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What to Do for Mother’s Day With No Money

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The latest stats show that Americans, on average, spend about $180 for the second Sunday of May. It’s lovely to celebrate your mom, but what if your savings account is low? Stop wondering what to do for Mother’s Day with no money because we’ve got you covered!

Scroll down to find an ultimate list of 25 mothers day ideas and gifts on how to have the best time ever without breaking the bank. From DIY surprises to free gift cards with things to do for mother’s day together as a family.

Cheap Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The best gift you can bestow is quality time together. Depending on what you two like doing, we prepared an exhaustive list of cost-efficient and heartfelt ideas for you. These suggestions are also useful when you want to do something exquisite for your wife, sister, or a dear friend.

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Build A DIY Gift Basket

You don’t have to rush to the nearest store and buy gift baskets in the last minute. Make your own with items you’re confident your mom will love. The first step is to buy a regular, inexpensive basket at the nearest store.

Fill it with makeup, lotions, and other beauty products that reflect your mom’s likes and personality. Add some chocolates or home-make cookies to achieve a more delicate look. This custom-made gift will cost you about $25 on average. You can use some of these inexpensive Easter basket ideas for inspiration.

Personalized Necklace

This is an inexpensive personalized, and long-lasting present. Choose lovely pendants or the letters of your mom’s name.

Another clever DIY necklace is the nest pendant made of beads and wire to bind the pieces together. Put as many ‘eggs’ inside as you wish. Those can be pictures of you or carefully written notes. An idea like this will cost you no more than $15.

Scented Candles

Yet another top pick from our inexpensive Mother’s Day gift ideas. Make your mom feel special and appreciated. Scented candles are always a great thought that won’t break the bank.

Apart from a set of scented candles, you can also put some bath salts in the gift box. Decorate the gift, and you have a quick collection of wonderful $10 presents.

Personalized Photo Book

A mum-specific photo album is like giving the gift of memories. Alternatively, make a memory journal that’ll include your special moments. Glue some nice photos and write descriptions below. Insert as many memories from special occasions as you can find.

Another exciting idea is to make a photo collage. You only need a big cheap frame and a collection of photos to glue in a particular shape. The estimated cost is $15.

Membership To Her Favorite Store

It’s time for a little spree if you were wondering what special things to do on mother’s day. If you can’t decide what would be the perfect present for Mom, let her pick herself.

Subscribe mommy to her favorite store so she can get a discount every time she goes shopping. Plus, she will get information on the newest products and items. This can include membership in her preferred boutique or souvenir shop.

Box Of Her Favorite Chocolates

You know your mom has a sweet tooth and loves to savor various chocolates. Go for a hunt and seek unique and custom-made chocolates in different colors and tastes.

Or prepare some macaroons yourself. They are easy to make and last longer. Plus, you can prepare them in several colors. Put them in a decorated box with a bow and attach a personalized card on it. You’ll spend no more than $15 on this delicious gift.

A Reading Subscription

If your mom is a fan of reading, why don’t you surprise her with a library membership? What about a discount card for the nearest bookstore? An annual library subscription is truly a fantastic idea if your mom is keen on books and magazines.

If your mother enjoys cooking, arrange delivery of new recipes to her every month. Alternatively, sign up for an online subscription.

A Special Mug

This is one of the best Mother’s Day surprise ideas. Order a specialized photo mug by just sending a photo of your choice. You can also find a cup with a special message on it.

An insulated travel mug is another excellent option if your mom is always on the go. Every sip she takes will remind her of your love for her. A good mug will cost you about $15.

Lottery Ticket Or Scratch-Offs

Another awesome idea is to make a bouquet of lottery tickets and some eye-catching flowers for decoration. There is a high probability that your Mum will get lucky with this unusual gift.

Let’s say you buy eight scratch-offs and some fresh flowers to match the bouquet. This present will cost you about $50 in total.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

It’s time to show your skills in the kitchen. This is one of our favorite cheap Mother’s Day presents. Make something special and creative for you and your mom to feast on. Find some big and fresh strawberries and melt dark chocolate. Dip the strawberries into the melted chocolate and wait until it hardens. You can embellish this healthy sweet with caramel syrup.

Cheap Mother’s Day Activities

Gifts can be pricey and time-consuming to find, but you still want to spoil your favorite woman in a thoughtful way. Honestly, there are plenty of options when thinking of what to do for mothers day.

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We give you these ten ways to treat your mom that won’t cost you much. No matter what you choose to do, spending time together is what matters the most.

Family Outing

An idea that is both fun and relaxing to do. This spring holiday always falls on a Sunday. So, prepare for a whole-day picnic in the park or by the pond nearby.

If there is a botanical garden in the vicinity and if they allow picnic entries give it a try. Buy some cheap party food and enjoy the sun as you hear birds singing. You’ll spend no more than $20 on this pleasure.

Movie Night

Take your mom to the cinema. This is a viable idea that many people forget about. What’s the last time you’ve been to the theater together?

Buy some popcorn and Coke and enjoy a romantic comedy or a good family movie. Don’t forget to discuss the film afterward.

Family Game Night

You have several options here. One idea that won’t touch your wallet is to spend the night indoors with an exciting board game such as A Ticket to Ride. You may also opt for a game of Ludo or Monopoly.

Another suggestion is to take Mom to cheer her favorite team by buying tickets for a basketball or baseball game. Don’t forget to take peanuts and beer.

Make Her A Coupon Book

The question “What can I do for Mother’s Day” takes over your thoughts as the date nears. And you’ve tried so many of the most popular ideas before. Well, make this time unforgettable by creating a handmade coupon book.

Don’t give mom coupons on things she is obliged to do daily. Ideas might include museum visits, art lessons, spa treatments, and days-off cooking. Aside from time, you won’t spend a dollar on this.

Look At Family Pictures

Make this 2020 a memorable year by going back to the best moments of your life as a family. Spending valuable time like this is free. Go back in time when your mother was little or even further back in the past.

Tumble through several photo albums or watch DVDs from your family archives. You can also digitalize your mom’s old photos with a scanner.

Breakfast In Bed

You are in pursuit of cheap things to do for Mother’s Day. Worry not! Cheap stuff can be exceptional if you invest time and love in them. Moms never expect breakfast in bed, so this will flood your mother with soft feelings. She will feel loved and cherished.

Decorate the meal with fruit and flowers. She deserves to be treated like a queen more often than just today. On average, this will cost you between $6 and $10.

Visit A Farmers’ Market

Head to a farmers market on the other side of town. Pick some fresh produce, spices, and flowers and look for new cooking inspiration. Treat your mother with a bunch of flowers that she didn’t expect.

There is nothing better than walking and chatting on a lovely sunny day. Get some coffee and put on your sweetest smile. You’re ready to rock together!

Garden Together

Springtime is the perfect season to plant some new flowers or trees in her garden. Or start a new garden if you haven’t thought of the idea before.

Go to the nearest market and choose a nice variety of plants. Make sure they are easy to maintain and then plant them together. Every time mom sees the blooms, she will be reminded of you. This is a unique gift that keeps on giving!

Go Antiquing Or Shopping

If you’re looking for cool ideas to do for Mother’s Day, then you need something that you haven’t done before. If your mom fancies collecting things, take her to various antique shops. Help her find items that mean a whole treasure to her. Sometimes the cheapest petty things are the most valuable.

Take An Art Or Pottery Class

Not a single mom will mind getting her hands dirty in the name of beautiful art. Even if she’s just a beginner and has never done something similar, this is a good day to start. You never know when you’ll take up a new hobby. Creating a special pot or picture on this day will make her remember it forever.

5 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

Caring is not always about spending vast amounts of money. And you’ll need no same day loan to leave an impression. With our last minute mother’s day ideas, you don’t have to look further.

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Fresh Flowers

Celebrate Mom on her special day with the old good flower bouquet. It will mean a lot if you make the arrangement yourself. Buy some gorgeous and wild blooms and decorate them with pieces of citrus fruit. Place it in a nice vase.

Roses, lilies, and sunflowers will brighten your mom’s day for sure. An affordable and personalized gift like this will cost you $35 on average.

In-Home Massage Or Spa Treatment

This is one of the most original and yet great cheap Mother’s Day gifts. And you can make aromatherapy bath salts with a personal touch. Mix some Himalayan salt, fresh rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oil. A spa treatment to remember.

Learn useful tips on how to do in-home massage. Seek help on specialized websites to make the ambiance seem comfy and relaxing.

Complete A Gigantic Jigsaw Puzzle

Hunt for a puzzle that portrays landscape your mom is fond of. Or make a custom one with a photo of you two. This mindless activity can spur excellent conversations.

You can also make use of some free things on birthdays that you haven’t got the chance to use. A 500-piece puzzle will cost you about $15.

Volunteer For Her Favorite Cause

Lending a useful hand is another thoughtful way to bond with mom. Volunteer for a cause that helps other people and fills your heart with warmth. Plus, it won’t cost you anything apart from spending precious time together.

Cook Together

Being in the kitchen side by side is another of our beloved and funny Mother’s Day activity ideas. Find an old recipe with ingredients that you already have at home.

Open a bottle of well-preserved wine and enjoy your dinner. Go a step further and set the table nicely. You’ll have a lovely time together free of charge.

Cheap Mother’s Day Presents – Bottom Line

As you can see, every celebration can be unforgettable even without spending tons of cash on it. With our list of awesome and cute Mother’s Day gifts on a budget, your mom will feel the love for sure. More importantly, you won’t hurt your budget or empty your savings account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get free food on Mother's Day?

Moms deserve some freebies and good deals on Mother’s Day. There are plenty of places where moms eat free on Mother’s Day every year. Some of these places are excellent restaurants. Food places don’t always offer whole free meals, but give specific courses for free. For instance, TCBY gives free frozen yogurt, complimentary wine, or burgers. Shoney’s give free strawberry pie pieces, and Primanti Bros offer free food for moms.

What is the best homemade gift for Mother's Day?

The choice is abundant and depends on your skills and abilities. Hanging artwork and flowers are original gifts for a Mom who doesn’t want anything. Make fabric flowers or pillows with unique notes. Make hand of foot molds. Organize a treasure hunt with your own “Why I love you?” personalized notes. Do your mom’s chores for a day, and let her enjoy the sunshine in the yard.

What are some ideas to do for Mother's Day?

Any of the ideas above guarantee you’ll have a whale of a time together. Since the weather is usually sunny and warm at this time of the year, we recommend spending time outdoors. Go on a picnic, go kayaking, hiking, or strolling in the park. If you decide to stay at home, a good meal is inevitable. Have a movie or karaoke night at home. Imagine you’re in a beauty salon and pamper yourselves with some gentle products.

How can I make money on Mother's Day?

Let’s say you want to pay attention to your mom and earn some extra cash. Well, it’s high time you put your baking skills to use. Nothing tastes better than homemade cake or cookies. Since not everyone wants to spend time in the kitchen, this is your opportunity to shine. After preparing and carefully wrapping the food, go to the nearest local market. You can also sell online and deliver baked goods locally.


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