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15 Best Places To Sell Used DVDs (As Well As Blu-Rays And CDs)

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Do you want to make quick cash? Do you have tons of DVDs, CDs, and Blu-Rays you never use anymore? Well, we have just the right solution for you! There is a huge market for those items, and we know the best way to sell used DVDs in 2020.

Getting rid of all the things you no longer use comes with many benefits. First, you declutter your home and improve your surroundings. Second, by selling items like DVDs and CDs you get extra cash instantly. Third, you help those who need such things by selling them at a reasonable price.

There are various ways to reach the people who may want to buy your old DVD collection. Selling used DVDs can be done online or even locally. By having the right information, you can now easily make a profit with the things that have no value to you. Movies, documentaries and video games are some of the products in high demand.

In this article, our team of experts will list the 15 top places where you can sell DVDs, Blu-Rays, and CDs. Plus, we will include some useful tips in order to help you make smart decisions and negotiate the best price.


SecondSpin is one of the best destinations for trading in Blu-Rays, DVDs, and CDs. Before you can post anything, you must create an account first. Then, you can upload your items individually or in bulk. The service is very professional and dedicated.

sell used dvds secondspin

SecondSpin has a nice categorization and even features some sweet sales too. Posting is done simply by entering the barcode, while you can sell both online and from their stores. You can get your profit via store credit, a check or PayPal.


Just like the name suggests, Decluttr store helps you declutter your space. You can sell dvds and a wide range of second-hand product on this platform, including DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays, books, games, old phones, tablets, etc. With Decluttr can turn any unwanted items you own into cash in no time.

sell used dvds decluttr

Just get a free valuation by entering the articles’ barcodes, pack them and either ship them or drop them off. As soon as Decluttr gets your used dvds, they will send you a payment via PayPal, direct deposit or a check.

Sell DVDs Online

Sell DVDs Online is another service that provides instant cash offers for used games, DVDs and CDs. This place claims to have the best price quotes for your stuff and works quite simple too. The selling process here is done via three steps in total.

sell used dvds selldvdsonline

First, you get the evaluation. Second, you get your free shipping label. Finally, you get your money either via a check or PayPal. It’s important to note that the price they offer is exactly the amount of money you get. SellDVDsOnline is a trusted business with over 200,000 satisfied customers.


Whenever you want to sell something, you probably first think of eBay. Being one of the world’s best-known and most-used online marketplaces, eBay is perfect for anyone looking to make fast income. Sellers at eBay must create a profile and post an advertisement.

sell used dvds ebay

You have the freedom to set your own price of the articles you sell and to include any shipping fees. Alternatively, you can create an auction too. Listing an ad is free for the first 50 items in a single month and afterward, the price is 0.35 USD.

This service is used by millions of people worldwide. So, it gives you access to a massive number of potential buyers.


Did you know that Amazon is another online destination where you can sell used DVDs, games, and CDs? Using the Amazon trade-in option, you can try your luck against other sellers and make quick cash. You must be patient if you want to sell used DVDs via Amazon because this usually takes time.

sell used dvds amazon

Alternatively, selling directly to Amazon is an option too. Such a move leads to instant cash instead of waiting for a buyer. In result, the commission is generally lower than the one from individual buyers.


Craigslist has a solution for all your problems, even for the ones you didn’t know you have. The online service lets people register for free and then sell old wedding dresses, used phones, and other merch. DVDs, Blu-Rays, and CDs are among the many different articles you can upload on Craigslist.

sell used dvds craigslist

Some of the benefits of using this service are Craigslist’s popularity, convenience, and fair approach. Sellers aren’t asked to pay any extra charges and get to keep all their profits.

If you choose to use Craigslist, remember that you will have to meet in person with the potential buyer. So, it’s important to take appropriate safety measures and beware of scams.


Letgo is an online marketplace where Americans can buy and sell stuff. The list of items you can sell is next to endless and includes anything you can think of. DVDs, CDs, and Blu-Rays included. Besides being available online, Letgo is offered on the Google Play Store and Apple Store as well.

sell used dvds letgo

Sellers may want this platform if they prefer selling locally as Letgo targets US consumers only. Plus, the service has more than 10 million users. The selling process includes photographing your item, adding a description and choosing a price.

Like with most of the other services, you can’t get any refunds or scam protection here. So, you need to be extra careful.


Don’t be surprised to see Facebook on this list. If you ask yourself what to do with old DVDs on Facebook, let us help.

sell used dvds facebook

No, you shouldn’t create a Facebook profile for your old movies, video games, and CDs. Instead, you should visit the popular Facebook Marketplace where you can easily find local buyers.

The top-notch notification services available at the FB Marketplace make reaching potential customers easier than ever. More precisely, anyone interested in your items will get an instant notification as soon as you post them.

You only need to add item description as well as price and wait for someone to contact you.


Unlike services like Craigslist and Letgo, which accept all kinds of items, EagleSaver is much more specific. Users of this platform can buy and sell books, audio CD, video games and DVDs/Blu-rays. So, people who want to buy such articles, logically, usually head there instead of going to general marketplaces.

sell used dvds eaglesaver

EagleSaver guarantees fast payments and single-day order processing. You also get free shipping and you can use their bulk checkout option too. Keep in mind that the value of your evaluated products must be at least 15 USD. Also, your DVDs must have an average price of at least 0.75 USD.


Bonavendi is a great choice for selling any used items really. Unlike its competitors, Bonavendi doesn’t offer a single quote for your articles. Instead, the service offers price comparison from many different platforms. This enables you to easily find the best offer for your DVDs and CDs.

sell used dvds bonavendi

The best thing is that Bonavendi won’t make you pay any extra fees for using their price comparison tool. So, it basically works like the other options mentioned in this article but comes with more features.


The motto of Abundatrade is “Be a Smart DVD and Electronics Consumer.” This platform cares about the environment and wants to help it with its concept of “recommerce.” The company has been repairing and recirculating music, video games and movies ever since 2010.

sell used dvds abundatrade

They hope to attract sellers and buyers who share their values. So, you may need to pay shipping costs unless you have a large number of items for selling.

Similar to EagleSaver, Abundatrade won’t accept your DVDs and CDs if their total value is lower than 15 USD. Payments from Abundatrade come via a check or PayPal.


Those who want to connect with possible local buyers almost instantly should consider using OfferUp. This online marketplace welcomes sellers of everything, from vehicles to electronics and DVDs. What puts OfferUp ahead of its competitors is their dedication towards protecting both sellers and buyers.

sell used dvds offerup

The service pre-authorizes payments and then holds them until the buyer gets the article. This prevents sellers from misleading buyers but also buyers from not paying for the merch. With OfferUp, you can either ship your DVDs or meet with buyers in person.

Pawn Shops

Are you one of those people who prefer selling in person and near their home? Do you wonder “where can I sell my DVDs for cash locally?” In that case, pawnshops are the best place for you to sell the items you don’t use anymore. Most neighborhoods have at least one pawn shop where you can try your luck.

sell used dvds pawn
Pawn Shop

The process of selling there is fairly simple. Just give the employee your articles, let them examine them and get an offer. If you accept their quote, they will give you your cash on the spot.

Yard Sale

Not everyone has the means to sell items online. Also, not everyone can go to multiple pawn shops or stores either. We have a solution for those people too – a yard sale! Having a yard sale enables you to sell old DVDs, CDs, and Blu-rays without even leaving your home.

sell used dvds yard sale
Yard Sale

You can use advertising services to promote your sale and attract more visitors. Keep in mind that this option takes more time and effort because it demands your actual presence.

Stores Where You Can Sell Used DVDs And CDs

If you ever wonder “where to sell used DVDs near me,” we have a nice surprise for you. These days, you can sell them, alongside games and CDs, at a big store too. This option includes popular brands such as Best Buy, Walmart and Target.

sell used dvds walmart

The catch here may be the fact they often pay less than individual buyers. In certain cases, they may even give you a store credit or a gift card instead of money.

So, these stores may not always be the best option if you need actual cash. Sometimes, they can be perfect too because these businesses sell all kinds of products you can purchase with their store credit.

Things To Consider Before Selling Used DVDs

Avoid disappointment when you sell used DVDs by setting your expectations straight. You surely won’t make a fortune by selling them. Also, you must be smart and stay safe because, otherwise, you can become a victim of a scam.

Here are Pro Money Savings tips on what to consider before putting your CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays up for sale.

  • Avoid paying shipping costs – In order to make a money, you should focus on selling for a good price. Also, you should avoid extra costs like, for example, paying for shipping;
  • Don’t lie – Never lie about the condition of your DVDs. Describe them exactly as they are, even if they’re slightly damaged;
  • Stick to cash – Unless you use the services of a platform that handles the payment procedure, we advise you to stick to cash;
  • Stay safe – Your safety is your priority, especially if you meet with potential buyers in person. Meet in public places and avoid night meetings;
  • Offer them at several places – Never publish your products in the first place you find. Make sure to test the waters and discover the best platform for you;
  • Do price research – Just like when you’re buying something and do price research, you should do price research before you sell something too.

Bottom Line On What To Do With Old DVDs

Anyone who needs quick cash can sell their used DVDs, Blu-Rays, and CDs. After all, the modern era and streaming services have made these products quite unnecessary. So, unless you are a passionate collector, you can always find someone who would pay for them.

There is no single best place to sell DVDs for cash. Instead, you can try your luck at several different online and local shops. Also, you can always pick one of the options listed above and start selling.

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