Make Money With Your Bike

Make Money With Your Bike

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Do you love bike riding and never get separated from your two-wheeled pal? If so, you can earn some cash through something that you are already doing. Your best shot is to explore the options you can make money with and pick what’s most suitable for your lifestyle.

To have a broader choice to select from, we scavenged the net to offer you these 17 excellent ideas. All of them are viable, and money-making, though some more lucrative than others if you’re dedicated and cycle regularly. Find your favorite, and start earning!


Ways To Make Money With Your Bike

Would you refuse extra income by keeping fit and healthy at the same time? With the improved cycling infrastructure today, no bike lover would reject the opportunity for side earnings. And why would anyone ignore one of the best ways to make quick cash.

Here are the most reliable and well-proven ways to make money with your bicycle.

Become Bike Courier

Becoming a bike courier doesn’t take much effort and enthusiasm if you’re a good cyclist and wish to create an additional income. The tasks involved in the job include delivering letters, parcels, and packages. It’s omnipresent and has been present longer than any bike-related job in the world.

Bear in mind that to be a courier, you must be fast, physically healthy, and know the traffic rules. Bike messengers are also hard workers and don’t earn as much as you might expect. The delivery itself can be quite stressful and put you under pressure.

One of the downsides of regularly employed messengers is that if they drop or lose the package, they won’t get paid. Plus, you can’t name yourself a real courier unless you’ve survived the first winter. Snow, rain, or extreme heat, you have to do it the right way and on time.

Ride It To Work

You work, and of course, you have to commute every day. If your company isn’t exceptionally far away from home, consider cycling to work to get extra payment. The rationale behind this benefit lies in the Bicycle Commuter Act. The Act stipulates that companies can offer employees additional money of up to $20 per month to ride their bikes to work.

This benefit is solely at the discretion of the employer, but you can consult and inform the HR manager. After all, $240 per year is not that bad considering that you’re doing the thing anyway. Why not use that money for bike servicing and additional equipment instead of spending savings? Sounds great, and the granted amount is also tax-free.

Use Apps That Pay To Bike

If you were wondering how to monetize your bicycle riding without doing anything special, this is your opportunity to shine.  The most popular app that will pay you for every mile you ride is Ridevert. It’s a mobile app that you have to register with to get paid for purposeful bicycling.

The principle behind the platform is to attach their advertising posters on your two-wheeler and start riding. Once you place the banner on your bicycle, the app tracks the miles and converts the mileage into cash. You can even choose the ad campaign that you find most appealing and earn. It’s both a straightforward and healthy strategy to generate income.

Lead City Bike Tours

Have you lived in your city for a long time and know each street and corner by heart? Then why don’t you use your bicycle to lead tourist groups around? In the beginning, you can start small and local by signing up with a tour guide company. After some time partnering and a decent experience, switch to working on your own and set up a business.

Before setting off, you must narrow down your focus of interest to a bikeable route within the area. Have several tours prepared that depends on the likes and length of stay of biker tourists. Make sure you mix personal favorites with significant sites both for the travelers and for the city.

The crucial thing is that you don’t have to include just famous landmarks and stops. Concentrate on finding hidden gems and natural wonders to get travelers to recommend you across the net. Experienced tourists appreciate showing them unique spots, cozy restaurants, and not-so-famous historic sites.

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Teach Bike-Safety Classes

Nowadays, the number of people who ditch their car and fall in love with biking is on the increase. With that, the demand for classes on bike safety and maintenance has plummeted. Before anything, you must be good with bikes and willing to assist people whenever they call you.

You can organize workshops on safe cycling for groups and individuals. If you have space for this at your house, this can be one of the best home-based business ideas for you. Also, you can show them how to maintain their bikes properly and avoid having their ride stolen. A helpful suggestion is to focus your search on clients within a particular age group, such as kids or the elderly. Finally, if you can’t operate alone, check if bike advocacy organizations have available positions for bicycling instructors.

Sell Ads On Your Bike

If you’re biking long-distance routes, why not make the most out of your daily routine? Meaning, consider taking ads along your way to give publicity to companies that pay you to do so. Such companies aim to engage in eco-friendly marketing schemes. Also, their ads get noticed around town more dynamically and not just on an ordinary billboard.

Search online for mobile advertising platforms or companies who wish to place ads in flexible ways. The upside about these platforms is that they are free to join and an excellent source of additional income. What you must do is enter your details and your route and availability. After they accept you, it will be a lot easier to find multiple clients. Finally, wait for your advert and start cycling!

Rent Your Bicycle On Spinlister

As with everything else, you can rent out your ride, too. Whatever your reason for not needing it temporarily, consider giving it to someone else for some period and a suitable fee. Ok, let’s face it, you won’t make a fortune out of bike renting, but on some sunny days, you can earn up to $100. The hourly rate can reach $30 in some cases, and even lower amounts of $10 are acceptable.

Your best shot to find renters is via Spinster, the Airbnb of bikes. What you must do is insert photos and details of your bicycle and wait for interested people to hire it. Once you have a prospective renter, you can approve or not, and after the payment gets executed, they can take the ride.

If you’re worried about damage or theft, fret not. Spinster will cover any loss up to $5,000 in case your bicycle gets damaged, lost, or stolen while given for rent.

Start A Bicycle Blog

No need to be an experienced blogger or anything, indeed. The thing that you’re a bicycle lover suffices. Take up blogging about anything related to two-wheelers starting from your personal experience with biking and how you gave up driving. In case you’re more experienced, give your readers info about mountain trails and exceptional bike tours in the vicinity.

The investment is negligent as you can start a blog for less than $5 a month. How you make money is the focus of your intentions. Honestly, it takes time to gather a significant audience and monetize your writing. Only then you can count on income based on affiliate links and selling ad space. However, if you’re persistent and blog with love, the money will come pouring very soon. Plus, don’t forget that starting a blog is among the best passive income ideas you can try.

Make A YouTube Channel On Biking

To become a famous YouTuber, it takes a lot of talent and hard work. Meaning, you have to be exceptionally good with bikes and know a lot of hacks to get followers to like you. Before anything, make sure you have a good camera strapped on your helmet. Next, start exploring ways and spots where you can record exciting and enjoyable videos.

Mountain biking is particularly attractive as many people are keen on watching adventurous videos and learning new tricks. As for the earnings, after you post the video on YouTube, it will depend on the subscribers you have. In short, the more subscribers, the more money you can earn. For every 1000 views, an average YouTuber gets between $3 and $5. Expect to receive $18 per 1,000 ad views, as well.

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Deliver Local Restaurant Food

The brilliant news is that nowadays, almost everyone orders food online, particularly the younger generation. Home orders put a lot of pressure on restaurants to provide a delivery service on demand. So, this is your chance to use your bicycle to make some extra cash.

Moreover, if you live or ride in affluent neighborhoods, a decent amount of income is undoubtedly guaranteed. Consider working for a local pizza or fast food restaurant. They’ll be eager to hire you as car delivery drivers find it extremely challenging to locate parking spots. To be cost-effective about parking costs, delivery service restaurants hire bikers to do the exact job for less.

Just look at the Dashed Company that is the result of a good perception and a gap in the market. The young Boston graduate realized that he could offer reliable, low-cost bike deliveries and didn’t wait long. Providing his services to several restaurants for seven years made him a multi-millionaire.

Deliver Food With DoorDash

DoorDash is a well-established delivery app designed to help you earn money with your bicycle. All you have to possess is a bike or a scooter, cell phone, and free time for deliveries. The positive news is that the company is gradually expanding and looking for new riders in most US cities. Give DoorDash a good shot if you live in Seattle, New Jersey, New York, or San Francisco.

To get considered as their rider, you must be of age. Plus, be aware that the money you make always depends on the length and amount of deliveries you make. Couriers usually earn from $8 to $15 per hour with the tip included. The company also offers Peak Pay bonuses and challenges for completing a fixed number of deliveries.

Become A Grocery Shopper For Instacart

Instacart is another option to purchase and deliver various items. The only difference is that this app specializes in groceries only. The mechanics behind Instacart is that a customer posts a grocery order, and then you deliver the products for them. The platform operates in almost any US city, but make sure you check online before giving it a try.

No doubt, there are some requirements that you have to fulfill. You must be at least 18 years old, have a recent smartphone, and able to lift up to 50 pounds. The payment rate depends on the city and the number of orders per trip. Thus, an average per hour amount would be anywhere between $10 and $25. An insider’s tip is to combine your grocery shopping with clients’ orders to save time and effort in doing so.

Deliver For UberEats

UberEats may be the most popular and wide-spread delivery service in the US nowadays. Luckily, most of the time, they seek new people to deliver food on demand. You have the best chances to get hired in urban cities such as Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, and many more. Anyways, don’t despair if you live in a smaller town, UberEats can operate there, as well.

Before signing up with the delivery company, make sure they need you in your place of residence. Some areas might entail bonus for bike couriers, too. After they perform a quick background check on you and if you meet the requirements, be prepared to deliver right away. Just pick up the next food order and head towards the requested location.

The basic rule is that you earn as much as you deliver. Yet, if you work hard and for several hours a day, expect to receive a decent side income. One distinctive aspect is that you get to select your working hours and make your delivery schedule. After every delivery, any earned money gets deposited on your account.

Become A Courier For Postmates

Postmates is an all-encompassing courier service for many urban areas across the US. So, if you’re a bike addict or you wish to lose some weight, why don’t you sign up with them? Not only will you achieve your primary goal, but you’ll also earn something extra without spending anything on gas or repairs.

Deliveries range from food and groceries to more complicated parcels. Earnings depend on the delivery area, and in cities like New York and San Francisco, you can reach $1,000 per 60 deliveries. Not bad at all, right? As of the hourly rate, Postmates claims you can make $20 and that 100% of the earnings go to your pocket.

Unlike UberEats, where you don’t receive tips, with Postmates expect some tips alongside the total money made. Also, here you can set up your working schedule. The company will send you all the tools you need including a Postmates prepaid card and a delivery bag.

Start A Bicycle-Powered Compositing Business

Riding a bicycle and avoiding gas-powered means of transport is the most eco-friendly thing you can do for the planet. Yet, you can even go a step further and join or start a bike-focused composting program. Before anything, make sure you learn the essential information for the process.

First, you need your two-wheeled pal, then a trailer, and a composting site. Start by going around homes, businesses, and schools to pick up food waste. Take it to your place and turn the food scraps to compost. We suggest you sell the compost by the bucket to community organizations or gardeners who need the “black gold.”

Become A Pedicab Driver

Have you traveled to a city and seen hundreds of pedicabs surrounding the city center? Even better, have you ever ridden in one of these fabulous means of transport to explore a new place? If you have, you’re well aware that it is a genuinely fantastic side job in bigger cities.

All you need for an official pedicab driver is a tricycle and a valid license. Even better, there are ways you can build your three-wheeler instead of investing in a new one. Tourists particularly like these means of exploring because they avoid traffic congestion and see the city from a whole different perspective.

However, don’t reckon this job a piece of cake. Above all, it requires physical strength and outstanding communication with customers. The earnings rate depends on the city infrastructure and complexity, the current weather, and the landmarks in the vicinity.

Join A Digital Cycling Platform

Even if you don’t want to be someone’s employee and get restrained by fixed schedules and routes, you still have options left. We highly recommend you try out the “You Ride, We Pay” program. The program is a sound partnership of Strava, an activity tracking app, and Competitive Cyclist, which is an online retailer.

The platform pays you a $1 credit for every hour you ride after Strava records and confirms the number of hours. The concept of the platform is straightforward since you can get up to $40 in credit each month. Then, you can use the money for purchasing riding gear in Competitive Cyclist. Just for riding regularly, you get credit for your next purchase.

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Photo by Adrianna Calvo

<Caption: If you know all the cool places around your town, you can organize bike tours for cash. You’d be surprised how many people would pay for such an experience.>

The Pros Of Bike Riding

Apart from financial benefits, cycling can impact your overall health in many positive ways. The following are the most important perks you get for free by regularly exploiting your bike.

  • Improved mental health. Experts suggest that riding a bike undoubtedly leads to positive thoughts and good mental health. Cycling can also relieve your worries when you feel stressed out or moody. Finally, it enhances your creative thinking and problem-solving and memory skills.
  • Eco-friendliness. We don’t have to elaborate on how vital biking is for the environment, particularly in polluted cities. Wouldn’t you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to reducing the congestion in your town? It’s certainly worth it in the long run.
  • Time-efficiency. Avoid the sedentary time behind the wheel or in trains and get active. Forget about traffic jams and use your time wisely.
  • Weight loss. Though not strenuous like swimming, bicycling burns calories and is an excellent form of exercise. If you’re biking regularly and for a longer time, you won’t get tired quickly, and you’ll keep your body in shape. Try going at a faster speed to increase weight loss and burn excessive fats.
  • Better overall health. Above all, the risk of heart disease and cancer gets lower by doing regular exercise. Moreover, you increase your muscle stamina and endurance by daily cycling.
  • Family time together. Avoid smartphone addiction by having a family bonding time during weekend rides. Hit the park and have a picnic or explore the nearest wood. An actual memory to grasp!

Final Word

No bike addict will ever get in the middle of a monetary crisis considering the variety of options to make sizable profits. Above all, you get paid to exercise with a resource you already have, and that is precious. Plus, in most cases, you determine your terms or work.

We believe this article will be of great help to anyone wishing to generate an additional income by regular cycling. If you deem our extensive guide on money-making strategies by bike useful, feel free to browse other categories on our ProMoneySavings website. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, as well.


How can I make money with a bicycle?

If you are dynamic and always on the ride, become a bike messenger or sell adverts on your two-wheeled means of transport. Ask being paid for commuting to work and make money by regular cycling. Then, consider delivering food for your local restaurants or with Doordash. Finally, exploit apps that pay people to cycle, or if you prefer to stay indoors, start blogging or posting YouTube bicycling clips.

How much does a bike courier make?

First of all, this depends on the area or city where you’re delivering consignments. In cities like New York, the hourly rate can reach $15. However, expect to get paid at least $10 and remember that most couriers earn per run. Meaning, you’ll probably make about $5 per delivery and more for big packages, in rainy weather, and tough routes. Such jobs entail working for 10 hours a day and don’t require any prior skills.

Can you do Instacart with a bike?

The answer is always affirmative, and you can purchase from various stores with Instacart when orders get placed. If you have enough time and will, you can work up to 30 hours or even longer (40 or more) and get bonuses, too. Select between a full-service shopper where you shop and deliver or just deliver the order. It’s undoubtedly one of the best-paid bike gigs.

How can I rent my bike?

Begin by exploring online options such as Spinster and sign up with the website. Afterward, you get to list your bike by inserting photos and other details. Once you have an interested renter, you can approve the ride and get paid for that. Spinster gives damage and theft protection and can compensate up to $5,000 in such cases. The site validates all listers and riders before any transaction or rent gets approved, and your privacy is sacred to them.




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