K 19 Ways to Get Free and Cheap Haircuts

Ways to Get Free and Cheap Haircuts

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Lovely hairdos are a must, and for some, hairstyling expenses take up a significant portion of their monthly budget. On the one hand, you are afraid of walking around with wild, crazy looking hair. On the other hand, you’re tired of spending over $30 on haircuts. Well, worry not, as we offer the perfect balancing solution.

Though looking good and paying less seems like an impossible mission, but we’ll prove you wrong. These nifty hacks will help you locate some reasonably-priced or even free haircuts. Keep on reading, and in a couple of months, you’ll forget about the excessive hairdresser costs.

Beauty Or Cosmetology Schools

Do you wish for a big salon cut without the high salon price? Opt for a high-end beauty school or hairdresser training facility to get a discounted cut from a supervised stylist-in-training. Most importantly, these students have had solid practice before and are not complete novices.

Hairstylists and barbers that are neither at the beginner level nor have the experience of the pros are an ideal option. In short, you will get a good cut at half price, but not as smooth as going to a professional.​ Remember that licensed instructors always supervise the process, and any mistakes get corrected on the spot.

Perform a Google search for hairstyling schools nearby and check their offers. Ask whether trainees perform haircuts and how much it costs. You may also want to learn what days are such training salons open to the public.

Work From Home Hair Stylists

Was getting cheap haircuts on your New Year’s resolution list? Then, why don’t you try and find a professional stylist who works from home or can visit you at your place? Since such hairstylists avoid commercial salon’s high costs, what you get are high-quality haircuts at exceptional prices. Retired hairdressers also prefer this working method since it’s less costly and more flexible.

Overall, prices at work-from-home stylists are lower, and they offer a bulk price for the entire family. These pros are open to negotiations and time-adaptable, so they can better fit your busy schedule. Word of mouth will help you locate the best match for your next hairdos.

Offering haircuts from your home is one of the best home-based jobs today. So, it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone near you that offers this service.

Happy Hour Haircuts

You may believe that happy hours are for bars only, but multiple hairdressers have lately adopted the same concept. Naturally, not every day and not every hour of the day is super-busy, so employers are coming up with innovative ways to boost the income. Happy hour haircuts are one of those marketing tricks that help you save your dollars in return.

Find out if your favorite salon offers such reduced price hours, or go straight to the local hairstylist and ask. Google may also help you find the best hair deals if you insert ‘happy hour cheap or free haircut near me’. If you work flexible hours and make it to the salon when others cannot, the savings will be worth it.

Visit The Local Barber

Are you up for a simple hairstyle that doesn’t require much maintenance? Then, head to the nearest barbershop in town. They may not be offering all the fancy frills, but who needs that? You’ve set your aims on cheaper hair services, and that’s precisely what you’re getting. Above all, there’s no doubt that most barbers are highly skilled and have been trimming for years.

The local barber may also be offering hair washing and blow-drying for free or for a lower price. Plus, there’s not much waiting around as cutting men’s hair goes super-fast. Apart from the quick in and out, you’ll pay way less than in posh salons. More precisely, expect to pay half the price offered for the same haircut at your favorite hairstylist. Barbers are an excellent option for your kids, too.

Switch Your Hairdresser Often

Newly opened salons frequently run special promotions to pamper new customers. Scavenge your area for fresh starters and get rewarded with a half-price cut. In case you come across a hair stylist or barber that you particularly like, stick with them for months or even years. Often, building up a solid friendship with your hairdresser pays off in the long run.

Note that salons often give special discounts to first-time customers. Meaning, if you don’t change it from time to time, you’ll be missing out on the deals. Shop around for other new customer deals and try them out the next time you need a haircut. Hopefully, your old hairstylist won’t take it personally!

Find Coupons For Haircuts

If you were contemplating how to get a free haircut, couponing could help you along the way. Well, maybe not utterly free, but sites like Groupon and LivingSocial often promote nationwide salons. There, you will find coupons for 40% cheaper services.

Moreover, you can snag some super deals if you sign up for the salon’s newsletter or website. By doing so, you agree to receive special promotions and coupons via email or on your cell phone. Last, go with a simple ‘Salon Coupons’ search on Google. You’ll be surprised at the sight of discounts for Fantastic Sams, Regis Salons, and Supercuts.

If you’re a student or a senior citizen, you may be entitled to a further discount. It never hurts to ask, and today may be your lucky day. Make sure you carry your student card with you and head to the nearest hair salon. You may find up to 30% discounts, but be careful of the initial price, too.

If you’re into coupons, we have great tips on how to make the most out of couponing and save cash.

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You don’t need to visit famous and fancy hairdressers to have a great hairdo. Instead, you can support your local hairdresser and get the same service for a much lower price.

Trade Skills Or Services

Do you have a friend who is good at hair-cutting and styling? Well, think about trading services with her for something valuable you can give in exchange. Regardless of whether you are willing to provide web design, PR services, or writing a salon newsletter, everything counts. Even promoting the business if you have a vast Instagram following is an excellent idea.

Indeed, trading services are a unique way to save money, and both sides get what they need. You may even try and barter some vintage clothes or DIY crafts you make for a cheaper haircut. It’s worthwhile asking a few stylists in the vicinity and striking a win-win deal.

Volunteer As A Hair Model

You may not be aware, but professional hairstylists and students must have models to show and polish their skills. Plus, you don’t have to be super beautiful or have lavish hair to volunteer as a hair salon model. You only have to agree to undergo a live hair-cutting demonstration for advanced stylists and newcomers to prove they are adept.

Moreover, stylists who want to try out adventurous haircuts may also offer you a free service. Even if the procedure gets done by a beginner, supervision is inevitable. That said, the chances that your new hairstyle is amiss are low. So, browse the section for cheap haircuts near me or check out the latest leaflets for fantastic offers.

Go For A Dry Cut

Sometimes a dry cut can be way more beneficial both for your hair and wallet. Indeed, why spend additional cash on fancy shampoos and conditioners in the salon when you can skip that segment of the package? Tell your hairstylist that you’re avoiding the wash since you’ve treated your hair at home.

However, if you have straight hair and wish for sharp, precise lines, a wet cut is inevitable. Still, you can always wash your hair at home and avoid the fee. Conversely, those who have curly hair may be better off with the dry cut. This way, the hairdresser can see how the natural curls stand and work around that.

Salons try to add on to the charge in various ways so pay attention to this. A mask treatment or a specialized product at the end of the cut may increase the overall amount. Even blow-drying costs, so refrain from it too, if you can.

Ditch Name Salons

Big names in the hairstyling industry charge tons of cash for a simple haircut. Hence, we suggest avoiding brand names with posh facilities and shiny salons. Undoubtedly, you’ll get an all-inclusive package that will make you feel beautiful and well-taken care of, but is it worthwhile?

Instead, go to a chain salon and get the job done for half the price. What you’re looking for is a cheap haircut near me without fancy extras like long head massages, wine, and coffee. Consider salon chains such as Great Clips, Supercuts, and Fantastic Sams for a reasonably-priced trim. Note that chain companies are not ideal for men’s haircuts, but women can strike excellent deals.

In fact, staying away from popular brands is a valid strategy to save money on anything really. You can save money on clothes by going to thrift shops and ditching popular clothing brands. This is just one example!

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Sometimes, you can easily fix your own hair or ask a friend to do it for you. If you need something more advanced, you can always visit your local barber and get a cheap haircut there.

Cut Your Hair On A Weekday

Like most of us, you probably have a nine to five job and only weekends off. The downside of such timing is that you’ll have to do everything else over the weekend when prices are typically higher. However, if you can afford some flexibility at work, booking a haircut from Monday to Friday is an excellent saving hack.

Having a haircut on a Tuesday morning when business at hairdressers is slow is a super-cheap combination. A significant portion of salons offers even lower prices to clients who can fill in last-minute gaps. Use the benefit of standby cuts due to cancelations by establishing a solid relationship with your stylist. Ask them to put you on their standby list if you can make it to the salon at awkward times.

Cut It Less Often

The most famous advice of hairstylists urges clients to trim their hair every six weeks. In reality, this is too much for long hair, and they intend to boost the salon’s income. When it comes to men, going to the barber at least once a month is somehow obligatory. However, the frequency of hair salon visits depends on your hairstyle.

Overall, there’s no point in visiting the hairdresser more frequently than every three months for simple cuts. You may extend this period up to six months provided you chop off a greater length. So, the more hair you get off next time, the longer you’ll feel that no trim is necessary.

Cut Your Own Hair

This tip is only for brave and skillful readers. If you have the courage and the nerve, your new free haircut is around the corner. Apart from being adept, the initial preparation requires high-quality hairdressing scissors. Alternatively, look for DIY tools designed to help individuals trim their bangs or hair.

Check out a few YouTube videos to learn the basics of the process. Moreover, men who want to maintain a perfect hairstyle would like to invest in a professional hair clipper. High-end barber clippers have powerful motors and sharp blades, and that’s what you need. Since they have a long battery life, you can set aside hundreds of dollars each year.

Another fabulous idea to get free or cheap haircuts is to donate your hair. Apart from saving a bunch of cash, you fight for a good cause, too.

Bottom Line

A nice hairdo doesn’t have to cost over the odds. While we recommend you find a cheap barbershop, some other reasonable options include beauty schools, skillful friends, or home artists. Look around and find a reputable salon that fits your budget, but never before special occasions.

Do you have secret methods that help you save money and lower your hairdresser bill? Is there a salon you prefer going to that offers deals on haircuts? We’ll be delighted to read about your experiences if you share them in the comments below. To find out more budget-friendly hacks, register for our newsletter.


Where is the cheapest place to get your haircut?

If you’re up for a cheap or free haircut, check out beauty and cosmetology schools in your local area. Barbershops and stylists who work from home may be another viable option. Moreover, don’t underestimate the discounts at famous hair salon chains like Great Clips and Fantastic Sams. When every attempt to get a reduced price on a haircut fails, try cutting your own hair with little YouTube tutorial help.

What is a reasonable price for a haircut?

A regular haircut price can vary depending on several factors, including the salon category and your hair type. Overall, a men’s haircut costs $28 on average, but the price can rise to $50 if you reside in a bigger city or visit a professional barber. When it comes to women, a small-town salon will charge you about $31, while mid-range salons require up to $80. Master stylists charge over $100 per haircut, while junior stylists half that price.

How much do you tip on a $15 haircut?

The unwritten rule says that your tips should be 15 to 20% of the overall amount you’re paying. Suppose your haircut costs $15; in that case, you’ll be better off if you tip the barber $3. Each additional service at the salon, such as shampooing, will require a dollar plus. In case the hairdresser did an outstanding job with your hairstyle, be generous and leave a $5 tip.

Is $10 a good tip for a haircut?

About three or five dollars is more than a fair tip for a decent haircut and washing. Yet, if the stylist was enthusiastic and got a little more involved, feel free to tip more. For instance, leave a $10 tip when stylists blow your hair or do a glossing service. Tipping your hairstylist $10 is always a nice gesture if you’re satisfied with the treatment. Plus, it will be even more rewarding for the hairdresser if you recommend them to your close friends and family.




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      Haircuts can be very expensive, it is true. Finding a cheaper option that will cut the expenses is perfect.

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      For the whole family we usually pay $100 per month for simple haircuts. It definitely burdens the budget.

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      A friend of mine is doing my hair almost every week. It is free of charge and I am satisfied with my haircuts.

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      It is just that you should find the perfect hairdresser that will do your hair. If you are satisfied with the service it just doesn’t matter how much it will cost.

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      Even the hairdressers didn’t work during this pandemic. We had to find alternative ways to do our haircuts

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      It is decent to leave up to $5 tip if you are satisfied with the service and with the treatment.

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      I once tried a new salon. It was a disaster. The dye was not right and my hair was damaged. From then on I really pay attention to the salon I visit. It took me a couple of months to get a decent haircut and dye. Not everything is in the money you pay

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      Ditching name salons is a good advice. They just charge a lot. You are paying the name and not the service.

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      I stick to the same hairdresser for more than 10 years. I always get discounts as a loyal customer.

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      I want to have a modern and trendy haircut always. But somehow I am not satisfied with the hairdressers I visit. I change them frequently and I can not find the right one

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      A great hairdo is always expensive. But if you can do it yourself and at home or you have somebody who can do it for you than it will cost less

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