids eat free Sunday promotions.
  8. Firehouse Subs – On Sundays and Mondays, your kiddos can grab complimentary meals at Firehouse Subs for each adult combo.
  9. Go Roma – Every adult course you buy at Go Roma gets your child a complimentary meal from the kids’ menu.
  10. Hooter’s – Different Hooters restaurants have kids eat free promotions for different days of the week. So, be sure to call and ask your local one about their policy.
  11. Milly’s Tavern – Kids aged 12 and under get to eat without paying from 11 am to 2 pm.
  12. Quaker Steak & Lube – The days may vary, but most QSL promotions offer complimentary food to children accompanied by a paying adult every Sunday.
  13. Sam and Louie’s Pizza – With every $12 spent on the delicious Sam and Louie’s Pizza food, you get one extra meal for children of 12 and under.
  14. The Pasta House Co. – The Pasta House Co. has many promotions. So, Mondays are for All You Can Eat Pasta, while Sundays are for Kids Eat Free.
  15. Villa Rosa Italian Restaurant & Grill – You can grab complimentary meals for your children every Sunday at Villa Rosa Italian Restaurant & Grill too.
  16. White Castle – Slider hamburgers, great entertainment and free food for kids on Sundays from 4 pm to 8 pm make White Castle a top choice among parents. White Castle has an amazing limit of four children per adult.
  17. Zebb’s Deluxe Grill & Bar – Every Sunday, from noon to 9 pm, Zebb’s runs kids eat free promotion. Qualifying age is 10 and under and beverage is not included in the complimentary meal.

US Restaurants That Give Free Birthday Meals To Kids

Birthdays are the perfect occasion for dining out. Yet, many people decide to skip this in order to avoid spending money at restaurants.

kids eat free restaurants 4

Going to one of the places from the listing below may be the perfect solution. These 5+ brands give birthday meals or desserts to kids and, sometimes, even to adults too.

  1. Captain D’s – Members of the Captain D’s Club are treated with a complimentary dessert each week for an entire month after registering. Plus, they also get a complimentary birthday dinner too.
  2. BDs Mongolian BBQ – Members of the Club Mongo of BD’s Mongolian BBQ get a complimentary meal on their birthday. You also get a $5 discount upon sign up.
  3. 99 Restaurant – 99 Restaurant loves celebrating with you. So, they offer various freebies (food deals on Halloween, New Year party, Christmas Eve, Valentines Day, etc.) to their consumers. In most cases, you will probably get a free dessert coupon to use on your special day.
  4. Black Angus Steakhouse – Carefully aged, fresh-cut and grilled over an open flame, the Black Angus stakes are widely-known. Join their Prime Club and celebrate your next birthday with a free steak dinner with a purchase of a meal of equal value.
  5. Buffalo Wild Wings – Becoming part of the Buffalo Wild Wings Circle opens lots of no-charge food opportunities for you and your kids. You can expect a complimentary dessert for your birthday as well as many other special offers and promotions.
  6. Gold Star Chili – On your birthday or ten days after the date, you can claim a complimentary meal at Gold Star Chili. Children aged 12 and under also get a free meal on their birthdays.

Final Thoughts On Finding Free Meals For Children

As you had the chance to discover in this article, there are over 100 US restaurants where your kids can eat for free.

Cutting down on the money you spend on food can significantly boost your budget. So, you should make a list of your nearby restaurants and plan your visits smartly. You can start saving as soon as today!

By getting a free meal for your children every night, you get extra cash for bills or savings. Plus, you share quality time with your family at renowned dining locations.

Here, at, we always have fresh money-saving tips for our readers.

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