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20 Best Work From Home Jobs for 2020

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Working from home reduces stress, cuts commuting costs, and saves time. In 2020, more people than ever before have opted for legitimate work from home jobs instead of going to the office every day.

Remote workers are often more productive and take fewer sick days. They report being generally happier too.

Does all of this sound good to you? Would you like to swap your smart wear and early mornings with your pajamas and getting more sleep?

Scroll down to discover the best jobs you can do from home in 2020.

Writer Or Editor

Do you love writing? Are you familiar with the latest writing and editing trends? If so, then a remote writer or editor is the perfect home-based position for you!

There are tons of offers for English Copywriters and Editors on freelancing platforms. If you know another language, that’s just an additional plus for you as your market reach extends. Writers usually get guidelines and a topic. Then, they need to provide a unique and error-free copy. Editors, on the other hand, typically check and improve articles submitted by writers.

You can find junior and senior positions for both options. So, you may or may not need relevant experience. Plus, many employees in this field are willing to provide at least some kind of training or introductory tasks.

All you need to become a freelance writer or editor is a laptop/PC, a good internet connection, and strong English writing skills.

These positions are mostly freelance or contract ones. So, you can expect getting paid by the word or per hour. The average hourly rate for both is around $24 and can go up or down depending on your experience.


Do you pay attention to detail? Are you able to spot even the slightest grammar or punctuation mistake in an article? In that case, you can quickly enter the proofreading business.

This is another role that people usually do part-time and doesn’t require any special tools. As long as you have a laptop, internet connection, and Microsoft Word, you are good to go.

As proofreading is among the final steps in the content writing process, employers usually need at least some kind of qualification. A certificate or diploma may be required even for junior positions. Plus, you may be asked to use a proofreading tool too.

Even if you invest in these, you can expect to earn much more in no time. Proofreaders make an average hourly rate between $30-35. More importantly, there are tons of gigs for proofreaders, and the field is projected to grow by 8% in 2020. There are even full-time proofreading positions if you’re looking for something more permanent.


Are you really passionate about fashion, traveling, or the latest tech? Do you have the dedication to write on that topic on a weekly or monthly basis? If that’s the case, you can try your luck in blogging!

work from home jobs blogger

Unlike the other home-based positions on this list, blogging is something you do for yourself. Setting up and establishing a blog takes time. So, at first, you may want to treat this as part-time work from home while having other gigs too. Once the income starts kicking in, however, you can make some good money via blogging.

Bloggers have reported monthly earnings from depressing $0 to a fantastic $10,000. It takes time and effort to reach the latter, but it’s not impossible. You just need to pick a popular niche (topic) and create well-researched articles.

In terms of blogging essentials, you need internet access and a laptop or PC. You will eventually need to invest in domain and web hosting as well. These aren’t significant short-term investments when compared to the possible returns of your business.

Virtual Assistant

Are you an organized person? Do you have the ability to perform multiple actions at the same time? Can you complete simple tasks such as responding to emails and scheduling meetings? If so, then you can be a great virtual assistant!

A leader among real jobs to do from home, virtual assisting puts you in charge of simple daily tasks. A computer and internet connection are a must for this position. Depending on the job, you may also need a phone. Other than that, nothing else is needed really. Usually, the employer will provide you with other tools such as shared calendar and social media profiles.

In terms of qualification, this position doesn’t require much. You should have basic written and verbal communication skills. You should be well organized and familiar with sending emails, making calls, or managing profiles on social media platforms.

Due to the simplicity of their role, virtual assistants don’t make too much money. Stats reveal that the average wage per hour for this position is approximately $15.

Customer Care Agent

Would you describe yourself as a patient person? Do you enjoy talking to people over the phone and/or via chat? Are you able to explain things simply? Then, you will make the perfect customer care agent!

This position will allow you to test different fields such as tech support, network support, casino support, and so on. You can choose an area that interests you and something you have experience with. Plus, employers usually provide training for their customer care agents as you will have to get familiar with the way they work.

Support agent is among the careers that require internet connection, laptop or PC, and a phone. Just keep in mind that customer care often works around the clock, so you may end up working crazy hours. For a home-based job, the salary is reasonable, with an average hourly rate of around $14, according to PayScale.


Are you an expert in a specific field? Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with other people? Would you say you’re a good teacher? Well, nothing stops you from becoming an online one!

This online position, however, often requires appropriate qualifications such as certificates or diplomas. At least, that applies to the highest-paid jobs that can get you between $17-24 per hour. Low-paid gigs such as being a math tutor or an English teacher to non-English speakers may not come with strict requirements. Yet, these pay much less, i.e., around $7-9 per hour.

You can offer your services individually on websites such as Craigslist or join platforms like Tutorzilla. Nothing limits your teaching style. Hence, you can give one-on-one Skype lessons or record lectures and sell them as a full course.

In terms of needed tools to do this job from home, laptop and internet access are a must. You may also want to invest in a whiteboard or get a presentation software instead. Also, it’s smart to create any teaching materials such as iconographs beforehand too.

Remote Social Media Manager

Do you love posting on Facebook and Instagram? Is pinning on Pinterest never dull to you? Well, thousands of home based businesses need people like you, and they call them social media managers.

Among all work from home jobs, this particular position has been growing the fastest. The importance of brand awareness has never been stronger, and so all companies want engaging social media profiles. This position is straightforward. You create Facebook updates, post on Twitter, schedule pins on Pinterest, and upload photos on Instagram. Some brands use them all, some focus on one or two platforms instead.

As a remote social media manager, you will also have to handle any messages and communicate with the followers. The good thing about the position is – you can do it on the move too. Plus, all you need most of the time is your smartphone only. Just make sure to have a good internet connection, and you can complete all your tasks in a breeze.

Freelance social media managers make between $13-14 per hour. The position is always offered full-time too, and it pays on average $49,000 per year.


Are you multilingual? If yes, you can always work from home as a translator!

There are thousands of new books, movies, and documents that need translating. So, the market for this field has always been steady. In fact, the BLS projected an impressive 18% growth for the sector.

The position is open to freelancers, contractors, and even full-time workers. Platforms like can give you access to a vast number of gigs. Alternatively, you can apply directly to translation companies and work for them. The average salary per year for the job is about $47,000 whereas freelancers usually get about $25 an hour.

What you need to work as a remote translator depends on what you focus on. You will definitely need a computer, access to the internet, and Microsoft Word. Depending on the documents you get, you may also need a PDF-file reader too. If you translate movies or audio recordings, you will need headphones as well.

Web Developer

Do you have experience with web developing? Are you passionate about creating websites for both commercial and personal use? In that case, a remote web developer is the right fit for you!

work from home jobs web developer
Web Developer

Any IT-related position is in high demand these days. Companies care about finding the right talent, regardless of their location in the world. So, you can profit from this as the IT market has been on the rise for the past several years.

When evaluating well-paid and great home-based jobs, web developing always ends up near the top. Web developers need their desktop or laptop and a good internet connection to do their magic. Specific tools may be required too, but the investment quickly pays for itself.

The average annual salary for remote web developers moves around $68,000, which is impressive, considering you have no significant fees. Besides doing it full-time, you can also opt-in for part-time work or working on projects.

Remote Graphic Designer

Do you love creating attractive graphic designs? Would you say you are a creative person? Are you familiar with using designing tools? If this is you, you sound like a great remote graphic designer!

To become a graphic designer, you must know the basic industry demands as well as how to use designer tools. For example, Adobe Photoshop is a widely used program by designers worldwide. So, you definitely need some type of qualification, while experience in the field is always desired but not mandatory.

To do their creative work, designers need at least a laptop and access to the internet. They also use designing tools such as Photoshop or Corel. These are the essentials for doing your work successfully. You can always invest in better equipment and programs later.

Most remote designers work on projects and get paid on an hourly basis. On average, you can expect to get about $18 per hour if you have previous working experience.

Virtual Travel Agent

Are you passionate about traveling? Do you enjoy finding the best travel deals on the market? Would you describe yourself as a communicative and open person? If so, you can become a virtual travel agent in no time!

This position can be done full-time or part-time from the comfort of your home. You will need the internet, browsing skills, a laptop, and a phone (it’s better to have a cheap cell phone plan). Most travel operators will teach you how to use their booking platforms, so you won’t necessarily need any previous knowledge in that regard. Afterward, you simply get requests from potential customers and give them relevant offers.

When it comes to compensation, the part-time hourly wage can widely differ depending on your employer and previous experience. So, you can expect anything from $12 to $50 per hour. However, full-time travel agents with wealthy clients can easily make $100,000 per year as well.

Airbnb Host

Do you have an extra room in your home that nobody ever uses? Would you like to meet new people from all around the world? Are you comfortable with sharing your living space with others? If that’s the case, you can easily make extra cash as an Airbnb host.

This pick among the top jobs that allow you to work from home doesn’t require too much effort. Airbnb and other similar platforms give their hosts the freedom to accept and reject bookings as they please. They also let hosts set their own prices, so you will always get paid as much as you believe your place is worth.

Before you dive deeper into this adventure, here are certain things to note. You will have to provide an in-depth and honest description of what you offer. You will also have to photograph your entire home and upload the photos to your Airbnb profile. Plus, your calendar must always be up to date, and you should answer all messages within 24 hours.

If this sounds good to you, nothing stops you from publishing your place right now. We can’t give you an estimate on possible free earnings as these depend on location, accommodation type, amenities, etc.

Pet Sitter

Are you crazy about cats and dogs? Do you love playing with and taking care of animals? If yes, you can generate a good income by becoming a pet sitter.

work from home jobs pet sitter
Pet Sitter

This isn’t an online or remote job. Instead, it’s a job that won’t require you to leave your home as you will be caring for animals. Often, pet-owners who go on holidays or business trips struggle with finding a pet sitter. They are prepared to buy pet insurance and pay good money if you guarantee that their furry friend will be taken good care of.

Pet sitters don’t need anything special, really. You can invest about 100 dollars in food and water bowls or request that customers bring their own. You may need to buy crates if you plan to care for several animals at a time. Toys can come in handy too. Other than that, your home and backyard are more than enough.

Considering that you can potentially make up to $1,000 per month, you can do pet sitting as a full-time job.


Would you like a flexible home-based job that doesn’t come with a long list of experience? Can you type fast? In that case, a transcriptionist can be an excellent option for you.

Transcription is literally typing what you hear. Transcriptionists usually get an audio file, which can be anything from a medical lecture to interviews, and then turn it into a written copy. This position usually won’t come with prior experience requirements, and employers often provide introductory training for new employees.

To become an efficient transcriptionist, you need a laptop/desktop, Microsoft Word, or other required programs, and headphones. If you aim at online communication with your clients, then internet access is necessary too.

Those holding starting positions in this field make from $15 to $30 hourly wage. Medical transcriptionists usually make even more.

Do you love sharing your point of view and opinions? Would you say you enjoy focusing on yourself, what you like, what you dislike, etc.? Do you love taking surveys? Well, paid survey taker is the perfect side gig for you.

Mainly considered as part-time work from home option, taking paid surveys can boost your income but won’t deliver as a full-time job. Unlike actual careers such as remote writers and web developers, survey taking comes between a hobby and a cash source. You simply browse paid surveys, which can take anything from five minutes to several hours, and then take them.

Depending on the time and dedication needed, compensation per survey can drastically differ. Yet, the most common price range moves from $1 to $50. To be a survey taker, you need a laptop, internet connection, and private space. Sometimes, you may need headphones too.

Website Tester

Do you love finding even the smallest glitches? Are you willing to thoroughly explore brand-new websites? If so, you can start looking at website testing gigs right away!

This position is perfect for freelancers who want to work on projects and have flexible hours. It doesn’t require any special skills or education. You only need a testing device (laptop/PC and/or smartphone) and a stable internet connection to test websites.

You will simply get a task to find all issues and/or recommend upgrades for new websites or mobile apps. Most clients demand video feedback. So, you may also need a camera in case your laptop doesn’t come with an integrated one.

As for the compensation, these projects usually take no more than 20 minutes in total. You can expect about $10 per successfully completed test. Ideally, if you manage to do three tests per hour, you can generate an excellent hourly wage of approximately $30.

Data Entry

Are you good with numbers and pay close attention to details? Would you say that repetitive work seems interesting to you? In that case, there are tons of data entry gigs for you.

work from home jobs data entry
Data Entry Specialist

Data entry has always been among the top stay at home jobs as it requires neither special skills nor education. To start working in data entry, you must have a desktop or a laptop and access to the internet. Individual companies may ask you to use special software. However, they usually provide you with any necessary tools.

Working in the data entry sector demands from you to add items (numbers, products, names, etc.) to spreadsheets. This is essentially what data entry is all about. It’s repetitive work and requires high levels of focus as mistakes are easily made.

You can enter data part-time, full-time, or on a project basis. The hourly wage for this entry-level position goes between $10-20.

Call Center Agent

Are you good with people? Can you sell anything to anyone? Yes, you can sell aluminum cans but are you open to answering the same questions over and over again? If you recognize yourself here, you can become a call center agent.

This position can mean lots of different things, really. A call center may be handling the customer care sector of a company or trying to sell products/services via the phone. So, you have various options in terms of what your specific task is going to be. As a remote call center agent, you will definitely need a phone, while internet access and a laptop are required too.

Call centers always need more workers, both full-time and part-time. So, you can quickly get your first gig and then try to find better options as you gain some experience. Call agents usually get paid per minute spent on the phone, and the rate is about $0.25.


Are you good with numbers? Are you familiar with state tax laws? Do you know how to use any bookkeeping software such as FreshBooks? Then, you can make an excellent bookkeeper!

Bookkeeping and accounting are both real jobs to do from home, full-time, or part-time. Businesses often don’t have the time to do their own bookkeeping, so they outsource this sector to contractors. You can even start your own home-based company and collaborate with several clients.

As a bookkeeper, you will help businesses with their bookkeeping. You can do this manually, which is time-consuming and leaves space for errors. Alternatively, you can invest in accounting software and entirely automate the process. Either way, you will need access to the internet and a desktop/laptop.

Bookkeepers usually offer their services for a monthly price between $150 and $500. The average annual salary of full-time bookkeepers moves around $40,000.

Telephone Nurse

Are you a registered nurse? Do you want to swap your scrubs for your pajamas? Would you enjoy giving medical advice on the phone? Well, telephone nurses are a thing now, and you can profit from that.

work from home jobs telephone nurse
Telephone Nurse

Telehealth is a growing sector, with new positions opening every day. To become a telephone nurse, you must be a registered nurse as regular people aren’t allowed to give medical advice. You will also need a phone or a laptop + internet access, depending on how consumers reach you. It doesn’t matter where you work from as long as you have the necessary tools.

The role itself is straightforward. People call you with medical questions, and you provide them with useful answers. The exact scope of tasks and activities may range as different companies offer different services.
Telephone nurses make good money. Their average annual wage is about $70,000, making this legitimate home based job a great full-time option too.

Beware Of Jobs You Can Do From Home Scams

Finding remote work is not always easy and sometimes leads to scams too. This is especially true for online jobs from home that can lead you to scammers all around the world. You can easily protect yourself from such scam offers by using the tips provided below.

  • Too good to be real offers – If you find an offer that pays exceptionally well and seems unrealistic, it probably is a scam. Avoid it at all cost;
  • No relevant company information – Reliable companies always include contact information, address, etc. Scammers won’t cover these details. So, it’s best to avoid anonymous employers;
  • Tons of complaints – A great way to check if a brand is trusted is to Google them. If you find lots of complaints from former employees/contractors, stay away;
  • They ask you to pay a fee or purchase software – The main goal of scammers is to get money from their victims. So, they may ask you to pay a fee before you get the job or to purchase some kind of software. Don’t do it;
  • It just doesn’t feel right – Sometimes, red flags appear from start to end. The employer can’t provide details regarding the offered position, and they don’t seem interested in previous work examples. They won’t provide any personal/company information when asked either. All these are signs that you should skip this offer and focus on something legitimate instead.

TOP Stay At Home Jobs – Bottom Line

Remote work is on the rise. More and more people want to reap the benefits of legit home-based employment, both full-time and part-time.

If you want to try your luck at it, just pick one of the 20 best work from home jobs listed in this article. Make sure to choose an option relevant to your experience and interests.

If you don’t succeed in the first attempt, don’t give up immediately. The remote job market is ever-growing, and you will start making cash remotely in no time.

Would you like to stay up to date with all the best money-making and cash-saving tips? In that case, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter right now!


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