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20 Ideas Where To Sell A Wedding Dress Quickly

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Every year, there are between 2 million and 2.5 million weddings in the United States. This means that each year, millions of wedding dresses serve their ultimate purpose and then remain forgotten in people’s closets.

Do you need money right now and you have a wedding dress just catching dust in your home somewhere? Did you know that you can sell it both online and locally for a hefty sum? Well, keep reading and find our ultimate list of ideas of what to do with old wedding dresses and where to sell a wedding dress safely and quickly.

Tips For Selling Your Used Wedding Dress Online

The easiest way to make money by selling your nuptial gown fast is to list it online. There are many reputable sites whose traffic is significantly high. Meaning, a potential buyer can pop up as soon as a few hours after you place your ad.

Still, to make sure that you successfully resale your gown, there are specific tips to keep in mind. Here are several things to note that can help you sell your wedding dress quick.

  • Be honest – You probably remember how important your wedding day was to you. So, you should be honest with the future bride who wants to buy your dress by describing the gown just as it is. If there are any damages or stains, make sure to mention them;
  • Provide details – Size, color, and material are three things you must provide. Try to be as detailed as possible. For example, add the exact measurements and state the precise color (champagne, ivory, blush pink, etc.);
  • List as early as possible – The longer you wait, the lower the price you can ask for your dress. The trends are constantly changing, so you may want to list it no later than two years of your marriage ceremony;
  • Be generous with the photos – There can’t be too many photos when it comes to a wedding dress. Make honest photographs from all the possible angles. Even better, put on the dress, so buyers can see how it would look on them too;
  • Ask for a reasonable price – Before entering the amount, ask yourself who buys used wedding dresses first. That’s probably someone who’s in a hurry and needs a budget-friendly nuptial ceremony. So, the chances are they won’t spend a fortune on a used dress. Also, don’t try to profit from your gown as people can easily compare prices and discover such tricks.

Best Sites Selling Your Wedding Dress Online

People these days don’t have the time to meet with every potential seller or something they need. Instead, they do most of the shopping online. So, just like you can sell used cell phone or get rid of used DVDs, you can also sell wedding dress too.

where to sell a wedding dress sites
Take nice and honest photos

Selling online extends your audience reach and saves you precious time. No meeting in person, no risks of being scammed. Just list your dress and wait for someone to buy it. It’s simple as that.

If you’re not sure where to sell a wedding dress online, just scroll down to find the most popular and reliable options.

Wedding Bee

Wedding Bee is an excellent place to start if you want to sell your wedding dress online. There’s neither a listing fee nor commission to be paid, so it’s a good start. Simply click on the Sign-Up button to register, and you’re good to go. Not only you can sell your dress at your price, but you can also sell other marriage ceremony items such as shoes and accessories. Also, you’re directly communicating with interested buyers and decide on the shipping and payment. While at this site, you can also read real wedding stories, ask questions, and find support.

Nearly Newlywed

Want to learn how to sell a wedding dress for cash? It’s simple, just join Nearly Newlywed! On this website, people are selling wedding dress and engagement rings. When it comes to weddings, you can list them at a $25 fee, and the site will take it from there. They provide customer service, payments, insurance, promotion, and shipping. If and when the dress sells, the site will contact you to ship it to them for verification. Based on your selling price, the site will take a 40% commission fee, and you’ll get the rest of the listed price. You can also shop for accessories, rings, and jewelry there, or read their blog.

Still White

Another excellent site where you can sell your wedding dress is Still White. There are two types of listing fees – a standard $20 one-time fee and a premium $30 one-time fee. The benefits you get from the premium one is a homepage gallery and extra wedding dress photos plus a video. The site doesn’t take any commission – you get to keep 100% of your sale. You can also chat with potential buyers, see who’s been checking out your dress, and monitor all activity. The site is also secured, so you don’t need to worry about any suspicious behavior.

ONBB Weddings App

If you wonder where to sell an old wedding dress today on the move, consider using the ONBB Weddings App. This is one of the first mobile apps for selling wedding dresses available in the App Store. Simply download the app on your iPhone and sign up using your existing Facebook account or your email address. There’s no listing fee, but there’s an $8.95 charge for items priced under $50. If the article is over $50, then the seller gets between 80% and 90% of the commission. Payments are received within a week. When it comes to shipping, the buyer covers this, while the seller gets a prepaid label. It’s as simple as that. All you’ll ever need is your phone.

Wore It Once

At this website, not only you can sell your wedding dress, but you can also sell used shoes, gowns, jewelry, and other wedding-related items. So, here you can get rid of your bridesmaid dress too. There’s a $20 listing fee. Before selling things, you need to fill out a form with details of the product, such as size and color. You can also add your own custom description. The site takes no commission, and the shipping cost is variable. At Wore It Once, you can see all sellers and check what they’re offering. If interested, you can also save cash quickly by doing some shopping there. So, make sure to check their bags, coats, and other clothing items.

Smart Bridge Boutique

You can find a wide range of support products on this website – both for selling and buying. Thus, Smart Bridge Boutique is among the best places that buy wedding dresses, but other clothing too. The store offers all sorts of items such as pants, swimsuits, skirts, and home goods. To register, use either your social media account or sign up with your email address. Items have their prices listed clearly, and you get a complete overview. There’s no fee, and you get the full amount. Orders are processed the same or the following day. If there’s an issue, you will be directly contacted. The site is also easy to use and navigate.

Sell My Wedding Dress

Right from the home page, you’ll clearly see the listing fees and methods. As a private seller, you can choose between the $19.97 basic listing and the $29.97 premium listing. There’s also the $99.97 per year business listing. There are no commission fees and hidden costs. To list your wedding dress at SellMyWeddingDress, you need to fill in a form and give more info about the dress’s size, color, and style. You can also add a short description. The dress will stay on the site until it sells. About the price, it’s totally up to you. If you need help, simply get in touch with the staff.

Once Wed

A classy website right from its home page, Once Wed is another place dedicated to selling wedding dresses as well as other gowns and accessories online. For wedding dresses, you need to pay a $19.95 one-time fee per dress. There’re no extra charges and no commission on the sale. Registration is fast and straightforward. Potential buyers can find your wedding dress based on search criteria like type, size, and design. Besides selling your gown, you can also read articles about real weddings, DIY marriage ceremony tips, and even do some shopping. You get an all-round experience.

Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

Pew-Owned Wedding Dresses is another popular spot for people wondering where to sell a wedding dress. On this website, you get everything you need upfront. Right from the home page, you see the simple registration form, followed by the listing fee and a simple form about the listed item. For wedding dresses, the listing fee is $25, and there’s no commission whatsoever. You can upload photos of your dress and describe it to the detail. For example, you can say more about the dress’s style and age. The shipping method is variable, and you can even negotiate with the buyer. Besides wedding dresses, you can also sell gowns for bridesmaids, flower girls, and other wedding accessories.


BravoBride.com is one of the cheapest sites when it comes to listing fees of wedding dresses. It’s actually an exclusive bridal online marketplace where you can sell nuptial dresses, accessories, and decorations. Listing a wedding dress here costs only $9.95. This is basically half of what other websites charge. Also, you don’t have to pay any commission, and there are no extra fees. Your dress is listed until sold, and you’re fully protected by fraud. Feel free to explore the site and read useful articles in their blog or read their impressive reviews too.


Ruffled is another Internet site where both buying and selling your wedding dress online is possible. Signing up is simple and easy, and you’re set up within a few minutes. Using the website is entirely free. Still, there’s an option for already registered vendors to add a listing at $299. This includes one listing submission in one location plus one category. Besides, you’ll get to post in their blog, create events to support your promo calendar. All this comes with a 1-year expiration. Some of the categories featured on Raffled include fashion, event coordination, venues, floral, design and entertainment.


Another virtual destination where you can sell your wedding dress online is Poshmark. At this site, not only you can sell wedding clothes, but you can also list used dresses, shoes, and other branded items. There’s no listing fee; only a flat 20% commission on sold items. The shipping cost varies, but you can also use their free pick up option. Download their iOS and Android app for extra convenient listing and selling. Poshmark also has your back when it comes to secure payments, free authentication, and expedient shipping. The site operates in two locations – the US and Canada.


This website is mainly for buying and selling designer clothes and goods, including wedding dresses. To secure a listing, have in mind that your wedding dress must be in excellent shape. You don’t have to pay any listing fees, but there’s a flat 19.8% commission fee on sales over $50. The shipping cost is variable. The best thing about Tradesy is that it guides you step by step till you complete the listing. You also get suggestions on how to make your listing stand out, while all uploaded photos are automatically enhanced and boosted.


No wonder why eBay is called the King of pre-sale. There are lots of cheap wedding dresses for sale on ebay as you can sell anything on the website, besides wedding dress you can sell accessories, and jewelry. In general, you can list up to 50 items for free. There’s also a 10% commission on sold items. eBay gives you access to shipping labels, seller protection, shipping discounts, and customer support. Setting up an account is quick and easy. You can complete a listing in a matter of minutes. In addition to selling, you can also do some shopping and check other items they have available for sale. Your protection and security are guaranteed, as well.


Bride2Bride is the UK’s first wedding dress web marketplace. They work exclusively with wedding-related items such as dresses for brides and bridesmaids as well as accessories. Signing up is quick, easy, and done in 3 steps. First, you open an account and upload photos of the dress. Second, you add any extras and check your listing. Finally, you make the payment, a £14 listing fee, which you can do via PayPal or credit card. The site also gives you tips on how to boost your listing and sell your gown faster. It is also secured and protected. Americans can use the coupon code “Launch” at the US site to get a 100% discount.

Where Can I Sell My Wedding Dress Locally

An alternative to selling your gown online is to sell it locally. You have several different options here as well. You just need to ask yourself, “do I want to sell my wedding dress to a store near me or directly to a buyer.” From there on, you can try your luck either at a local second-hand shop or find customers via Internet platforms.

where to sell a wedding dress locally
Local shops as an alternative to sites


The website has been around for more than 20 years. Similar to eBay, you can sell and buy basically anything or even find work at home jobs. It’s a recommended website if you want to sell your used gown locally, but have in mind that it might take longer to find potential buyers. It’s highly recommended to add photos to boost your listing, though it’s not obligatory. Listing is free of charge. Another useful tip is to set up a price that can be negotiated because buyers at Craigslist tend to do that. Before setting up your listing, check other sellers for inspiration.

Facebook Marketplace

Social media is another excellent way to sell your wedding dress locally. Basically, everyone has Facebook these days, so you can use this social media channel and list your used gown. There are plenty of buying and selling groups you can join and share photos of your dress. If you find a potential buyer, contact them directly and decide on the terms. There’s no limit to the number of photos you can upload, and listing is free. Browsing the marketplace and checking other sellers to get some selling ideas is possible too.


LetGo is an online locals-only site for buying and selling clothes as well as other items. So, it’s an excellent idea for whenever you wonder: “where can I sell my wedding dress locally.” When creating a listing, your IP address is automatically detected by their system, and the dress you wish to sell is shown only in that radius. You can list as many items as you want, and there’s no fee. There’s only a small fee if you wish to promote your listing, and it starts at $1.99. To make your listing stand out, upload several photos, write a good description of the dress, and set up a price. It’s recommended to promote the listing if you want to sell it faster.


If you want to use a mobile app to sell your wedding dress locally, you should give OfferUp a chance. It’s a tremendous second-hand marketplace where you can list your wedding gown for free and get tips on the best practices for promoting it. Your location is automatically detected by the app, and the listing is immediately shown to locals. Paid promotion of listings is an option, too, and the fee depends on the timeframe you set. Once you find a buyer, you can get in touch to decide on the payment method and shipping.

Local Wedding Consignment Shops

Lastly, you should consider selling your dress at consignment shops that buy wedding dresses. Before doing this, check for such shops in the local community and pay them a visit. Some shops might not accept wedding dresses, but most shops basically accept anything. Don’t forget to ask about any selling fees and commissions. Quite often, the downside of the consignment shops is that they have pretty high commissions fees, which are usually between 40% and 60% of the selling price. Also, it might take very long for consignment wedding dresses to sell. Nevertheless, this option is worth considering, and it might turn out profitable.

Average Price Of Second-Hand Wedding Dresses

On average, American brides pay about $1,600 for their wedding gown. Second-hand prices, in contrast, tend to be from 50% to 90% lower. How much you can earn depends on many factors, really.

where to sell a wedding dress price
You should be honest with the future bride

First, the purchase date plays a significant role. The older the dress is, the more of its value it loses. Second, any damages and stains drastically lower the asking price for your used product. Third, the size may also play a role here. Average-sized dresses are easily found, and so the competition is enormous there.

That said, we can’t give an estimate on how much money you can make today by selling your used dress. However, if it’s relatively new and in a spotless condition, you can expect to get at least 50% of its original price.

Selling Your Wedding Dress – Conclusion

All in all, selling your wedding dress online should be your first choice. If you are unsure on what to do with old wedding dress than internet resale stores are the way to go. They enable you to reach so many more potential buyers and improve your chances of selling for a better price. Plus, they let you make quick cash right from your sofa. They are convenient and, in some cases, a much safer option.

Did you know that you can get tons of fantastic tips for earning money easily and quickly? That’s right! Here, at Pro Money Savings, we publish fresh content all the time, and you can get our expert advice right into your inbox.

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    1. Barbara says:

      So, is it better to sell a wed dress online or at a local store?

      1. Joseph says:

        I guess it’s better to try both options: place an online ad for sale and visit a local store (you should find out their price). After that, you can choose the best option for you (thinking about the price and time).

    2. Levia says:

      I can recommend you Nearly newlywed and Poshmark. Also, you can visit ebay and local shops

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        Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Levia!

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      How can I convince my wife to sell an old wedding dress? She won’t like to sell but I want 😀

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        Try to explain that you’ll get extra money and can buy her new casual dress and something else 🙂

    4. Sandra says:

      Though I’m not looking to sell my wedding dress personally, this is really good information for when I decide to buy one. My sister is about to get married, and she is overwhelmed with all the unforeseen expenses. I’m not a very traditional person, so when I do get married, I will probably look into one of these options to find a used dress instead of spending over $1000 on a new one.

      1. Joseph says:

        Great decision, Sandra. Good luck!

    5. Emily says:

      I imagine there is a large market for this. Few people know what to do with their wedding dress after wearing it on that special date. If the sentimental value doesn’t get in the way, I imagine selling the dress online is a good way to recoup some of its value. The secondhand market helps address the high cost of these dresses to begin with.

      1. Joseph says:

        Agree with you, thanks for your thoughts!

    6. Marianna says:

      MNo bride ever wants to sell her wedding dress, but sometimes circumstances are beyond your control. My wedding dress means a lot to me, but due to some personal tragedy, I may be forced to let it go. This is a great head start in finding places to sell my wedding dress, as well as fabulous advice on the process as well as the emotional effects of deciding to do it. Thanks so much for the insightful article, as well as other advice on where to get money fast https://promoneysavings.com/how-to-get-free-money-fast/

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        Thank you kindly!

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      If I ever do get married, I will most likely want to sell my wedding gown afterward. I know there is a lot of sentiment behind keeping them, but that’s never really resonated with me. In fact, with my experience in purchasing expensive bridesmaid dresses, I was surprised that there isn’t a bigger market for buying and selling THOSE used as well! I’m not in the market right now, lol, but this is good info to keep in mind.

      1. Joseph says:

        Your thoughts are interesting and savvy. Good luck, Katie!

    8. Emily Poole says:

      I made the mistake to buy a brand-new dress. I loved the dress don’t regret it but I think used one would make more sense. I already sold it on one of the sites listed here Wedding Bee.

      1. Joseph says:

        Thanks for sharing your experience, Emily!

    9. Tamara says:

      Hahah I guess I did overspend on my wedding dress even though my husband disapproved. Thanks for sharing the best places to try and sell it. If I get back 50% of its initial price I’d be happy honestly.

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        Good luck!

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      I’m getting married in a few months. I’m getting really worried about the coronavirus though. If you were me, would you delay your wedding and see what happens?

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        Don’t worry and keep calm! Everything will be good. Check out our new guide with useful information about coronavirus.

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