K14 The Best Places to Watch TV Shows Online Free

The Best Places to Watch TV Shows Online Free

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You’re a loyal fan of movies and won’t miss an opportunity to follow content that’s not pirated or sketchy. So, you go a little here and there, still paying tremendous amounts of cash to keep up with your favorite shows.

If you’re reading this thorough list of streaming services, you’re in the right spot. These networks are legit, free, and allow viewers to stream anything ranging from movies and documentaries to live TV and anime. The only disadvantage users find annoying with free content online are the occasional ads and the infrequent updates of titles. Keep reading to get acquainted with our ultimate selection!


We bet all movie fans get appalled at the sight of the most recent Hollywood hit shows. Under the Amazon Company’s umbrella, IMDb features many popular titles that belong to various film genres. You’ll indeed come across some aggressive and frequent marketing, but it’s worthwhile.

Creating an online free account is compulsory to start watching, and this is relatively straightforward and intuitive. If you already have an Amazon, Google, Facebook, or Apple account, you can log in using an existing one. Once in, members can watch TV shows online and live streaming channels. Users can add movies to their watchlist and pause videos to continue following from another device.

Note that the offline watching variant is disabled, but you can include closed captions within the films. Video quality (up to HD), audio, screen size, and the X-Ray features can get adjusted. Last, we highly encourage you to browse through the ‘Hidden Gems’ section, where you’ll find some unique titles.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is among the best free-to-air networks to watch TV shows online free. The provider takes pride in its moderately ad-supported content, which, apart from movies, features live TV and on-demand titles. Prepare to enjoy thousands of free films accessible on-demand and hundreds of television channels at no cost.

Users can access the Pluto TV network via computer, iOS, or Android devices. Moreover, this internet television can get streamed on Samsung, PlayStation, Chromecast, Vizio, and Amazon Fire TV devices. No account is needed to start browsing various film categories and start watching the selected titles. Yet, you can do so to improve your user experience and keep track of the viewed content.

As for ads, there are infrequent advertisements as with traditional television. Overall, expect ads to pop up about every ten minutes. To get started, click ‘Watch Free Now’ and select between ‘Live TV’ and ‘On-Demand.’ Browse TV channels by category, including movies, sports, kids, reality, etc. The On-Demand section allows you to search for content by genres and other parameters.

CW or CW Seed

Are you into hit shows you find it difficult to take your eyes off the screen? Then, look no further as CW Seed abounds in some of the best comedy, action, and drama titles. Additionally, users can follow live TV and all this free of charge within the US. However, note that only one channel can stream live without viewers having to pay a fee.

The advantage of this streaming service is that you can browse by categories or find a full list of available on-demand shows. Once you locate what you’ve been searching for, hit the ‘play’ button, and there you go. It’s not uncommon to run into an ad or two before the episode starts streaming. Also, periodic commercials throughout the free TV shows are a common sight.

Bearing in mind that the website runs for free and heavily relies on ads, you’ll have to disable the adblocker. CW Seed is available on multiple platforms, and creating an account is not obligatory. Still, if you want to watch the latest episodes, consider subscribing to CW’s app with high-definition content.

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You don’t have to pay a fortune for expensive TV show platforms. We have some great alternatives for you to use for free.


Packed with a vast selection of movies, music, and e-books, Hoopla is an excellent choice if you want to watch TV online free. We’re speaking of a leading provider that brings entertainment and media to your homes at no charge. Since Hoopla provides content to public libraries in North America, the digital videos they offer come from over 1,500 libraries.

Hoopla is, in a way, an online library and allows borrowing content after you present your local library card. With the card, visitors create accounts online and log in first before they can borrow digital content. Once you’re in, browse through the thousands of popular picks and start watching anytime it’s convenient for you.

Apart from the rich content and media, you’ll be delighted to see no ads while watching borrowed movies and TV shows. Even more, some films are downloadable after watching, and subtitles are often available.

Borrowed shows are available approximately two or three days and may get automatically returned if you reach the deadline. A significant downside of Hoopla is that users can borrow only one episode at a time. Meaning, you have to return one title to check out the next one. Such restrictions may also refer to the number of shows you can check out per month, depending on the library’s policy.


Are you fond of classic shows, comedies, and star-studded hits? If you can bear an average to high ad pain while enjoying popular shows, you’re at the right place. Follow the streaming via computer, laptop, or even via their app on iOS and Android devices. You should check their website to find a detailed list of all supported devices.

Owned by Sony Pictures Television, the service features original content and shows taken from other companies. Crackle boasts with both news and older TV content, so there’s something for everyone. The best part is that users don’t have to create accounts to watch TV shows. Provided you want to save movies to watch later, you’ll have to sign up, which is relatively easy and far from time-consuming.

One of the significant downsides of Crackle is that it’s loaded with advertisements. Therefore, make sure you disable the ad blocker before attempting to stream online. The service must rely on frequent ads to keep providing free services in Australia and the US. In short, prepare to go through a few ads before any show starts and then a couple of commercial breaks during the show.

The Roku Channel

Befriend The Roku Channel if you’re into reality and live TV for a fabulous watching experience at no cost. The channel features TV shows and films on demand, but you can also follow live television. Users can access the content online via any browser or download the native app without procuring a Roku device.

Though you’ll get an immediate offer to open an account with them, this is not mandatory to stream content. Yet, for premium subscriptions, you’ll need to go with a paid membership. Also, remember to disable the ad blocker to check out free TV shows dotted with occasional ads. Expect closed captions when watching movies, too.

Although content is not downloadable, it is quite versatile and up-to-date. For instance, TV channels include TMZ, Today, The Design Network, ABC News, and other popular networks. Alternatively, the free on-demand shows include The Restaurant, Parenthood, The Capture, and Five Bedrooms.


Under the ownership of Fox Corporation, Tubi is a free streaming site that claims to be 100% legal. Featuring thousands of titles originating from top-notch studios such as Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount, you’ll find content for anyone’s taste. You might also watch TV shows online free with them on almost any device and via numerous browsers and online TVs.

If you’re a fan of reality shows like Dance Moms and The Bachelor, Tubi is an ideal choice. The website is also home to on-demand television shows of channels such as Fox, Lifetime, and A&E. However, bear in mind that the offered assortment is somehow limited and not downloadable.

To start watching, viewers only need to select the content, and it’ll start streaming right away. Ads can pop up from time to time but are not overly annoying. Still, remember to disable the ad blocker to watch TV online for free. Last, the video’s quality can get adjusted to as much as HD for an improved experience.

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Tubi, Vudu, Crackle, and Roku Channel are some of the alternatives that let Americans watch TV shows for free.


A former product of Walmart, we can freely refer to Vudu as a digital video store that offers streaming services. Primarily, this digital store aims to allow users to rent or buy TV content. Still, visitors can find free titles for instant streaming, which are ad-supported. Watching can take place on their website, native app, or by TV casting.

Creating an account with Vudu is a must to watch TV series without having to pay anything. When you got that, select from any of the available titles that include periodical ads throughout the show. Even before getting started, you’ll have to sit through a couple of commercials.

There are options to browse by release date, genre, rating, or most-watched content to narrow down the results. We didn’t like that no downloads get approved, and not all shows are free. Still, the variety is exceptional with SD and HDX video quality and optional closed captions. Vudu is on our list of best and cheapest alternatives to cable TV, so don’t overlook it.


Do you like watching various content, including action, adventure, kids and family movies, crime, comedy, and drama? Well, we’re happy to announce that you can follow all that content and much more at no cost via Yidio.

Yidio is unique as it compiles links to free TV shows streaming on other websites and services. Meaning, Yidio is a video aggregator and redirects users to other companies such as Crackle, Vudu, Tubi, and hundreds of others. What users must do is filter their search by source and free titles. This way, they’ll steer clear from watching paid services offered on, Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix.

Yidio’s services are available on most devices and via multiple browsers. Also, there’s no need to open an account with the provider. So, you can start streaming instantly after you’ve checked whether the sought title is free to watch. The number of ads can vary depending on the show you’re watching and the website. For a completely ad-free experience and access to all content, users can consider the Premium account.

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Keen fans of anime know that Crunchyroll is their money-saver and a place to enjoy this sweet addiction. A product of Warner Media, this free streaming resource that features popular titles and original shows is available in over 200 countries. In addition to anime, members can watch TV series, movies, games, and manga.

Popular anime titles include My Hero Academia, Black Clover, and One Piece, but eager viewers can locate much more. A decent selection of shows is dubbed in English, or at least have English subtitles if the voice acting is Japanese. Still, new releases are available only to premium users, and so is the download option.

Note that the ad blocker can remain on, but you’ll have to bear with several short ads throughout an average 25-minute episode. Conversely, if you opt for the paid membership, no ads will disrupt your watching experience, and you can download content for offline viewing.


Popcornflix is yet another popular online streaming service followed by over 200,000 visitors a month. Its moderate ad annoyance, content selection, and interface make it a real hit among movie fans. Also, this streaming TV is a massive hit among kids since it offers family-friendly shows.

Thanks to the approved ad exposure by your side, the website can provide tons of free movies. In a word, prepare to watch a few commercials before you can enjoy the selected show. Moreover, no accounts are mandatory but disabling your ad blocker is a must. One positive aspect is that you don’t have to watch ads till the end but skip them after a quick preview.

One upside of Popcornflix is that users can refer to other visitors’ comments and additional information about the shows. Plus, contents can stream via any web browser and on multiple devices. Still, there’s no download option, and not many popular titles are available. So, if you aim for well-known shows, it’s better to look elsewhere for a wider assortment.

Retrovision TV

Have you always been keen on retro TV shows but have difficulties in finding them? Retrovision TV has the solution for your concerns if you want to watch TV shows online. This online service, which is only available via computer streaming, abounds with classic movies worth checking out.

Currently, the service has no app, so it’s not viable on mobile devices. On the plus side, visitors can start watching right away without the need to sign up first. Yet, registration is available, and signing up is straightforward and costs nothing.

Expect to run into infrequent ads that won’t spoil your experience with the site. Also, disabling your ad blocker is not necessary to see some of the best movies of all time. The most popular titles include Sherlock Holmes, Beverly Hillbillies, and Bonanza. However, most of the series are incomplete, and only a few episodes are accessible for watching.


We believe this exhaustive list of free streaming services will benefit all of you hooked on a good movie. Regardless of whether you’re fond of live TV, blockbusters, anime, or retro films, we got you covered. Our ultimate piece of advice would be to ensure you’re always watching online services safely and legally. Plus, there are also great alternatives to cable TV!

Do you have a favorite free TV service online? We’ll be delighted if you share your latest experiences with free online services that stream shows in the comment box below. Last, don’t forget to get our tested money-saving tricks by signing up for our newsletter.


Is it legal to watch free TV shows online?

Television streaming online is 100% legit, and nothing can prevent you from doing so. Still, viewing content must remain within the public domain, so it’s advisable to have a VPN. If we go a step further and interpret the copyright law, we’d probably say that viewing unlicensed content is not illegal. Plus, streams are not public performances, and you’re not making a permanent copy of the content. The only way you can violate the law is via peer-to-peer streaming and downloading unlicensed shows.

Can you watch movies online for free?

The absolute answer to this ever-growing concern is yes. People all over the world, above all in the US, can view popular shows without having to pay anything. Some of the most visited streaming networks involve Pluto TV, Hoopla, Vudu, and the Rocky Channel. Also, if you’re a fan of old movies, check what’s on at Retrovision TV. Why pay over the moon when you can see your favorite films ever for free, right?

Where can I watch free shows online for free?

Today, the options to watch TV series online are practically limitless. The best streaming sites involve IMDb, Tubi, Pluto TV, and Vudu, and these are 100% free and safe. To start watching, browse through the offered categories and click the ‘play’ button. Depending on your preferences, you may opt for an amusing comedy, a dark thriller, horror, drama, fantasy, or kid’s films. Even more, some of these streaming networks offer live television.

What is the best website to watch shows for free?

If you are eager to watch TV online free, you should know that your options are more or less endless. Still, specific networks provide higher quality content with fewer ads and restrictions. These include Pluto TV, Vudu, Hulu, and IMDb. Some of the providers even allow visitors to watch shows without signing up. Depending on your preferences, go for any of our suggestions for the best free streaming services.




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